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Shofi Ahmed Apr 2017
Just a dew drop, let alone the sea,
and a handful of earth, not the Planet Ge.
Not a shade of blue, save the rose for bee
Purely a clear drop didn’t spill in the core,
because the whole sphere feels the pinch.

Singing chorus rains down, bouncing back
to earth the only open-through planet.
No black hole is as deep as the sun jumps,
dives in the dew on every flower they wet.
Every bird in the trees sings and tweets,
yet one is stone quiet, shouldn’t even hiss.
Shh! shh, the sleeping beauty is sleeping!

Cut above the rest, the unique earth
brimming with the infinite finishing line
by design pans out to the transcended pi.
Pure spring, the waterfront by the Moon,
untouched, unspoiled is her swimming pool.

How she goes by, wetting her ****** toe
Only to bubble high up the transcended circle
If only the sun could rise high in that pole,
for the rest of species could sneak a peek.
She’s there with the capstone of the pyramid!

Shots beyond the fixed circle, netting the eyeballs.
The stars, the Moon on the move for pure freedom.
The thrilled earth did come out, smelling of roses
Off the golden cut pi-decimal-abyss digital spring.
With a handful of earth and a drop of water dew
This is a pure mirroring thanks to the original, you!

At the end of the string apt you took her by hand
She took it in emptying her heart and soul
Earth is now too thin on stock, she is no more
Just a shadow, a 360-degree hollow flute!
Oh light at the end of the tunnel shine and show
Play in like in the Night of Ascending once more!
This is a poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
She is pyramidon spreads down the pyramid
Led by him up the pyramid that keeps climbing high.
Continues to straighten his straight line but her
curve off the top embraces full is an enduring spiral!

Off the apex of the pyramid the butterfly has slipped out
Still a circle still a cut whatsmore is concealed in the pi?
Future is in now, deathless in death only a pi away!
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2018
The material body was yet in the making
The first and foremost luminary feminine
ebb and flow heartily pans out
flawless flow to the finest angle.
Across the nadir to the zenith
Fathima eyes on upon it like it
shapes and forms are waxing lyrical:
The pure masterpiece without a mirror!

Arts on the go Fathima moves on.
Praise be to the Lord she being made
to measure inborn mathematical the pi is her!
(For the perfect circle the circumference is masculine
The pi tends to circle the blank space within is feminine)
She can budge equally in the shadow
in patternless pi decimals and in the open,
in integer into a whole full number!

Hops up her first step she looks for ‘the all’
the complete whole the absolute one Allah.
Time and again she steps up but finds no floor
Her measured step by default lays on 360-degree circle
Scans all things at the first go still finds no bottom!

The first luminary masculine peace be upon him
first looks in the open she takes the veiled angle.
Through the evermore pi decimal micro-hole
She looks on and witnesses the first water drop
surfaces up without a base without a roof on top!
It follows through truly the copy of the original
softly springing around the serene water paints  
of all the maters to be created from this first drop.
Fathima looks at it and veils withdraws her reflection.

It’s still remembered in the sky that follows suit.  
First, a star was born stepping in Fathima’s shoe.
It tried so did the full set of galaxy only to disperse
into a profound constellation never finds a bottom.
Cause amidst this water circle floats the first soil.
Allah called it His house that He first created from it.
Every planetary orb pilgrimage around it in the core
known as Ka’abah up to the heart of the earth it rose.

In the pre-designed world after the first masculine
the first feminine Fathima thus did the first pilgrimage.
She walked the walk did so in the patternless pi veil.

Nature is never uneven on the hidden hand of the pi.
Every little fraction, the small decimal does it count
connects to the dot without showing up a pattern!
Long live, long live the digital charisma is on the rise.

Retracing time and again the sun rises in the median lane,
yet the black box scores it's only a dark chart at the end of the day!
The Moon is yet to moon over an unturned sublunary-dip
It pulls all, the mighty sea that the earth can't
and sync in the feminine water cycle but save only one
with Fathima floating out of the box it can’t link up!

