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Mark Parker Apr 26
Poet’s pens write to take flight
Like paintings of the open blue sky
And the moon lightly lit at midnight
Growing as trees from Japanese Bonsai

Visions of green briery vines,
Red roses and blue violets,
Written in measured and timed lines
that glide by, like descending pilots

Readers see the shadow on the wall
Writers see the vision from down the hall
Middle of the night. Woke up, can’t sleep. Nonsense.
Blake Sep 2018
And I'll try to delay what you make of my life
But I don't want your way,
I want mine

I’m lying, I’m so very far from fine

I don’t believe, in talking just to breathe

I’m here to give you words as tools that can destroy my heart

He thinks that faith might be dead
Nothing kills a man faster than his own head

*** nobody knows he’s alive

I want to crack the door so I can just fall out

I begin to understand why god died

And I want everyone to know that I am half a soul divided

Don’t be afraid. We’re going home.

We had to steal him from his fate so he could see another day

Am I alive and well or am I dreaming dead?

Where all your blood is washed away and all you did will be undone

We pick songs to sing remind us of things that nobody cares about and honestly we’re probably more suicidal than ever now

If we wake up every morning and decide what we believe we can take apart our very heart and the light will set us free

Please don’t be afraid of what your soul is really thinking

It’s time you pick your battle, and I promise you this is mine.

I know what you think in the morning when the sun shines on the ground

But there’s hope out the window, so that’s where we’ll go, let’s go outside and all join hands but until then you’ll never understand

Simply suggest my chest in this confused music it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist.

I’m taking over my body back in control no more shorty

I fought it a lot and it seems a lot like flesh is all I got not anymore

You should take my life, you should take my soul

You are surrounding all my surroundings

Fight it. Take the pain ignite it tie a noose around your mind loose enough to breathe fine and tie it to a tree tell it “you belong to me this ain’t a noose this is a leash and I have news for you, you must obey me”

It ain’t the speakers that bump hearts, it’s our hearts that make the beat.

I’m pleading please oh please, on my knees repeatedly asking why it’s got to be like this, is this living free?

Some see a pen I see a harpoon.

I’ll stay awake, *** the dark’s not taking prisoners tonight

I don’t hear those voices calling, I must’ve kicked them out

Why won’t you let me go? Do I threaten all your plans I’m insignificant

I’m afraid to tell you who I adore, won’t tell you who I’m singing towards

I know it’s dire my time today

Somebody stole my car radio and now I just sit in silence

Sometimes quiet is violent
I find it hard to hide it my pride is no longer inside it’s on my sleeve my skin will scream

There’s no hiding for me I’m forced to deal with what I feel there is no distraction to mask what is real

This time there’s no sound to hide behind

I find over the course of our human existence one thing consists of consistence and it’s that we’re all battling fear oh dear I don’t know if we know why we’re here oh my too deep please stop thinking

Peace will win and fear will lose

There’s faith and there’s sleep we need to pick one please because faith is to be awake and to be awake is for us to think and for us to think is to be alive and I will try with every rhyme to come across like I am dying to let you know you need to try to think.

I don’t wanna be heard, I wanna be listened to.

I scream you scream we all scream *** we’re terrified of what’s around the corner.

My brain has given up, white flags are hoisted

The stomach in my brain throws up onto the page

I don’t understand why everything I adore takes a different form when I squint my eyes have you ever done that when you squint your eyes and your eyelashes make it look a little bit right and then when just enough light comes from just the right side and you find you’re not who you’re supposed to be?
This is not what you’re supposed to see, please, remember me I am supposed to be king of kingdom, swinging on a swing, something happened in my imagination the situations becoming dire, my treehouse is on fire, and for some reason I smell gas on my hands. This is not what I had planned.

We’ll be on fire

We have romantic fantasies about what dying truly is

We all know somebody who knows somebody who’s doing great, I know some people who know people who are flying straight, but I’ll kindly enter into rooms of depression, while ceiling fans and idle hands will take my life again.

But I would rather sing a song, for the eyes to sing along

I’m holding onto what I know and what I know I must let go

Redemption’s not that far and darkness is going down.

Nobody thinks what I think, nobody dreams when they blink, think things on the brink of blasphemy I’m my own shrink think things are after me, my catastrophe.

Are you searching for purpose? Then write something and it might be worthless, paint something yeah it might be wordless pointless curses nonsense verses you’ll see purpose start to surface, no one else is dealing with your demons meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning friend.

They will play a game and say they know what you’re doing through and I tried to come up with an artistic way to say they don’t know you and neither do I

I hear a second voice behind your tongue somehow

They will not take you down they will not cast you out

Dear friends here we are again pretending to understand how you think your world is ending sendin signals and red flags in waves it’s hard to tell the difference between blood and water these days
I pray that one day you see
The only difference between life and dying
Is one is trying that’s all we’re gonna do so try to love me and I’ll try to save you

Won’t you stay alive I’ll take you on a ride, I will make you believe you are lovely

Your redemption won’t grow stale, we are now just setting sail, on the seas of what we fear, treason now is growing near to me, I’m coming clean, god hit me straight on.

I know, where you stand, silent in the trees
And that’s where I am

Why won’t you speak, where I happen to Be? Silent in the trees standing cowardly
I can feel your breath, I can feel my death.
I want to know you, I want to see, I want to say, hello

I don’t believe my ears and I’m scared of my own head.

