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Andrew Speet Jul 2016
I've been told to take a chill pill so much that I feel like an addict
It’s convinced me that a world with pills, is a world that can’t chill
Every person on this planet is on something or other...
It could be a friend, brother or lover
But there’s one thing I've learned
Take a chill pill is a term that’s all relative
It can describe many things, from
Anti-depressants to paracetamol and Ritalin,
It’s a pill to make you chill
When I first heard this term, I thought it meant a pill that would cool you down
And I thought what an amazing idea for summer! A single pill to make you cold...
So I started calling ice cubes chill pills.
Because I didn’t understand what the term really meant, I learned the hard way and got beat up a couple times
Apparently when someone says 'it’s so hot' and I laugh and say take a chill pill, that’s kind of a **** move...
But a swift punch to the side of the head isn’t...
Now let me ask you this
why take a chill pill when you can take a feel pill, something to make you feel real or a pill to make you sit still, a pill to make you concentrate and make people like you?
Is there a pill for people like me and you to get us through the day?
A pill that you could take that would make people stay
A pill that could make you run and jump with glee
a pill that makes everything sunny and happy a pill that can bring you money, a pill to make you funny, just a single pill to get us through the day
A single pill to make everything okay.
Because in a population with pills how could people chill when there’s already a pill which can drive someone to ****
Is there a pill that can make me feel normal, a pill to make me cute?
A pill that I can take which could get me to you..?
If I could make a pill, just to make someone chill I would sell so much that I wouldn't need to care or feel
That would a pill to make me jump with glee,
that would be a pill to make my life sunny,
that would be a pill to get me through the day, and after that I wouldn’t have to take it anyway.
I've been told to take a chill pill so much I feel like an addict,
But in a world with pills, how could we chill?
theres a video of me (kinda) reciting this poem here
Monkey May 2014
This little red pill gives me life.
This little red pill makes me think.
This little red pill makes me understand.
This little red pill understands me.
This little red pill keeps me up and running.
This little red pill is my friend.
This little red pill makes takes life away from me.
This little red pill extinguishes my thoughts.
This little red pill doesn't make sense.
This little red pill doesn't understand me.
This little red pill makes me miserable.
This little red pill is my enemy.
I am not overwhelmed; I am not underwhelmed.
I just lack motivation.
I am not lazy, nor apathetic,
I simply lack motivation.
I want to run a mile but I have the willpower of a corpse,
Wanting to just fall apart and decay so I can fertilize the flowers
So maybe then I’ll be useful.
Wanna go for a run?
Take a pill.
Wanna be normal?
Take a pill.
Wanna forget your depression for a while?
Take a pill.
Take a pill.
Take a pill.

I want to go to parties,
Make friends,
Write words that flow seamlessly across the page
With clear intent of my feelings at 3 am,
When I am supposed to be at my most creative.
Instead, I stay at home on Netflix and the only thing flowing
Is one episode to the next.
Wanna go out without anxiety?
Take a pill.
Wanna not act all spazzy in front of everyone you speak to?
Take a pill.
Wanna forget your anxiety for a while?
Take a pill.
Take a pill.
Take a ******* pill.

But you want to be a productive member of society?
You can’t just take a pill.
Pills help you get up and make you go on with your life.
They don’t give you motivation.
Nothing can give you motivation.
Hope usually does, but I’m all out of that.

I know if I wasn’t, I could do or be whatever I wanted.
I could be a successful businesswoman,
I could be known for other things,
Like my ability to stand on a stage and perform.
I could even be a writer and properly end this poem.
But I simply lack the motivation.
Dagen Kipling Jun 2018
Take your pill
whether you need to chill
or looking for a thrill
Take your pill

The pill holds me
I know now I cannot be free
Oh, such a steep fee
The pill holds me

The pill made me feel good
now I feel like rotten wood
knowing I can’t feel like I should
The pill made me feel good

The pill put me in the ground
now they throw flowers on the mound
and my mother won’t make a sound
The pill put me in the ground

Take your pill
please, take your pill
it’s ok it’s not made to ****
Take your pill
Maria Bojko Apr 2018
doctor says take a pill everyday and you’ll start to feel like yourself again.
normal even.

day 1 pill 1. i don’t seem to feel any different. do i? maybe i do? i don’t know.
day 8 pill 7. i missed a dose and felt nothing maybe these pills don’t really have an affect.
day 14 pill 13. i’m feeling happier. it’s good to feel this way again.
day 20 pill 19. i’m possibly euphoric.
day 32 pill 30. missing a pill makes my head feel woozy.
day 49 pill 47. happiness is a chemical influence. i’ve been feeling numb towards the worst of situations.
day 63 pill 61. i have mastered the art of losing. losing to these little white drugs taking over my mind and body day by day. i feel helpless against my attackers.
day 64 pill 62. this ecstatic behaviour is not normal. my mind is filled with thoughts that cannot get expressed. my body expresses my happiness but not my fear, my pain or my anger.
day 65 pill 63. i definitely feel different. no ifs and or buts, i most certainly feel different. is it a good type of different though?
day 66 pill 63. i’ve missed a dose again, but this time on purpose. i refuse to take another pill. my mind is gone and my body is deteriorating with it.
day 132 pill 63. i am myself again. This is me, i may not be the definition of perfection, but bit by bit i’ve realized no one can be. not everyone is like this. maybe i'm one of the lucky ones.

this poem is yet to be finished. i think
Mike Hauser May 2013
i take pills for minor headaches
pills for major anxiety
if you've looked out at the world today
then you know i take a lot of these

i take a pill to help with hair growth
i take a pill for my allergies
with the pollutants that are floating in the air
i sometimes find it hard to breath

i take a pill when i need to sleep
another when i need to wake up
the one that i use to sleep with
i take sometimes when times get rough

i take a pill when i get angry
a special one that calms me down
it takes me to a better place
to the very center of happy town

a pill to help with motion sickness
when my world begins to sway
fish oil pills to help with blood flow
plus keep the vampires away

i take a pill when i eat something spicy
a pill that helps with gas
a pill when i'm feeling in the mood
that helps the mood to last

i take a pill if i ever forget*
to ever take a pill
and if i forget to take the second one
i take two more to relieve my guilt

i guess you get the idea
if not this poem is nil
so i'll just put down my purple nexium pen
*and go take another pill
The sleeping teeth therapist episode 3

