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Bo Tansky Sep 2018
From this dugout
No use pouring my heart out.
This confessional doesn’t have a shade drawn
A puppet, a pawn, a perp
A tack on
Littered with detritus
Of somebody done somebody wrong song
I don’t steal anybody’s song,
It’s not my commandment
It’s not written in granite
Ambiguities a bad bedfellow
But not a dead fellow
This confessional, this confessional
Doesn’t absolve you with a few hail marys
a thicket of wicked thorn berries.
sick, *******, costumed pretenders-
holy, roly-poly, sanctimonious vendors.
Doesn’t cleanse you at the hip altar.
But of-
the unpure, uneaten, unsure
excommunicated alter,
of the endure
Defaulter, sweet & sour, flower power altar.
Where you shall genuflect to the vanquished
To the-
Soiled, stained, sick, smelly, unkempt and managed
Gross, bone bent, back aching, decried and decrypted.
Imperfect professors of perfection
Who are perfectly right
But don’t know it
And quit

You, sanctimonious vendor of the unpure.
How can you be so sure?

Mary scared mother of-
Stripped of her merriment
Fairy dust
Mary, Venerated Jewish Mother  
Annunciation proclamation
Consummation Abnegation
Hastened your ascension
Toward prop ligation
Fleshly excommunication castration
You shall labor without love
Impregnated with carnal canned pixie dust
On the backs of *****-tonk donkeys
Star-stalking, strange, bearded traveling imposters
Posted on paper indelible,
They reign.

Mary’s, you have given birth many times,
Not with the ***** of men, but nonetheless.
Birthing their winged  & ribbed women
With the same pixie dust.
Some have called them crazy,
And worse
Some better

You have not called them at all,
Mother of the child-
Child of the mother.
Mother, why did you drop me on my head,
And then leave me for dead?
An abandoned cavern that couldn’t fill the holy womb.
They wouldn’t let me go near you.
Elastic roped and doped and spun
Someone finally won.
It wasn’t you,
You were the prize child
Denial child
Anything but wild child
Do no wrong child
Slightly soiled spoiled child
A benediction of denial child.
Precious child
Equalized on such a lofty Persian perch?
Where we have put you
And left you.

You will pay dearly for this, child.
What do you have to say for yourself?
You must plead guilty.
Because if you are not-
The consequences will be severe.
So, how do you plead?
Once in awhile child.
How do you plead?
Once in a denial child.
How do you plead?
I have written on paper pure indeed
How do you plead?
Now I need to burn the paper
How do you plead?
Ashes to ashes
How do you plead?
Mad dashes
Past to present
Has past.
How do you plead?
Backlashes, dashes, and eyelashes
How do you plead?
I’m down on my knees
Trying to please
How do you plead?

Freeze and frozen
A snow-white fairy in a
Snow white fairytale
In a snow-white snow storm.
How do you plead?
Dashes to dashes to dashes
Is this the end-
Ashes to ashes to ashes
Or just another altar
My friend.
How do you plead?
Wearied of sinning, wearied of repentance,
  Wearied of self, I turn, my God, to Thee;
To Thee, my Judge, on Whose all-righteous sentence
    Hangs mine eternity:
I turn to Thee, I plead Thyself with Thee,--
    Be pitiful to me.

Wearied I loathe myself, I loathe my sinning,
  My stains, my festering sores, my misery:
Thou the Beginning, Thou ere my beginning
    Didst see and didst foresee
Me miserable, me sinful, ruined me,--
    I plead Thyself with Thee.

I plead Thyself with Thee Who art my Maker,
  Regard Thy handiwork that cries to Thee;
I plead Thyself with Thee Who wast partaker
    Of mine infirmity,
Love made Thee what Thou art, the love of me,--
    I plead Thyself with Thee.
Essa Freedom Oct 2014
This is my plead
My plead of insanity
You can't comprehend the thought that flow though my mind
They tell my to fight when I know I will lose
They tell me to laugh when I know I should cry
They tell me to awaken when I know I should sleep
I wage war when they tells me I will fall
The small people in my head tell me these things
So this is my insanity plead
Don't let these men in the white coats take me away
Keep them out
This is my plead
My insanity has nothing on these odd men
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Composed on 01:33, 27/02/2017 using Hello Poetry's 'Words' algorithm. We still don't assume this means something.
MaryJane Doe May 2014
He's in too deep.
He can't seem to think.
Just how low
do you think he will he sink?
Caught in the undertow
of the current flow.
He treads
It can make or break what you knew
if you ride the rapids threw.
Will they take Scuba Steve too!?
He wont swim for the shore.
to avoid once more
the beauty in store
Only to find...
That he always wants more.
he learned from the past
but his oxygen can't last
and his air
Is depleting fast
high in the speed
and the passing sea ****
I heard Scuba Steve plead
I'm in too deep
and I can't seem to think
Just how low
Do you think
I will sink?
mandy rigby May 2014
candles lit, music's right
I've got plans to ****** tonight
I'm in charge .. you like it .. Ok?
going to control you in a most sensual way

I've taken care to dress real nice,
I'm going to blow you .. with ****** spice

I start to undress, start to tease
I wont be happy till your on your knees

we start to kiss, silk skin caress,
your getting hot, a seduction success

as your hands start to roam.
its too late .. your not goin home

now our clothes are on the floor,
both naked .. cept for Christian Dior

I start to moan, beg and plead,
In doin so .. i increase your need

(c) mandy rigby 22.05.2014

(thought I'd have a go at ****** poetry)
Big Virge Sep 2014
Choose ... WISELY ... in
The Company ... you keep ... !!!
cos' ... some ... will leave you

... " Facing Heat ! " ...

and may ... Even ...
put you to ... sleep ... !!!

