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Brandon Brazel May 2015
If the label on a bottle of poison were more pretty,
More people would choose it over the **** antidote.
This is a problem we face,
When the vision is blurry.
I can't stand when others say "you don't look like a regular person" as if there is a way we are entitled to look. We are our own selves.
neha May 2016
you're poison
with an acid tongue and words that burn

you're poison
with a knife in hand whenever i turn



but why can't I hate you as much as I hate myself?
Sharon Thomas Jun 2015 is full of life
like a magic land full of wonders,
like songs whose notes go high and low,
with lines which rhyme to make a flow!
and whole experiences in life goes just like a wind's blow:
soft yet swift, silent yet clear.
It begins,continues and may even end well only if you put forward a  virtuous life indeed.
All you need to be away from is the poison tree
which fed Adam and Eve.
Look away!
It may be placed in the center of your life too.
You may find it the most glossy and glittering today.
Bowing to this may keep your head held down forever.

Know this fact for a sinless life
All the tempting trees yield fruits sour & reel
you'll stumble,totter,wobble & falter!
Then'll you realize fasting away this fruit was better.
But by then you'll lose paradise forever and fetter!

So let us all not reach to this concluding our lives should have a better ending.
which is to be more certain,graceful & dutiful.
Cos we live only once but it should have the worth of tons
Life'll help you do that..As "life attracts life"
Laine Viv Aug 2014
I've told people not to let others
plant flowers inside them,
for they will leave,
and all the loveliness inside them
will wither and die

I've said it as if
it's the simplest thing in the world.

But clearly, it isn't.

And you don't get to choose
who will do it,
when they will,
or whether they will.
You won't feel it when they finally do.

One day you'll wake up
with a garden blooming inside you

until they leave,
and you've got nothing
but tears to water what they've left.
MeanAileen Oct 2018
You are just so toxic to me
of that I surly know...
But try as I might, I simply can't
ever seem to let you go.
Your lips are laced with venom
killing me with your wicked kiss...
Burning a path straight to my heart
but the taste, I just can't resist.
Your eyes hypnotize like voodoo
trapping me in a trance...
Utterly powerless against their magic,
never did I stand a chance.
Your hands are lined with kryptonite
weakning me with one touch...
Never has something so paralyzing
made me crave it so much.
Loving you is straight poison,
the ****** to my vein...
So very hazardous to my health
but the ultimate high to my brain.
Daisy Marrow May 2014
I'm bleeding out
and all you do is watch me drain.
I gave you my heart
but you've got the devil in your soul,
so you tore it apart,
piece by piece.
I'm left with nothing but the stars
So I drink to wash away the pain it brings.

I'm your **** of the night,
but not if this drink does it first.
I'm already half drained.
All I ever gave you was everything
from the very beginning
and now you've thrown it all away.

You were once my brother
and I still believe underneath that skin,
and all your sins you're still human.
You were once holy and sane
but it's hidden somewhere lost in the dark.

All I do is drink your poison.
I let it consume me.
Every inch of my body
until I'm finally able to feel nothing.
Only then will my heart stop aching
and my body stops bleeding.
I greet the dark like it's a friend
that helped me escape.
I'm no longer here to see what happens next.
I'm gone and buried away.
My last drink was the most bitter
but it was such a relief.
Dean Winchester & Soulless!Sam Winchester
Shrishty Apr 2017
Your love hits me like waves
Shuddering and shivering we meet
But in the flow I move with you
We repel and depart
Marooned by love and hurt by war
Holding hands with you feels like a sin
That I commit over and over again
Embracing your blades and forgetting the pain
To the river bed we travel
I stay. You leave.
A love that is this way,
Can be nothing but malignant.
Crystal Peterson Oct 2018
Love is Poison to Logic
The Heart a Murderer of the Mind
Inspired by InkTober 2018 #1: Poisonous
(Companion Illustration on DeviantArt)
Italicization is malfunctioning right now.
Q Dec 2016
Don't make me do this
Don't make me hate you
Don't make me feel guilty
Don't say I didn't warn you*

I didn't make you do anything
You absurd impossibility
I didn't prompt your threats
Stop blaming me for your insecurity

That's it I've had enough
You're dripping with toxins
An utter waste of dialogue
I'm done.
Katie Oct 2014
How lucky you are
To leave such a scar
To be the poison in my mind.
****** clichés
writerReader Mar 2015
there's poison ivy
growing along
my spine
it caresses every
it's a climbing plant
B Elizabeth G Jun 2017
You are poison
You're love is ****
An apple with a kiss of death
Knowing **** well it will **** me quick
Still I bite to get my fix