Clearly I am dying, dearly I am writing

I’m lying cause I say I am fine

I’m so sorry but I do believe that all my bridges I have burned and I’ve earned a policy of no return

Today, day, I want to go away, way

I put my sock on my feet, just so that my soul would fall through my toes, And I walk through my door, just so I don’t fall through the floor.

So bold and fearless in the risks we take, laugh in the face of gravity as it’s laws we’d break, on trampolines so high, we reach for the sky, but I do not look up anymore and I don’t know why.

I take my face off at the door because I don’t know who they will take me for

I’m the son of all I’ve done

When we’re done we’ll all have made something new under the sun

“Where’s your home? Where are you going and why are you here?”

I will tell you what I can, but your mind will take a stand, I sing of a greater love, let me know when you’ve had enough.

When your father turns to stone will you take care of me?
I will make you queen of everything you see, I’ll put you on the map, I’ll cure you of disease.
Let’s say we up and left this town and turned our future upside down, we’ll make pretend that you and me, lived ever after happily.

Since we know that dreams are dead, and life turns plans up on their head, I will plan to be a *** so I just might become someone.

Taking my only, friend I know. He leaves a lot. His name is Hope.

I’m never what I like, I’m double sided

*** I’m twisted up, I’m twisted up, inside my mind

When the sun is climbing window sills, and the silver lining rides the hills, I will be safe, for one whole day, until the sun makes the hills it’s grave.

By the time the nights wears off, the dust is down, and shadows burn, I will rise and stand my ground, waiting for, the nights return.

I do not know why I would go in front of you na shied my soul, *** you’re the only one who knows it

I don’t know why I think I could lie, *** there’s a screen on my chest

I’m standing in front of you I’m trying to be so cool, everything together trying to be so cool.

I can’t see past my own nose I’m seeing everything in slow-mo look out below crashing down to the ground

A train from the sky locomotive my motives are insane
My flows not great okay, I conversation with people who know if I flow on a song I’ll get no radio play.
While you’re doing fine, there’s some people and I, who have a really tough time getting through this life so excuse us while we sing to the sky.

We’re broken people

I can’t take them on my own, my own, pa, I’m not the one you know, you know

Don’t wanna give you all my demons, you’ll have to watch me struggle, from several rooms away. But tonight, I need you to stay.

I am up against the wall, the wall, pa, I hear them coming down, the hall.

I want to drive away in the night, headlights call my name.
I’ll never be, be what you see inside, you say I’m not alone but I am petrified.

Is close the closest star? You just feel twice as far.

I’m so afraid, of what you have to say, cause I am quiet now, and silence gives you space

And the wrists of my mind had the bleeding lines that remind me of all the times I have committed

What kids are doing they’re killing themselves, they feel they have no control of their prisoner cells, and if you’re one of them then you’re one of me

Now the night is coming to an end

The sun will rise and we will try again

Stay alive, stay alive, for me.
You will die, but now your life is free take pride in what is sure to die.

I will fear the night again.

I hope I’m not my only friend.

There’s an infestation in my minds imagination

This not rap this is not hip hop, just another attempt to make the voices stop

This doesn’t mean I lost my dream it’s just right now I got a really crazy mind to clean.

Can you save my heavydirtysoul, for me?

If I didn’t know better I’d guess you’re all already dead

You’ve got one time to figure it out, one time to twist and one time to shout, one time to think and I say we start now

Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit

I wish I found some better sounds no ones ever heard, I wish I had a better voice to sing some better words, I wish I found some chords in an order that is new, I wish I didn’t have to rhyme every time I sang

Now I’m insecure, and I care what people think.

Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young, how come I’m never able to identify where it’s coming from?

It would remind us of when nothing really mattered out of student loans and treehouse homes we all would take the ladder.

We used to play pretend give eachother different names

Used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face saying wake up you need to make money

I wanna stay in the sun where I find, I know it’s hard sometimes

I think about the end just way too much, but it’s fun to fantasize

I won’t fall in love with falling

I’d die for you that’s easy to say we have a list of people that we would take a bullet for them a bullet for you

Metaphorically I’m the man but literally I don’t know what I’d do, that’s harder to do even harder to say when you know it’s not true and it’s harder to write when you know that tonight there were people back home that tried talking to you

All these questions they’re for real like who would you live for who would you die for and would you ever ****?

I’ve been thinking too much, help me

I’m fairly local, ive been around, ive seen the streets you’re walking down

I’m evil to the core, what I shouldn’t do I will, they say I’m emotional, what I wanna save I’ll ****. Is that who I truly am? I truly don’t have a chance. Tomorrow I keep a beat. And repeat yesterday’s dance

I’m not evil to the core, what I shouldn’t do I will fight. I know I’m emotional, what I wanna save I will try. I know who I truly am. I truly do have a chance. Tomorrow I’ll switch the beat, to avoid yesterday’s dance

It’s the few the proud and the emotional

The world around us is burning but we’re so cold

Our minds change on what we think is good, I wasn’t raised in the hood, but I know a thing or two about pain, and darkness, if wasn’t for the music I don’t know how I would’ve fought this.

I’m in constant confrontation with what I want and what is poppin in the industry it seems to me that singles on the radio are currency my creativities only free when I’m playing shows.

Who would you live and die for on that list but the problem is there’s another list that exists and none really wants to think about this forget sanity, forget salary, forget vanity my morality, if you get in between someone I love and me, you’re gonna feel the heat of my calvary

He cranked out those dismal chords, and his four walls declared him insane.

