yv 5d
I am in desperate need of company
i need to talk, and to be heard
i need someone who'll listen to all of my dark thoughts

but hearing these thoughts come with a price
they are not for the weak heart, and nor a weak mind
just watch where you step on, you might crush my heart

you might just cave in the darkness i'm in
just know that i didn't want for this to happen
i beg of you, don't blame this on me
all that i wanted was for someone to love me

i guess the world's just cruel
and we're all left to grovel.
Joseph Miller Jul 2017
I see you struggling
at the Gate
with the roar of lions
behind you
You can barely hear
the Lord calling your name

I see the beasts
tearing at your flesh
as you stumble and fall
Down on your knees
I hear you beg and plead
Where is the strength
to be free!

I see a hint of knowing
in your eyes
a trace of believing
in your heart
I see you have the will
to stand and walk

In a new life
I see your reward
shining bright like a star
running through your soul
I see you believe
T May 10
I won’t forget the way you shared your bed with her while I carried your child in my womb
I won’t forget the way you bulldozed my grace and love just because I would rebloom
I won’t forget the way you left me standing in the streets of Montreal; the reckless, frigid free-for-all
I won’t forget our heart-to-hearts, fall-aparts, fresh-starts
I won’t forget our once shared-dreams, fire-water color schemes; tip-toeing; balance-beams
I won’t forget your lack of self-acceptance; your childlike fear; resistance; dependence
I won’t forget the way you disguise your loneliness; insecurity; disappointment
I won’t forget your selfishness; inconsistency; absent empathy
I won’t forget your impatience; porcelain ego; complacence
I won’t forget the way you’d kiss my feet; plead for forgiveness; make promises; repeat
I won’t forget an honest memory of you—instability; volatility
Yet after all, I only wish you depth and perspective and humility
A broken little heart entangles her tears,
that come from a person that she'll never see.
Wet rain boots and dirty feet make her forget
about the darkest nights. Her bed and blankets
are like souvenirs from home; a house she'll never
remember. Lies and "I'm sorry"s are trapped in her
pigtails, dangling behind her ears, whispering such
morbid pain among her lullabies. With every cry she's
screamed for you, can you even hear her? She's afraid
to sleep alone, as the TV erases nightmares oozing from
her eyes, do you care at all? Lost toys and old photographs
make her plead; Oh, but why? She'll never understand the
love she couldn't have, the love you wouldn't give--
I made this poem a long time ago.
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It doesn't have to be on a cold, lonely night for a heart to break,
A night is only cold and lonely because of the stinging ache.

Creeping memories, broken promises, an absence, simply a word would do the trick,
As you drown into the starry night, you're jerked with the realisation that you're left with nothing,
The voices are getting louder, but the night grows colder, lonelier,
You stare into the void as you try to find a voice to speak.
They always say that when it shatters, you won't know strangling from choking,
But to you it was like breathing in shredded glass and no pain can come as near.

For whom they ask are you bleeding?
'Leave me be, let me be' you beg and you plead.
You pick yourself up,
You keep it in,
You walk home,
And tomorrow's noon you feel the tears streaming because

It doesn't have to be on a cold, lonely night for a heart to break,
A night is only cold and lonely because of the stinging ache.
All will be well again, if you're broken, it's our nature to heal again.
My mind has drifted
To the way you used to touch me
The way you rushed it
To where your hands wandered
And you whispered
Ever so softly
"God knows my intentions are pure"
How you fooled the girl in me who
Begged to be pure again
And fell for just the word uttered
How are any of the things you did to me pure?
I plead
How was I such a fool
I feel so guilty
Opening myself to you
Laying down
Allowing your mouth to touch every part of me
Such a rush
A big fat rush
I was in such a haze
I let you do whatever you pleased
I wanted you to
Because everyone else had done it
I craved it
It was so intimate
And I gave it to you
A gift truly
No man had been there before
Not even him
But I let you there
Because I went with the flow
Honestly I wasn't thinking
I never think
I was in such a daze
I hate myself for giving that to you
I hate you
And now you're gone
And I screamed at you on the phone
"I gave everything of myself to you physically. Can't you say something?"
And all you said was
"Frankly, I don't care, dear."
God and I broke
God, I guess you knew his intentions were never pure
And maybe this is punishment for my own sin
O God, give me peace
Cleanse me and make me whole again
Take away these thoughts
Please God
Make me pure again
Release me from this bondage
I beg you God
Amanda 4d
Open myself up for you
Bleed out my dreams, hopes, and fears
Leave them, a pile at your feet
You walk away
You see my wounds, you leave them untreated
To grow infected, painful
In your hands; gauze, tape, a needle and thread
The tools to fix me and take away my pain
Instead you stand and watch
It hurts, I cry and plead for help
You give me none
Share no comfort
Lend not one helpful word
Shine no light to guide my path
Aching body has had enough
I am too broken to fix now
I am too hurt to love
Instead I watch you watch me
Until I've lost all strength to go on
You are watching me die
Written 4-13-14

— The End —