"Trust me" ... believe ...
Everyone ... you meet ...
may not be ... "Sweet" ...
and may treat you ...
like ... " Butchers Meat !!! "

"Strip You" ... BARE ... !!! ...

Right to ... The Bone ... !!!!!

NAKED ... Yes ...
Without ... Your clothes ... !!!

******* shows ...
how ... that one goes ...
to buy that drug ...
Some ... Become ...
what we call ... " Thugs " ... !!!

People now ...
are ... Proper ... Cold ... !!!

Some will now ...
come in ... Your Home ...
and be so ... BOLD ...
to ... Steal ... from you ...
and do ... the things ...
They ... Should NOT do ... !!!

Here's a ... Story ...
that ... " Sadly " ... YES ...
is NOT ... " Untrue " ...

A guy I know ...
" Needed " .... workmen ...
in ... " HIS HOME " ... !!!

A ... Muslim chap ...
who ... YES ... is ... black ...

Chose ... some guys ...
who ... he had known ...
since they were ... lads ... !!!

He told them straight ... !!!!!

"Please don't smoke
inside the house
or stuff like that !!!"

They said ... "Okay" ...
but when my man ...
then left the place ...

Here's how things ...
then ... went astray ... !!!!!

When he ... came back ...
They ... Weren't Working ... !!!
or ... Robbing ... him ... ?!?

These fools were ...
..... " Actually " .....

.... " SMOKING CRACK " .... !!!!!!!!!!!

"Company" ... you keep ...
may be ... That Weak ... !!?!!

and may just ... Lie ... !?!
Rob You ... or ... CHEAT ... !!!!!

I've seen ... Some Cliques ...
who walk ... The Streets ...

Filled with ... "sneaks" ...
and ... Gangs of Thieves ...

Things ... They Do ...
Now ... Prove to me ...
That ... Company You Keep ...
can make your ... future ... ? ...
Somewhat ..... " Bleak " ......

My Destiny ...
Involves ... " NO SHEEP " ...
and has ... " NO NEED " ...
for ... " Fourty Thieves " ...

"Presidents" ...
or ... "Ministers" ...
Company ... they keep ...
are ... "Sinister" ... !!!!!!!!

They move with crews ...
with ... "Guns" ... in view ...

Now ... does that move ...
seem ... " Shrewd " ... to you ... ?

"Join the pigs then, Be a fool,
like gangsters, they pull,
Shady Moves !!!"

which simply ... Proves ...
Groups like ... These ...
Have Got ... " Issues " ...
and may not be ... ?!?
So Good ... for you ... !!!

I've said before ...
Walking ... " Alone " ...
is ... TOUGH ... for sure ...

So ... PICK ... Wisely ...
I do .... " Implore " .... !!!!!

Company ... you keep ...
may watch you ... BLEED ...
and that's something ...
Most Folks ... "Don't Need" ... !!!!!!

Friend are ... Those ...
who'll ... Stand By You ...
when ... "Bad Times" ... roll ... !!!

When ... I've had mine ...

I've heard ... Some Lines ...
that ... WEREN'T ... Refined ... !!!!!
and ... Proved ... there is ...

A .... REAL ... Fine Line ... !!!

Between ... " True Friends "... !!!

and those ... whose words ...
may ... CHOKE ... friendships ... !!!!!!
through words ... they quote ...

"Friends" ... like ... "These" ...
You ... DO NOT ... NEED ...

.... " BLOODSUCKERS " ....

who ... choose to ... Feed ...
off ... " Stronger Breeds " ... !!!!!

Their ... " Company " ...
Lacks .... " Energies " ....
Giving ... " Positivity " ...

..... " Ignorance ' .....

is what ... They ... PLEAD ... !!!

Well .... THAT ....
Just like ... " Their Company " ...
are things ... I've Learnt ...
to now .... " Dismiss !!! " ....

Have you ... Got ... ?
The Point ... of this ... ?!?

Friendships ... " Come " ...
............. and ...............
Friendships ...... " Go " .......

But ... " True Friendships " ...
come from ... Those ...
who'll be there ... when ...
The ... " Good Times " ... roll ...

But .... Also ... when ...

You're on ...

" Your Own " ... !!!!!

That's why ... Now ...

I walk ... ALONE ... !!!

NO ... Bad Vibes ...
and ... NO ...

"Tough Guys" ... !!!

Unless they're ... Ones ...
who'll ... Stand and Fight ...

" Day or Night " ...
Right By ... " My Side " ... !!!!!!

Just like .... I ....
would do ... for them ... !!!

My ... " True Friends " ...
are ... " Fearless Men " ... !!!!!
who don't ... " Pretend " ... !!!!!

We ... " Study " ... Yes ...
and ... " Comprehend " ...

and ... aren't ...
"Afraid" ... To Face ...

... " Problems " ... !!!!!

You ... May ... see us ...
on ... " News at Ten " ...

because we've ... dealt ...
with those ... Who ... ?

........ " SMELL " ... !!!!!!

and made ...
**** Sure ...

