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Sarah Isma May 2018
I’ve now grown and I turned out alright
But one day I came to realize
That this was not a smooth flight
And the scary things that I saw
Is the reason why I held on to my seat so tight
Now here are the few things
That made me hate this horrible, terrible ride
        The fact once you realize
that your parents are sometimes never right.
To see that they are flawed beings, with broken wings and ****** mistakes.
To realize the truths and the smiles they fake,
Growing up to see only the image portrayed- was only for your sake.
They hide the tears and shower us with laughters
They told us joyful stories and happily ever afters,
But just as soon as i grow
Only now that I understand they were telling their own dreams,
        That had slipped right out their fingers
So ask me what’s the saddest part growing up?
To see the hollow sadness from the two people,
who once i thought was happiest.
i never really knew how much things could effect parents, the slightest action i could now see their subtle response- i understand now. Its just the fire in them burning out, only dim enough for them to keep me going- so i don't burn out too.
King Panda Mar 2017
Slightly, brightly
Amarillo heavens, whispered
Lavender clouds, and your
Butterfly belly button
Soapy on the car hood. I
Cast my brain's map wide
And narrow.
I can't make time--one thousand
Years feels like one day; one heart--
A desert of sand while wind
Pushes in violet patterns.
Spots on your eyes
Never so warm--cinnamon.
And you know how I'd stir
Your coffee.
Life is a journey,
An adventure into the future,
A dive into the unknown,
Flying a plane with no route.

Life is a journey,
Meeting people on busy roads,
Asking for directions no one knows.
Or alone in the harsh wilderness,
With no help ever less.

Life is a journey,
A trip you must make,
Though not one that you can take
like a slice of cake.

But the end must come,
For another to start
Nova Sep 3
I let the plane fall from the sky.
Pieces broke off, and
Landed in forests nearby.

Now things are damaged;
They can’t be fixed.
Do all relationships end like this?

The pilot until the end
I let the plane fall
In it me and my only “friend”.
Tori Ginter Jul 2018
You didn’t even call...
I told on Monday how I’d only had a couple days till I was gone.
But that wasn’t enough for you
I’d have to be dying in order for you to call
Little do you know I am, it’s why I must leave this place that is killing me slowly.
But I still have hope
A dream
You’ll be standing there at the end of the aisle right before I  board.
I will drop my bags and run as fast as I can into you
You’ll be the excuse I’ve been looking for to stay
But the reality is
You’re the excuse that makes me have to leave.
Your silence screams leave more than goodbye
Lizzy Nov 2015
Here it comes again.
The "i think we should just be friends."
The "i can't do this right now."

I told you from the start.
I told you how
Whenever I opened my mouth
And let the thoughts come rolling out,
I was alone all over again.
Just me and my thoughts.

I told you why
I hold back the truth.
I hold back
The thoughts that could **** me.
Because no one wants to hear that.

But you said you would listen,
You told me to come to you.
And you'd always be there to hold me
When the thoughts came back.

I slowly started to believe you,
I let you see my cry.
I let you hold me like you said you would,
And your arms felt like home.

Something has changed,
Like you took back
All that you said.
Last night when I cried
Your arms didn't feel like home.
But it was like I was holding onto
Someone I don't even know.

What happened to your open ears?
When I told you my thoughts
I felt coldness in you.
Like your presence was telling me
"Just shut up."

Now you see what I mean
When I say i'm a burden.
I'm just something people
"deal with".
Until they get tired
Of listening to me cry.

I'm sorry
If my pain is inconvenient.
I'm sorry
That i'm a mess.
But you knew what you signed up for
When you said
What you said.

So hear I am,
Burden Girl.
Like Superman's
Suicidal sister.
I'm the disaster
He tries to clean up.
But I'm the best
At creating a mess.

