Brujo Alligatore Feb 2016

Some of the shits sink
And some of the shit floats
But when one plunges sinkers
They squish, smear, and combine
And the plunger comes out
Pretty gross

Life is so much betternow
I've accepted it neverwill be good,
Goodnow I don't expect to everfeel
Good Enough
to understand the stuff of Good Enough
enough to bluff Good Enough
good enough
for Good Enough
to be good enough
to make itself known
like Lady Godiva packin' heat.
Life & I are evenstephens,
now I'm resigned even in dreams' reruns
to my gaze stumbling@Godiva'stootsies
puddlepruned, even tho' she's goodenough
to point her piece between my eyes.

Take the blame for the rain, go to your room
& sit & listen to its percussion
of fresh accusations, 30billion fingers drumming
60% water & 40% condemnation.
In my room , I reflect on all  I've done
that now Everything grieves everything via a proxy sky,
Everything weeps for Everything forever
& then over everything else over a day.
My fault the Sun's eyeliner of fire did run.
My fault the Earth threw the Moon out of its pram.
My fault Noah's bath did overrun
& an innocent Almightygod was let go by Pimlico.

Life & I are not oddstods anymore,
our loggerheads are logged under the heading
'@timbernecks', now I begrudge the Good News
Jesus died for me slightly less. Indeed, he has my permission  
to perish for me a lot more
than a month of Good Fridays, make his fraudulent ultimate sacrifice
999x like Deadpool's cat.
It was my vague sin
that was the straw as cumbersome as a camel's corpse,
giving his shoulder the gyp that would do for Christ@Calvary.
Despondent in a sanguine fashion
about being the real Christkiller, but that's the way I roll
with the punches of scapegoated Jews.

To end up alone
in a tomb of a room
without cigarettes
or wine--
just a lightbulb
and a potbelly,
and glad to have
the room. the morning
they're out there
making money:
judges, carpenters,
plumbers, doctors,
newsboys, policemen,
barbers, carwashers,
dentists, florists,
waitresses, cooks,
and you turn over
to your left side
to get the sun
on your back
and out
of your eyes.
from "All's Normal Here" - 1985

Chuck May 2013

Plaid slacks
Feather cap
Argyle socks
Flip phone
Mullet hair
Greasy hands
Crusted fingernails
White belt
Sketchy beard
Members only
Casio watch
Deck shoes
Muscle shirt
Tribal tattoo
Chest hair
Plumbers crack

You look great, Mom!

Just joking. My mom is gorgeous. I started out picking out fashion flaws then I realized I know nothing about fashion, so I made it a joke poem. I hope you like it better than my mom would. Please don't tell her! Haha
Perig3e Mar 2012

Oh, to be a tortoise
and never need a house.
No realtors, no mortgage,
never a call for
roofers, plumbers...
or ever to build a shelf!

Allen Wilbert May 2014

screaming in pain
cleaning her drain
it was very clogged
I am very logged
loved my plumbers crack
she gave my ass a smack
faucet beginning to leak
from the point of the peak
ended up in bed
she gives good head
wanted bill to be free
told me during my morning pee
I said you lost your mind
so I poked her from behind
how about half price
she said sorry no dice
please free she would beg
as she played with my third leg
running wild was my imagination
you could feel my frustration
after the plumbing was all done
it turned out she was a nun

I don't have a problem with
hipsters, goths, jocks,
skaters, rockers, preps,
farmers, plumbers, executives,
Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Caucasians,
gays, furries, bronies,
foodies, junkies, abstainers,
republicans, democrats,
atheists, monotheists, polytheists,

People are people.
So, why begrudge them that?

I do, however, have a problem with mean, hateful people
who's greatest joy comes in a form of shadenfreude.

Be who you are,
but don't impose your self-image onto others;
impose others onto your Self with a healthy dose of salt.
You may learn a thing or two.

Live and let live.

Kam Rayefski Jun 2012

Live life to live
shape the world and cultivate
away fears of shadows and hate.
Grower's thumbs often build
greener tomorrows, tokes to give
to brothers and sisters of today
always searching for more questions.

What clarity can bring to one
not you, but for someone
who holds the rotten cape
held together by rough black tape
to the bewildered open fields
of opiates and grapes
waiting just enough time
to bend around the vine
that holds together what they are feeling.

Let the world keep spinning
wobble from time to time
stumble off our feet
no chance to meet or greet
the war is on our street
bringing lust greed and pride
for all of us to abide
but all things can be forgiven.

Feel the sunny heat
of the smiles of those you just beat
for all the people are here
lovers, plumbers, drummers,
and this goes on, we run again
on and on we run again
on and on again
we go on.

mikev May 2015

work they say
when I'm at
writing poems
when I should
please don't tell anyone
except everyone
accept everyone
poets florists carpenters painters plumbers clowns kings
the exiled
breath their warm woes waiting
the day the sun rises on their shoulders.

Not everyone gets to be an Astronaut.
The world needs plumbers and policemen.  
The world needs scientists and ditch diggers.
You can want all you want, it is good to want.
You can try, you can dream, you can hope you can scheme.
The princess doesn’t always find her prince.  
The prince doesn’t always find his princess.
Sometimes, you don’t even get to be royalty…
Just a peasant in the streets.
It is good to dream but what do they say?
Shoot for the stars, you can still land on the moon.
Sometimes, miss all together and end up floating out in the cold dead of space.
Not all the stories have happy endings…
But living the story is what makes life worth living
Not always hoping for the pipe dreams all the time.
So be a good plumber, or a great policeman.
Not everyone gets to be an Astronaut.

stick it up your ass bitch
Kwabena Itri Dibra keeps
the room warm, I get the
watch fixed. she always
used to say "キャロルはこ
とがない" which translates
to Carol has never waited
for Treva's reply. What
an asshole.Those plumbers
grant him his wish, Reggae
asshole shouted last night
Fuck off didn't cook next to
the police station. i need
reggae. reggae is a life style
This is kim's large dish.
This isn't my analy sucking
cock's mediocre pencil.
please, pass the spiff mon

Wayne H Colegate Feb 2014

Blood drips slowly through the tubes of my heart, like a lazy plumbers mistake,
I wonder as I listen to the gentle drops is it maybe for my own sake?
Do we all feel love's pain  as a stab to the heart, or is that where we normally start?
I hear voices in the night, some cry and others sing
I hear bells in the morning, some dull and others ring.
Everything is a sign of something else, rolling in our head,
maybe we wonder the difference...alive or maybe dead.
Throbbing souls create a drumbeat in harmony and doubt,
those of us so used and done are feeling sadly left out.
The parade will march right by us and leave us at the curb,
like a statue old and worn that we should never ever disturb.

Allen Wilbert Apr 2014

Smack my ass in a car,
smack my ass in a bar.
Smack my ass, here or there,
I don't believe in any underwear.
I love a good ass smack,
right below the plumbers crack.
If I'm naked or wearing clothes,
smacking my ass is what I propose.
Smack my ass in the bed,
smack my ass after I'm dead.
Smack my ass up or down,
smack my ass in any town.
Smack my ass, cause I said so,
smack my ass before you go.
It doesn't matter where or how,
smack my ass, please right now.
Smack it good, smack it hard,
give my ass it's best regard.
You know you want to smack my ass,
just please no more broken glass.
Smack my ass in the shower,
whack it good, with all your power.
Smack my ass in the street,
my ass deserves a good beat.
Smack my ass and never stop,
maybe this boil will someday pop.

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