Allison Rose Oct 2012
sweetness overwhelms--
          like the pleasant pop of a pomegranate seed.
sweet sharp burst
                    overtaken by a flood of tangy red
                    overcomes the mouth and drips from the corner of the lips.
Carmen Reed Nov 2014
red as blood,
red as the sky when
the sunset sets it on fire.

shining like diamonds,
little seeds of hope in the
large, large, world.

they give you pleasure
as you savor them one by one.
the sweetness,
the tangy scent.

when Persephone ate those
innocent, glimmering seeds.
she had no idea of the fate
that lay ahead of her.

French for pomegranate
is grenade
a little bomb that goes off
a burst of flavor in your mouth
a splash of hope in your soul
Cheshi Nov 2012
I was never one to run toward
a shining soul off in the distance.

I felt.

Ceiling heavy creeping; my eyes followed the white.

I am not singular.
I am not singular.

The necessity of nature left me dreamy and hopeless. You were my

My amor phora.
                         And now I feel as if I have no soul worth clinging.
brooke May 2013
There was a tube
of chapstick in the
lapel of his jacket
and i wondered
silently if it
might be
the same
as a kiss.
(c) Brooke Otto
Kao Jul 2013
Two ruby marks.
I can feel them bloated against my hand.
Like glue or blood.
Meat, metaphorical and incarnate.

Not that. It means nothing to me.
The milky light falls upon it as
I catch it from the corner of my own milky lense.

The first and eternal struggle,
And still I march on and pray
It doesn't end.
Emma Nov 2012
That's what I would paint you as.
Bold and bright red.
I think that's why you like them:
not because of the taste, but because they're the closest nature comes to telling your color
And I know you've got a thing or two against nature.

If I were Deaf I think it would be easier to look you and everyone else in the eyes.
I'd sign that I love you. And I'd sign a joke.
I'd say I'm proud of you,
and that you can do better.

I think you want to be that bright-red

want to be de

and secretly you dwell on that bitter-inside-of-your-seeds
that crunch, you imagine people might tire of returning to you

I just wish you knew that nobody doesn't eat pomegranates because of the seeds,
it's because they have to spend forever peeling away the outside just to get into the wonderful insides of it; they have to cut into that beautiful exterior hoping that the inside will be just as bright
and let's just say more people go for the red apple

I'd like to one day call you an apple
It has no secrets
and it is just as beautiful
M Oct 2014
A bowl of seeds in front of me remind me of you-

I had to cut through thick skin and peel it away just to get at the good stuff.

It didn't stop there though-

I had to pick and probe, inspect and search for remnants of the thick skin so when I sink my teeth into the fruit, I wouldn't find myself with a bitter aftertaste.

Red stains my hands and counter tops, just trying to coax the sweetest part of you out.

A bowl of seeds in front of me reminds me of you-

The seeds are sweet yet soon gone, and epehemeral sweetness doesn't mask the bitterness of skin I couldn't get past, skin I couldn't peel away no matter what.
Nik Bland Sep 2012
Pomegranate dawn, lay me down
Ivory moon, call to me
See that I may never touch the ground
Float me by on symphonies
Leave me in the haze, the cool of day
Wake me in awe on summer nights
Chase demons away with all your shades
Make darkness flee in the moonight
Keeping dream and dreamer both alive
Silently fading away
Ivory painted moon seizing my nights
Pomegranate dawns embrace my day

Sky studded with stars, burning now
Jay's egg blue painted morn
Falling to my face, dust on my brow
Waiting days ache to be born
Never will I again cry alone
Ever still will you carry me
Seeking just to rest in a place called home
Cabins by the crashing sea
Risen in the day to warm sunlight
Rocked to sleep by sheets of eve
As the ivory moon bid me, sleep tight
And pomegranate dawn awakens me...
Vida Crow Sep 2016
She is a haunted creature,
with stained fingers
and coal eyes
Skin wrapped around bones
and chilly veins.

"Black Crow"
her ghost taunts her,
his lips stained pomegranate,
teeth glittering
and mind spiraling
Kris Feb 2014
And what is the purpose
of the pomegranate
if not to give ruby seeds;
it’s beauty being in sacrifice.

And how heartbreaking
when the jewels are rotted,
browned and withering,
having no hope of fruition.
Jaycee Oct 2015
You were the pomegranate nail polish
I wore yesterday but have wiped off today.
I'm ready for everything to finally change
without you I'll be rearranged; in a better
state of mind, with you I was wasting my time.
v i c t o r i a Feb 2015
Longing to travel towards the festering sun.
I was a brown eyed girl living in a mediocre world.
With sweet seeds in my hands I walked towards the end of the earth.
I dangled my feet over the edge and threw them into the wind,
until pomegranate gardens grew for him.
And there it was
The most beautiful Persian pomegranate
With a skin so flawless
It would be a sin to cut it open

The pomegranate was calling out
Begging her to take a bite
But she knew it was not hers to taste

She resisted the temptation for so long
Eyeing the pomegranate every day
As she strolled by the fruit bowl

One day, when she walked by
She noticed the pomegranate had been cut open
It’s juicy plump seeds alluring her to just take one bite
What would be the harm in just one taste?

She put a seed in her mouth
It’s water-laden pulp seed burst
Exposing her tongue to something
She had never tasted before

Every day
She would walk by
And the Persian pomegranate
Would demand her to take more
So she would slip a few more seeds onto her innocent tongue

And as time went on
The seeds tasted better, sweeter
And more seductively succulent

One day
She placed the seeds into her mouth
But to her surprise
Her mouth began to burn
Her gums began to blister
Her lips began to bleed

She was perplexed
Because the pomegranate was
A poison disguised
As a beautiful, sweet fruit

The pomegranates poison
Consumed her body slowly
Ripping her insides to shreds
As the days she spent enjoying its sweet offerings
Flashed before her eyes

The Persian pomegranate
Painfully and poignantly killed her
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