Like millions, ever wonder where Fathima’s grave is?
The earth strived too to the death bite to print her footprint!
Most of the mass visiting Medina look too see the grave of the holy lady Fathima. It has been a tradition since her death some fourteen hundred years ago. There are two graves where she is buried but which one is her is still unknown. Reportedly she wanted her grave to remain unidentified.
Emily Mar 14
A piece of the pie
Is what all seek to obtain,
Instead of the bar.

Bar for average,
But if in dark chocolate, is
Tastier than Pi.
Seriously, though, Happy Pi Day to all—I’ll be celebrating with friends...and...plenty of pie.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2018
On the very edge the living earth
dared to replicate Queen Fathima
The Queen of Heaven’s footstep.
That way is graced by
thousands of the prophets of God!

In the name of Allah she descends
on the Night of the Ascending.
From the odd night an unnumbered zone
The Night of Measure unlike the rest
it doesn't geometrised is a transcended location.  

The earth steps in the gap making way for her:
The only asymmetric Golden Ratio.
Slips out to the symmetric prophet flock!
Sequenced in symmetric phi she moves on
in the veil, exposes her unique divine closeness
her golden spiral reaches out closer to God!

So pretty she is the paragon work of art
the sunrise amidst the eternal night.
Her beauty in her shadow is burning fire.
She is 'Zahra' pure light the luminary dynamo
the only one woman had no shadow!

The great women flock mirrored the earth.
Treading across on every atom on that angle
perfectly aligned down the Moon.
Until those beneath the skin atoms
bang, explode on approaching
the vibration beneath Fathima’s foot!

The seven seas billowed up
floating on the clouds.
Choreographed like a little dew.
Hanging low on the rose
just to drip down on that hot spot
like a cool honey drop.

Even the Moon on the horizon
fancies to sip from this drop.
Ah, the lunar punter rowing down.
The sleeping beauty wakes up
eyes on the silver dance.
Eying on every star in the night.
The Moon is floating down
slices of the moonlight pushing the boat.
Full of fireflies rolling over  
to the cup of this pretty little drop.  
Poetry in motion is a sea on the ground
the same is known as the Moon in the sky!
The storylines jump ever more
on that way over the shady grove.
Painting the colour of the winds
the sky rains down on that spot
singing the sweetest title song.  

Never was a woman prophet of God
nor was paradise hidden anymore
to one woman it was the open shore!
The heaven turns upside down
turning for the earth the last stone.

For the rest of the rocks
it was the stepping stone.
As many times more
the earth may try on
it will still be tangent fluid
until the very one woman
The Queen Fathima steps on.

Her presence connects the dots
the nadir and zenith perfectly line up
intersect into one grand perfect circle.
She will close it with the pi once for all
without a gap spilling new decimals.
At last putting it all on the map ‘as above,
so below’, all in all, a pure scientia scenario.

The Heaven will open its grand door
where The Queen will stand on.
No more reverse engineering physically
the original, Fathima will step on,
on this last turned stone.
Paradise starts from here on.
From the one great woman
from beneath the mother’s foot!
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
Shining upon the rose,
lovely the sun rises
over the midday sky.

Without a second thought
the brightest one steps up
bends the ear on the ground.

Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH)
wife was waiting.
He was walking his way home.

Maybe or maybe not
one can revive from the
death sleeping at the night.
Hearing the sound
of the homecoming
beloved's foot though
one can't die.

The blessed lady heard
the sound of the foot
and was sure it was his.
This is it, it's the man, it's his!
He is coming home.

The sun is walking on the way.
It will show up
upon the rose in no time.

Ah, only to discover,
it was Fathima walking
father's home!

She, a woman had
her foot sounds the same as
the man's, the greatest of all!
The very one cannot be copied
because he is the masculine original.

Because from the one
same circle came
the man and the woman.
Maybe with a little gap
spilling infinite pi decimals
new days and new nights.

Still, these are a show of
the one Moon and the one Sun!
Matt Jursin Nov 2010
They say that there's a mathematical equation that explains everything in life.

But I say that not even physics bears an explanation for...the guidelines of attraction.
Our primal reactions are multiplied by...the highlights of passion.

These laws of love that linger like a lanterns lost illumination...
Like the campfire light on a clear night, leaves coals of culmination.