We ... CRAC/ked ...

... " Their Shell " ... !!!!!

Crews like ... THAT ...
Should ........

" Quell Themselves " ... !!!!!

Before they ... weep ...
or ... worse still ... BLEED ... !!!!!

So .....

" Heed My Words " ....

Read ... Carefully ... !!!!!!

Choose Wisely ... in ...

" The Company ...
.... You Keep !!! " ...
Indeed, a subject worth, writing about !
Mark Upright Aug 2018
|“lead into gold, good into dear, mortal into immortal”
(where poems come from)”

you charged me
with crimes three times three,
sorcery and witchcraft and doing god’s work

plead guilty three times three
not that I was successful,
but a complex, candied marvelous failure

not in my possession, the sorcerers spell,
my dross and wordy dregs all sit sidelined,
perchance perhaps,
if you search with a leaden patience inhuman,
you might just find a minuscule golden vein there’d unmined

turning good into dear, an “anyone can do it” miracle,
when you whisper with just one kiss those forever words,
don’t be afraid, say it low and slow, I love you,
“I only want to be with you”
and dare it to be become dear

mortal into immortal, an order tall, for one knows his
hiding places for all too human pockmarked weak,
but having been charged and found in guilt,
no one proffered evidence but they wanted a unambiguous
unanimous verdict and proof is such an old fashioned truth notion

happy accept your accusations and since confession is
the best soul medicine, with glee, here and now reveal
how immortality is achievable

breathe poems  constantly instantly throughout
the orifices in the skin cells and
pore’d orifices you were god given;
it is how we immortals communicate
with what cannot be seen,
yet drunken heard when spoke aloud

taste the poems in and on tongues you can’t comprehend,
the sounds fly skyward after infiltrating your eyes,
then you can see your own immortality anointed rising

all nonsense you plead,
only immortals truly cherish and envy the
human ability to create
nonsense, the place
where poems come from

Tom Leveille Nov 2015
someone's in the next room over
having *** while we
are weeping
what a way to mark the occasion
the day my fingers found a wound
you let someone else doctor
it's upsetting see
the bible in drawer next to us
the way our hands still
fit together
like the torn halves
of a love letter
the way you got
all dressed up like the rain
and how we couldn't tell
the difference in the shower
it was the longest hour and a half
spent crying
the hot water wouldn't give up
so why should we
even though it was scalding
neither of us touched the ****
we knew this was supposed to hurt
your hair
a black mess against my shoulder
my fingers
oil in the vinegar of your hands
our bodies
the great divide
all the sobbing
a river runs through it
without the courage
to carry or **** us
so we step out
and drip dry
down to a mute breakfast
composed of quiet
and last nights liquor
as we came back in
there were people in our room
at first i thought them detectives
dissecting things
to see who had died here
i had forgotten this
was a hotel
and they were only
cleaning up after us
i wanted to stop them
that the sheets were still perfect
that if they clean the bathroom
no one will know
what happened here
someone has to remember
i know
these cigarette burns
by name
i will bury the faucet
let me take the tub
i don't care how
if i have to
i will drag it home by hand
You thought I was that type:
That you could forget me,
And that I'd plead and weep
And throw myself under the hooves of a bay mare,

Or that I'd ask the sorcerers
For some magic potion made from roots and send you a terrible gift:
My precious perfumed handkerchief.

**** you! I will not grant your cursed soul
Vicarious tears or a single glance.

And I swear to you by the garden of the angels,
I swear by the miracle-working icon,
And by the fire and smoke of our nights:
I will never come back to you.
Emily Joyce Apr 2014
Plastic Hearts

A single crack is how it starts, ripping through our plastic hearts.
And as we scream and plead and beg, Our friends don’t know quite how much it hurts.
We learn to stop, learn to numb. Even if it is quite dumb.  
Never allowing one to get to close. For fear of an overdose.
Because when all you’ve learned to love can leave, You don’t know what to believe.
All I’ve ever known was pain, until I found the one who kept me sane. Ripping through our plastic hearts.
One day we were ripped apart, I and my dead heart.
But every cry and plead and beg, only casts us more into the dark. Ripping through our dead plastic hearts.

Every cut and every plead
Is always met with a need
Everyday and every way
I can feel my heart dying.
Fighting to stay, fighting to slay
All we’ve ever known is pain
Chloe May 2018
Like an old friend inviting you to come inside.
Familiar. Comforting.
It will grasp you in its arms and hold you close;
And when you're ready to leave, it wont let you go.
You will beg and plead to be happy,
and it will put up a fight.
It will make you think that the only way to escape it is to take your own life.
If you are lucky, you can break free;
and it will sit and watch you from afar.
Calling your name.
Welcoming you back into it's arms.
It will intrude your thoughts.
Make you think you are worthless.
That you're better off dead.
Just keep telling yourself that it's all in your head.
Keep moving. You will get far.
Depression is not who you are.
DISCLAIMER: This is only from my personal point of view and how my battle with depression has been. Even though I am trying to recover, the battle gets very difficult for me sometimes and I have to remind myself that I am not my mental illness. My mental illness does not define me.
Christopher May 2018
I was formed and once known,
Now no more.
But still apart of his world.

I'll always leave residue
So don't think I'm all gone, dude.
I've always haunted and proved,
You're nothing but a fool.

