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laura Nov 2017
don't let my feelings keep you
from the rest of your life
this forty and a lot of reasons
why i'm hiding away

when you wake, i'll be gone away
and you'll do what you like without me
i don't have any problems but honest to god
you got it, your walk, the hills, that wooden
cello you played a little when i was over

but i politely listened through it all
'cause i don't know enough about music
to know if it sounded good
You sit at the piano with our past and future In front on you.
And you l play a song and your smile
lights up the room.
I wish I could play the piano.
But these hands were not made to make music.

A hand for a salute.
A finger to point out battles on a map.
A fist to clench with anger.

I love you….
But my darling you are so fragile
I fear touching you.
Let it be your playing of Wagners ‘Lohengrin’ to make soft my hardened **** soul.
There is a bit of irony and mystery here. I wonder if you see it.
Tommy Randell Nov 2016
Forging such an image fascinates me,
See the page where the war of notes is finally won,
She becomes The Silver Spear rising through a blue sky.

Letting her heart soar, fingers released of all gravity
She reels in azure, drowning us in wordless phrases from a language
Catholic ancestors sing through shining faces,

Experimental and modern despite tradition's roar.
I am left to Imitate the stance of a boxer drinking at the bar
Struggling to hold on, to be the victory this moment is for.

Late on the road, later Saturday night,
A drunk going home like he's carrying a horse,
Like some Celtic Saint under a Celtic curse.

Played out, I know she lives where I can only ever dream
And am left to lay back on the bed
With a half smile playing out the battles being fought in me,

That of all lovers the flute is the one
Makes off with my soul, the flute is the one
Knows best a future I may yet become.
kyle dionysus Sep 2017
She told me: "You always get women. They forever chasing you. And I'll be dammed if I said you don't come across as a player, a 'Casanova', using your charms and words. But I know that is started with you looking for the 'one', the one girl you hoped existed. A girl you could be yourself with, a girl to fall Inlove with. But I can see that as time moved on, you began to give up on the 'one', thinking you wouldn't find her. But I know when you saw me. And when we spoke for the first time. You began to feel hope again...that I was the 'one' you have always been looking for."
Sad Boy Jul 2018
Is he a *******
Or is he just sad?
Is he a player?
Or is he just mad?
Virgil Matheson Sep 2018
Player one, player two.
Who will you choose?
You've been switching the controllers,
And leaving us confused.
I load up the game
To find someone else's save.
Are you an NPC or boss monster?
You're so much more depraved

Player one, player two.
Who did you choose?
I don't see any winner.
In the end, both players lose.
My abuser dated two of us at the same time, and he seemed to be pitting us against each other intentionally. Purposefully making us jealous, telling one of us the other had said something horrible about them, banning one of us from being talked about and talking constantly about the other, sparking situations where we would fight.
It felt like we were supposed to compete to be the best partner or something, and one of us would always be getting left behind. In the end, we both left him.
MarPar Dec 2018
A young man is a player
Becoming master at the game
He soon grows old and weary
Girls don’t look at him the same

It’s then that he goes a hunting
He says it’s with his heart
But it’s a different meat he is seeking
As the game becomes an art

For that thing that he needs most
Is A love to lean upon
But when adoring eyes cast upon him
Like him his chance was gone

Now he seeks a certain softness
I love to lighten the way
But in his youth and foolishness
He gave his chance away
I see it in her eyes
behind projected cloud-free skies
a storm she adeptly hides
where her real self abides

A place without roof or floor
beyond any window or door
where sunlight’s golden gleam
is not hidden by structure beam

I see it in his eyes
he does not realize
nor care for what’s beyond the cloud
happy in his hollow shroud

Of attainable worthless goals
given in fictitious roles
fulfilling any whimsy or wish
a delightful glucose dish

I see it in my eyes
I long for cloudless skies
where no storms abide
only countless pleasures reside

Where I do not need to be
constrained by the reality
of glass ceilings and halls
barricaded with translucent walls
*inspired by the movie Ready Player One

presented as part of a Dawkins’-meme based poetrycollection at the 2019 “Trash Talkin’” literary Conference at the University of Regina, in Regina, SK, Canada
if i’m number one
in your little black book then
i’d rather be none
no thank you
morning dew

the sky
a golden hue

you’re in bed
with someone new

you are in love
with only you

you say we’re done playing
this hurtful little game

ruining the reputations
of both our names

but when I suggest
we start taking things serious

you respond by telling me
that you are still curious

about the bodies with which
you haven’t yet had sx

every time you say it, you break me
like I’m one of your objects

you think I don’t know you?
we’ve already met

took me a while
didn’t realize at the outset

your face is different
now you’re a brunette

but the game’s always the same
and it hasn’t changed yet

say whatever you can
just to make her wet

say what she wants to hear
and what you want, you’ll get

“tell her she’s the only one you’re talking to
her dress might hit the floor”