I found my way right time wrong place

I know my souls freezing hells hot for good reason

But I’m not good with directions and I hide behind my mouth, I’m a pro at imperfections and I’m best friends with my doubt.
Now that minds out and now I hear clear and loud I’m thinking wow I probably should’ve stayed inside my house

I don’t know if this song is a surrender or a revel. I don’t know if this one is about me or the devil.

Help me out, my friends and I we got a lotta problems

Wanted to be a better brother better son wanted to be a better advisory to the evil I have done I have none to show to the one I love

Polarize is taking your disguises sepersting then splitting them up from wrong and right, is deciding when to die and deciding when to fight

I don’t know where you are, you’ll have to come and find me

We have all learned to **** our dreams

I need to know that when I fail you’ll still be here. *** if you stick around I’ll sing you pretty sounds and well make money selling your hair

I don’t care what’s in your hair I just wanna know what’s on your mind.
I used to say I wanna die before I’m old but because if you I might think twice.

What if my dream does not happen. Would I just change what I’ve told my friend. Don’t want to know who I would be. When I wake from a dreamers sleep

Scared of my own image. Scared of my own immaturity

Fear might be the death of me. Fear leads to anxiety. Don’t know what’s inside of me.

Even when I doubt you, I’m no good without you.

Temperature is dropping, I’m not sure if I can see this ever stopping. Shaking hands with the dark parts of my thought no, you ar wall that I’ve got no.

I want the markings made on my skin, to mean something to me again.

Hope you haven’t left without me, please

Who I am today is worse than other times. You don’t know what I’ve done.

Why I’m in denial that they tried the suicidal session. Please use discretion when you’re messing with the message man, these lyrics aren’t for everyone only few understand.

Hope you’re dead *** how could you sleep at a time like this

I’m the kinda guy who takes every moment he knows he confided in
Music to use for others to use it

Life is up here but you comment below And the comments below will become
Common motivation to promote
Your shows next episode
So your brain know to keep going
Even though hope
Is far from this moment but you and I know it gets better when mornin finally reads it’s head, together we’re losers remember the future remember the mornin is when night is dead.

My people singing

Be the one to take my soul and make it undone

Be the one to take me home and show me the sun

Where we’re from, there’s no sun, our hometowns in the dark
Where we’re from, we’re no one, our hometowns in the dark.

We don’t know, how to put back the power in our soul

We don’t know, where to find, what once was in our bones.

I look outside and see a whole world better off without me in it trying to transform it.

Listen I know, this ones a contradiction because of how happy it sounds. But the lyrics are so down.
It’s ok though, because it represents Wait better yet it is, who I feel I am right now.

I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath

I wanna be known, by you.

Though I’m weak, and beaten down. I’ll slip away, into this sound.
The ghost of you is close to me.
I’m inside out, you’re underneath.

I’ve got two faces, blurry’s the one I’m not

I need your help to take him out

Don’t let me be gone.

I can’t believe how much I hate.
Pressures of a new place roll my way.

Spirits in my room, friend or foe?
Felt it in my youth feel it when I’m old

I’ll be right there, but you’ll have to grab my throat and life me in the air. If you need anyone
I’ll stop my plans, but you’ll have to tie me down and then break both my hands.

You can learn to levitate with just a little help

Cowards only come through when the hours late and everyone’s asleep mind you

My heart is with you hiding but my minds not made

No we are not just graffiti on a passing train I got back what I once bought back in that slot I won’t need to replace

Sever all I thought I could depend on my weekends on the freezing ground that I’m sleeping on please keep me from please keep me down from the ledges

At least they all know all they hear comes from a place.

When everyone, you thought you know, deserts your fight, I’ll go with you
You’re facing down, a dark hall, I’ll grab my light and go with you

Surrounded and  up against a wall, I’ll shred em all. And go with you
When choices end, you must defend, I’ll grab a bat, and go with you

Stay with me, no you don’t need to run, stay with me, my blood.

They’re callin for your head and they’re callin for your name, I’ll bomb down on em I’m comin through

Just keep it outside

If you find yourself, in a lions den, I’ll jump right in, and pull my pin.

East is up, I’m fearless when I hear this on the low
Easy is up, I’m careless when I wear my rebel clothes

They will know that, Dema don’t control us

They wanna make you forget

Save your razor blades now, not yet

I’m flying from a fire, from Nico and the Niners.

What I say when I wanna be enough what a beautiful day for making a break for it, we’ll find a way to pay for it, maybe from all the money we made razor blade stores, rent a race horse, and force a sponsor, and start a concert a complete diversion, start a mob and you can be quite certain we’ll win but not everyone will get out.

Can’t stop thinking about if and when I die for now I see that if and when are trike different cries for If is purely panic and when is solemn sorrow and one invade today while the other spies tomorrow

If I keep moving they won’t know I’ll morph to someone else

I’m just a ghost

Defence mechanism mode

What are we here for if not to run straight through all our tormentors

Anybody listening?