Sweat beads lead to bare threads and bare bodies.
And oh my, how bare bodies lead to imaginations running wild.

Cold winds inspire warm kisses and close skin.
Sincere actions aren't sins.

Bodies wound in union, formed by light and tightly bound.
Together, these twisted vines ******* the hardest ground...
Together, harmonic souls produce passionate sounds.
Yet, still somehow, love gets lost more than love gets found.

This equation is numbers off lips that kiss the air.
Body language spoken...Our physical bonds equal eternity and pi squared.
And you know that every moment that we share is nothing short of...molecular love for the masses...
Now held captive by gravity and magnetism...

See, the last full moon marked retrograde...and if the moon affects the tide of the ocean...and our bodies are roughly 75% water...can we assume that this is the only body powerful enough to keep ours apart?

This gravity...
This pull...
It's pulling me let me pull you closer, stop pushing me away!
Hold on tight, dont let these planets drift away into a dark rift of decay.

Let your love lap upon this solid stone like a river riffles smooth sandbars into hills of higher ground.

Because baby, without your water on my beach...
I'm nothing but a desert, dry and deserted.
Love, the drug.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
Without a rope but
squaring the circle
the giant man gives it a try
takes a flight off to the sky
only to fall flat on the ground.

She turns around
gives the circle her pi.
He bounces back
and retakes the flight
Que Sera, Sera on the way!
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
Hold it with nothing
only behold with the eyes!
Lo, this crescent Moon:
The heaven's smile in the night!

It’s the discovery made
walking down the black moon.
Without a light in the sight
as if walking blindfolded
but didn't go into the blue.

Took a trip into the matrix
without squaring the circle.
With no pattern, no more decimals of pi
undefined by design but found the Moon!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 27
Zero is enduring
zero is deathless.
Nothing is up to it
none can mirror it
though forever
it's an open case.
The eyes are yet to
see an open face!

Because like it's
none is in perfect shape
purely a perfect circle!
Nothing match close to it
like Fathima is none else!

Ever more sprawling pi decimals
never go unnoticed propelling
to the end surge before her.
Before the original one
Fathima is yet to be mirrored.

All the planets turn circular
before the unseen perfect circle.
Fathima nails it snapped it up
circled it with her hair!
Before the furthest sighted eyes
dot at the earth centre
at its pool of primitive water.

Fathima embeds in a loop of her hair
thus supercharges the water!
It finds the cut, the golden ratio,
constant continuity in her hair's inner flow.
And banged Big Bang
there they breakthrough!
The potential worlds to be
from the first drop of water
she gets them all bang out.
From down the rock bottom,
from the zero null
Fathima finds and raises the sun!

Nothing is comparable to it on the ground
nor up on the high, we only see the fire
of a heavenly phenomenon is beyond the sight!
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2018
Glowing bright in the dark
is the moon the half of the sun!

The sun from the heavenly blue
colour in the midday rose to bear the light
and basks into the other half of the night.

Goodness knows when but God willing
the ancient bird of time once will fly.
Numbering the numberless stars
filling the one halve the half of the sky!

Maybe each star is a shining piece
of one half cut halve that's yet to reunite.
As the cream always rises to the top
and God promised the believers paradise.

Perhaps then without cutting in a fraction, once
paradise is packed with the folks of the perfect bunch
there be no more partial decimals of the pi!

I wonder then how will it look, a full moon picture?
If then the forever intact paradise lends a mirror
of the ‘immanent feminine’ In Shaa Allah
God willing that will still be my better half!
I have to admit that I was only able to write the conclusion having a clue from my better half. Only the woman knows the depth of the enduring feminine mystery that they possess. That has a lot do with nature and a primitive reason for the man's attraction towards the woman.
Shofi Ahmed Jan 8
Every atom is lenient towards the human being
streaming up from the deep root they spur
laying down the perfect descending of the stars.
They can take on the stellar in their deep club
that show up opening the windows up in the sky
and down on to the earth cast their eyes!