I just wanted you to see that you were something I didn't need.
Instead you made me beg and plead for you to leave. PLEASE!
But I did and left you a gift

No matter how much you shift or adrift, you'll always fall in my ways.
Even if you try so hard to prove to others that you are strong,
I proved you wrong.

So go ahead and write your songs.
Just let me know when I go global so they can know of your wrongs
I've always been with him and I'll be the reason he writes. Sorry, I mean why you write
Esperanzavenisia Sep 2014
It's all about being AFRAID

Afraid, afraid to close your eyes because you don't want to dream.
Dreams are not reality, in fact they are everything you wished you had, teasing you till you become Insane. You cry for the day someone will understand you pain, the pain that's never the same, you've become afraid to fall asleep, to fall asleep and never wake up, but that's what you want isn't it? To end the pain you've been suffering.

you don't have the guts, you can't sit there and take your life, you fall and fall, constantly picking yourself up, but never forgetting to leaving bits behind, your body becomes soulless, it becomes dark, you once were something, now nothing, Dreaming of the day you won't have this pain, going insane, you watch others , they're not hiding, why are you?

Why are you so afraid to let others see you fall, to know that you once have given your all but have received nothing at all for the things so small , see a dream can Become you're worst enemy, haunting you with the things you desperately need.

You internally bleed, but on the outside you plead, you plead for it to all go away, you know it doesn't happen just like that and that it's within time, but what if there's not enough time.

They say that some things can make you stronger , but you've given up on being strong , as I sit here, I realize that there isn't one strong bone left in my body, I carry my self to only let myself down , I put faith in others for them to only let me down, it's a never ending cycle , and it seems to have become all I've known, we all need and want someone to care, but that's not what I want nor do I need it, I've mentally and most times physically been on my own.

I'm not upset anymore because I don't have anyone there or anyone who loves me , I'm upset at the fact that I allowed myself to fall into such state of darkness , the darkness that tell you that's it's okay to let this be the end, you have the devil on one shoulder and god on the other , but the devil is playing tricks on you , tricks of the mind...

So I sit here and ask myself what it is that I truly want , and who I want to do it with,

No one and nothing , you hear all these inspirational speakers who can talk about their journey, their struggles and how they overcame them.. What if you don't know where it all began , it could of just popped up out of no where, but that's not how it is, there is always a beginning,  and an end, for now I will hold onto the beginning, and hope for the end.
Noel Oct 2013
The Circle of the Mushroom Ring:
Apocalyptic Sanctification

Feasting I wonder when the crumble will begin?
Alas we wait with our circle like friend.
Darkness entwined the vines where I sit
This shall be a night we gnomes won't forget.

History, mystery they all fall down
The human like creatures know nothing in town
for when we feast from this beautiful ring
all us gnomes will dance and sing.

Singing of terror in shadows they fall
creeping through forests watching them all.
I feel the time it grows too near
my senses feel nothing but their unwelcome fear.

Fire to fire and dust to dust
Burn the village with pleasant disgust
Reap what you sow and scream what you plead
Ashes they fall, ashes they bleed.

Our minds are tuned with the ring of fate
We are the gods we create.
A mindless journey to tame the souls
to fill our empty heart-seeking holes.

Chanting and dancing we cheer through the streets
the wind of fire such a beautiful beat.
The cries of the children echo in flame
as I mock there howls with laughter of pain.

Steady I walk designing it all
Flooded by voices of the gnomes violent call.
Releasing the rage, spear-stick in my hand
right through the head, bold where I stand.

The village simmers but we do not
Tearing apart what we feel should rot.
The ground is no place for the blood of men
ashes to ashes amen to amend
The cravings wont stop, or my eyes will bleed.
for the fate of mankind is the mushroom ring.

-Do not forgive us for we have not sinned
We bless mother earth through our beautiful wind.-
A broken little heart entangles his tears,
that come from a person that he'll never see.
Wet rain boots and ***** feet make him forget
about the darkest nights. His bed and blankets
are like souvenirs from home; a house he'll never
remember. Lies and "I'm sorry"s are trapped in his
hair, dangling behind his ears, whispering such
morbid pain among his lullabies. With every cry he's
screamed for you, can you even hear him? He's afraid
to sleep alone, as the TV erases nightmares oozing from
his eyes, do you care at all? Lost toys and old photographs
make him plead; Oh, but why? He'll never understand the
love he couldn't have, the love you wouldn't give-
I made this poem a long time ago.
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Rickie Louis Oct 2012
I've seen love in a million faces,
almost caught her in a million places,
but she's so illusive,
can't be subdued,
before you know it,
she'll have you fooled.
She'll feed your heart, and lift it up,
then seemingly she's had enough.
From heights you'll fall,
a downward spiral,
she'll pierce your soul,
and hold you liable.
she'll tear you open, inside out,
make you wish you had a doubt.
Force you to beg,
and plead for mercy,
and wish this quench was never thirsty.
When fairy tales are all but over,
and these dragons can't be slayed,
it's then you wake to face the nightmare,
of being loves hopeless slave.
Traveler Oct 2018
How could I ever just simply let you go?
Your beautiful smile that forges
Has now imprinted upon my restless soul
The warm soft glow in your wandering
Bedroom eyes
Your radiant shooting star charm
The chase could never die
Dearest Dark Fairy
Darkness 'til dawn
Shrouded in sparkles
When I catch you it's on!