This beat is a chemical

Lovin what I’m tasting
Venom on my tongue
Dependant at times
Poisonous vibrations

I’m running for my life

Hide you in my coat pocket

Felt I was invincible you wrapped around my head now different lives I lead my body lives on lead the last two lines may read incorrect until said

I despise you sometimes I love to hate the fight and you in much life is like sippin on straight chlorine

Grows while I decay

Can you build my house with pieces I’m just a chemical

My interior world needs to sanitize
I’ve got to step through or I’ll dissipate
I’ll record my step through for my basement tapes

Nice to my kind will be on my side

And you know you’re a terrible sight but you’ll Be just fine

Your exterior world can step off instead
It might take some friends and a warmer shirt but you don’t get thick skin without getting burnt

No I don’t know which way I’m going
But I can hear my way around

I never look for conflict for the thrill

For you I would get beat to smithereens

And my problem? We glorify those even more when they

My opinion our culture could treat a loss like it’s a win and right before we turn on them we give them the highest of praise and hang their banner from the ceiling communicating further ingravjng and earlier grace is an optional way. No.

What’s my problem don’t get it twisted it’s with the people we praise who may have assisted

I could go out with a band they would know my name they would host and post a celebration . My opinion will not be lenient

We don’t get enough love well they get a fraction they say how could he go if he’s got everything I’ll mourn for a kid but won’t cry for a king.

Neon gravestones try to call for my bones

Promise me this. If I lose to myself you won’t mourn a day and you’ll move on to someone else

But they won’t get them

Don’t get me wrong the rise in awareness is beating a stigma that no longer scares us but for sake of discussion in spirit of fairness could we give this some room for a new point of view and could it be true that some could be tempted to use this mistake as a form of aggression a form of succession a form of a weapon thinking I’ll teach them well in refusing the lesson it won’t resonate in our minds I’m not disrespecting what was left behind just pleading that it does not get glorified maybe we swap out what’s it is that we hold so high. Find your grandparents or someone of age. Pay some respects for the other that they paved to life they were dedicated now that should be celebrated.

I could take the high road but I know that I’m going low

I’m a bandito

This is the sound we make when in between two places where we used to bleed and where our blood needs to be

In city I feel my spirit is contained like neon inside the glass they form my brain but I recently discovered it’s a heartless fire like nicknames they give themselves to uninspire begin with bullet now add fire to the proof but I’m still not sure if fears a rival or close relative to truth either way it helps to hear these words bounce off of you the softest school could be enough for me to make it through

I created this world to feel some control destroy it if I want so I sing Sahlo Folina

I can feel pressure start to posses my mind so I’ll take this beat I should delete to exercise

No I move slow I wanna stop time I’ll sit here til I find the problem

This clique means so much to this dude it could make him afraid of his music and be scared to death he could lose it

You were one of those classic ones
Traveling around this sun

I wish she knew you

You were here when I write this but the masters and mixes will take to long to finish to show you I’m sorry I did not visit did not know how to take it when your eyes did not know me like I know you

Then the day that it happened I recorded this last bit I look forward to having a lunch with you again

I’m tired of tending to this fire

Embers barely showing proof of life in the shadows dancing on my plans

They know that it’s  almost over

The burning is so low it’s concerning *** they know that when it goes out it’s a glorious gone
It’s only time before they show me why no one ever comes back with details from beyond

In time I will leave the city for now I will stay alive

Last year I needed change of pace
Couldn’t take the pace of change
Moving hastily
But this year
Though I’m far from home
In trench inches not alone
These faces facing me
They know what I mean.
I made this more for me than anyone else. It’s a really fricken long piece. They saved me tho so I do not care. K bye.
My  walk  beneath  the  sun
of  a  Saturday  morning  in
the lively  streets  of  Minna
my own darling  birth  town.

Busy  rabble  were  amongst
the  citizens  of  that  hour.
Brig­ht  lovely  sky  with
undefined motions  of  sinless
pidgins sailing  it  and  their  
shadows roaming  the  street  floors.
Free  must  they  be  flapping
thei­r  wings  swiftly  in  the
vastness  of  the  blue.

I  saw  a  lad  in  tired  grey  shirt,
standing by a tree hoping for kindness
from the Sun's rage.
His left  hand  holding  a  cage  
and that object was confining  
three petite birds  for  sale.
Dear  life  caged  and  tagged  
with price  to  be  lifted  with
‘stupid’  earthly  papers.

Colorful  they  were  to  my  seeing
and  to  my  quiet  war  a­s thoughts,
i thought they  are  little  but  then  
i realized  that is to  be normal  size
of  their  specie’s  full  growth.

My  hand, if  thee and  i  are  good  —
with  saving,
we  would had bought  their  freedom.
In  truth  their  freedom  but  not  them­
and  set  them  free  into  freeness where  their wings and chest belong.

Their  freedom  but  not  them,
for  what  Everest­  of  gold  
can in  truth  buy  life?  
None,  aye.

Firstly, I  asked  myself  in  outer  silence
“where  rests  freedom  for ­ the  birds?”
with  same  quietness  i  answered
“their  freedom ­ is  outside  his  cage,
their  confinement  within  it’s  sticks­”.

And  in  reference  to  the  Human -
Enslaved to air and water,
I asked  my  inner  self  secondly “his  confinement  is  the  human —
 heart’s unquenchable  desires?”
and my deeper being uttered:
“like  a  jug  that  house  wants  and  
desires  is  the  heart­,
but  that  jug  as  it  is — is  bottomless  and cursed  to  be
with  never  ending  longings,
created to be  far  from  fulfillment  
with a distance mightier than that of
northern and southern poles on
a planet of infinite spaciousness,
but within arm's length to contentment.

