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Elaina Feb 2013
the mantus, praying
prayer in life. prayer in death. home.
unwavering faith
karin naude Mar 2013
a praying family . . .
only are person decides what to pray about
the usual, a rhyme, well known and nice
covers the basis
but does the listener listens
no, she stopped long time ago
busy with the mice in her head
k nibbling at fantasies, a free world
childhood habit, stills works
my brain remembers
it empty prayers
no conviction

a family that prayers together  . . . to keep the peace
what about peace of mind, soul and spirit
they don't count, unimportant
just peace to the prayer, he is happy
                          feels he did good
                          he kept all inline
                          they know there place

hora, a great head of the family
L Aug 2018
By the power of luck, of god, of karmic matters.

I call upon nature and aliens and omnipotent beings.

Four leaf clovers, and rabbits feet, and love.

Anything really.

Anything or anyone that will listen.

Guide me.

Please let me get through it all.

Dani Oct 2018
A beautiful mountain, white with snow
A light breeze, a wind ice cold
Frozen in time, I stare in awe
Under ice is a heart so raw
Diamonds glistening, ice shimmering
An imbalance of time and minds dancing
Beauty and despair frozen in ice
Waiting for summer sun to pay the price
Still and quiet, but the pain screams in your head
Frozen in place beside your bed
Staring into the pains
A hundred rocks flow through your veins
A thousand needles biting skin
Outward calm, but screaming within
Summer warmth approaching
Ice slowly melting, diamonds gleaming
With perseverance you break the ice
It falls, shattering, what a sacrifice
I watch as there is nothing I can do
As your body shed the ice encasing you
It is beauty and despair, intertwined
Dripping to the floor, Oh how I adore
To watch you come alive. An uproar!
No longer frozen, full of motion
As if watching a glistening ocean
You stand tall, high above us all
For you melted the ice, made it fall
Leaving only a memory
Your fight so strong, dauntlessly
Standing, living, believing, and yet...
Your feet are wet, so with regret
I must inform of icy returns
Gone are the days of summer sunburns
For ice will come, it will be done
Your body shunned from our warm sun
You will freeze again, be lost again
Icy diamonds will shine like back then
You must remain strong while waiting,
Frozen in time that is crippling
Shed your ice everyday, overcome
One day Summer will stay and all this will be done
Auto-immune diseases has riddled my mother, and some days myself. Sometimes it feels as though you are frozen in ice waiting for the pain to end. I remember my mother being up at 4 am to allow body to "shed the ice" and get through the stiffness and pain that came every night.
Umi Jan 2018
The size of Allah,
Is more than my little mind can handle, it makes me stay in awe
We are but none existent if you would compare
Just remember, my children, to fulfill your prayer
His mercy if far bigger than his wrath
He wants us to stick to his path
The path which he has picked for us,
So do not follow the devil, for he only means us harm
My children,educate yourselfs and think of God, he keeps us warm
Think about all blessings you have recieved
Even the ones you wouldn't have believed in
For your own sake, please don't commit sin
It is far better to be righteous and pure
Righteous deeds are for a sick heart some kind of cure
Indeed, he is the one who created the heaven with might
And he is the one who constantly expands it. Has this switched a light ?
This is just one of many signs you can find
Now rest, it  is already night...
Let us sleep, then tomorrow do what's right

~ Umi
aj Oct 2018
I prayed that you find hope inside disaster

I prayed that if disaster struck
at least maybe you learn from the inevidable

I prayed for the power to protect you
I prayed to forgiven; I failed

I prayed that I would stop worshiping you as if you hailed from the sky

I prayed to those unknown deities
I prayed they would stop taunting me with you

I prayed that maybe I would stop making wishes for you
I prayed that I would not care as much about you

I prayed that angles would stop playing tricks
I prayed their soft tongues and laughing frames would stop placing their creations upon my path like golden gifts on display

but I am on my knees and sitting still
praying that I would stop worshiping you

(you are a blessing
that I've been condemned to)