For the last two weeks, Ros was having arguments with Brian Worrell, who was a coca cola addict and he had loads of cavities with some teeth rotting away, and despite her boss considering the pill will work for Brian, Ros says that the teeth are pretty bad, his mum and dad, who he lived with were prepared to pay as much as they want to fix his teeth, but if Brian doesn't give up or cut down on Coke, there is not much that Ros can do, anyway she was starting to wonder what can she do, and then Brains came to her, and said he has the resources to fix every one of his teeth and keep doing so whether he gives up coke or not.
Ros wondered exactly how he can, baring in mind she still doesn't know how he does it, she just prescribes the pill, and she can't understand that, nor will her patients, and Brains said send Brian to me, I can fix his teeth and keep fixing them, and Ros said, mate, you haven't even seen them yet, you don't know if it will cure him, and Brains said, well,yeah, but when I was alive, I drank too much coke, maybe that is what killed me, I dunno, and it was me drinking Coke, was the reason that I had to be the skies official dentist, please send him to me.
So the next day, Ros went into work and her first patient was Brian, and she discussed the pill option with him, and Brian was saying he heard this on the TV, and yes, he will be willing to give this a try, it will be cool, he thought, and he took the pill home and when his parents first knew about this pill, they went over to Ros's surgery very angrily saying how can a pill do this and she argued with reception for 15 minutes before Ros came out to try and explain to Brian's mother, and of course she knew nothing about how this works and Ros figured that it sounded to unrealistic to tell the truth, and ended up saying, just trust me on this, it's his only option, his teeth are too rotten to save, and there are a lot chemicals in this pill, to work for your son, Brian, I am sorry, but Brian's teeth, really got really bad.
Brian's mother left the dentist very angrily, not really at Ros, cause it's not her fault that her son drinks too much coca cola, she really wants her son to try harder to look after his teeth more, because she believed in being healthy, the natural way, and it's hard to see a son who needs a stupid pill to completely clean his teeth.
When she got home she went into Brian's room and Brian was fast asleep, which was unusual, because he never sleeps during the day, but what happened was Brian took one tablet and at this moment Brains was operating on his teeth in the sky, this was hard to do, because when Ros explained it, she made it sound better than it actually was, and Brains had to ask Brian to take another pill, luckily the pill was by his bed, so his mum doesn't see him popping pills, and when he did that, Brains operated a bit more, and this was hard for him, but after 3 more pills later, Brains managed to fix Brian's mouth, but said these pills will make you drowsy, so don't rush out of bed to check them, you could fall, and we don't want your mum thinking your a drug addict, and Brian, if you don't want me to repeat this procedure, stop drinking Coca cola, because the amount of pills you had tonight, could **** you if you have them too many, I really made this pill just for people to have dental care, without the big bill, so I know that no ones perfect, but you shouldn't drink too much Coke.
Later that day, Brian woke up and had a look at his teeth, and by jingle by jangle by ******, his mouth was completely healed and when Brian showed his mum, she was a bit worried when he said he had to take 5 pills, but she liked the result, and then said to Brian, please give up Coke, and you might go back to Ros, and be healthy as you look after yourself,
Ros and Brains, started to enjoy their partnership, and Brains told Ros to make sure she explains the dangers of what drinking coke does to teeth, and Ros said it will be her pleasure as soon as she hung up on a very happy mother of Brian, yes another person's teeth was repaired by the sleeping teeth therapist.
S D S Apr 2013
1 Pill, 2 Pill
Red Pill, Blue Pill

I can take them from the box
I can take them; stop my pox
I can take them, here or there
I can take them, ill or fair

Putrid Pink Pills Push Persuasion
Pounding Poor Percussion, Pointlessly

My Pills, your Pills
Drink and swallow
Red Pills, Blue Pills
Empty and hollow

I can take them before bed
I can take them; clear my head
I can take them, then or now
I can take them; show you how

Here's How Happy Has Hidden
Hateful, Hopeful, Hindered, High

This Pill, that Pill
Have to eat it
Red Pill, Blue Pill
Just can't beat it

1 Pill, 2 Pill
Red Pill, Blue Pill
Everybody needs to take a chill pill
there's so much love to fill
everybody needs to take a chill pill
let these wounds heal
everybody needs to take a chill pill

Let it be your will
dry all this blood we spill
everybody needs to take a chill pill
find in your heart not to ****
everybody needs to take a chill pill

Think how the world would feel
everybody needs to take a chill pill
think of it as being real
everybody needs to take a chill pill
take your guns and kneel

You won't have to steal
while you watch your tire's peel
everybody needs to take a chill pill
nothing here is that big of a deal
if only it was so surreal
little bird on the windowsill
everybody needs to take a chill pill
Spiritwind ©2009
The sleeping teeth therapist

Brains Jameson was a dentist who was killed in a car accident in 1987, and mind you
He had a very good imagination, you see he hated to go to the dentist, because he was too poor to have major work done, and he did a course in dentistry, which he did pass, but after 5 years of looking for a dentist job, he almost gave up, and I say almost because on his way to another job as a dentist he was killied in a car accident, and his life was over, untill now.
You see Brains had an old girlfriend who has just got a job as a dentist in downtown Canberra, and she really wanted to keep this job, and brains saw this as an opportunity to bring reincarnation to the next level, you see Brains decided to go into his old girlfriends mind and try to get his girlfriend to go into business with him, and at first his girl who was Roslyn Matherson said that going into partnership with a dead man, is the worst business decision that she could ever think of in the whole world.
The only thing is Brains knew he was dead, but he knew also that he can use some death power way to make this work, but still Roslyn hated the whole thought about losing her practice, but being noble, with her heart set on this being just a dream, asked Brains how,
And Brains said that I can make a pill that you give patients that really can't afford to pay the big bill, and that pill will be on prescription when to take it, and as soon as it is taken, he'll fall asleep and he or she will be lifted up and I will operate on their teeth in the big dentist up on the sky, and I will only take the poorer ones, because I ain't gonna need profit up here.
Roslyn said to Brains,sure why not, and them woke up thinking that her head must be really knocked up to have this crazy hairbrain scheme coming up, but what Roslyn didn't know was that Brains has found a way to get his plan to work, you see, because he is now dead he can unleash his spirit and make businessmen make silly decisions, like suddenly inventing a pill that did the work of a dentist without seeing one, and it doesn't take the pain away, it was exactly what was in Roslyn's dream, and Roslyn said to her boss, this is the shonky work of Brains Jameson, there is no way this pill will fix your teeth, and besides if we give patients easy answers, they won't pay the bill, and the boss who was under the influence of Brains Matheson, said no Ros it's only the poor that will try this, normally poor people want easy answers anyway, and besides it had been approved by the dentist board, cause they tried this on rats with tooth decay, and Ros they haven't got any signs of tooth decay, it's like someone is running a cheap dentist in another world, and Ros said don't even joke about that, but she had no choice but to except and the first patient to get the pill was Phil Desser, who was poor with no job, and went to see Ros, who said you need to have Root Canal therapy and she discussed the pill option with him, and if the pill doesn't work, she will fit the bill, and Phil really hated the dentist so much, this pill option was cool, so he tried, and read the pack and he needs to sleep straight away for this to work and when he was asleep
Phil was lifted up and brains worked on his root canal, and he seemed to know exactly what he wss doing, and  the next morning Phil woke up and hey presto the pain was gone, and then he went to the dentist and Ros looked at it, and the roof canal wss gone,  and Phil was on his way to recommend the pill to all his friends, yes, this was a cheap way to have work done without surgery, and then George Bernsally came to see Ros and complained about the price of the dentist, and it really ahouldn't cost that much, and after arguing the point day in and day our, Ros eventually tried the pill on him to put a filling in his teeth and yes he took the pill, and again Brains brings him up and hey presto he worked on giving him that filling, and when he woke the next morning, he felt like a new man and saw Ros and again she noticed it was gone and Ros went home and tried to argue with Brains spiritually and Brains said thanks, I always had a dream to make dentists cheaper and you saw yourself that I get rid of their problems, you see I want to be greedy and have anybody, but you need to be busy, so I will take the low income people from you, and Ros agreed at the moment while the poor are happy with the whole thing.
Georgiana S Sep 2011
Insanity lies there, in corners,
Along with spiders of my mind
Their web it's made of irises
Of my memories left behind.