Thanks Santita
For your beautiful friendship!!!!!
Traveler Tim
You inspired me to write!!!!
athena Oct 2018
i am making a plead

i write

i am making a cry

i write

my teachers think i make serious stories . . .
based of other stories

but they are my stories

i write

they are my truths

i write

"excellent emotion athena."

my own thoughts used as an example of becoming your character.

"showing such emotion. almost as if it's real."

that stings.

writing is easy

for i just put down what i think

after toning down the depression  . . .

by 50,000 times

and people saying it's too depressing

i cry . . .

i scream . . .
    in my head

and still expect people to hear

i write

my truths

"tone it down athena."

i did.

"way too depressing"

see my thoughts.

"but excellent emotion. use that passion"

you got the last part right. just not the pa. it's supposed to be depre.

fix that.

"fix that."

what? me, or my writing?

i am making a plead.

i don't write.
I have nearly an ounce left,
and everyone's getting ready to pounce me.
They want to destroy it,
so I have to beg and plead.

My own friend grows higher on the scale,
turning me so very frail.
Then I become angry
when you boast about.

You expect me to live under your rule,
to live in stupidity
for the sake of you?
I refuse.

No, no, no.
That is not what I'm saying.
Friend, please listen,
before I shout.

I feel stupid myself,
when others brag about.
You are not stupid,
and never shall you be.

You hate me, don't you say?
It feels like you do,
when you lead me astray.
I shall not be ignored for a good score.

I'm not trying to ruin our friendship,
I just with you would listen.
People expect me one way,
and expect you another.

listen to me.
I'm not trying to make you feel inferior,
or myself superior.

What is this?
Another lie?
Everyday, people make me feel dumber.
It only makes me sadder and number.

I am not lying!
I am not trying to make you that way.
I'm just trying to keep you away.
Safe from the troubles of knowledge.

My friend,
you have no idea, do you?
Being smart means responsibility,
and being hated all day.

I don't care about that!
I just want to feel more for once.
How many times must I apologize
for getting a simple better than you?

be that way.
I was only trying to help.
But you pushed me away.

Knowledge is the only thing
that gives me an ounce of dignity.
When I have none,
then not a drop is left.
*I am nothing.
William Rapp Dec 2019
Suffering is all I knew,
The soldiers marching through the streets
Each battalion larger than before
Kitty is in danger, along with her kind

A knock on the door knock, knock, knock
My loved ones are in danger,
My feelings alienated
Towards the cruel dictatorship

The door opened with a creak,
My mother hid behind the couch,
My father grabbed the blade,
Sunlight gleaming on its surface

The soldiers step in
I’m behind an overturned table
I hear a bang, two more
A women’s scream, a manly yell

My father and mother were gone.
The soldiers had murdered,
Destroyed the last of my joy
Taken away my pride

I ran away, over to the library
Kitty hid behind the shelf
I was not religious but I still wore the star
I was not the same so they searched for my head

I dyed my hair up to standard,
Put in colored contacts
I went outside and ran away
The soldier catching up to me

“I plead for it to stop,
The tormenting conflict.
I plead for peace,
An end to this hate.

I plead for something new.
I plead for life.
I plead for freedom.
I plead for change.”

My family divided due to death,
I stayed with the locals.
Nearly everyone was religious
In this ethnic neighborhood.

An officer came to my door
And asked for the Jews
Asked whether they were living
In the house next door.

I couldn’t do it,
I couldn’t reveal
To the soldier who waited
For the answer to appear

The survivors of the war,
They destroyed the hate,
I followed their lead,
And pushed away the horror

The memories torture me.
The memories destroy me.
The memories hurt me.
The memories sicken me.

But the liberators came
Their flag red with a sickle
Their big metal beasts
Tearing up the streets.

I risked my life because of this hope,
The hope that my family would survive.
I have lost all of it,
Because of this treachery.

I learned about the Bolsheviks,
How they liberated Russia
How they created the Soviets
And destroyed the Germans.

I did the right thing, I think
But I lost all of my friends
I live now with pain and torture
In Warsaw. Suffering.
PaperclipPoems Dec 2015
He walks with himself
He is his own best company.
He pushes forward and you often do not notice
You ignore his plead but you see him wander
A breathing tumble ****.
Shrubbish, wobbly, and *****
He zig zags through the crowd
Sometimes he screams and he too cries
Just like you
Sometimes he trembles in the night
Just like you
Sometimes he dreams of better days
Just like you.
A brief and scattered poem about a homeless man I encountered.
Anonymous Jun 2014
Use my body, for what you need,
Make me plead on my knees,
Make me yell, make me scream,
Use my body as you please,

I don't see the problem,
Find use for me,
Other then my mental capabilities,
I'm lost without a purpose,

Use my body,
Maybe you can find a use,
For something so useless,
Megan Sherman Jul 2018
In age of old, in time that pass like tides,
When Prometheus lived and Lo! He strived,
As thirsting for Heaven, he climbed its hills, and trees,
Clenching at the Sun, its spark he seize.

The leaves, they warmed, turn bright and evergreen,
As Prometheus, he to fierce fire wean,
Swell lips sip lightning, of the nascent noon,
And divine heat from his hand duly shone,
To Roses, who sing, uprise and sweet rebel,
In bloom to conquer, vanquish concrete hell.