And  I blinked and asked  myself  thirdly
“and  his  freedom  is  for  him  to walk  
to  the  dusk  
of  his  days free  of  encumbrance?”
Heavy  perplexity  boarded
my  ship  of  ­knowledge,
drowning  dead  my  answers and  
I said naught.
Because  the  laws  that  govern the  
world  and  hearts of men are  laws
above  me  and  my  crucifying.

That  very  law  placed  animals below  
the insatiable  hearts  of humans,
yet  humans  grief  when  that
same  law  place  them  be­low
a mightier  hand.
I read  of  the  worries  of  a  noble  
when loosing  his  wealth  to  
forty Arabian  thieves.

This  law  that  we  all  forcefully or  willingly  oblige  to,
like it is lady tyranny or her  
‘frenemy’  — democracy.

This  law  oftentimes had drowned me  
in dip of  melancholy  and  suffocated  
me  asleep with  the  therapy i get from 
Irish  and Scottish  tunes,
Lightening my heaviness
giving  me  keys  to  escape the  
unpleasant  season  temporarily –
though  sometimes  be  haunted  in  my
sleeping  dreams  but  w­ith a very lesser
weight and magnitude indeed.

And  voiceless  I  asked  lastly,
addressed  to  the  birds  as­  if – they  are  inside  me
“is  this  your  price  of  being  alive?
a­nd  mine  this  spirit  wearing  
white cotton  woven  fabric  
with  mouth clung  to  barrel  of  softness,
drinking  from  it  not  knowing­ how
drunk  am  I  being  this madman?”

I  don’t  know  how  dru­nk  am  I,
to the spiritual insanity of feeling things  
like  these that  are  shunned  
but nights  ago  In  truth,
i  dreamt  of  a  dying  flower  
and i  magically  offered  my  
life line for  it to  bloom  again.

And so my friend,
After  all  the  questioning, answering –
and  perplexity,
i  passed my fellow caged  earthlings  
silently amongst  hundreds  passers  by,
I,  walking  with  sense  of  ali­enage
because inside  me  is  a  house  with
thoughts and voices non  from  the  
passers  by can  dare build  inside  them  
or  ever  indoor mine with
sense of spiritual awakening!

Sam Hawkins Apr 2013
What we have named Fire Escape
(an ordered, angular tangle of ladders and rail)
had made picture geometries in my west window
well-framed and flat--set foreground and background
in two dimensions, as the sun hid,
and my round eye opened.

What we have named Fire Escape
was flaked-paint brown orange, as if
first it had been born of a flame
and then had taken up living as metal--
tempered itself into usefulness,
which I should trust now, in case of the yelling
and the engines.

What we have named Fire Escape
was happy Jungle Jim or Jungle for Jane
for the sparrows I saw this morning
which flitted and wildly played
within, rising up
arched and back again.

Made of the square pairs of ladder rungs--
a tunnel entrance or ducking posts,
or highway bridges to clear;
the birds like small plane, daredevil pilots
each following each, going under.
No sparrow would ever crash.

And what is this I remember now?
How one bird eased its engine and perched there to stay?
As if to offer me, with a little turn of head gesture--
a thank you, for the bread I'd left on the sill? Or to say  
I'd better shut the curtain and make my exit?

Either prideful guess gets me nowhere fast.
Failed even is speaking in any sparrow languages
from my recline stuffed chair; again, but now imagined,
to draw beady eyes to fix on me, telling me much less.

That morning, with the very last sparrow gone,
I remember that nothing in my sight moved,
save an American flag at a distance in the wind,
with its one red-white striped wing
waving toward the cold north,
as the white church spire,
framed in open quadrilaterals,
held its position.
written and posted a few hours before the Boston Marathon Bombing, Monday April 15th, 2013
Hi, so I've made a list of all of the good song quotes I have from this band twenty one pilots. Enjoy

"Stay Alive, Fren ||-//"

"Sometimes to stay alive you gotta **** your mind." -Migraine (Tyler Joseph)

"Some see a pen, I see a harpoon." -Ode to Sleep (Tyler Joseph)

"No one else is dealing with your demons, meaning defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning friends." -Kitchen Sink (Tyler Joseph)

"Nothing kills a man faster than his own head." -Trapdoor (Tyler Joseph)

"I’m forced to deal with what I feel. There is no distraction to mask what is real" -Car Radio (Tyler Joseph)

"Fight it. Take the pain. Ignite it" -Holding onto you (Tyler Joseph)

"We should take a moment and hold it and know that life has a hopeful undertone" -Migraine (Tyler Joseph)

"Find your grandparents or someone of age, Pay some respects for the path that they paved, To life, they were dedicated, Now, that should be celebrated"
-Neon Gravestone (Tyler Joseph)

"I was told when I get older all my fears would shrink, but now I’m insecure and I care what people think" -Stressed Out (Tyler Joseph)

“The songs on the radio are okay. But my taste in music is your face”  -Tear in My Heart (Tyler Joseph)

"There’s miles of land in front of us and we’re dying with every step we take. We’re dying with every breath we make and I’ll fall in line.” -March to the Sea

“Hello, I’ve been traveling in the deserts of my mind. And I haven’t found a drop of life.” -Addict with a Pen (Tyler Joseph)

"I'm falling, so I'm taking my time on my ride." -Ride (Tyler Joseph)

"You don't know my brain, The way you know my name. You don't know my heart, The way you know my face" -Message Man (Tyler Joseph)

