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traces of being Aug 2016
Honeybees, birds and blooms unfurl
an enchanting spell
when spring comes by here

Memories waft 'neath burled rustic trellis
where flowered tendrils grasp fleshly
like the newness a love once tenderly embraced

Songbirds in your garden sing
of swooning memories rapture.., of velvet eyes,  
the fragrant spicy nectar hidden within her walls                            

A song of honeyed bees'  sweetest stinger,
and the poignant ***** of intoxicating surrender
lingers, bemused spellbound by a thorny heirloom rose

Sharp beauty beloved like a blameless trap
caught blissfully, breathlessly inbetween
all you wish for and all your wanton needs

Desire 's wellspring an unspoken passion
coquet swollen buds adorn blossoming,
sensual, untamed carnal grace

A picture perfect natural beauty;
sunlit chassé … feathered brush, demure blush
dancing with basket of lace petal’d perfume

For to colour a heart's blank pages
rapt in the poesy a joyous ecstasy ..,
enrapture with rainbow's luscious taste

What seems lost is but a tender vestige unfound
a passing moments innocence lost
to steal away like rumors of gold

These silent reveries seep from a hole in my heart,  
as if ripe strawberries of yore, gently weeping sweetness
when pricked by a thorny rose  

The ides of spring do still bleed a timeless ache
onto the page ... sweet naivety stung
by a mesmerizing dart to the heart

Songbirds in your garden do sing
of sweetest things immersed in nature's nectar
blissful memories sleeping in the petals of a rose

Sung to the wind by a song sparrow — ♪ ♫...✩ ☼✩ ✩☺✩
If only now in dreams of yore
a sky full of stars shine brighter,
a garden of flowers fragrance more pungent,
and songbirds in your garden from yesteryear
sing tantalizingly more beautiful ...,
when you were near

annh Jan 3
I am Bic Pentameter
Bic Pentameter is my name
Rhythm is my business
Time management is my game

Short, Long & Sons employ me
To tidy up their verse
The satirists are not too bad
But Catullus is a curse

I have danced with Sappho
Brought Shakespeare home for tea
Swapped pretty tales with Byron
Bounced da Padova on my knee

Marlowe picked a fight for nought
Auden spiked my drink
Wordsworth was insomnolent
He never slept a wink

Yeats, now there's an anecdote
Worthy of the press
The critic's choice by all accounts
The brightest and the best

But listen to me prattling on
To my work I must attend
Performance, prosody, poesy
The rules of scansion do not bend

For metre is all important
When reciting off by heart
The classic works of yesteryear
And I shall play my part
Iambic pentameter - a line of verse with five metrical feet, each consisting of one short (or unstressed) syllable followed by one long (or stressed) syllable.
Ceyhun Mahi Oct 26
A little bit of Byron lies in me,
A brooding young man with morbid despair,
Whose moods switch so quick, like of the vast sea,
While I stand beside the rocks, winds through my hair.

A bit of Shelley flows inside my pen,
A burning rebel in my father's land,
Not understood or felt by common men,
Where ultimate ideals I do demand.

A lot of Keats sings and dances in me,
Summer airs, nightingales, everything old,
Escaping my pain on wings of poesy,
As he, my broken brother-bard has told.

I read and read and found myself in all,
And so did find myself through my heart's call.
Monika Layke Jul 6
It draws us nearer.

It seeks the divine.

Not all spend the time.

Words pull us closer.

Makes whole, humankind.

Create great poesy.

Elevate us all.
I tried to protect you by not remembering when the rabbis were teachers
and preachers we're on the beaches
Wishes were had in between sheets
Catfish spoken riddles but truthfully
Beautiful ripples in *******

So I was going to invite you over for txgiving but all pathology from the dsm-5 was represented.  When I say over, I mean to KFC-
cousin Larry had to work but all the coleslaw and breadcrumbs you can swallow. How bout you did you get stuffed by the poultry-geist?
Crazy! she is very crazy,
Tonight my mind daisy.
Crazy about the crescent moon,
Will it make me swoon?

Doesn't come my darling,
So moon taunts me smiling.
She is joking at my Love,
Giving my blue crush a shove.

Is moonlight magical pricey
If there is no mind romantic juicy?
O moon! You search whole night,
Poet, artist as a fan of your light.

To enjoy moon who can be assigned
If happiness flees anyone's mind?
Well, I am having blue pain,
Can your spots be slain?