A wish for fire, fulfilled, angered Zeus,
He thought the fire be given, not to choose,
That excellence with fire, laurel his,
"A crime against the Gods Prometheus did."
For glory of the light from Heaven sent,
The hour of his favour now gone, spent.

Smite down the hero, tear ambition down,
Old Zeus, but young ambition wears your crown,
For daring, striving why not badge of God?
The Promethean vision all time hath applaud,
It art of upper world, belong in sky,
Praise Prometheus as fire goes roving by.

Mind gilded by the golden, whirling thread,
You seize from Heaven, through the Earth now spread,
Bringing hope to hearts, life to the dead,
As for forgiveness of the Gods you plead,
For an uncriminal act and sublime deed,
The arrogance of Zeus? Need not to feed.
Danielle Suzanne Mar 2017
When I'd wake alone in bed at 4am
To find you passed out
on the couch
Too wasted to notice
the heart breaking in front of you
I tried every day
But you preferred synthetic hugs
and to hide in a place
where the expectations were low  
Escapes and excuses
more alluring than I could ever be
Through tears I would plead
'Why don't you want to sleep with me!?'
I shouldn't have taken it so personally

But nobody saw me cry
Especially not you
Blind to my own tears
Large doses of denial dished out
A feast for the masses
Perhaps the most powerful drug of them all
My soul mate disappeared
each day
a little more

Maybe today will be different
The beautiful motivator
Maybe today
It will be me that you choose
Naively believing
that you had control
But then I woke
alone in bed at 4am
Manipulated and used
March 26th 2017
Fox Midnight Mar 2016
oh yes, I remember when I was just a lad,
I was really quite bad.
I remember this one fall,
I drove my parents up the wall.

Up in the air the conversation flew,
And to annoy them more I answered with a "mew".
As I climbed the stairs and up into my room,
I slammed the door with a loud 'boom!'.

I stomped so loud on the floor,
And thought "oh, what a boor!'.
And up the stairs my parents sprung,
Their nattering in my ears rung.

I kicked and lashed out, not knowing what would happen next,
As I looked down, I thought I was hexed!
For if you stomp and kick,
You will be changed quite a bit...

Long grey ears grew high above my head,
"Help, help me!" I plead.
Hooves grew down to the floor,
And I gasped as I saw...

The little boy was no more.
Frantically I looked to my parents who said,
"I thought this would happen, I guess you need a new bed."

Now the boy is no more,
My parents bought a farm with a large moor.
And I help out more now,
As my job is pulling a plough!
Never be naughty ;p
pitch black god8 Apr 2018
”good night, good travels, pitch black”

depending on how one counts,
cause size matters,
do have I
one small blessing

though little do I get, more-less,
in each twenty four measuring cup,
when the sleep gas has come-for-inhaling,
lidded heavy with greatful/tearful anticipation,
it’s less than sixty seconds till
dispatched to where all poems
plead like unborn angels for
good parentage

the spoken good night ritual signaled and completed
with a perfect half turn skating axel onto ones side,
preceded by, a single solid smacking of
an innocent but flaccid, equally tired pillow,
then lost in pitch black galaxy travels
with other sleep-drunk little princes

instead of the wavering, singular word,
a traditional goodnight,
a parting and a haling simultaneous mumbling issuing,
undebated and a wish shot to all within dream-shot, a title,

“good travels”

to places where ferment the aging words under
the winemakers watchful caring eyes opening,
names or titles, same difference, for the newborn babes
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin and Lorena

LL : There's lights flashing somewhere... 
I know,
I've just been blind

Capturing insanity 
Demons they fool me
They'll pull you close, then grind

Fetal position 
And now,
Nothing can be fine
And nothing's alright


There's lights flashing somewhere...
I know,
I've just been blind,

AB:  i can see it beaming from afar...
We heard,
The sounds must be solar,

I plead insanity,
Updates from the sinning tree,
We would have the greatest time,

Crazy expeditions,
Well how?
No need to sigh,
Just get thru the night,


I can see it beaming from afar...
We heard,
They must be solar.
Ola Gia Aug 2018
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.
Beggar true, and free me from the bounds.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.

Are you okay? Not too tired from when you hit
again, and again, my existence into the ground.
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.

I ache for the solace, and solace here you ripped
me away from the choir of all sound.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.

Cling to me, and leave the bruises of your grip
for all to see, when soon I want to be found
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.

All those screams are left hanging, bury them quick.
Let them stay hidden, leave them underground.
Hands are locked together, as they please, whilst you sit.

Wave goodbye, and farewell. But first I must rip
the mask from the face that is mine, as it looks down.
Close me off and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.
Alexis J Meighan Oct 2012
An X-ray  of ******* love

They were so soft.
The hands that took control and made the pace
Of the heart that race
Within the mess of a chest
That bravado expels

It was so open.
That mind that reduced his fears Induced tears
Used to indulged his idol chatter
Hitting my wordy pitches
Like a home run "Hey Batter Batter!!"

