Hiko zeRo-oNe Aug 2014

"Calcium Phosphorus Oxygen Iodine Sodium Sulfur Tantalum Dysprosium. Oxygen Radium, Protactinium Radium Manganese Nickel Sodium Potassium Oxygen."

know what i mean???

Loveless Wraith Mar 2012

Donuts, o donuts,
Wheat Flour Enriched
Palm and Cottonseed Oil Hydrogenated
Vegetable Oil Partially Hydrogenated
Cocoa Processed with Alkali,
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
Sodium Aluminum Phosphate
Aluminum Sulfate
Salt, Dextrose, Soy Lecithin,
Guar Gum, Cellulose Gum, Tapioca Dextrin,
Corn Dextrins, Mono Diglycerides,
Citric Acid, Enzymes,
Natural & Artificial colors & flavors
Sorbic Acid and Sodium Propionate
and Potassium Sorbate
To Retain Freshness:
Eat 'em up yum.

sarah gentry Feb 2014

The original photograph
Daguerre type
ebbing away as though in water,
memories filed like potassium deposits
duotoned  as droplets of likeness
a prophecy of developments awaits

If you want to Go Bananas,
Go ahead and do it.
For one thing,
Bananas are high in potassium.
So, it would be very difficult
To overdose on bananas
Unlike coffee or liquor.
Second of all,
If you start monkeying around,
You might actually get in touch with your humanity
Rather than your reptilian nature.
We don't really need to prove
That we are Saints or Humanitarians to anyone,
But some of us might have to work at
Proving we are human.
Many of us look as if we belong
In the  Reptile Enclosure
At the Zoo!

Bogle Jun 2013

Potassium is my name,
I'm dangerous in open air,
so they hide me away in shame,
I'm light,
you can cut me,
but I am toxic,
and very reactive,
and that's what's brought me to fame,
so if you remember one thing,
just one thing,
remember I burn with a Lilac flame.

Lisa Giordano Aug 2013

Two lovers died tonight.
Together they sipped glasses of potassium chloride.
To others their love was unjust,
to each other, their deaths were a must.

In a jungle of segregation,
they were forced for permanent separation
one that they both could not adjust.
To each other, their deaths were a must.

They decided to take a firm stand,
held glasses of sorrow in each hand
and as they both had discussed
to each other, their deaths were a must.

Two lovers died tonight,
to each other, their deaths were a must.

The Good Pussy Oct 2014

                                6mg Fat
                             11mg Carbs
                           150 mg Protein
                            7% of  US  RDA
                            Potassium and
                             3%   US   RDA
                             zinc and   cop
                             per.  It is both
                             Pre ven tative
                             and fights can
                             cer. Particular
                             ly. breast  can
                         cer.  Only 20 calories   .      
                per    serving!      ingestion of
               seminal    pla       sma          is
                  called Sperm      ophagia

What colour are Mondays?
Red? Well mine are.
The same colour
you’d imagine a headache to be,
tomatoes, morello cherries
or like a nosebleed.

Does that mean Tuesdays are blue?
That mouthwash shade,
brain-freeze after a Slushie.
Wednesdays? Perhaps purpley-pink
as burning potassium,
Parma Violets under your tongue.

Thoughts on Thursdays?  Fake-tanned,
tangerine skin, the ugliest orange
for the ugliest day.
But Fridays are a healthier green,
think telephone-pole celery,
cucumber truncheons and kiwis.

Saturdays then? Funeral black
speckled with brown sugar
though Sundays are white.
Hurts-your-eyes-like-snow white,
almost transparent, for they come
and dash by with no tone in-between.

Written: January and March 2014.
Explanation: A poem written on the theme of colour for university.
Mateuš Conrad Dec 2015


if you attack the darwinian
supply & demand...
who the hell is going to be
you just attacked hetrosexual
i don't feel like paying politician's
taxes or making children...
thank you, no, bye bye;
women never sang of beauty, they
merely shouted about it:

a father's hands in weeping
crafted a fountain
of the son's clouded approximates
that gave unto us spring's joy
whether that be an abundance of water
or colour.


if i can't laugh into the night,
and think of the muse,
then i am endeared by your
want of sleep, as a vitamin loss;
oddly enough there are only 1.5mg
of potassium in 100ml of water,
and old ladies
think there's a concern for potassium
imbalance when you drink too much
and have to drink excesses of tomato juice
to balance the "books."

Sydney Victoria Dec 2012

The Most Exciting Part About The Night,
Was Watching The Milliliters Of The IV Bag,
Count Down From 1000,
Blood Staining My Right Arm,
A Glassy Stare Fogging My Own Vision,
The Bitter Taste Of Vomit And Dissapointment,
Was Lodged In The Back Of My Throat,
Thirst Coating The Roof Of My Mouth,
My Body Weak,
The Rhythmic Clicking Of Machines Relaxing,
Black Clawing At The Sides Of My Eyes,
Whispering A Lulling Language--Sleep My Friend,
Doctors Poking At My Abdomen,
Nurses Pushing Fluids Through My Veins,
Dyes, Potassium, Water, And Many Medicines,
X-Rays And CAT Scans Went By In A Blur,
As I Slowly Regained My Body

Well Had An Adventure Last Night At The Hospital.
Vidya Oct 2012

corundum puppies and you begin to wonder if
they’ll ever move again not
much escapes your midas touch

you used to organgrind your teeth and
nails at the dusty mayhem floors
(it’s suppertime baby let’s
kill some airtime by eating the fish right off the
hardwood as they gasp for air so we
gasp for blood)

seashell lakeshore pumpkinpatch painting of
bugjuice spattered on the back windshield;
you’re not afraid of
a little fog.

not enough
sodium in the air (not enough
salt in your wounds) and
you begin to choke on the potassium of our
bananasplit ages ago;
if you’re eating
your own molasses words
please make sure you spit them back
out again where the children can have them

they wouldn’t say no to
something sweet

With thanks to Joel M Frye--because of whom two of my poems have finally come together right. :)
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