"People they rhyme like this, we're all impressed by this, They rip it, flip it but these are just triplets, Wrote this in three minutes, three words to a line, It's just poetry divided." -Message Man (Tyler Joseph)

"It gets better when morning finally rears its head, Together we'll lose this, remember the future, Remember that morning is when night is dead" -Message Man (Tyler Joseph)

"I'll stay awake, 'Cause the dark's not taking prisoners tonight" -Ode to Sleep

"The start of a day when we put on our face, A mask that portrays that we don't need grace." -Ode to Sleep (Tyler Joseph)

"But we open our eyes, cause we're told that we must" -Ode to Sleep (Tyler Joseph)

"Am I the only one I know, Waging my wars behind my face and above my throat"-Migraine (Tyler Joseph)

"I am not as fine as I seem."-Migraine (Tyler Joseph)

"And I will say that we should take a day to break away, From all the pain our brain has made, the game is not played alone"-Migraine (Tyler Joseph)

"Sometimes quiet is violent." -Car Radio (Tyler Joseph)

"I have these thoughts, so often I ought, To replace that slot with what I once bought, 'Cause somebody stole my car radio, And now I just sit in silence"
-Car Radio (Tyler Joseph)

"I'm trying to sleep, But I can't, but I can't when you all have, Guns for hands"
-Guns For Hands (Tyler Joseph)

"It's obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist." -Guns For Hands (Tyler Joseph)

"I'm dying and trying, But believe me I'm fine, But I'm lying, I'm so very far from fine" -Fall Away (Tyler Joseph)

"Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you're alright, Put out the glitter that your soul hides behind" -Before you Start your Day (Tyler Joseph)

"We all know somebody who knows somebody who's doing great, I know some people who know people who are flying straight, But I'll kindly enter into rooms of depression." -Glowing Eyes (Tyler Joseph)
So for about 3 years now, I've really liked this band called twenty one pilots. You might have heard of them from there song Stressed Out, but I've just comprised a list of all of my favorite quotes from them. If you think there is another quote I should add, comment it below.
Dawnstar Jul 25
a letter home
the pilots tried
agony mounts
(2/3) - These three poems are dedicated to Kyu Sakamoto and all who perished aboard JAL Flight 123 on August 12, 1985. May you rest in peace.
Luna Rose Nov 2016
Useless                                                          ­          
Beyond recall
The voices
Of people
Who have labeled me
I am a person who cannot be developed
Why is that people have the need to put me down
Is cause people see me , As a somewhat caveman

I wonder if I died today will the world remember me as a terminal case ?
Or would I be remembered as that little girl
Who only wanted to have a friend

I see little kids with their mothers and fathers and
I wonder do their children know that
They are slowly melting away to a society
That does not understand the concept of
Life, with people day by day popping capsules
So they can feel numb to each other. So numb
To fact that they would use the term goner as some sort of a name

I remember the days That  I would lock myself in my room and cry
Cry about how nobody wanted to play with me
Cry about how I never looked like the other girls in my class
I remember the days when my mom would put my hair in pigtails  I had my pigtails till the 4th grade

Many of the other girls thought it was strange
Many people thought I was strange
The only friend I had was the mirror reflection of myself
But sometimes she didn't even want to play with me

I still remember the day a teacher called me stupid
I remember not being able to count backwards
I remember I didn't know how to read
I remember that little girl who
Had one wish
Her wish was to be smart
Till this day she still wishes she was smart

You may say that I'm smart
But in all honesty
I don't see myself as a smart person

I look in mirror every morning and see
A soul who has been bruised too many times
A soul who is barely surviving
This world as we know it                                            

Most of you may see this as a phase
Or just a girl who just wants your attention
But what you don't  realize that
This girl is telling you her story

I would like to tell you that I am a survivor
But that my friend would be a lie
I am still at war
Ladies and gentlemen
You have labeled
Me as a goner

Sings (twenty one pilots GONER):

I'm a goner
Somebody catch my breath
I'm a goner
Somebody catch my breath
I wanna be known by you
I wanna be known by you

Though I'm weak
Beaten down
I'll slip away
Into the sound
The ghost of you
Is close to me
I'm inside out
You're underneath

I'm a goner
Somebody catch my breath
I'm a goner
Somebody catch my breath
I wanna be known by you
I wanna be known by you
I got inspired by twenty one pilots
“though the whole world should be mad at once
though the elements should be changed, though the angels should rebel: yet verity (irrefutable truth) cannot lie.”  
                                                         ­                  Erasmus of Rotterdam

<> <>

for BJ Donovan, a fine, fine poet

verity, irrefutable truth, cannot lie,
or belie it’s non-contradictory nature,
even, in a small airport, a one runway affair,
somewhere in Alaska
ribboned tween icy crags and dagger-ous peaks,
low cloud coverings of sub-zero visibility,
that inquire, in an indigenous tongue
of the flying fool pilots,


if I or you ask me why I’m here,
the answers come in only three Heinz varieties,
true or false positive, no differentiation needed,
the other, is called
“one who doesn’t know how to ask”

you know him,
the simpleton, the simple one, me,
who can’t frame the question without

risking that he frame himself

betraying and displaying his woeful ignorance,
a veneered confidence of knowing so little about much

in the shed, a/k/a
‘the terminal,’ we wait,
me and an ex-Buddhist priest,
head stubble shaved, of course, round horn rimmed glasses wearing,
stone washed jeans blue, the color of his eyes,
reflecting mine as well as the blue glacier ice
surrounding us both, we,
the extraneous human eagle interlopers

showed him the Erasmus quote, provoking one of them,
thin lined, whimsical, eye-glinting smiles of those
who know the answer
to the knotty ones, or,
know better, that knotty questions one asks himself
when high up in the mountainous glacier ranges,
get answered just by silent patience

he smiled for an eternity of
at least five minutes,
my heart pulsating big time,
this modern man anticipating, in his calm, dulcet two tones,
his understanding of another ancient translating another,
even more ancient, speaking:

”the world is indeed mad,
through neglect letting the elements warp, glaciers melt;
the angels have indeed rebelled at the
foreseen fated falsehoods perpetrated,
torn asunder,
and the line between balance and imbalance,
so jaggedly ripped in too many places that verity a victim
so badly assaulted, its face is no longer identifiable by AI, worse,
so covered, dying, undiscoverable.

but you ask!
ask of yourself, asking of others, and tolerating
uncurled, uncut uncertainty, you retreat and reconsider,
this then is your answer!
it is the
that is verity, itself! there can be no lying thing in the
quest of questioning
that accepts, rejects, and unceasingly asks again^

this is a the only irrefutable truth and what it asks of you:

never accept the illogic of belief, let your own eyes be the best judge;
ask and ask thrice, be satisfied that being disastrously dissatisfied
is the norm, the mean,
the line toward a perfection that may not ever exist(ed)
for our flaws define us, thus so much greater is our truths when we
we reshape them, ourselves, for verity itself is not so hard to find,
but the finding of one self is too difficult for most

for asking is too painful,
too primordial, and why I am no longer a priest nor teacher,
but a simple observer of the answers that can be found in the
silences of places,
the Alaska’s inside of us,
where nature’s sets
an open table for anyone
wiling to just ask...”
S.I., N.Y.

^”It is not in the asking, but in the searching and wrestling that we gain clarity.”
No poet asked any poet before writing; the point; individual
Englishman said; Baljit looks good while talking
Why wish him becoming stone

Those who love him shall be saddened
Keep raising your family but be out of slavery.

There must remain two pilots in the cockpit, Englishman said.
The public hospital hired the private to charge a handsome fee, health inequity prevails.

The world is going to be like that
I ask you, do your writing

Dr Baljit Singh
Saturday, 20th April 2019
Ciel Noir Oct 2018
That little airplane that I see
Is full of people just like me
As I look up do they look down?
Bright patchwork quilt, a candy town
Green squares for lawn and gold for sand
I bet they're glad it's time to land
For pilots, just a break and then
They shall return to fly again
Eryri Jun 1
The weather was changeable,
A warming sun for the previous hour,
Then, without warning,
The wind rose high,
The roof rose higher:
No use running for cover, I thought,
Since the cover had gone the way of my courage.
You see, I had a role to fulfil
Sure, its fulfillment in sunny spells was a breeze
But in a Force Ten gale?
(Cue howls of laughter)
Progress was at the pace of a snail
And nerves are torn to ribbons
(Much like the poor flags).
Was it life or death?
Well, it depended on how much you didn't wish to die.
Luckily for me, my aim in life is not to witness death
And that is why I pushed on,
And huffed and puffed
Until we got our Lifeboat to the stricken drunken Jetski pilots.
Lore tells of a cold, brumous island,
thoroughly clad in a dead fog, and silence.
Patrolled by only a few, lonely sirens,
their purrs and songs have long since subsided.
Times of enticing pirates and beguiling pilots
have been traded for times of shyness.
Some opt for quiet nights of gentle crying,
others for anxious hiding.
Lusting creatures, once desirous,
now left forlorn, nearly lifeless.
Obscured, hidden from the horizon,
this island is their asylum.
Rolling green highlands adorn black, craggy bluffs.
Waves crash, vamps weep, fog rolls, and time slows to a stop.
allusions to books make you seem well read
but you can’t fool the intelligent with empty quotes
or exist forever on a leaky boat
the snails tug at our souls and don’t you know
that its as cold as winter in our petticoats
covered in soot and coal with pets around a fire
but grief is hot and so is desire
jealous lovers misconstrue our relationship
they neglect the nature of our friendship
those special words the we have exchanged
what a willing way to spend our days
waiting for the music to sing in our souls
and listening for that longing to belong
his aches are your dreams
while you await the steamy pains of spring
it hurts me to see you like this
are you even able to kiss me anymore
distance yourself from the lakes
smooth out your carpets or take a break
these stakes are as high as the sky
and god is as bright as your eyes
underneath your eyebrows
streaks of music are drifting
like flying kites
retired pilots buy you hot chocolate
you are smart and already got undressed
since you are not protesting
i take it as a sign to go ahead
we lay down in the bed
i am frowning like the sun
the drowning has begun
his hunger is never done
for love is our dinner
and this food is simple
still it gives us nourishment to run
suntan lotion causes cancer
and our barefoot ancestors knew the secrets
they delivered the answers to our teachers
modern day seekers are wearing sneakers
learn to rest and all will happen
stand around or cast your rod
for life is a line that’s best left untangled
stacked at odd angles we rhyme unconsciously
this smacks of tampered evidence
smells of frankincense and i am hesitant again
his newest girlfriend and her oldest lover
love each other properly or part company
make way for Caesar or steer clear of Rome
dowries are no longer proper
even if you're a woman
like an orphan with post-traumatic stress syndrome
its like eating marrow from the bone
if our word is our bond than we'd better get some glue
if revenge is a dish best served cold
i will go and buy some more dry-ice
for drier than a river is a seven headed serpent
and like that dinner where we ate everything
his directions were like a table that remained unclear
to meet her at the train station by six
she waited for an hour and then she departed quickly
god-**** this traffic it never ceases to let up
we must make the most of it or it will break our heart
straps of leather against your chest
i am barely breathing as you direct me to your *******
our vests are tight and we fight like fire
threads are broken from our denial
while smiles deny our naked fear
allegories are here featuring our deepest longings
all forms are a type of fetish for control of meaning
with symbols beaming from within our beings
why are we still seemingly so ungrateful
moon Nov 2018
the blue morning sky reminded me of when i used to religiously listen to twenty one pilots.
how i'd stay awake in utter sadness and fright.
i never realized the sun came up until the lamp in my room wasn't the only thing providing me light anymore.
anathema would save my life over and over again.
i remember feeling sad as i was asleep,
i'd wake up crying just like how i fell asleep.
i missed everything and nothing at the same time.
i wanted everything to end.
i hated seeing the morning sun,
i hated that i gave myself another chance at life,
over and over again.
my room is so different now,
looking around.
the only thing that's the same is my headboard.
John Bartholomew Oct 2018
Sprawling, this planet's skin
Dotted on the view, clouds, never ending sky
Birds don't reach these limits, a land of pilots flying high
It's a massive wonder to God's and the like
The aeroplanes engine, a miracle in itself 
I don't think an all powerful being ever imagined us taking this crazy hike
Yet here we fly above any bird in the sky
Wondrous, even plain mad, what we can put our minds too
As we do have the power, the incredulous nerve to even question some of God's will
Bring us the minds, the ticking over of this might work and we will foot this bill
Flight is not just for the now dead dinosaurs of a million years ago
It's for the now, it's time in motion, adapt and overcome 
Just give us the those dice, hey presto, what next in this unforseen century's throw 
Other planets still await our touch
Lets draw up a plan, we'll talk and comprise, we could do it over lunch
As nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it
There will be time travel next
Once the Delorean is kitted out
Don't tell me that the odds are low as we conjure these numbers and wipe our brow
For we must move onto the future of even the past once this machine is ready to roll
We will meet the kings, the queens, and even ourselves then God I'm afraid will finish this perilous, unwanted travelling soul