It felt so right
The places that exposed his **** faces
Things that spread, squeezed, and joy in **** tasting
An inserted pleasure burrowed deep from throat to waisted
Passed out drunk on love lust and **** filled vases

The peak was so brilliant
Joy ride till they collide out of control out of their minds
Writing vandalism like an equations broadside
"E=U & I" , could hate you in this day and time
But starve till withered away the day she ever said goodbye

The splash was so divine
Touched by her personal heaven
An angel as lucky like the # 11
He could never pretend or fake being insatiable.
The main source of his complexity

The view was so vast
A world of flat boring land waiting to be filled
Brought to life by their skills and the pursuit of a thrill
Would feel beheaded if ever they stood still
Feeding their frenzy and bending alls will (to their own)

The potency was such a rush
Too much oh so much, but oh so desired
Craving how much she'd  say " it's you I admire"
Toiling with brow to his navel, igniting the fire
The long kiss goodnight, made the morning quench of the sun a joy to the heart like her sweet face and loving
The monument by which praise and parade of her exploited flesh bare the quill to write paradise that he is inspired

The dream is much too real
While they watch the world turn and the masses conform
We struggle against the tide and tread the waves of the pass they morn
A lottery, marathon, playground, where many have entered her but only one can win the title of "Adored"

The now is not so much of then
They were them sometimes Every now and again engaged in moments when
Them they see and believe "you and me can be...."

But time sprints, and they limp, slower every aging step
Till times out of view and they're  out of breath
Bed bound but not the expected intent
For one is most attentive while the other lay mostly spent
But embraced they lay unchanged in any way
Still in love and still insane
Crazy for each others bane
Awake for the moon, and snooze through the rain
Gentle dreams of forbidden entry, daily flirt but never stray
Away, stay, away, plead for a day. Agreed then rinse, repeat
A treat for the sweet thoughts of the "use to be" but enjoyable right here, right now, someday is today

DRPQ Feb 2015
what happened to all the feeling? am I becoming less and less real to you? can't you see that I have a heart and it's dying because of you? you say things I know you don't mean,
please don't mean them.
it only seemed like yesterday when we were laughing without a doubt of whether the future would swallow us up. i still am not quite bothered by it just yet. but if I ask you all about tomorrow you'll say you're unsure.
you won't plead for me to stay anyways, so why should I bother waiting?
why should I bother pinning down my insides to submit to the practicality of my own mind?
why is there an ambivalent voice telling me that this isn't about how I feel, but instead a test whether my love is real?

To stay means to trudge through the thoughts and thorns heavily scraping my chest
To love means to set aside what might benefit me, and instead continually asking "how are you?" even if I know you'll answer that you're more than fine.

And it probably won't bother you that I'll fade away sooner into the sidelines, where the present is the future, and I remember how unsure you always sound--- but that's alright. I still just might be hoping for the best of us.
heavy-hearted nights, days
here's to these feelings that might never reach you
Arcassin B May 2015
By Arcassin Burnham


Marsha Ambrosius smell,
Wait!! How I do I know how she smells?
Well nevermind,
So mixed with wasting our time,
Of blabbering on how beautiful you look,
When we should be snuggling under the stars,
They took,
A lot away from you and me,
Sacrifice so much for you and me,
Please leave without bad memories,
If I die would you cry,
Would you plead,
I'm just waiting for a little bliss,
Waiting for a sincere beautiful atmosphere,
Waiting for affection,
Waiting for a kiss,
I plead........


.... To be your rock,
When you need someone to lean on,
My heart is made of stone,
Aside from feelings that can't be shown,
But I won't say leave me alone,
Truthfully a life without you,
Is a crisis,
So please don't leave me gone,
We play childishly,
But when we make the sweetest love,
I'm indebted to your open casualties,
As tender as a prime cooked rib,
Show it out of me,
The feelings that I give,
I would die without you,
Baby I wanna live,
I'm too young to die,
You are too,
So why don't we die together,
Let the flowers bloom.
Marsha oh , marsha!
I look down on you without pity
The view is breathtaking from up here
I could never abuse you, use you, confuse you
But I will spit on you and pull your hair.
It's one thing to push you around
It's another to call you mine
It's one thing to kiss you on the nose
It's another to fill you with wine.
You beg you plead you kiss my feet
I come down from the sky's above
Because even though I call you my pet
I do it out of true love
Maybe its the way you walk
or the way your eyes make me think.
How you say my name,
or maybe how you make me shake.
I'm not sure how you do it,
but you're on my mind a lot
making me forget my own name,
making me lose my train of thought.

Your lips,
I favor over all the rest
but what I love most of all
is laying on your chest.
Maybe it's the way you make me feel
when all you want is a kiss.

Your kisses devour me and I lose what control I have,
giving myself to you is what my body needs.
And so I plead, and plead, and plead for you to take me,
to make me feel alive again,
to pump life into me over and over
until I am overwhelmed with the serenity of this moment.

Maybe it's when I'm walking there beside you.
Your hand grazing mine,
making sure to bump into you from time to time.
You bump right back and shoot me a grin,
wrap me up in your arms in a hug that never seems to end.
You kiss me over and over on my neck, lips, and chin
until you whisper in my ear
"I don't want this to end."

