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Keithlyne Oct 2018
Tingin sa kanan at kaliwa ng pasilyo,
lalakarin ang dulo ng kahit wala ng  tayo.
Tingin mo saan ako dadalhin nito?
Pipilitin kahit sira na,
yan ang totoo.

Teka, iisip nalang ako ng bago,
yung mapapasaya ka kahit sa malayo,
Tutal doon nagmamahal ako kahit papaano.
halika sabayan mo naman ako.

Nakakatuwa sa unang hakbang diba?
Parang ayaw mo ng tapusin pa,
parang  sa bawat kapit hindi na bibitaw sa saya.
halika samahan mo ko, tara?

Mukang nasa kalagitnaan na ba?
Oh sadyang dama ko lang ang kaba.
Pangangamba'y nasa iyong mata.
Dito lang ako, Wag magalala

Nilamon ng dilim na nabalot.
Iniisip papaano na ako tatakbo sa takot.
Nasaan ka? bakit di na kita madama?
bumitaw kana pala.

Maliligaw magisa sa dilim.
Tanging tanglaw ang alala at lihim.
Abutin man ako ng takip-silim,
tiyak na ikaw padin ang isisgaw sa pang-anim.

Mahal,  masaya akong maglalakbay.
Mahal, hayaan **** ako'y mangalay
Mahal, naging totoo ang aking inalay
Maha,  tanong ko lang,
Ikaw pa ba ay sasabay?

Oh tignan mo, ang layo na pala nito.
Kinaya kong wala ka dito.
Mahirap, oo.
Masakit? panigurado
pero sapat naman dahil dala ko ang iyong litrato.
Drew Vincent Jul 2018
I imagine myself with you, M.
I can see myself,  happy with you.

I can picture us on our first date,
laughing so hard we hold onto each other for support.
I can picture us walking together,
admiring all the local shops and galleries our town has to offer.
I can picture us holding hands,
and you holding me as we gaze out at sea.
I can picture us snorkeling together,
and how you'll laugh when I inevitably breathe in the ocean.
I can picture us kissing for the first time,
how our eyes will meet,
and how our hearts will explode with excitement.
I can picture us kissing,
and how our bodies will melt into one.
I can picture myself falling asleep next to you,
and how peaceful I will feel when I wake up beside you.

Most importantly,

I can picture myself falling in love with you.
How wonderful life will be with you to share it with.
I will chase these butterflies forever if it brings me closer to you.
Leviathan Andrew Dec 2014
Blurred images
Hazy edged pictures
Images with burn holes 
Things to see behind
Clouds of lingering sleep
This is the first time in awhile
I've actually felt okay
The world is still moving to fast 
And me too slow
But my mind has a window
So I can see and hear 
Though my throat still 
Struggles for sounds
My hands form letters
That form words
That form phrases
My thoughts on pages 
My feelings on paper 
My soul wrapped into words
That will never be spoken 

These are my own words written by someone else, hope you guys enjoy my first poem in a while, things are actually improving. If im lucky i'll survive -Andy
Tin Mar 2018
Her vision becomes blur
She sees grievous from fuzzy departure
She keeps her eyes dry
And her feelings shut
She lived with fulfillment
And waggish moment that brings glee
She despises loathful dramas and griefs
She rests her calm sight
Until her river oozes
The anguish gently flows down from its depth
And its core trembles that keeps her melting
Her notion was unlocked
When she set into a tragic retention picture.


Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Picture yours, put it out
to your kaleidoscope.
Like the day at the full-blown noon
or the night on the cheek of the moon
a flame burning on the underlying dark
a dawn switches on the first light
a sun comes out of the night.
Visualise your latent one
put it on before your mirror!