“tell her that you care
she might let you make her sore”

“tell her you can’t breathe without her
she might let you go hrdcre”

“but if you tell her that you love her……….
then you’re guaranteed to score”

so I know what you do
and I know who you are

and right now you’re in bed
with Red Crop Top from the bar

she’s still sleeping so you text me
“I love you,” with a heart

even Pinocchio’s nose couldn’t stretch that far

you’re in bed
with someone new

so the blame
goes to you

because I can’t be happy
without you

but I can’t be happy
with you too

you break hearts and promises
it makes me blue

if only I could
get over you

I can’t get over
while I’m still under

you’ll never love me
that will be your greatest blunder

you make my heart break
can you hear its thunder

I wanna text back
but you’re with her

I’m sure last night
is still a blur

quick! put the phone down
she’s beginning to stir

she’ll say “good morning”
with a seductive purr

you’ll search your mind for a name
but you can’t remember her

“was she really worth my pain?”
my mind will wonder

but I decide to reply…..
“I love you too”

morning dew

the sky
a golden hue

and you’re in bed
with someone new
This is the same poem as my poem Glistening, but this includes extra verses, a more emotional and powerful ending, and the rearrangement of some verses.
MarPar Dec 2018
I lay awake at night
But that’s alright.
Sometimes it’s the thing to do.

You know my hands are tied
All the lies you lied.
Now I can’t be with you.

Like a yielded knife
You cut through my life
As it died I grew.

You were the man to love
We fit like a glove.
Another lie it’s true.

So I walked away
Live another day
And I pray for you.

Already on the phone
Not gonna sleep alone.
A player through and through.
min May 2017
trouble is our destiny
only two can play this game but

who will get hurt first?
who will love first?

these calls which i declined
these text which i just read

i love to tease you
i love to see you angry

you keep shouting at me
you keep calling me names

i thought you could keep up but
i just can laugh at you

there are no rules
and there will never be

but how can you win a serious game
with a funny player?

let that sink for a while sweatheart
ryn Oct 2014
Since you've been away
I've trailed the wake of the clouds
Just crumbling clay...
That lay in the shade that enshrouds
Depending on the ifs and mays.

   Wake up, my love...
Since you haven't been here
The sky did nothing but only sang
Ambient translations of mocks and jeers
As the green blades of earth bared their fangs
Mischievous songs that I've held dear.

     Wake up, my love...
Since you've been gone
I've realised that I'm not moving
And you too, haven't moved since last dawn
A reality all too disheartening
Bits of me all cut up and sawn.

         Wake up my love...
Since you've been missing
I am never whole, and never will
A lifetime of endless chasing
Bottomless jar without a seal
Void clustered emptiness in need of filling.

            Wake up, my love...
Since you've been absent
I could only hope for this lungful
To lead me to subsequent
Ones that taste like bitter pills encapsuled.
Mind full of drugs running rampant.

               Wake up, my love...
Since you wouldn't have known
What these days are like...
Time induced tumours have grown
The hours impale with temporal spikes...
Inseminating malignant thoughts soon to be sown.

                  Wake up, my love...
Since you've been away
I'm a player hoping for a fair game
Nonetheless still crumbling clay...
That lay in the dark just the same
Choking on the what ifs and what mays.
Wake up....Me...
Khoi-San Oct 2018
My friend passed away recently
We grew up in the same neighbouhood
Played soccer for the same club
He was a very good player
Became alcohol dependent
That's how he died whenever
We meut the guy always
Had that radiance about him
A fresh smile upon greeting
A Positive conversation very uplifting
I might add and that's how he
Will be remembered yet here
In and amongst the good we
Must also allow ourselves
The opportunity to reflect
On some of the **** stuff
As hurdles that lead to the good
My friend made some bad choices
Though at the end when it counted
He will only be remembered
For the good
A tribute to my friend Mark Vandersandt
Passed away 08/10/2018
God be with you until we meet again
Jc Dec 2018
LOL is different from Lol,
LOL is League Of Legends and Lol is Laugh out loud.
ROS is different from Ros,
ROS is Rules Of Survival and Ros is my Rules of Saving (You).