Memories, dreams and feelings.
They all passed over my beliefs,
On a floor of spinning ceilings,
A sky of autumnal leaves,
Withered bits of a decrepit soul.

Time is fierce...
My skin is rusted, hard as stone
Maimed and parched to the bone -
I need a pill, just one more.

Dawns won't pierce
My thoughts falling high
In a sea of toxicity -
There's a pill which might
Bring me closer to the light,
Far from its velocity
And its painful shards
Dissipated in pitched, soften clouds.

There's always a pill
And another pill -
To strengthen up my will.
Though, I will never feel
My emotions crystal clear.
These fake illusions
Will never cheer
Heavy whispers in my ear.
Diseased blood transfusions
Of my dreams becoming real,
The world has stood still
While I tremble, poisoned with fear.

*So I'll take another pill
Because I fear...
Skaidrum Jan 2016
"Take your crimes and medication."

Pill one.
I have come to loathe eating.
Countless days pass without a morsel of food,
typically weeks without a real full meal.
I find it remarkable, really;
that my sense of taste and hunger became living corpses
that linger within my mouth like something died on my tongue.
I have a few options at this point but here's my choice~~
~~leave the silverware clean, bare and cold---
it's purest when cold.
I don't even know why I am not hungry.
I never thought I'd see the day where I'd decline the offer on raspberries.
(They always will be my favorite...)
Now, my ribcage blooms like a garden~
~rib bones that beg to flower through
the soil that is my skin.
Skeletons don't sit at the dinning table because
starving is a special kind of beautiful.
Yet this is oddly okay to me.
And when I do dare to silence it,
the mild sting of hunger that pulls you like the moon;
It's regret that's delivered in a bullet or two.
Disgust crawls up my spine and drags nails along
the lining of my stomach.
Don't eat that, it's poison.
Rejection becomes my immediate releif.
Family and friends can't help but worry
Eyes flicker to the length of my waist,
voices question my weight when I'm lifted
the subtle stare at how my bones scream against snowy skin.
I don't blame them or the rumors;
I know I am skinny, and I know am empty.
I just don't want to eat anymore...
I am so sorry for that.
(Am I supposed to be sorry for that?)

Pill two.
Don't ask me if I got any sleep.
The answer will always be "no", or "not enough."
I was diagnosed two years ago with insomnia.
You don't know what suffering is until
you can't ******* sleep.
I didn't think it was that bad,
boy, I must've been related to ignorance.
It's torture watching the world never press pause.
My record is six nights and seven days, almost a full week
Caged myself in because my thoughts
were killers for freedom.
Why can't I sleep?
Here's the catch though;
I don't like sleep either.
No comfort calls your name,
not when you can remember every dream you've had since
the year 2009.
I don't have happy dreams, for those of you that do not know.
They call this disease hyper-realistic dreaming,
it's something my doctor hesitates to openly discuss.
(They don't have the answers to my mother's panicked questions or my father's accusing glare.)
They're terrified of the unknown too.
The concept of dreaming in such detail,
of every person place or thing
isn't exactly treatable
Fun fact:
I talk to the dead sometimes.
You know, people who have passed away.
They tell me it's the regrets that ******* you behind your back.
Hyper-realistic dreaming is absolute madness.
Pretty sure wonderland doesn't look any different than
the waking realm.
The word nightmare,
yeah, I don't like using it.
It visits whether I'm awake or not.
Doesn't make a ******* difference.
But the doctors only care about my insomnia.
Figures, I mean.
"It's just a sleeping sickness, strong medication should fix it."
Rest has become a form of torture for me.
I'm sorry for whatever I did to deserve this.

Pill three.
Speaking of torture,
I own 19 scars that I never asked for.
My father is responsible for 18 of these scars.
Abuse is just a 5 letter word.
Funny how death sits lightly in 5 letters.
Pain is just a 4 letter word.
Oh look, so does life.
I've been waiting for salvation but I know I'm not worthy.
My father is the root of my depression.
I am his flawed design and greatest disappointment.
"YOU *******----"
hands crash into my lungs
nails engrave wounds like some sick reminder
you don't need to remind me
I already know what I've done wrong
please dad, don't hit me

Yet instantly I hit the floor harder than any stone does.
I cry quietly, forcing the sobs to talk the language of silence.
If he knows I'm suffering it'll only make it worse.
Praise is something that does not pass his lips.
"You're ******* worthless, you ugly girl."
Insults act like vultures that never quite leave our house.
"You stupid blonde *****, DO IT RIGHT."
My grades weren't high enough to please his highness.
(I had a 3.975 GPA this semester.)
"I can't wait to watch you fail."
A disgusting disgrace of a daughter that's never going to fill the shoes of "enough."
There are so many times where I have been punished for
my "crimes",
kicked, beaten, scratched, sliced, man-handled, hit, and bruised..
I don't think it's fair to name the rest.
It's all an act of order to obtain my obedience.
The secrets within these walls sneer at me~~
~~how unfortunate that our walls are white.
You see blood is a hard stain to remove and red likes
to leave the ghost of orange upon the white paint.
I don't think you understand,
that this has been happening ever since I was his little 7 year old.
Or, you know, maybe longer.
Oblivion flew south and reality crawled in long ago.
You can't just chase reality out,
she's a force of nature that takes the life out of all of us.
I have been a victim to my father for as long as I can remember.
An example of the cycle of abuse continues tonight;
Tonight my father told me,
"I wish you were dead."
That can be arranged, dad.
You don't know pathetic until you've seen me lying there
after the aftermath that was my most recent "mistake",
clutching the ground like maybe if I pretended enough
it would hold me.
They tell me it's just the alcohol talking.
That all of this was his own father's doing.
My dad had it "so much worse."
I'm sorry your father hurt you, dad
I'm sorry you feel like you have to hurt me.