The slim fit sharp atom knows all the shortcuts
constantly vibrating not a single star can catch nor ever
will it thin out it has the extraordinary ****** of luck.
But the eyes are on the humans not over the amber. 
Dreaming to be physically absorbed with the human being
to be in the human’s divine proportion ever transcendental
a far cry from the sun and the moon but with it both gel together! 

Once they came so close almost touched the dream
They rose to the occasion, squaring the circle,
laser scanning through, as above so below, so humble.
Submitted them without waxing lyrical took the brush off
the colour bowl of the day then blindfolding the moon
in the night reached out to the paragon of the phi mania,
flawlessly made to measure, numerically perfect Fathima!

Presented them before her as pure blank whereon she can jot
like her chalkboard or do as she please like she could show up
taking it as her shadow, she exactly did that touched down
on the earth, in a veil and revealed her as above so below.
The ocean moved stirred the water but none saw the sunshine
behind the full moon in bloom that stolen the starry night.

Day in day out Fathima did all in a veil she lived and gone.
Keeping the atom on its toe ever honing tracing the footprint
in its own shadow as once a human being without a mark
crept in it lived in pi magic and leaped out leaving it in the dark!
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
I want to be a materialist as much as I could.
I want to kiss the sun and marry the moon!

I want to invite all the stars, sending them a tweet,
and I’d like them all to join me on Facebook!

I want to carry the Himalayas on my shoulder,
and I’d like to swim across the Atlantic water!

I want to wax lyrical over the waves
and would like to fly with the clouds.

I want to be in the green
and would like to spread across the spring.

I want to paint on the sky
keeping my head held high.  

I want to wear the perfect fit ring,
as perfect as the pi-perfect circle,
with no endless nano-decimal hole,
just fine-tuned to my finger hole!
Rashid Sep 2018
You bring out the Newton in me,
the sine curves that rule my pendulum-like motion,
the pi and g constants in me.

You bring out the quantum lover in me,
the particle at the two places,
the collapsing energy levels,
the n=2 in me.

You bring out the thermodynamic lover in me,
the heat transfer, the Q=mcT,
the ***-Lussac law in me.

You bring out the collision physicist in me,
thep >0, the increased momentum in me.

You bring out the fluid dynamic lover in me,
the Lubrication theory, the buoyancy forces in me.

You bring out the projectile lover in me,
the x and y component, the gravity in me,
the Euclidean vector in me.

You bring out the physical lover in me,
let’s multiply our vectors, the cross product,
let me feel your sine curve and I’ll let you touch
all the tangents in me.
Michael Sep 2018
I am not a computer guy
I am intellectually shy
Alone I scream
In a crowd I lie
Infinity extends beyond the sky
[I am not Liebniz
Neither am I one who quits]
Numbers  have been eating up my mind
Oh well I guess I'll eat some pi
Copyright 2018
Shofi Ahmed May 2018
Are you a witness of the precise moment
on that very proverbial, unpredictable day
when everyone did mind the gap
but the Ramadan moon took a step?

None could time it at first, as if it got out
from a black hole or an uncharted water well:
down the trail, who can tell?

Now a day or two is gone, has passed by.
The moon is in the fast lane soaring high,
and fills the orb with serene soft light.

Ah, buddies catch up, the suave fireflies.
Tons of these stay awake in the night.
Before they fly away, vanishing afar
into the epic portion of the night.
A confluence down the black moon,
only to catch a glimpse of any pattern:
a morning star or a forming pin bar,
a slice of light on a gingerly lit chart.
Premiering the Eid moon’s first blush.
Yet, if only one can time it, when will it flash?

Deep down a black moon, all eyes black out.
Still, how can one sigh though? Ah,
the unpredictable black moon, should it show
just a peek, showers the earth with Eid’s joy!

Will it show up in no time, far from the sight—
galaxies light up the shady nook of night.
A houri in the Eden rings the alarm.
The veiled bunch of fairies push the sky.
Every star throws its hat, only to tell first
when a crescent moon will crop up
And with the first spill of moonlight,
topflight it goes, pushing the boat out!

A walk down the black moon
without a light or water gone into the blue,
As though walking dead, blindfolded.
No pattern, decimals of Pi undefined by design,
but spot on gets to the apex spike!