Princely give the eyeballs a designer treat.
Paint your masterpiece at the day’s peep.
Hook the browsers at their first click.
rgz Mar 16
1,000 words written
not one of them true

1,000 words brought me
no closer to you

1,000 words uttered
all into the blue

1,000 words
not one does justice to you
Your average peep knows around 30,000 words
I guess I'm about 3% of the way there
londin Nov 2013
As of now I cannot play him sonnets, I haven't watched his shows.
The thought is rather unpromising,
Perhaps only my savior knows.
There is no a piano in my room, and we can't talk about the plot.
Nothing's quite "Fallen into place" which is why it's only a thought.
Leigh Mar 2016
You are only lovely when I allow it:
When I let you out to trace the times
Your perfect puzzle-piece body
Sat home with mine;
Quiet hands on your chest
And on your stomach,
Breathing closer;
Holding tighter to muffle
The 'nails in skin'
Sort of **** that was
Held at a distance

You are only lovely when I allow it:
When I let you out to suffer the nights
You were left alone with my mood

You are only lovely when I allow it:
When I let you out to worry
As you hold together -
I sink into my crawl space
Pushing the rubble to the top

You are only lovely when I allow it:
When I let you out to relive and to relove
The way I should have
J Rodriguez Mar 2017
I sometimes picture crazy things on my mind can't help it but to stop but it keeps going on
My dreams whisper sweet things
And surreptitiously speak to me
My waking words are rote and empty
-spilling with hypocrisy
Yet their comforting embrace
Simply bring smiles to my face
Filling my mind while I'm asleep

They send messages lined with silver That vanish when I wake
To bring about a dull and listless form Who is shaping my last mistake
You see I wake in a storm
Simultaneously feeling constrained
To my bed
I can't get up while there's no filter
For the rush of noises in my head

If there's a difference between
What you know and what you believe Then why is it not as easy
To imagine my reprieve
Why can I only experience a vivid life
While I sleep
Then once again wake up
To this Fear Doubt and Anger
Choking me

Invoking me by pushing buttons
Of their endless promises
To for certain be found in youth
While my vision is livid sinning
Contemplating and pinpointing
Who too close is uncouth
You sit there and feed my veins
An explanation to your lies
With all the compromised
Washed up water
Memorized methods
Coping mechanisms
While it's your heart that remains

Then sit there in desperation
Reiterating as if you know
The deep introspective answer
When any fool can see your wisdom
Is wrought in the vanity
Of a talented dancer

If you lost the truth of sanity
Would you retrieve it for ten cents
Or would you search inside
Before hiding from the confines
Of a necessary moment
I'd rather die or sacrifice my life
Before cowering from what's hidden
The message so raw
That counts your flaws
Like there was some proof
In what is missing

But ultimately I guess
It comes down to the small decision
The chip on my shoulder
That became a boulder
When I reached out
For my inner vision.

So while I feel so disparate and alone
In the trenches losing my senses
Will I be the hero or be the villain
Will I let the poison make me it's toy
Or take the penicillin

*Some days my life feels as heavy
As that last breath left over
From how loudly I shout
But I guess a general synopsis to you
Of how I sometimes feel inside
Is a decent first step to waking up
While I'm down and out
I realize that a lot of lines were taken from other poems of mine. It's supposed to be written like that
Osiria Melody Mar 13
Scrolls through your feed,
Urge to LIKE and COMMENT on
each of your posts
[Refrains from doing so]
Am I a creep for stalking your
profile back to day 1?

We don't connect in real life,
unlike instantly on social media
FOLLOWING each other's posts
throughout the year
Falling in love behind a
screen of an idealized world

I've never heard your voice
I've never held your hand
I've never spent time IRL
with you
I hope that you look the same
like your profile picture, though

Should we meet IRL? I dunno, LOL.
The Crash of the Waves ,
The Stillness of the Sand ,
Life at the Ocean is a Contrast Grand .
The Depth of the Sea ,
The High and Low Tides
The Ocean gives Positive Vibes.
The School of Vibrant Fish
A distinct Wave Swish .
The Bright , shining Sun ,
The Cool Breeze over the Ocean .
The Vastness of the Aquamarine that Nestle,
The Diminutiveness of the Cruising Vessels .
Small ,Thatched Hutments under the Tall Green Coconut Grooves,
In Tranquility here the Day Moves.
Smell the Sea , Feel the Sky
A PostCard Perfect Mixture  ,
The Beauty of the Ocean has a Winsome Contrast Picture !
© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
Inspired to write when i scrolled through the picture gallery of our recent holiday to #The Seychelles#Happy memories #Beauty of the Ocean...23.04.2019

© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
Alliteration#couplet #literary device #tongue twister #fun feature #picture #perfect #
whenever i can, i try to show off the picture we have together.
its not really to show off that i have a girlfriend,
nor to show off how beautiful she is.
its mainly to show off and explain why ive seemed happier,
with color, and a smile so wide
that people cant help but to ask me whats new?

and i show them.
she is whats new.
this feeling is new.
this happiness, new.
she likes chocolates and movies...i like peanuts and movies.
Panda Boy Sep 2017
O, the struggles of the young 'adult'
Trying to fit in,
Yet somehow the 'social' cult
Takes away the souls that are pure
And curses them
Till they no longer endure.
Poking fun at my
Insecurities will pop
My helium heart

Like a balloon; I
Can only take so much, I
Have bursted open

The pressure killed
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2018
Jumping in the blue
water lilies reflection
in the pond up in the sky.
Lo, the punter sun peeps into
the rose dew down on earth.
Floating just on a navel-high!

The broad daylight pictures
the heavenly blue smile
painting on its highwater mark.
Million and one primula flower
kissing this elfin column.
Not up in the wild blue yonder
nor down on the ground.
Just on a navel high!
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2017
Looking at the
         satellite picture
                    it looks clear.
                       The earth is a blue
                                  drop of water!

                                    Did the sun paint
                 the shades of this blue dew
            dot years.
       Still, the ****** shines
   in same old
unfading colour!
Megan Apr 2018
I tried to take a picture
Of everyday I was with you
I tried to take a picture
Of all the happiness you bring

I tried to take a picture
Of the flowers that you sent
The ones that were red
With that very strong scent

I tried to take a picture
Of the day that shined so bright
The way the sun radiated yellow
Giving us its light

I tried to take a picture
Of the nights by the lake
Where we sat in the blackened dark
Smoking getting baked

I tried to take a picture
Of the smile on my face
But I turned the camera around
To hide the clear but staining tears that raced

I tried to take a picture
Of the love around me,dear
But an uncompromising flash burnout
Causes me fear

I tried to take a picture
Of the happiness you bring
But what I captured
Was the truth and its sting
Sebastian Macias May 2016
There is a wild, mad bull
scars scattered over his body
calm and fearlessness in his eyes

a young painter captivated,
is sitting on broken stairs painting it
an older woman gently watches
the young boy, as he paints
this bull in the distance, with desire
the desire to live once again

and from his house, the man
who raises the herd from which
the bull was raised in
looks over at the woman,
observing with ****
perversely drawing out mentally
her laying ***** on his bed sheets
spreading herself for him, only him

there is a haunting violin stroking away
the spinning ceiling fan is about to break
anxiety is eating away at my finger tips
and we all just want to know,

How's it going to end?
Jessica May 2018
You think so low, you must with the
blows that you throw.

I'm not one of your old hoes.
As you can sit back like you counting those
crows, as I sit here in all my woes.  Keeping
me on my toes.  

Making me feel all these lows, but '
that is how life goes.  Hoping that you are not
wanting  this chapter to come to a close.
At the end I'm not the one to play pretend,
you just don't know that you .  You are
our god send.  So run away with us , and
lets not fuss and start a bigger chapter staring us.
nightdew Mar 14
you were my picture perfect fairytale,
and i'd die a million times just to see you,
in my dreams by my side.
xoxo dearest lover
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2018
Mirror, mirror!
You are so clear.
Pure like clear water
I see not your colour.

'You can see my inside
it's your picture!'
It whispers to a candle
curiously burning
in front of the mirror!
Akira Chinen Sep 2018
Every now and then
life gives you
a living and breathing
moment of poetry
be sure to read it
be sure to appreciate
that perfectly clear moment
of beauty and love
it doesnt happen often
and it doesn't last long
but the memory
can last beyond eternity
if you paint a picture
of it in your heart
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