Pill four.
My wounds make their homes beneath my heart,
six inches to left, furrowing downwards.
This is the nerve that throbs in death's long fingers.
False strength will save those who you love.
Good thing I "believed" I was strong.
It's a ******* joke.
I'm not strong.
I am a white angel dressed in lies.
Yet there I was;
Standing with perfect posture as the universe
and my friends stacked their troubles
up my trembling shoulders and back.
Nicknames spilled off their tongues,
I was proud of these titles that I don't actually deserve.
I am the psychiatrist.
The Healer.
The Caretaker.
The Mother
The Saint
The Kind Maiden
The Helper
The Keeper of the Dragons
The Poet of the Wolves
The Moon Warrior
The moonlight weeping through the willow branches;
The Person Who Fixes Everything
The Wise Guardian Angel.
How couldn't they notice I was nothing divine.
Plucking them from the coffins of depression and despair
that they laid themselves to rest in.
It is no easy task.
And sometimes this means their words are
the gashes to glide down my arms and sides,
blood making the puddles at my feet.
Physical pain is bearable when it's for them.
Again we revisit the word
As they are humans and they practice this sin
upon me.
I accept the harm with no self-defense.
Because I was cursed to love them.
Even the ones,
that reek desolation upon my soul.
They have all gone for the **** before.
You can take it out on me,
I will balance your burdens.
"Let me help you..."
I'm sorry you're hurting, I'm here for you
I'm sorry I became like this?
(I definitely am not supposed to apologize for that.)

Pill Five.
I have a past lover, she is my Wolf Girl.
I have learned to love her like ambrosia in a bottle.
It doesn't matter that I am no longer her lover...
She is and always will be my best friend.
We once talked about our friendship like a legend.
One man that went off to war,
and how he left his loyal dog behind.
The loyal dog waited for his master until the man returned from service and suffering;
the dog's love never swayed.
For many years they remained apart and alone
paths refusing to entertwine,
but once reunited they picked their relationship up and continued like nothing had ever separated them to begin with.
We never decided who the dog or the man was.
But we both have always known.

I hold her responsible for saving me, and uncovering
the remains of a silver child.
She ripped my heart open to expose the stitches and raw emotion;
below my feet sung the wolves,
along my collarbone perched the stars.
The moon basked in my skin when she told me,
You are beautiful.
I knew she was lying but I still forced those words down my throat,
swallowing the growing flame of black lies.
To this day I will never forget,
even if she has forgotten.
I don't see a reason to hurt, I knew I was unworthy to begin with.
Sifting through a jar of ashes I found our memories,
the day we first met, first became best friends...
She was the wolf and wasn't afraid to bite the hand that fed her.
That was how she taught me to survive,
Trust me when I say I learned more than just survival.
Casting a glance at the past 5 years I recall
what the value of strength was.
She lent me her own,
~so I bargained my way to the heavens~
a prayer for the day I would become a goddess of divinity-------
---- I found out Naïve was my middle name.
The demons found me and I had no fangs to sharpen,
so they tied me to a willow tree.
There I was possessed, and hung by my wrists,
humiliation and weakling branded into my ankles.
"This is how we put dreamers in their place!"
Is what the shadows screamed in octaves of smoke.
And that was how my wolf girl found me,
hanging and half-alive in my favorite crying tree.
She laughed with sunlight flashing in crystal teeth.
Before plunging vicious knives into my stomach.
Until the  words gouged at places hidden beneath tender poetic flesh...
My screams never reached another living soul.
Dragging open my belly to reveal what innocence I had left,
I watched as poison caught fire to her words;
I was annoying
I was clingy
I was loud, unaware, and
I loved the same she had loved
stolen the moon from her nightless sky without realization
and caused heartbreak and spread disease in her wake
she knew what the demons did~~~

"And yet you loved every second of it, didn't you Lycan?"
I know, I know
all of that was so long ago, yet I cannot help myself.
I don't hang from trees anymore,
and I don't talk to wolves in sheep skins any longer.
That doesn't stop me though;
The questions slither into my palms and onto the page
where navy ink scratches letters
into rotten white paper;
Like snakes in the tomb of my heart.
"Why did you save me?"
"Why didn't you save me when I needed you most?"
"Oh wait, right, you never had to..."
"What love could you possibly harbor
for me?"
"Did you ever love me?"
"No, probably not."
"Will it ever be okay again?"
"Why didn't you let me in when you needed me?"
"Was it worth it?  Jack I mean...was he worth it?"
"Was it worth those seven months?"
"You're more than lust."
"Did your sins finally catch you, Lycan?"
Wolves find glory in preying upon the weaker species.
You knew I was weak from day one.
"Why didn't you **** me when you had the chance?"
I'm sorry I defiled you.
Apologies that you went to the trouble of teaching me the hard way.

And finally,
I'm sorry that I dared to love you, Allie.

Pill six.
Let me put it in simple terms;
I hate myself.
I have come back from the brink of death for the thousandth time,
and I'm so sick of it.
My mind is a battlefield of depression and
I am no match for the darkness that borderline feasts on my soul.
They never left after they hung me pretty in that tree.
Thoughts that take my life piece by piece like casualties in war.
No, you don't understand.
I am beyond saving.
I have been,

for a very long time.
No matter how long I look into a mirror
I cannot find a trace of beautiful.
The glass doesn't bother lying to me, not anymore...
That's how I know all of you are lying to me.
I have let the insanity slide a dagger into my spine
ripping a **** upwards to my neck.
This is where bone touches the air and I don't recover.
R e l l a p s e
I hate everything about myself,
what I have become,
wallowing in the pity because I am far too tired;
to swim, to try, to leave.
I descend into the black sea of ink that
I bathe myself in every hour to keep from feeling agony.
As a poet, it's the only title I hold onto with an ounce of pride.
Among the fields of grief I lay in my oaken coffin
pathetic words snaking into my mind
betrayal chewing at my insides,
memories play hide and seek between lost and broken treasures.
There is nothing left.
Not anymore.
And never again.
What more can I give when the nightfall erases me?
How much longer must I endure
my punishment for being human?
I was never mighty but
my how I've fallen.

"Are you okay?"
Don't think, just lie.
"How are you feeling?"
Lie faster.
"Oh my god, what happened?"
Lie for their sake.
"How are you?"
Whatever you do
"What's wrong?"
Just lie
"You seem kinda off today..."
If you tell them it's all over.
"Kira, are you alright?"
Lie until the truth becomes one.
"Seriously, you''re sure you're alright?"
You can't let that monster out, she'll destroy whatever you love left.
"Are you lying?"
"I'm sorry everyone.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry

I forgot to mention I have pills to take now.
For my insomnia, way back up in pill two up there...
Special pills that play roulette with the grim reaper.

"Kira, take only one pill at a time.  Please make sure to count if you swallow several at once.  These pills are very dangerous, potentially deadly if not consumed correctly."
"Take one pill, and if you can't fall asleep in an hour wait til tomorrow night to take two.  If that doesn't work, then the next night take three, and then four.  Do you understand?"
"Kira, please be cautious if you take five. I cannot stress enough how much I want you to be careful, it could damage your internal organs. It's like asking for a light coma, for 20 hours you'll be asleep."
"And Kira...whatever you do... NEVER take six pills.   You won't wake up after that.    Promise me you'll never take six...
"I promise Dr. Cline."
Well, I lied.  Shocker, right?
I am so terribly sorry that I cannot keep my promise...

that's all it takes.