There’s still an unmarked blank space
the light on this way doesn’t paint.
And this time, the time won’t tell
is there anyone who can is anyone’s guess.
So should the houri dare to run, then
cherubic she be on her flawless flaw,
rushes to ask the Queen of Heaven!

Oh, good luck to her, a wild one.
Time the black moon, its first glance
precisely when the Eid moon will crop up.
Enlighten us, we are more than curious.
Tell us, too—don’t just tweet it to the stars.
A poem from my book Zero and One available on Amazon.
Johnny Noiπ Sep 2018
As proved by my good friend Archimedes,
in his Measurement of a Circle,
the area enclosed by a circle is equal
to that of a triangle whose base has the length
of the circle's circumference &
whose height equals the circle's radius,
which comes to π multiplied by the radius squared:

Area = pi r^2.
Equivalently, denoting diameter by d

Area =pi d^2/4 approx 0.7854d^2,
that is,                               approximately
          79% of the circumscribing
square whose side is of length d

The circle is the plane curve enclosing
the maximum area for a given arc length.
This relates the circle to a problem
in the calculus of variations,
namely the isoperimetric inequality [of course]
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
---october, same year, after the bomb,

How should we train the surplus of boys?
We can't use them to sweep chimneys any more.
Nor work in Nike's winged victory factory,
child labor's not a means to an end
any more.
A seller must sell such as toys in Thailand today.

There are too many to waste efficiently in war.
A global conundrum beating time in our global brain.

A conundrum beating cadence for the dancers on parade.
Proud dancers with a vision...

Utopian distanty visiony,
since nought left ought as our only
understood shelter,
from the storm. Cower under ought, my child,
every thing is under control.

You are welcome in our safe place,
was once the reply to thanks, in essence, that was meant.

Now, it's no problem, serves and means nothing, in return.

Why should any boy grow into man? Let them play.
Entertainment's all that needed,
that'n' bread, with sugar,
that'll fixit, do the trick, keep the boy in hero role, virtually
forever, never growing

Virtual virtue. Tech them that.
Virtually anyone can see the connection,
virtue, virtually means

What? Exactly. The act is outed.
Virtue went forth from Jesus, there's the bomb.

What does virtue being drawn through thy very e-sense
feel like?
Would we know, you or I, the feeling of virtue going out,

A shocking short circuit? or a buzzer triggered by alarming
outflow of essential immaterial
stuff. Unnamed, unspeakable stuff?

Immaterial. The judge declares. The clar-if-ication
means look

Virtue is too dangerous for little boys at play.
'Tis a cept, signified, perhaps
is what a sceptre does, officially it de-sig-nates who got it,
when virtue first
appeared needing shelter in the storm.
lightning lightening,
immaterial. Nonsense, can you sense immaterial matter.
You can't touch it. The judges believe.
Nor can mortals
even imagine immaterial matters reserved for Kings and king builders.

So why seek whys, when nothing matters more than...
why? what? who? when? where?
altogether on the six o'clock news.
All-in-one, all the knowing needed. Be joyfully entertained.
Sing along, meaningless songs,
doo-dah day.
Hallelujah (wait, did you say that? Out loud, ever? In a song?

What if... never mind.. could be a trap. Don't think it means anything. An old fashion past, that's all, now.
No magi utterance that changes
matters, in real time.
Not words and ideas, but
Clocks rule this domain, it's minions are the yoke bearers pulling
loads declared worthy of laboring incessantly happy.
The yoke is on you. (Take mine, it's light.) Carry on.

Take Sisyphus, for ensample. He's as happy as a clam, they say.
Those who live near the see declare the wee bivalves happy as pi.
We don't know why.
That's all.
At this particular point in time, as the ped-ants say.
Let patience perfect that which concerns you.
Let simple morph to sublime.

See, Jesus winked.
Epic poems are a burden to the reader, this is part of something much longer This poem's been keeping time with the one life I had to live, this time, guiding me to what I am, not what I have become. Tell me if i said it right.
Stanley Yelnats

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Just some guy.

Just some guy who wants cake?



