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Ola Gia Aug 28
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.
Beggar true, and free me from the bounds.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.

Are you okay? Not too tired from when you hit
again, and again, my existence into the ground.
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.

I ache for the solace, and solace here you ripped
me away from the choir of all sound.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.

Cling to me, and leave the bruises of your grip
for all to see, when soon I want to be found
Close me off, and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.

All those screams are left hanging, bury them quick.
Let them stay hidden, leave them underground.
Hands are locked together, as they please, whilst you sit.

Wave goodbye, and farewell. But first I must rip
the mask from the face that is mine, as it looks down.
Close me off and stare me down. Please tell me this is it.
Hands are locked together, as they plead, whilst you sit.
KitaRaizal May 2014
I tentatively ask you "play"
You say your exhausted
I let out a soft whimper
But I understand
My body says other wise
Softly whispering a plead to you
Under my breath
Hoping you'll change your mind
But you dont
So I tell you whats on mind
And all you say is
I wish you knew how bad I want you
I wish you understood how much I want to "play"
But somehow something comes up  
And im left
With this empty feeling
This growing
Need to satisfy
So I sit back
And let my body calm down
Let the feeling pass.

KitaRaizal May 2014
The wolf howls
To let others in the pack
Know where he is
The wolf howls
When apon lonely
Calling out in the dead of night
Hoping to hear a call back
When he doesnt
His howls become more
Desperate a cry for help
A plead for another to be out there
Wearing their heart on their shoulder
Their pain buried deep with in
The unforgettable  truth
The pleas to be called back
Fur shivering in cold
Hearted rejection
Fever sets in
The wolf is loosing who he is
Kneeling over
Falling into a stream
Half covered
Half not
The chill of the November water
Biting into his skin
Fever crawling up the back of his throat
This poor wolf isnt going to make it
His heart beats faster
Black crawling at the edges of his sight  
Letting out one last heart felt howl
He slowly drifts away down stream
Trembling hard
Finally it all stops
Hes gone
His eyes roll back
His body falls limp
This lone wolf
Fell apart

>~ No Its Not About You ~<
KitaRaizal Apr 2013
You Tease,
I plead,
You Tease,
I fall,
You Tease,
I believe,
You Tease,
I cry out,
You Tease,
Whats left,

Christopher May 28
I was formed and once known,
Now no more.
But still apart of his world.

I'll always leave residue
So don't think I'm all gone, dude.
I've always haunted and proved,
You're nothing but a fool.

I just wanted you to see that you were something I didn't need.
Instead you made me beg and plead for you to leave. PLEASE!
But I did and left you a gift

No matter how much you shift or adrift, you'll always fall in my ways.
Even if you try so hard to prove to others that you are strong,
I proved you wrong.

So go ahead and write your songs.
Just let me know when I go global so they can know of your wrongs
I've always been with him and I'll be the reason he writes. Sorry, I mean why you write
KitaRaizal May 2014
The sleepy z's
Slowly creep apon my mind
Making my eye lids heavy
Forcing me to fight against them
Letting out a light murr
I plead for some sleepys and a cuddle buddy
Hold me close
Dont let the monsters get me
Hold me for life
And death
I wont let you down
I promise
Slowly fading into a world of darkness
And pure bliss
Sleep has descended.

KitaRaizal May 2014
I pleaded insane
They pleaded me insane
You plead me insane
Im insane
Drag me from the depths of hell
The world has been all but the colors of red.black.grey.and white
Hell is apon me again
Dragging me down into its firey hell
Just set me free

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