Madison Jan 26
momma don’t say i love you anymore
she walks by my room late at night
and don’t even look in no more
no need to check in if the
whole world knows i
ain’t myself no
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
6 feet underground
My life turned upside down
Why have you left me here this way

1000 feet above the earth
Heaven is now my hearth
Too bad theres no one left here to pray

Gone away from those I loved
I'm here watchful from up above
Atop the clouds I listen as I lay
Lily Apr 21
My prayer this Easter
Is for you to experience
The true and everlasting joy
That being a child of God brings you.
I want you to fully understand
His love and compassion for you,
And I want you to believe
That He died and
Rose from the grave
To give you eternal life in heaven with Him.
Happy Easter everyone! <3
GraciexJones Sep 2018
A journey of uncertainly,
To-and-fro through star-crossed events,
She grasps onto her faith,
In this world of hurt,
To make her feel safe and heard,
She prays to the man in the sky,
Who disguises himself as the shining stars,
He is full of light and beacons of hope,
Beaming and shining throughout the night,

Ceaseless prays whispering through the air,
Drifting under the gleaming moon,
A glory rain begins to pour,
She feels his words start to fall,

She held in respect,
The words that he said,
Wrapped in the warmth,
A glisten of promise,

He made her realize she can’t have it all,
But she can be brave and faithful,
For the people she adores,
To provide a helping hand,
For the friends and family,
Who need the love and care the most
Peter B Mar 29
Some need a prayer break,
but I need a break from praying,
as the time I spent talking to God,
seems like was spent in vain.
Vicki Kralapp Aug 2012
Enveloped in a cloud of rain,
drenching spirit and soul.
Sunlight flickering through clouds ahead;
finally hope.

Leaving sadness behind at last,
my spirit longs to move in the sunlight of dance.
My body singing, rising to its newness,
twilight is turning bright with vibrancy ahead.

Praying the path will not turn
to the dark rainforest of gloom once more.
Can I believe in the light?
Can I believe in a future with hope?
All poems are copy written and sole property of Vicki Kralapp.
Pacheco May 24
I kneeled
Like a Mantis,
In front of you.
I got on your back,
Like you wanted me to
I thought when you turned
That you'd make us a bed
But your mouth became red
And I knew I had misread
When you started eating
my head
D Mar 6
You have walked down the path of soul-searching for far too long my dear woman
You have thereupon tasted sin in that of poisonous water
And in that of the flesh of men
And in that of the flesh of women
And in that of tears of whom gave birth to you
And in that of disappointment you have caused to the only man you have so much loved

Now my dear,
Tell me
What is it that you found?


I have not find
But I have only learned
That it is about time I get to know You


I have known you since you were sleeping
Silently and unagitated to what there is to life
And that was when you were in the womb of your mother
Its warmth enveloped your paper-thin skin
And her heart was beating synchronously to yours
And both of your soul and body coexisted

When you left the comfort of the greatest
And the warmest thing of motherhood
You came into the world crying
Your skin red
Your lips the contrasting colour
White as the cleanest sheet
You now existed at and on your own body
Small—but bold and vulnerable
Like that of the most expensive glass

You cried
Because you are on your own

When you grow
I have known you even better
Closer but farther
So dear and so true
I am not watching you
I am rooting for you


I have sinned but I have learned
I have cried and I have hurt
I have taught and be taught
I have lost only to be found

The second I kneeled
Upon the heat of the thick but delicate sheet
I have remembered
That none of the things in this existing life
Belongs to me
But are rather
given to me