When fears are grounded, dreams take flight- Anon

If you were born without wings, nothing will stop them from growing - Coco Chanel

The moment you doubt you can ever fly, you cease forever to ever to able to do it - JM Barrie, Peter Pan
Mia Thompson Nov 2018
I could speak all day on how I have faith
Truth is,
I don’t have faith
I would like to believe I trust myself
Yet I barely put an ounce of love on that shelf
I don’t have faith that the right person will come and take my love
Because I am scared
I am scared that if I gave into anyone
That if I even trusted my love with you
That it’s just going to hurt that much worse when I let you go
I’ll have that much less faith in myself the next time I even try to love
I’m scared that you’ll say all these nice words to me
And possibly mean them
But I won’t trust myself
And blow the only chance I had at loving you
I’m scared that if you saw who I really am you’d leave
And want nothing to do with me
And in all honesty I really couldn’t blame you
Yet I could blame myself.
I could have faith that all my friends right now are loyal
That they would never talk about me behind my back
I could trust them with anything
I wouldn’t even be ashamed
Yet I have been played
And most of yall just sit there and smile in my face
It’s like getting on a plane ride
And trusting in the pilot to fly me safely
But then the rumors come like birds flying into the engine
Then down goes the plane
Because there is the same flock of birds flying back my way
Why won’t they just stay in their cage?
Don’t any of you realize
You’ve made me this way
Do it again lie to my face you’ll be another bird ruining my plane
The true friends are the pilots
Trying to guide me out of the bird’s way
Yet instead they get brought down with me
My real ones don’t deserve this
I’m the one who need to take the blame
I have a couple of parachutes
Hopefully they’ll escape while they can
I’ll stay though because the day this plane finally crashes
I hope those little birds will finally realize their damage
So much for flying this plane to heaven
I could have faith in myself
But I am not going to lie to you because I need you to have faith in me
I have been hurt
The kind where you stay up at night
Wondering what you did to deserve this
What is your purpose
Do I even belong here
Does anyone see my tears
I loved and I trusted
And that just got me here
Questioning everything
I know I am hard of hearing
But it seems like I’m not the only one who can’t hear
Or do you choose not to listen?
These are the same people I’m supposed to have trust in?
Have love for
Tell them everything every little sore
If you could see my heart
You’d ask
What’s that little clump on the floor?
Where’s yalls heart at
I don’t see them anymore
All I hear is she’s this or he’s that
All this makes me mad
Why can’t we just love each other
Is that so bad?
Is it so bad to accept each other
No matter ***, straight, bi, or trans
No matter the color of skin
Not matter what music they listen to
Or if they fit in with a trend
Can’t we all realize
Everyone needs a friend
Everyone needs to spend
Just a little more time seeing who I am
Who you are
Who he is
Who she is
Who we all are
Because that is what we need
To be able to have faith in each other.

— The End —