I'm sorry is the only signature I leave on my suicide note.

I couldn't keep this in,
it's not poetry it's a rant.
Apologies for my confession....

But it's over now.
Ophelia Sep 2014
Happy little pill,
I need you so
To take away my pain
To try to keep me sane
Show me the right way
I'll consume you everyday

Happy little pill,
Numb my heart
Dry my eyes
Bring dancing colors to my skies
'cause all I see is grey
Fill my mouth with the truth I want to say

Happy little pill,
Promise me your intention is not to ****
Free my mind from their empty hearts,empty eyes,set me free from their lies
Give me the ease from this world so cold
My soul's still not sold for******* and gold

Happy little pill,
Our friendship is real
But I shouldn't take another one
Yet I know I will,I know I will
I'll take one for me
And one for you
One for everything I couldn't do
One for what was and for wasn't
What the hell,I'll take two dozen

Happy little pill,
Take me away
Mend my smashed heart
I love your bittersweet taste
When my mind goes to waste

Happy little pill,
You are the one I need
I want you my greedy soul to feed
Set me free from all the things I did
Take me to my eternal bed,dirt will be so cold and wet
It's my new home,2 foot wide and 6 foot deep
Happy little pill you'll be the only one to weep
Ali Cronin Nov 2013
Have a headache?
Take a Pill.
Sore throat?
Take a pill.
If you can't heal yourself,
The pill surely will.

Feeling sad?
Take a pill.
Take a pill.
He'll pull you away,
Pull you off the hill.

Can't fall asleep?
Take a pill.
Wont stay awake?
Take a pill.
He promises you help
And you believe he will.

There's nothing that a pill can't do
He'll fix you
He'll fix you
It's true.
Mike Hauser Jan 2017
i take pills for minor headaches
pills for major anxiety
if you've looked out at the world today
then you know i take a lot of these

i take a pill when i need to sleep
another when i need to wake up
the one that i use to sleep with
i take sometimes when times get rough

i take a pill to help with hair growth
i take a pill for my allergies
with the pollutants that are floating in the air
i sometimes find it hard to breath

i take a pill when i get angry
a special one that calms me down
it takes me to a better place
to the very center of happy town

a pill to help with motion sickness
when my world begins to sway
fish oil pills to help with blood flow
plus keep the vampires away

i take a pill when i eat something spicy
a pill that helps with gas
a pill when i'm feeling in the mood
that helps the mood to last

i take a pill if i ever forget
to ever take a pill
and if i forget to take the second one
i take two more to relieve my guilt

i guess you get the idea
if not this poem is nil
so i'll just put down my purple nexium pen
and go take another pill
Poetic T Jul 2014
Which one??
I cant think straight,
The ***** is misting over my thoughts
The blue pill,?
The red pill,?
Which one will I take
They'll both end it,
To much has happened
Life is a mistake.
Is this the ***** talking,
A depressant
Not a happy drink like everyone thinks,
I'm so tired
Sleep takes me, not a pill
"What the hell was I thinking"
Nothing is worth that,
My mind was misted
confusion rained down,
Flooding with emotion,
I nearly took my own life.
The red pill
The blue pill
Now in the bin where they belong.
Lawrence Hall Apr 2019
Ive been to the dentist

She gave ma a happy pill ME a happy pill, not Ma a happy pill

Tree frogs are my favotire amphibians there so cute ya wanna buy them an ice cream but there aint no bug ice scream

Yes I’m fine than k you

Gosh this is still fun

And they gave me a new toothbrush although I use the super-golly-gee-****-quadro-toothbrush-thing-that-lights-up-and-s­tuff

Yes the pill is wearing off sure

Why do they all put their hands in my mouth at the same time

Lets see thats four hands

And then they yell at me to relax

But yeah I got a pill qnd I am sooooooooooooooooooo relaxed

My teeth are fine

My teeth are green no wait my teeth or clean because if they were green they wouldn’t be clean

Dr. Joyce is the best

There’s still something to be said for tree frogs

Yes I can walk to the car whoops

Yes I can opine the passenger door

Yes I can belt my seat fashion

Or somethingthis has been fun

Thank you yes six monyhsts…
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Lawrence Hall’s vanity publications are available on as Kindle and on bits of dead tree:  The Road to Magdalena, Paleo-Hippies at Work and Play, Lady with a Dead Turtle, Don’t Forget Your Shoes and Grapes, Coffee and a Dead Alligator to Go, and Dispatches from the Colonial Office.
Ollie Godsson May 2013
Take the pill
I don't need it
I'm fine without it
Take the pill

Take the pill
it chokes emotions
renders me sexless
take the pill

why function without it
why try to continue on knowing
that your normal scares everyone else
you know your siblings are scared of you

Take the pill
it's only going to break you a little
after all why not bother feeling anything at all
when all you do is just get angry you are always angry
take the pill

It's a cocktail now
one in the morning, three at night
they check under your tongue now
you don't need sanity

They'd rather you be emotionally dead and fast food smiles
take the pill
you may be entitled to a cash settlement you know when you walk passed another person you say hi then they say hi as you go by you realize you wish you could know more about that person perhaps wish you had said more (could’ve should’ve would’ve if only)

April is the cruelest month breeding out of lifeless land mixing memory desire stirring dull roots with spring rain

i’ve always had a problem taking my existence the world too seriously i’m way too sensitive way too longing dreaming praying hoping wishing

winter kept us warm covering earth in forgetful snow feeding little life with dried seed summer surprised us coming over rain showers we stopped in walkway went on in sunlight into the garden drank coffee talked for hours

a strong metal material which can morph shape based on heat cold transference

a pill that makes you smart brilliant genius a pill that makes you eye-catching handsome gorgeous a pill that makes you strong slim sinewy a pill that makes you young a pill that makes you rich successful powerful a pill that makes you loved respected imitated a pill that makes you godlike a pill that makes you disappear

a new form of *** more wild mysterious ***** sensual intensive explosive gratifying than current ***

a painting that changes colors forms images yet remains intriguing unsolved pushing the viewer to make up imagine answers outcomes possibilities

a song that joyfully melts the heart of every person in the world causing each to blissfully dance deeply bow in reverence build a sustainable bridge of appreciation

and still she cried and still the world pursues jug jug to ***** ears and other withered stumps of time we’re told upon the walls staring forms leaned out leaning hushing the room enclosed

a neighborhood where white males between ages 21 to 40 are given carte blanche all other men discarded based on age ethnicity income a street where females are rendered undesirable after age 45 a town where no one reads books discusses psychology sociology philosophy ideas dreams war a wall with no windows door that never opens ceiling that inches downward

my nerves are bad tonight yes bad stay with me talk with me why do you never speak? speak what are you thinking about what thinking what i never know what you are thinking think

i think we are in rats' alley where dead men lost their bones

the smell sight sound taste feel acknowledgment of dying

what is that noise wind under door what is that noise now what is the wind doing nothing again nothing do you know nothing do you see nothing do you remember nothing i remember pearls that are your eyes are you alive or not is there nothing in your head

shattered casualties along the road people who once believed they would be successful winners making difference in this world another drink another smoke another night week month year gone another life envisioned planned strived for lost job lost house lost another baby born

twit twit twit jug jug jug jug jug jug so rudely forced river sweats oil barges drift with turning tide red sails wide to leeward swing on heavy spar barges wash drifting logs down reach past isle of dogs weialala leia wallala leialala
RA May 2014
Jagged little pill
smooth little pill
soft little pill-
           fill my head with cotton
                 but make everything clearer.