I have been missing You for far too long.
various kind of persons are there
they are gathered by faith

some are confused
some are scared
some are sad
some are happy
some are feeling blessed

that thief who felt miserable after his first bank robbery
that homeless man who lost his life spirit
that widow who missed her dead soulmate
that leader who lost his people's trust
that preacher who seeks some blessings
that bullied lonely kid who came by some people's suggestions
that man who just got his first job and finds no one to talk with
that woman who's in the middle of her roughest week
that girl who tried to get through a heartbreak
that boy who felt doubt about the point of his presence

they are being honest, telling their problems through silence
keeping themselves believing that they are being listened

that optimism seems promising, they might refilled their will to live

until an explosion happened.
a rendition of some personas in a religious place before an unhappy occurrence.
we don't know about everybody's inner intentions.
Alyssa Underwood Jul 2016
She tells you how her canyon walks
Can ease a mother's fear
The trails and big groves comfort her
She feels close to God out there

But that's just how she makes it through
She's given up a lot inside
And even in those spreading trees
She'll still break down and cry

She's praying again her daughter
Will land with both feet on the ground
Nobody knows which way she'll go
Or if she'll ever come around

Maybe this time she'll finally find
The pieces that have come apart
And there'll be no more breaking
No more breaking either heart

She carries around a photograph
Of her beautiful, coltish girl
In a big white shirt, her head tossed back
A free spirit in this world

You want to forget all that she's done
And all she's compromised
You can close your eyes and believe that now
She's the same girl in disguise

She's praying again her daughter
Will land with both feet on the ground
Nobody knows, which way she'll go
Or if she'll ever come around

Maybe this time she'll finally find
The pieces that have come apart
And there'll be no more breaking
No more breaking either heart

Her mother's heart, wide as the sea
Would rock her back on a rising tide
She cradles the memory then lets it go
She has to leave the girl behind

She's praying again her daughter
Will land with both feet on the ground
Nobody knows, which way she'll go
Or if she'll ever come around

Maybe this time she'll finally find
The pieces that have come apart
And there'll be no more breaking
There'll be no more breaking
There'll be no more breaking
No more breaking either heart*

~ Fernando Ortega
lapsed into your own silence
you're running and hiding
hence to the highs and lows
keep working and praying

no cages for your capability
if you just hear your possibility
you can do every impossibility

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
You can check out my other poetries from this link.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Have a good day/night !   - E
Stu Harley Sep 2018
Songbirds bathing
liquid sun
spacing themselves
the gray
telephone lines
one by one
praying and receiving
lord answered
calls from above
ain't that a good new... praise God
Dead Rose One Jun 2015
Lush is the quietude
of the late Saturday afternoon,
rich are the silencing sounds,
as variegated as the shades of greens
of a man-seeded, nature-patchworked lawn

rays reveal some bright,
some yellowed spots,
all a potent color palette

resting worry wearied eyes,
untroubled by the gentle fading light's illumination,
that soon will disappear and seal officially,
another week gone by

the lawn,
acting as an ceiling acoustic tile,
absorbing and reflecting
the varied din of disharmonious
natural sounds orchestrated,
an ever present reminder
     that true quiet
is not the absence of noise

I hear
the chill in the air,
insects debating vociferously
their Saturday evening plans,
the waves broom-swishing beach debris,
pretending to be young parents
putting away the children's toys for the eve

the birds speak in Babel multitudes of tongues,
chirps, whistles, clicks and clacks,
then going strangely silent as if all were
praying collectively the afternoon sabbath service,
with an intensity of the silent devotion

this moment, i cannot
well enough communicate,
this trump of light absolutes,
and animal maybes,
that are visually and aurally
presented  in a living surround sound screen,
Dolby, of course,
all a plot of
ease and gentility,
in toto,
sweet serenity

here to cease,
no more tinkering,
leave well enough,
plenty well enough
for Sally and Rebecca, who love the lushness best....

JUNE 2015
Sara Kellie Oct 2018
Religion is Recruiting for
Customer Complaints.
Where is my God, the disciples
and all the absent saints?
The time I have invested
sitting in your church.
This wasn't in your advert
you've left me in the lurch.
I'm asking for a refund,
you've years to reimburse
and then there is the funeral,
the flowers and the hearse.