Maybe it was the way I walked, Or the way I said your name..
Amanda Jean Jul 2018
Timing rhymes
Does it heal
Close to feel
And this crutch
It’s a spinning wheel
Imagine us getting killed
And then you see it in your sleep
It just repeats and repeats
Sometimes I'm the only hero
And sometimes it's you who's saving me
We watch it on tv
Getting killed in societies across nationalities, we catch you screaming in your sleep
Sometimes you gotta bleed
We'll leave you to patch it up yourself 'cause
You're all you really need
This is what it means to be free
We catch you getting help we lock you up, it's the rules of the games, money paper book tree
Paper cures us all the time in the schools, the libraries, and outdated trees in the courtyards
They say nobody reads ours
Nobody has gotta breathe trees for any hours unless you breed ours
Gotta pay to breathe
Repeat repeat
First breath I'm writing on paper
Breathe in again we on the crystal
Square shining on my face
We're mentally chasing the sun that never satisfies
Looking for light in all the wrong places we're constantly mystified by how it never seems to last

I'll chase the light in your eye a day before I die staring at the fire of the sun as it slips to early morn where Luna's shining in the storm

So fierce but lonely does she seem without the fire burning her soul to gleam so clean

We scream fire ****** bathroom sinks filled the graves the shining metal gleams gory ****** are sipping tears from powder quakes

We rake the crowds with raining sun so one day we pray we'll see the light of glory goddesses to be won

We’re shambling ourselves
We're lying in the muck
Crying ghostly in our sleep trying to beat the sound of screaming sheep

One side of me growing closer to the sun, she weeps, I'm drowning in these sheets
She pulls me closer and questions me
My split soul is a far reach

Why even ask why you're trying
I know what we’re finna keep
I'm glad who I meet
We should shatter in these streets

I know what you're asking me
But I don't think you're saying it quite right
I don't think we have the time
I'm riddling you and me we're questioning

I don't know how to say it fine
How to finesse the letters to make em mine
Dancing phrases of better days but I know I haven't yet paid the price to pay to shave the way of better feelings

But standing in this storm I'm reeling
I'm hiding, cover, summer stealing smiles from off the deep end brothers flaked and waked you out you baked in heat from another paper so timeless easy smoking

Like my father, a toking fighter lighter laugh on the wall to appall and adore show us more the universe is sure that we're lurking for a cure

Lurking in the hard to reach forbidden injustices in the back of memories of these contemplated possibilities rolling over thots like a crusted raw prince’s

Tongues never seem to think of where their words travel whether they keep their mouth shut or mind open maybe closed like the door to this blocked soul

I want to write and I do kind of sometimes get something out of me that I haven’t seen before.
Times like these I can’t get more.
I’m bore such a sore grasping, letting go in the face of someone I adore.
I need you.
I can’t do this without you I need somewhere to keep my heart arrest while I dive into these depths of ***** streets, dungeons in the roots of mind where lies me dead and stagnant.
Disgusting ******* written on walls in these tunnels, gulping all love, dear please spit out your fears you may never know the destinations of your timeless travels.
But I yearn to, I dig deep scratching at my skull trying to figure out who I am and why and who I am supposed to be in this world, I twitch at thoughts of happiness while dreaming of death I plead, for better days and understanding I’ve never been fond of this blissful lie.
We all die we all live we all run to jump to fly as high as we can possibly imagine knowing that one day we will fall only to be picked up by lovers still floating in the trees.
My guardian angels of my soul.
We speak to the trees of ancestors of these trying again to win our hearts back from these time never healing devil memories.
We only sleep to name the trees our memories.
They say our hair contains our memories.
If that’s how you really feel, squeal.
L B May 2018
Yellow is
a high-minded mood
the extravagance of sunlight
to be touched--
before long
by colors of play

It is of hair
tendering golden sun
brown pennies for lemonade

Yellow is
bumping into the screaming end
of a lit

Yellow is
dripping from the eaves
onto an empty soup can

It is
spindling sparrow song
from highest perch on roof
his pitch can aspire

Yellow is
in rattled doorknob
an infant's sweet
voice wanting – in
Reciting menu
above mattress
edges into sleep
two dark eyes
for yellow
Mother into morning--
“juice.... eggs”

Yellow  _
opening a car door
at the shore's
Smells of life  
warmth and breeze
touching strings
those kites  
of sense
above the tone
octaves of excitement
to see to hear to touch to taste
to know
again –

the ocean of my mother
as she calms the waves,
ignores the pouts of us
with stuff to lug out to the beach
the towels, pails and shovels
Picnic basket, cooler
lotion, comic books, her magazines

Mom looks out
She is a good swimmer
Her glasses, dark
reflecting beauty –

“Take your sister's hand.”

Yellow are the squeals
Feet thrashing sand
of cannot wait
For my daughter, Phoebe and my mother.
Matt Sap Sep 2014
The wind screams,
in whispers.
It is filling
in the moments
I can feel
what it says.

Words are clearly felt.
I hear
the movements
as they follow,
of my head.

At times
they sway away,
away they sway
at the times when
the moment is not
with me,
or I with it.

at most times
I am.
And the wind screams,
to remind me of that.

Tis' comforting
to the heart.
Beautifully aggravate.
Scream on,
I plead,
my soul begs thee
to scream on
and relieve me
from my
whisper those screams
I plead,
to me.
Iska Dec 2018
A chance

All that I ask for is a chance
A chance to meet and not divide
We’ve played this game,
Time and again
And throughout it all
we still remained friends
But to write off someone
based on what you lack
Is a sorry thing
that you have a knack
Of repeating again and again.
I’m not begging for you
to be chummy ole pals
Only I plead for you to meet
without a judgmental scowl.
Though a childish endeavor
I know it to be,
For once I just wish
You could see what I see.
With out the taint of jealousy.
To give a chance and then to decide
Is one thing
But to allow yourself to be clouded with envy and fear
Is a prison noone should be forced to endure.

— The End —