They all just say
"I'm here for you."
But they always run
When they see the truth.
Dogfood Williams Feb 2014
i’m not even
gonna throw that box
away gonna chew it
like a little fat hamster
and moan about the
black tumor inside it
stained my hands from
peeling and tearing away
to get at that little horse
touch it to my busted up
bitten lip pretend it’s
yours on mine
matilda shaye Nov 2014
that weather changes. I know, I know that's common sense or it should be, but when you're under a roof that you've always felt safe in things like that don't just click, so now it's getting cold outside and I have shorts that cover my belly button and shorts that, well, don't. that you can sit in coffee shops 3 times a week and feel FINE! she's right, you don't love her anymore, but it's FINE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

that there's an 100% chance you'll get sick of writing about your own experiences and it'll take everything inside you to convince yourself that there will be someone who doesn't get sick of reading about them. like okay another poem about the time I ran away and got on a plane and broke up with her and realized **** I can do just FINE! all by myself, awesome good job my hands are typing the same stuff over and over and it ***** cause now they're bored? they don't care that this is a different city and you probably don't either. I'm finally leaving him! no one cares. except me, really, but I don't. I'm over it.

that decisions don't get any easier as time goes on because one second I'm like oh yeah let's turn left and then I read robert frost and think of the road less traveled and I'm like wait? which ones less traveled? what am I actually supposed to do with any of this?

that getting a medium instead of a large $5 coffee doesn't stop you from being ******* STUPID for wasting money when you're TECHNICALLY HOMELESS.
that you're toing to be TECHNICALLY HOMELESS.
but what the **** is a home? 'cause I remember one time I wrote that your smell and smile was more of a home than any house I ever lived in blah blah disgusting but last week when you looked at me and said some dumb ******* that I don't even care enough anymore to write about, I just wanted to go back and lie in bed until I get all these months back. because they were a WASTE.
that it's going to be different. you'll settle and then something will change and you'll miss it and you're a really very nostalgic person in general so you tend to look back on things but
that looking back on things is NOT a good idea. you're just going to get sad and want to lie in bed, but you're technically homeless so that ******* *****, sit your *** on that couch and shut up.
that one day, you're going to have to man up. and you think you've man-ed up and you're flexing and **** and you're ready to rip it to shreds, but nah. you're giving yourself too much credit. I'll see it when I believe it, just like everyone else.
that getting drunk off shots that your brothers girlfriend, who happens to be a bartender at that new-ish bar downtown, keeps handing you won't make ANY of it easier, you'll just laugh and drink the pineapple upside down cake shot and like really like how it tastes? so you'll drink three more and go to walk home and she'll hug you goodbye and make sure you're staying in this city for longer than you did last time (aka 16 years) and then you'll laugh and say bye and thank her for not ID'ing you because you've still got 4 years til that's legal and GUESS WHAT. NONE OF IT WILL BE EASIER. you'll just go home and lie on your god forsaken couch and worry about what the **** is next? and what do you do now? and then you'll try really hard not to make the same mistakes again and to stop your dumb lonely brain from going off on itself again and you'll listen to music until you fall asleep at 4 in the morning and you'll be like, ah..... the **** that they don't tell you but probably should before you get on a plane at 5 in the morning and run away from the people you've spent 16 years imagining running away from, but the city is cold now and they're angry at me and won't ship me any warm clothes..........ahhhhh.....serious **** man
idk, pineapple upside down cake shots
ps I'm not tagging her in this one because it's DONE and I'm OVER IT
Seanathon Sep 17
Think of what you want the most
To share with another human being
And if you can’t envision your lover there
Simply being
It will never be so
2017 - On a plane to Austin, a stranger told me something really worthwhile. And now I give it to you in verse form.

When you're questioning if you're with the right person. Get out of your own head and take a mental look at the future. If you can't see your current interest there. Can't envision your life together (or whatever). Pick up your phone and let them know that your search goes on.

Jay Nov 2018
When people wanted to fly and envied the birds, they didn't grow wings.

Instead, they changed their point of view and built planes.

So now I've decided.