O luna! Your beauty is spotted,
My crush for blue too can't be blotted.
I absorb happiness out of pain,
It sprouts my poesy as summer rain.
Bryce Mar 18
I'd traveled the distant vessels
of many an emptied lake
Sojourned fallow desert paths
praying for ancient rains

Great clouds in graceful conduct
Danced their lonely lover's gait
Quenching thirst of other grounds
With such a timely rain

I found upon a poesy
hidden in the shade
Took them gentle to my breast
to kiss away their pain

In creatures here the loss is felt
In summer sun the byways melt
No place for sacred waters run
When Her decisive motion's done

Placed beyond this bowl of stone
The ordered clasts of city grow
On mausolea of daffodils
Her voice forever ceased to know

The glow of sun in zenith speaks
To Her and me through haze and dream
Through knotted rock and speckled sky
I came undone in Her sweet eyes
DivineDao Sep 7
Woebegone are daily Thrusts when Life
Is happening.

Therefore - no need intices Us
To pour the Black or Bluish Ink
into the Whitest Indigo Alternative.

Yellow is Golden. Gold is for the Star Gods.

They are above our power, above and over the gender differentientia..

Só - - Love and Praise Love giving Light Illuminaries! Our Gods of Solar winds
and rain and floods and growing "things"
Do not care about Marakesh, Neo-nazis, pacifists or Vezuvian dust bites.

They Emanate, Emit and Emirate
Brilliantly To us  Offer-rings Divine - - Life manifested Love for All

Love for All!!!

... And all I have longed for ~'~
was your Embrace. ThatLove
transmitted and Enhanced,:;. I Thank Thou Pure~Intent§' *§
Thou lovely smiles of no names~lands, Thy clean, clear-fatial features.

Black Velvety Tulip should be heard-byyoutoyouwhispered (From Me to Thy Presence) from Near~nearnesses, when we love(d) each other in those summer pine woods. The playful shadows sometimes play with shinny colours and exchange the long day for a beautiful Night...
And I'll never forget The Love within Your Eyes.

Those soft words of yours, thy knowledge..
gentle raindrops upon your walking being I love and Love... and yet, why do you walk, like you were crushed, injured, remote, withdrawn in solemn thoughts - - How can I heal from you?!! Is your focus elsewhere 'cause the remedy you seek is not harmonious with pulse of my beating drum!!?
Wholenesses, Galaxies, Love, Lust, Pliè

The Europe has Been Unified in Mutual
It's religious Abode has been (stillis) Petratka's Dome for Torcherings, Muted People's Dreams doomed by some deeply perveresedPsychological Violence (of Elites?) The Red Violin's Obssessive 'A posteriori Mortem Lovings' , For Bombs and Boom Boom Bombastic *** Slavery Proclaimed and Approved so Innocently and Meekly By Accolades Gaining Genially Prolific Authors..

Let me ask Thou Hearts -_-not ThyMainBrain:"Who would ***** if not in vein,out of scrutiy and utmost struggle, pain!!!? Would you be pleased if circumstances were Turned around and you'd be the one who has to struggle for survival (perhaps not being able to the fullest point - as you are now?)
Would your human dignity be pleased, when others generous"humility" proclaimed so easily:
"If it's for the money, so what the hell, we both gain - me the pleasure and you the" golden "game"".
And yes - - Where's the check for our Ideas you MF Criminals!?!
Thy Heaven oh - Rich, Elegant, Arrogant, Arduous, Europeans and DarklyDeep Global Intellectuals.. Have you been of some help?!
To Whom do Do you Blow, For Who do Youperform, Who's the Ruller of Thy - <3
Hades for The Famined and Deprived
Artistry, Crafts and Different Cultures
Havana, Bahamas,
Chick Chorrea, No nausea, Sydney, Mauritius and a pig Guinea
Now Na na na na
The Europeans have Got The Wisdom!
Pragmatism reins!
Especially on billboards:for women no Harry no orangeries on tights, all noses that are not tiny as Mini mice it's oh - so ******* unnice: in Europe do not be too fat, do nať há Američan Indian, Arabic or Hooked nose - Listen - You'll be a Threat woman! They might mix you up for some mad scientist, for The Thinker for a man of knowledge and power... Do rather break thy brittle bones and subdue to infancy rhymed~~ rhythm and shuffle in your domesticated *** the poultry and look extremely lash fluttery flattering naive woman-forewa childfeaturedeffeverscentmeek

And we'll plan some tanks and bombs and missiles and Those fantastically Gorgeous Self Thinking Killer Robots To Erase