Square little pill
round little pill
oval little pill-
           paint the world in shades of binary
                 a collection of dualities
                       a simplification of choices.

White little pill
brown little pill
orange little pill-
           fuel the fire inside my belly
                 but exhaust me
                       take away my hunger for life
                             outside of the lines you have drawn.

           of all the little pills every morning
                 the ones the doctors prescribe and question
                       the ones I am never sure if I can feel
                             the ones whose effects are dubious and enigmatic
                                   you are the most quantifiable, and the only one
                                         with whom my relationship is Daedalean.
I'm not sure anymore.
May 15, 2014
6:30 PM
V Nov 2016
That pretty little pill that makes you feel so nice,
That pretty little pill that makes your heart like ice,
That pretty little pill that makes you numb and cold,
That pretty little pill that makes you feel young and old,
That pretty little pill in the bottle so yellow,
That pretty little pill that makes you so mellow,
That pretty little pill taken with a swallow of Jack,
That pretty little pill makes you never look back,
That pretty little pill in a count of 90,
When it runs out will you see what I see?
Tyler Loeslein Nov 2012
Swallow, and another pill slides down my throat. A pill so strong it digs and digs, then fills moat that separates me from the world with acid, and acid resistant sharks, boat proof, swimmer proof. So that no one from out there even has a chance of crossing. It’s dark in here where I’m isolated, the pill shuts the blinds and cuts all ties that I ever had. This pill promised to help me focus, and it did, but the focus remains under the lid of my skull. My thoughts run and run, like a river never dried. So focused on what the angry voices say, and my hopeless rebuttal of, “I tried.”  I can only focus on what’s inside. The words I read on the bottle lied. It said that the pill may cause drowsiness, but it steals my sleep, locks it up somewhere and keeps it out of reach. But without sleep these waking dreams that I am so diligently focused on are delirious, my problem is growing ever more serious, because each new dose makes it harder to float up where the oxygen is, instead these pills, they weigh me down, giving me a sinking feeling that I may drown. But still I swallow, and another pill slides down.
Tammy M Darby Dec 2013
A pill for my nerves in the morning
To stifle my broken hearts yearning
A pill to get me through my day
Allowing my mind to somewhat maintain
At night a pill to sleep
So into my soft pillow
I do not weep

A  little pill so I cannot feel
Then another
To wash away the pain
I cannot imagine
My life without a pill
To color the world rosy
As I stand in blue rain

So I reach in the bottle for another
Hiding the person I am
With reality
I no longer bother
As someone emerges I do not know
That lives my life in times ebb and flow
I coexist as one and the other

Its a pill for me in the morning
To stifle my broken hearts yearning
A pill to maintain my twisted sanity
And get me through the day
While I bathe in the enveloping deluge
Of the soothing blue rain

I think all poets have dual personalities. The one they keep hidden and the person they share with the world.

This poem is copyrighted and stored in author base. All material subject to Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3), Tammy M. Darby  Dec 28, 2013
Aoife Teese May 2014
a boy was mean to me today
my mother gave me a hug
and told me it will be okay
they deserve each other anyway

i didn't fall asleep in math today
i swear to god it's a miracle
i'm not failing that class
though my efforts make me feel that way

one pill to take the edge off
one pill to calm me down
one pill to make me feel better
one pill to make me drown

to drown in the feelings of nothing
to make it easier to sleep
to keep away the dreams
the nightmares
the thoughts of you

please leave me be

i've never been good at sudoku
i erased all the numbers to start again
how i wish i could erase all of my feelings
that easily

my pencils have no erasers anymore
and i think that's ironic
and symbolic
for how many mistakes i make
on paper
in life
with you
with me

one pill to take the edge off
one pill to calm me down
one pill to make me feel better
one pill to make me drown

i begin to feel light
i begin to feel soft
i begin to feel bright
maybe i won't dream
maybe i will sleep
          through the night

please leave me be
i couldn't paint today
Ashleigh Marie Sep 2015
Here, just take a pill and this will all go away they say..
So you're telling me this one pill will fix me?
This one pill can take the pain away?
This one pill will stop the aching, the silent screaming, the emptiness, the worthlessness, the venerability, the ugliness,  the nervousness, the anger, the frustration.
This one pill will give my life meaning, fix the world, make me happy, allow me to breathe, give me confidence, make me feel appreciated, dry my tears, and console my mind..
All of this in one pill?
Yes, it should only take a couple of weeks to work
"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back.
You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes."
Film: The Matrix
(Script)Writer[s]: The Wachowski Siblings
Character: Morpheus
Actor: Laurence Fishburne
Darby Mar 2018
I keep my old pill bottles.
not because I plan to reuse them,
or fill them with extra beads,
stray sewing needles
random coins,
a travel pack of Q-tips,
or tiny paint tubes that I might use to somehow make my mental illnesses art.
I keep my old pill bottles because they are me.
I keep my old pill bottles because they are one month of me.
they are not me because they have my name,
pill quantity,
Rx number printed on them in ******* ink.
they are me because they held the chemicals my body could not dream of creating.
What they hold is not beautiful. it is not deep.
it is a second leg you have to re-stitch every day because your body didn't know how to grow one.
Those bottles hold the pills that make me, me.
I feel because of them,
I sleep because of them,
I live because of them.
Before them, I was not human.
I was a body with partial instructions.
Every Month I have to get another extension of myself from the local CVS.
Every month I put an empty bottle in the box on my nightstand because that bottle held what I was last month.

it's strange looking at a small white pill knowing that someday this month, that pill will be the reason you react to something important the way you did or the one you forget to take causing a break down in your English class.