I won't change who I am, but I will change how I do things.
I'm still unsure of this poem. A lot of thoughts came to me as I flew across the country to take a big leap in my career. This is the closest to how I felt as I was  inside that piece of metal surrounded by floating dews of water.
Flight delayed
For one hour

I got time
To remember
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Boarding Pass
Knit Personality Aug 2015
I wish to be that rarest kind of artist:
The greatest artist of my ilk and age.
I wish to be that one who flies the farthest
The paper airplane made of ink and page.
I do not wish to be this flying ace
For medals or for glory or for fame:
I wish to tell the eons of your grace,
And loop the sky forever with your name.
But I'm no clever paper engineer,
And flawed design will keep my plane aground.
No matter how it's thrown the crash-site's near
Because its whole construction is unsound.
My plane won't fly because it has no wings,
And good intent can't fly the lightest things.
acacia Jul 9
You were the Little Death of me
caused an arousal around me
blood hurricane from inside me
pearly waters overflow from within me
(I blacked out after you turned on the washing machine)
cotton tumbled beneath me
stay right here: never leave me
stay right here: just besides me
stay right here: press play: enter me

I blacked out after you turned on the washing machine

(I blacked out after your jetstream into my fresh laundry)
Gods1son Nov 2018
You rise...
I rise...
We all rise...not to fall
That which seems like a fall
Is meant to be a bounce
To take us to greater heights
Far above where we ever thought

I'm sorry Mr Isaac Newton...
I have come to overcome gravity
Airplanes are doing it, so it's not a new thing
I know it takes a lot of energy
I have it in me and I will be using it

Yes, I'm aware it could get stormy
But that won't be enough to stall me
What is turbulence
Compared to my unwavering persistence

Upward and forward is the movement
These wings are for soaring
Outer space is where I want to be touring
No stopping...Just soaring!
King Panda Jun 2017
stars and radio master
intercloud motion—1000 light
years in most directions. However,
I am still blind to anything
but you. This

dark matter aloha steps
off my mind’s plane
into the muggy air. A string
of flowers is placed around
my neck, and I look up—
spit their rings violent and
central—your body
in music. Now, tropical

one. A tear rolls down
my face onto the
runway—I can’t remember
the sound of

your voice.
annh Feb 1
A velvet topography,
Of ridges and furrows,
Undulations of light and shade,
A land born of upheaval,
And tectonic collisions,
With a fault line for a spine.
The Alpine Fault is a geological fault that runs almost the entire length of New Zealand's South Island and forms the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate. [Wikipedia]
arden Dec 2018
It wasn’t
Time to
It wouldn’t
Ever be
Go back
The plane
Into the air
Across the world
I went
Pyrrha Jan 7
I sometimes wonder when I leave this house
Will there really be a hole that can't be filled
An absence of this mess I've left
Will I miss the taunting?

When im flying above this state, above this country,
I live for the moment I see how small my problems are
And watch as they fade away and disappear under the clouds

Will I feel fear or relief?
Sacrelicious Apr 2012
The hour hand's on 10.
The minute's on 4.

I think,
I know.

Half of me died
with you.

Way back,
October nights weren't

Until my other half
gives in.
I'll be your;


For the "time" being,
I'll catch you on the
astral plane.
I'll see you in my dreams.


When your life line
stops running,
across your body's
support screen.

What time
will your clock
stop at?

Time doesn't exist,
I will
be here.
Emily Feb 13
I swear this is true,
This excuse I give you...
I held up our flight
Trying to get a poem just right.
My mind was on my words,
As I sat watching the birds.
I was penning my heartache,
At the wrong gate!
Then luckily, I heard you call,
I jumped up and got on the ball.
To the right gate, I ran like the wind,
Just need to shove my coat in the overhead bin.
I see your eyes glaring on me breathless,
Kids and adults equally restless.
I smile and thank them for waiting
They shout ‘give her the mic to prove she’s not faking!’
Hold crap they are serious
I’m not just delirious
So, I read my poem on the 2267 flight
And the passengers clapped to my delight.
I really was late to my flight writing poetry...oops! The rest is just fantasy.  Lol.
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