The first taste upon my lips
So sweet and succulent, heavenly bliss
Slowly your poison creeps through my veins
Till my snow white skin is left blood stained

Sooner or later comes an antidote
A will to be happy that brings me a float
I cast away your rotten core
Telling myself I'll love you no more

Days go by and there you sit
A "brand new" apple with no holes in it
Suddenly all the cravings creep through
And again I take a bite of you

Willingly I poison myself with your kiss
Hoping this time it will be true bliss
Sadly it only ends all the same
With my heart in small pieces and only me to blame

You are poison
Your love is ****
An apple with a kiss of death
Knowing **** well it will **** me quick
I'll always take a bite to get my fix
To the man whom I'll never be able to stop loving

Naptural Mermaid Aug 2018
Poison Ivy.
I must admit, I always questioned your ability to reciprocate the love that I deserve.
History has it that your charm and poison has a way of shinning through to people just like the way you got me.

Poison Ivy.
What was it that lured me to you? I think it was the way you pulled me in. As gentle as a dove and as wise as serpent. With every smell, every touch, as innocent as they appeared you took my breathe away.

Poison Ivy.
Will my last words ever be as sensual as your first touch? Did my eyes light up as my adrenaline rushed? Poison, friendship, love.... these words have become mundane and such.

Poison Ivy.
Will you still care for me? Is it better that we’re no longer friends? Even after I’ve chosen to die  and become vulnerable for you?
My tongue
Does not
Spit out
Nor sugar.

To give you
Justice when
There is no
Loyalty to
Be earned.

While my blood
Drips down
And doesn't
Spills out

It only tells
Painful truths
To the ones
That cast their
Own deceit.
Why would I help you
If only you just
Want me to become
Your puppet?
Madison Sep 2018
It kills me but I've never been so alive,
My vitals drop, my temperature rises,
All because you're near,
You keep me on the brink of death,
But if you leave today, I won't wake up tomorrow,
Your my perfect poison,
My only antidote.
The last two lines are my favourite.
Mr Shankley Dec 2018
My tears come out of a pen
Since they can’t come out my eyes,
There’s always too much nitrogen
For the fireworks to alight,
And I stored up oh so many
To create a nuclear bomb,
So maybe it would be better
To leave the gas tanks turned on...
Dave Legalisa Aug 2018
i'm a fruit dressed
in a shell so callous and thick
so hard yet vulnerable
when i fall
i, too will easily break.

i'm a fruit so sweet
no one can taste
so fierce no one can touch
and so soft that everyone
dies to hug.

i'm a fruit ripened
through time of this orb
i go out in spring,
die in winter
i dance with trees,
until i turn splinter.

i'm a fruit sugary
in platonic disguise
so yellow and seraphic
smells like daisy
sticky as honey.

i'm a fruit unkind
no one knows what am i
how poisonous am i
until you taste the lie.
not even a friend knows me well.
I could never truly hurt you, not intentionally
And maybe that's why we were never meant to last
You tried to find flaws in hopes you could fix me
But you came up empty handed and dropped me in an instant
I guess you were not ready for a man like me
One who would love you and never abuse you
You deserve that love, and I wanted to provide it
But I'm moving on now, you had your chance
Go back to the ones who hurt you the most
Who never fully appreciated you're beautiful spirit
Thanks for all the good times and hand written lies
All the time I can't get back because it was all spent on you
I gave you my all, including my heart
Even though you were the one to act on yours first
I believed in us when I kissed you again
But it was just another poisonous lie that fell upon the lips

Umi Apr 2018
Ah, you fascinating flower, an old gardener who still looks after his duty, mumbled to himself in awe of the stargazer and spider lilies,
They seem so majestic, yet innocent to the extent of a wounderous aura sent by their gentle yet stinging smell, spreading across the room
He said to himself that maybe,  if they are as beautiful and heavenly as he thought,their taste should be beyond reasoning goodness, sweet
Just one bite later, the taste engaging in his old mouth has caused him to become numb, confused and with an irrigular heart rate, paralised.
Oh such an intent, to punish all those who dare to bring ruin to their glory by eating them, trying their taste with death ? Truly murderous.
Seeping through his body before slowly draining his poor life force, the fate of an unknowing man who had become the vessel of great unfolding fury of a flower which seemed to be so kind before hand.
A treasure is alike a flower, the gift of life resembling its beauty and hournour, growing proud until the sweet poison of death overtakes it
When I knew the meaning of eternity you were no longer there, Darling

~ Umi
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