I've sat on your pew,
spent time praying to you
and now that I'm dead,
I'm unsure what to do.
I should have known better,
you never replied.
Yet I kept the faith
until the day that I died.

Now I queue to complain,
I must be ******' insane!
you don't even exist!

Poetry by Kaydee.
On the first day, man created God.
They were all looking at the bubbles then it popped.

“Argh! My eyes! Ma!”

“I told you, you’re not supposed to stare at the bubbles when it floats right on your eyes”
“But it’s beautiful and I see the mini-rainbows while it wobbles in the sky.”
The mother and the child went staring at the bubbles floating as they fly above the orange skies.
He blew another, carefully - eyes shining with excitement.
“Look, Mom! This one is bigger! I blew it slower than the other, this one will not pop.”

The cold wind blew with the ruffling of the grass as if clapping.
The bubble wobbled and wobbled on the orange sky
Passed by the resting sun, magnifying its beauty, it glittered.
The boy’s eyes shimmered in excitement.


“Not again!” the boy sighed in exasperation.”
He asked, “Where do bubbles go when they pop?”
She looked at him intently.
She smiled, “they become the clouds, like tiny bubbles watching over us.”
“Why would they watch over us?”

“For in time, they will know that the sun will burn our skin, then they will come as rain.”

“Well, let me make more bubbles, so we can play with You in the rain.”

Don’t Forget the Bubbles
Praying for the intercession of St. Philomena and St. Elizabeth Seton, patron saint of infants and parents who have lost their child.
For the young soul of  Von Abraham Tapit, may you rest in peace.
For Mercy Aguilar Tapit Lito Tapit Divine Grace Aguilar Tapit Eunice Tapit Mary Evangeline Tapit Eman Tapit Riza C. Tapit
Martin Heath Sep 2018
Lonesome Pine -

T'day I knelt by your Lonesome Pine
Stroked cold needles from your stone face
Lifelessly lying scattered 'las
Revealing shy eyes that still shine

Limbs 'bove shadow Heaven's staircase
Swaying gently amidst gold rays
Reflecting off worn weathered steps
Praying for a lasting embrace

Knees weak amongst wet wilted grass
Straining to shed a heartfelt tear
Glancing above when b'low I stared
Sand sifts thru our lost hourglass

T'day I knelt by your Lonesome Pine
Stroked Spanish Moss from your sweet hair
T'night tears pour thru these trembling hands
Alongside this our lonesome shrine
she remains anon Nov 2018
my hands do violently.
Carousel horses why do you run from me?
In a world stuck spinning,
I am a girl caught thinning.
Carousel horses, how can this be?
All my dreams, they do escape
and I, a women of the flock, always await.
Carousel horses, will you hear my plea?
So I pray;
my hands do violently,
We all have something to disguise
beneath this corporeal face,
Something we keep hidden from all
social grace, some barbarities would
not fade, some malefactions are too great.

I do not condone the violence
of such furious vengeance,
There is no solace to be found in it.
That does not mean I cannot appreciate;

The Champion Nemesis.

Grand theft auto on a cold night,
But we're not playing video-games tonight.
With lights off but the engine on,
Roll out and get your gameface on.
Get to hunting right off the bat,
Play hide and seek with the grass.
Mow the lawn of low-lives who said
he'd gone to ground/wants to be found?
I'll catch up to you later
with my conversation starter
and her best friend.
Who's praying you'll defend
those feeble lies again?
Heard about a movement so we scoped it out,
Ditched the fiesta and came about.
Silent under the dark while on the hunt.
Found you now, [REDACTED CONTENT].
Told you I'd catch up later
with my conversation starter
and her best friend;
Watching you
spin your end.

"What a tangled web we weave
when first we practice to deceive."
-Line Thirty-Three and Thirty-Four from Marmion by Sir Walter Scott
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