It's strange how I can be manufactured so easily.
Taylor May 2018
Her eyes are welling up with angry tears
She drowns in them with all her lonely fears
Save her please before the red milk spills
1, 2, 3, time to pop a pink pill

She's on her own 'cause no one seems to understand
She's all alone with the bottle in her hand
Relieve her, darling, I know you will
1, 2, 3, downs another pink pill

Her weak heart strains within her chest
It's all worn out from being ripped to shreds
And she tries laughing so loudly through the pain
But every day ends up being the same

She walks through life, a plastic smile on her face
She doesn't wanna be here in the first place
And as time flows by, so does her eyes
Telling the world that she's fine, but it's all lies

Of course no one'll realize she's reliving her past
Her mama never coming home as she wonders who's her dad
Guys ignore her, while girls are torture
Going through the motions, slowly overdosing

Her eyes are welling up with angry tears
She drowns in them with all her lonely fears
Save her please before the red milk spills
1, 2, 3, time to pop a pink pill

She's on her own 'cause no one seems to understand
She's all alone with the bottle in her hand
Relieve her, darling, I know you will
1, 2, 3, downs another pink pill

Little by little, one by one
She doesn't have to explain to anyone
Two, three, four, just a little bit more
She thinks, "What's the point? What am I even here for?"

With a lump in her throat as she lies in bed
She closes her eyes and rests her head
The tears begin to stream, all she wanna do is scream
Overwhelmed with emotions, she keeps on overdosing

Her eyes are welling up with angry tears
She drowns in them with all her lonely fears
Save her please before the red milk spills
1, 2, 3, time to pop a pink pill

She's on her own 'cause no one seems to understand
She's all alone with the bottle in her hand
Relieve her, darling, I know you will
1, 2, 3, downs another pink pill

Make the pain go away, make it disappear
I wish someone had stayed, wish someone were here
Uh oh, but now it's too late
I am letting myself fade

Fade away, fade away
Now I guess everything'll be okay

Her eyes were welled up with lonely tears
She drowned in them with all of her fears
Free this little angel, we hope you will
As she leaves behind her pretty pink pills
Gunner May 2017
Skin by definition is a thin layer of tissue forming a natural outer covering of the body.
Skin is for people to tan, to clothe, apply make up to... to touch.

Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.

Mosquito bites.
Mosquito bites by definition are the itchy bumps that appear after mosquitoes use their proboscis to puncture your skin and feed on your blood.
Mosquito bites are for people to feel, to itch, to bleed, to scab and repeat. The entire cycle.

Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.

Summer by definition is the warmest season of the year.
Summer is for t-shirts, shorts, exposure, swimming, tanning, skin, skin, skin, skin, skin.
"It's Summer, put on some shorts."
"It's Summer, why aren't you wearing a t-shirt?"
"It's Summer, let's go swimming!"
Summer is a time for these questions, these statements, these words to fester, to breed like muosquitos, to sting like the bite of a bug.

Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.
Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.

A Dermatologist by definition is a doctor that treats diseases, in the widest sense, and some cosmetic problems of the skin, skin, skin, skin, skin.
The Dermatologist tells me to use this and to use that. Lotions and potions, as my mother would say. Slather, rub, treat, swallow.

Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.
Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.

Skin care.
Skin care by definition is the range of practices that support skin integrity, enhance its appearance and relieve skin conditions.
Get up, shower, sterilizing soap, body oil, steroid cream, medicated lotion, drink water and repeat the process before bed. My daily cycle.

Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.
Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.

A Seesaw by definition is to change rapidly and repeatedly from one position, situation, or condition to another and back again.
Seesaw, to push off the ground, into the air with a sense of victory and joy, only to fall hard to the ground with stinging ankles and sore calf's.
This isn't a playground anymore.
The Dermatologist says that if I don't get better, they'll have to put me on the pill.

Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.
Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.

The Pill.
The Pill is an oral treatment for my condition. My eczema.
One pill every morning at seven AM with food and an entire glass of water.
The risk associated with the pill- Osteoporosis,  Muscle weakness, Mood and Behavioral changes, Increase in chance of developing cataracts,  Stomach Ulcers and Liver Failure.
One pill every morning at seven AM with food and an entire glass of water. The daily cycle.

Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.
Itch, bleed, scab, repeat.
Itch, bleed, scab.... **** it.

I would rather my liver fail and my bones go brittle then to be stared at on the street!
"What is that?"
"Are you okay?"
"What's wrong with her?"
"Is it contagious?"
"Don't touch me!"
I itch, my nails dragging over my scarred skin and pulling at wounds. I bleed, the welts that crack and leak drops from the red river that flows silently beneath my skin. I scab, leaving horrible lumps of ugly, hardened flesh to coat the once smooth area. I repeat....

Well, I don't want to repeat! I want to be able wear the clothes I want, to walk the streets with out the judging and questioning eyes of the passersby on me, to be held and touched by a significant other without the fear that their fingers will fall upon my skin and recoil in disgust!

Without looking in the mirror and wondering when I can finally begin to love myself.

I decided that today is the day! No more Itching! No more Bleeding! No more Scabs! It's time to break this ******* cycle.
Sean Kassab Jun 2012
She couldn’t take the pain so she popped another pill, the small relief compounded thus to override her will. And as he walked away she cried and popped another pill, she felt so alone again that she popped another pill. She sat in that lonely room for days, and on the window sill, was another whole **** bottle so she popped another pill. Her friends began to worry so and asked if she was ill, she lied and said “of course not” then she popped another pill. Her days were made of chewing them then swallowing and still, it wasn’t enough to ease the pain so she popped another pill. I should have taken action but instead I just stood still, so as her life began to fade I popped another pill. After time she passed away and was buried on the hill, still dressed in black I cried for days and popped another pill. I never took the chance to tell her how I really feel, but now she’s gone and I’m alone just popping god ****** pills.
Let et Scar Jan 2019
One pill for this,
One pill for that,
One pill to tilt,
One pill to numb,
One pill close to dumb,
One pill to feel,
One pill to cry,
One pill to live,
2 close to die,
One pill to replace...
And fill the hole you left behind.
Tab Feb 2016
The medicine is eating away parts of my brain
Slowly turning me into a rotting pile of bones
Artificially filling in all the cracks
Time for another pill
Pill after pill
1 pill
2 pill
Yellow pill
White pill
There goes my refill
Sarah Spang Jul 2016
It's Novocaine, in a way
Slathered over my brain
In a chemical cocktail
That's supposed to keep my mind
From the endless cycle of self imposed
There's no On or Off
And therein's the problem
Capping off something
With no particular filter.

To clarify, I'm a bit all or nothing,
And the promise of peace they gave me
Also implied artistry of my thoughts;
The conversely sharp and wonderful inner workings
That once gushed forward effortlessly
Are locked up inside in the plugged up
Pool of sludge.

What a paintbrush they have these days,
Drenching things in black and white;
I see the logic in settling, to gripping these little oval promises
Of a better life for sanity.
This cold clarity enables me to remember
What once was with a measured calculation
Of the good weighed against the bad.