Inspiring smooth operating mediums Always on the run
Await for us within This Virtual Millennia
We can hide between white earrings
We can play with Identities,
We can **** as many **** of knowledge as we want The World wide Web
Whereas digits and Dots Resolve
The Forest's Loved Longitudes,

Whereas The Creatures Loveliness
Exposee is heard among the Jungle plantiful clustered Middle plants; Their Beating Hearts, and Veins and All those moving limbs, and joints and not only segregated Left/right Wings

But Whole Chivalry the Nature Can Provide

Do listen attentively:
Audio miraculously sly sounds of Winged Beings have Enchanted Me, as dots and Stripes and Patterns

Oh - The Sacred Symmetry of Natura Sans
Ad Homminem Dat Dost Dates

Poetic Poesy Perpetuum Pottery Wheels
Humming as Milton's Longing Blakes

When we observe Works of Art
Today O'night we forget the outer world.

We Laugh Out Loud in pleasant, cute and
Unstoppable Adorable Manner - That Hurts No-one, Nobody, None, not even
Opuss Magnum Max & BunkerNumb. 1

You see:)( :
We see many beings, Sterling's, Garrets, Chelloss, Storms and Diamonds in the rough
And Yet - How can we not be energetically

Borghes IS  (  The one and only mindblowin'ImpeccableEssays final~fantasy  ) approaching on Syberian Sybertooth Lion. S/he rides the FurryBeast with Nelly Furtado, Milla Jovović and Nipke.

I knock on Your door my Trustfully Neighbour's Friendofafriend.
Under OldTreeGiantTop no-one is ever Alone~Love

Whereas Truthful Threads remain Like
Utopistic Melancholy
Dreams Diseased
Divine Prolonged Prolegomenas
Being Grateful for so many Exceptional Persons, who may or may not ponder upon my Words.

The essence is God.
God is
Path Humble Sep 2018
“every one shall sit in safety un­der his own vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid.”*

Letter from George Washington, 1790, to the Jewish community of Newport, Rhode Island


multiple motifs present poesy alternatives,
but one supremes

safety in your own chosen orchard,
supping on clear water, wine and figs
children of trees, nurtured by one’s own hands,
children of your children, running the grove,
shouting out in sweet safety

the wasps happy shameless pollinate,
dreaming of more generations,
ruefully smiling, thinking of
Adam and Eve, who ashamed of
their apple’d sexuality,
hid their nakedness of course beneath
the safety of
fig leaves

you do not pray for safety
you do not ask for anything,
nothing to fear says the father,
for you already live in our own
George’s garden of eden
The letter I write to you my dear friend,

It keeps on growing like a babbling brook from

Little, tiny, not wide emerald, foamy white lively


The randomness in which I open Poetic books seems
Absurd only when I do not approve of the poem which
Should be dedicated to Youby this magical intuitive method.
The mothers milk in one poem consisted the puddled Liang's mud
So I opened it once more. The other Poesy BooThe dead .Evil's spirit is just a Surname
A Sir never deceased on this side of non Parsels Parlour. In our Heimat. We call it ****** less in a way it  is for sure a Stronger kind of Love;
Lucky is My Fav. So good!! The poppy girl has seen the dragon wings in the basement. The basement is near moving Castles on wheels.There lies A paradise. In your heartfelt Anime Eyes.
Different colours*shades, hues; blue, cyan, velvety indigo, deep emerald green, pitch black in a Jaguary notebook.

Can you hear Koala Voice, Do you see cute Pandas knowing nothing about poetic metres or Haikus without an S?1
They don't care about such sweet poets nonsenses.

They see two Tzars glittery succulent apples from their children's park slide.
Where do they enjoy themselves?
There - there! Tumbling down embraced like silly cutie puffy jin-jang fur *****.

Wo ... ams i r i o us.

Delaware.Delacroix, Lilly, Mordor, Galadriel, Legolas, Arwen
Local   Strolls   through  given  Weather
And Harmonies of The Universe  Then Smile?:):)for once
At once become shorter Version of mySelf.

I love Snow. I keep on seeing those rare snow flake beauties storming in your Sun Brilliance.
Silent Beauty. Speak to me.
Universal Liff.
Individual varieties. Varietes. Theatre of Dreams has been translating into Love explosions. Aions.

You are Airy, The fittest Angel I know of has Touched The Celestial planes.

Once it was lost in the Forest. There is Song.
The Melody.
Symphonies of heart beats yearn. We are all strangers.
Until we become One Dreamy knot.

I Love you in between my waking hours and within my every Lucid dream.
Hypnotic Analogies

— The End —