ML is different from Ml,
ML is Mobile Legend and Ml is My love for you.
But Online Games are not so different from Me,
Online Games are the things you play and Me is a piece you also played.
One kiss left if you wish
To impress the dress rehearsals
Fold the universal mattress
Into it's cupboard
You are a card carrying idiot
And love is never illegitimate
We arrive on time for dinner
And end up losing our minds
We are the waiters
Who never bring you your water
We are the saviors
Who can’t figure out our own agendas
We are the players
Who need to feel we are in control
I sold you my robes
And folded my hands
So we danced over and over again
And eventually we won
The last place in the tournament
A five-dollar garage-sale record player
A five-cent-piece Scotch-taped onto the arm
A plastic K-Mart special from long ago
A groovy thing for a junior high kid

But he was a thirty-something day-laborer
And in the silent cell of his solitude
Wanted to spin some tunes in the darkness
Just like he did when he was a junior high kid

A five-dollar garage-sale record player
Wagner, Sinatra, McKuen - and hope
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:

It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Sag Nov 2018
I thought the nineties saw the last of leaving voicemails
I thought we left that mess of feelings back at the apartment on that bed
I thought I left your mind as well
I always felt we left too many things unsaid
You toggle back and forth between opening up and closing that chapter
You probably think the same of me
There’s an unparalleled sadness in getting rid of a book you didn’t get to read
Dogfood Williams Aug 2013
i've hung up these green
christmas lights
because you had blue
and i'm getting a record player
because you had one too
and on christmas night
i put on the green man while
he bellows "i can't lose you"
over and over and over
in my ears and i listen to
it over and over and over
and i look at our pictures
and i realize that we are
over and over and over
Britney Lyn Sep 2017
My name is Britney. There were about 5 of me in high school so you would always have to ask which one. They were all spelled different because we were different.
Brittany and her boyfriend were the perfect couple, she was prom queen and she had a killer body.
Brittanie was short, longest hair in the school and a smile that lit up a room.
Brittney was a volley ball player, she ran track and was more like the boys than anything else.
Brittani was quiet, she read books and took a lot of art classes.
Me, I was sad. That's all anyone knew about me.
I would stare at the floor stuck in thought, cry almost every day and have mental breakdowns in the bathroom.
But no one knew why, only me.
I want to die now. I want to end my story while every one else's goes on.
I want everyone to know that I never stopped being sad, and when they hear the news that Britney died, everyone will ask which one but no one will remember me because I never left a mark.
I'm sorry I was always the sad girl. I'm sorry ai never stopped.
meGaThOr Mar 2018
” she is quick to object"
Mumbai,  to receive the accolade of “Role Player
Attempt to hit back at their perceived “bully.”
They don’t fall a little; they crash into muck...
law and family ...
to ***** you since they’re not saints,
they are neither saints nor priests,
There’s a new order coming from mayor.
We won t **** you all ....
We will just shoot the ******,  that —
if there is no ******, it would be useless.
she is quick to object".
Fighting sexism and misogyny,
nonetheless open and willing to listen,
wear bug spray going forward,
“inform the court that we did this”
“didn’t like that.”
,” she is quick to object".
Third Eye Candy Jun 2013
The Buddha slept under the night sky on His back
eyes open; fearless love looked up. humbling the majesty
of the Void's gift.

eyes fixed... both peerless.
first among equals.
but transcendent.

The Buddha,
wearing grass-stained robes
chose a blank spot
for a blank stare

" Nowhere Girls are EveryWHERE "

He thought, astonished.

a moment after
where once He stood
there Was No


on the X-ray zen splints were clearly spidered webs in ghost bone... how should I feel that my sensei saw the X-ray first?
life is where the answer to this question is a real thing draped in ominous clarity like a town fool, the beggar foreclosing
on your house of cards, the winged swine and some guy named Patrick having a smoke in your face; the mailman, who
always looks so serious about your trivia in a blue hat... who always trips over your precious dying very potted plants!
yes, all that, or maybe not. saute some fresh green kale in olive oil with fresh garlic
[ give it to me ] and i'll tell you that was very thoughtful, and right then;
it would also be

for a minute there... you and i were typing you reading this part.
these are the diamonds.

my exposure to the radiation is everlasting in the middle of it's brief long duration
my ghost bones wear new flesh like iPod headphones, don't hate the player
[ better yet ]
make a macaroni necklace. go wild. be reckless.
it'll cost you an ounce of real kimchi
from the motherland
with the ****

i wouldn't put it pass you. cause that would be clairvoyance, and you already know!
a loose tooth entrenched in candy apple can't taste your stupidity but has bad dreams!

some people will always look at you the wrong way and appreciate
how you sat perfectly still for hours; you only took a break to suggest
a better room with southern exposure to eastern thought.

when you threw in a Tripod, they knew you were somekinda somethin'.
and they knew it all along
but juuust wasn't

and kumquats are quantumly eaten.
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