Grey is a foreign object after my descent into the Matrix
Red pill, Blue pill,
I finally understand Cipher.
Somethings are better left unknown
Sometimes ignorance IS bliss.
Cassiel Moore May 2012
Pill poppin’
Party rockin’
Open the med cabinet to find my fix
Claritin for my allergies
Dayquil for the flu
Vitamins for the immune system
NoDose for school
Cepacol for the cough
I’m just pill poppin’ and party rockin’ my way through life
Caffeine to stay awake
Weight loss just to fit in
Can’t sleep eight hours
No that’s too much
Four will do well
There’s too much to do for a busy girl like me
College baby, gonna make a man outta me
My day is full, no matter what the calendar says
Up for work at 5
Bed by 2
Just pill poppin’
To keep party rockin’
Don’t know how much more I can take
But I’ll be ok
Just keep pill poppin’ and party rockin’
I can always sleep when I’m dead.
You can take the pain pill, be aware of its' side effects.  They're known to eat a hole in your stomach.  I don't think you'll like that.
You can take that Pleasure" pill, and be taken advantage of your kindness.  After you're through having fun, the pill can cause blindness.
You can take the "Happy" pill, it's known to get you high.  I suggest you not take any of these  pills, people have been known to die!
So you want a pill?
By, Sandra J. Nailing
Liz Apr 2015
Pill one was bad,
It made me sick.
Didn't work too well.
The zombie i became,
Drove some away.
It made the monsters multiply.
I spent my days in bed,
Too tired to move.
But lighting would strike my lips,
If I dare stop.

The next was heaven,
God lived in that pill.
Still on number one though,
It only added to my war.
See, number two had other uses.
I could take three and feel like flying.
I could crush it into dust,
And smell it's sweet high.
Pill number two got me really ******* high.

The crash from number two,
Pushed me to number three.
Withdrawal made me twitch,
Sent electricity through my veins.
Number three replaced two.
Still on one,
I hoped it would be the change.
It only made me fear for my life.
It killed my love,
Left me to die.

Doctor number two,
Please fix number one's mess.
He ****** me up bad.
But you listen to me.
You don't just write down symptoms,
And give me drugs when you tell me to leave.
Doctor two knows more about me than I do.

Take away number one,
She gave me number four.
I was a homicidal maniac.
My anger took over,
And violence seemed so lovely.
After some time this was all gone.
It did nothing to save me,
Didn't even try.
Doctor, this doesn't do ****.
It's left me drowning again.

Take away three.
Number four and five,
Now that's a combination.
Pill five stole my sleep,
And all desire to eat.
Food looked disgusting,
My heart beat quickened.
I couldn't stand still.
Now on four and five at the same time,
And starving,
I lost fifteen pounds.

Now add six.
Four, five, and six.
All at the same time.
What's happening to my body?
I've become a science project.
I felt all the chemicals in me.
Might as well have been poison,
Because six did nothing.
Like number four,
It didn't even try.

Take away four,
Give me number seven.
Now we have seven, five, and six.
It's too early to tell,
How seven will **** me up.
I don't feel human anymore,
Just chemicals with feet.
Seven, please save me.
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2013
The Pill

Called up big Pharma,
Sad and depressed,
I told them straight out:
Dudes, I need a new karma.

NO problem they cheerfully replied,
(later I wondered, which pill they were on)
We custom make, haute couture, drug-design,
Mood enhancers, in little canisters,
You need only supply the cash and the system vascular!

Your soul's desire?
To be a better wilder, rambler,
Or a life calmer, better anchored?

I know what I want, exactly,
A pill that removes
Specific words
From the frontal lobe temple
Verbal storage center.

NO problem! (so cheery it was kinda scary)

Which words would you like to have
Exorcised, annihilated, irradiated, confiscated?

I list from below, from side to side,
Let not one be denied,
Bury them all in nether-lands,
Swamp them under mountains of
Granite and sand,
Banish them from my lexicon.

How much do you charge?
But one dollar per word.

The list I emailed complete,
Herein I reprint.

Scars Pain Wound Strain Torture Anguish
Disfigure Damage Mar Mutilate Maim Blemish Deface Damage Ruin Distress
Afflict Trouble Wound Torment Agonize Sad Suffer Sting Throb
Torture Torment Despair Suffer Distress Hurt Vex Trouble
Ache Hurt Misery Woe Bitterness Misery Agony Bitter
Heartache Afflict Hurt Cut Loathing Shatter Broken
Alone Bleed Struggle Self-destruct Monster
Nightmare Cornered Darkness Horror
Loner Confused Goodbye Suicide
Slash Cut Desolate Submerge
Dissipate Dead Stinking

Awaiting my concoction sweet,
When an answer they begat,
A response forthcoming, indeed was snubbing!

Dear Sir/Madam,

We regret to inform you that we are unable to manufacture
Said item.  Removal of these words would be a violation of
Federal Poetry Laws.
Sadly yours,
Big Pharma

P.S. Are you the author of "Yo! Yo! Warning: the government is reading your poetry! (Metadata Mining This Site) on HP?"

*P.P.S.  Please do not contact us anymore.
June 22, 2013

Warning: The Government Is Reading Your Poetry!
(Metadata Mining This Site)

If to the world about, you are attentive,
You have imbibed the news that our governmental,
is exercising its parental abusive in-discretionary powers,
Purviewing and purloining our electronic communications,
Causing some to have worrisome palpitations

My life is on the boring side,
So welcome gents to look inside,
The surfed sites, the emails, hardly slimy,
But stay the fk away from my poetry!

Tis obvious from your midnight editing,
That my wordily, working body has been discretely
My data,
My poems,
A comma, a colon, a verb, out of place, capsized,
Little threads kept in door jambs, their alteration,
Your snooping presence, a confirming revelation

Will the words Rye Catcher be caught by a filter,
My mocking of Obamacare, be the transmitter,
That becomes a curiosity inflictor, a predictor,
Of your requited, on-this-sited, attentions?

Meta dating women, once a goal, worthy of attaining,
Meta dating mining of poetic alliterations, pertaining
To me and mine, a serious no-no, causing consternation,
Heavy percussing, voters, party swinging in self-flagellation

The information unwittingly provided on HP
Will be used to modulate the time and temperature,
Add certain chemicals in the liquids we drink
Like testosterone in erogenous zones,
Xanax in the air vents in the high schools and colleges,
Hell, they may even put fluoride in the water

Control the atmosphere, fashion styles, population size,
Disclose location to my enemies and my illicit affairs,
(Exposed, leaked to the NY Post's Page Six, to my better halving),
Keep the emotions checked,
Within acceptable parameters,
Especially of those *****, love sick
Senior Citizens, always ready to get down
When poetry-aroused

This narration of condemnation for espying
Will YouTube spread like a new flu virus,
Cause I know where you live and Iam,
Cell phone camera armed and dangerous
On  the Internet, your faces, posted

They riot-for-rights in Cairo and Istanbul,
President Obama, we have on good authority,
Your daughters support our rhetoric, no bullsht,
Watch your step, or on you, we'll sic the IRS,
Cause in the end, they work for us,
Hold on, who's that knocking at my door?

— The End —