I prefer pi.
Ken Pepiton Oct 2018
--- as a boy, I explored a hermit's lair
--- the hermit was not there, he'd left nothing but a tin box
--- of charcoal pills, a panacea for curiosity, I was told.

This old bearded fellow who lived at the foot o'thumb butte,
by the burro's water hole,
other side o'the hill from Doug McVicar's Jasper find

Tidal shorelines from my child hood
swirling through the softed rocks

Boulders on the bottom, roll on, crustal waves rise and fall

it all goes back to that 13,000 year mark
when Gobekli Tepi,
was in the building,
long long before
the Hopis were on the Pollen Way, leaving land marks on

Rocks risen above the desert floor

Some thing came from space, something very cold,
a snowball so big it tugged the ocean of magma
through the crust of the earth

nuclear glass, same time. nano diamonds

The younger dryan

Melt water pulse, fire from the sky, men could see that, with their own eyes.
And then they saw the clouds of witnesses

Rituals learned, the story heart seeps from mother to child,

at first touch some say.

Specialized touches were included in the 2.0s.
Holistic wuwu Randall Carlson laughs, why lie? Evidence, see.

What did you see when you passed through **** the first time?
Nothing, you kept your eyes shut.

Are you really
Experienced? That was the question. Ask the experts,
but some of them lie.
Never trust their clocks, that's wise. Time is too temporary to make
much difference
in the long run. Time, least of all powers in eternity. Chronos,
Chaos shattered him, and some story teller on a journey
saw the event
while his tongue was being tamed, a task no man can do.

Fire and Ice from heaven to earth,
whole peoples saw it,
with the eyes in their head

Hope is the key to the heart's lock on reality

The younger Dryad's oak burned,
Drought killed all the others, bugs killed the elms.

Ah spirit to spirit, compare. The heart of the world is weeping
for the ignorant eaters of poisoned poems and stagnant stories

speed kills when it comes to cosmic notes on rocks

patience, under stand the canopy of heaven can, filter
poison from those
stagnant stories's idle words, redemption draweth nigh,

count on it. Keep counting, patience finishes what she starts.

Sacred Geometry, scale invariance, I saw the Mississippi
Carve meandering ant canyons in the dirt
while watching the rain
Nothing's secret anymore, that's a reality that may be beyond

your thought. Textbook in stone. I know geometry Mr. P,

can I come in? She who builds, who destroys, who rebuilds, suggested
my bombs have a Nobel role,
in energizing

the ark
the earth is the ark, but you knew that already, right.

Acacia bush visions from a medium
of messaging the master builder,
who, you know, made this
happen, used to heal with ashes.

Healing war, study it no more, it is
possible man, alone, can imagine.

The Godhead? What's the big idea? You a heretic, Mr. P?

Come and see, leave the clock/phone.

This is big momma story, little clay doll with pointy feet
sticks in the dirt, stares at the fire,

the story mamma, shhh

Stands, and lifts her hands up high, pointing
all her fingers to the skies where ashes, glowing
like we can imagine the stars once scattered by God
and his sons's servants prepping

origins of human conflict taught
Tubalcain by fire light, while Jubal
Sang the very umph umph song from
Taj Mahal' 1970 with Jerry, Fillmore West,

A message to Garcia, from on high:
the imbecility of the average man—
the inability or unwillingness to concentrate on a thing and do it,
That, resist. It is evil.

Angels, imaginable, you know, mere messages, nothin more,

so great a cloud of witnesses
there was a times when  all
imaginations men were imagining heartily
were evil, altogether.

Enki left and went to the moon, or that's the story grandma's
sisters told me
when I was a little boy lost and found from time to time

The serpent on the staff, where's that story from?
Who says their mammy saw that happen.

Time, Hosts of Heaven, time is one of those.

Fan tasty taste, see, the truth is good.

Freedom, responsible freedom, take as granted,
intend good and go.
Seed of the Dream,
I planted that. It contained this fact,

we reap what we sow.

Ambi-Dios, ambit-ion with no hope for something just beyond
the best that I have ever done,
that'll make a child mean as ****, on the average,
according to the data Google smuggled into China
through those super phones,
unavailable in the USA, protected by the wielders
of destruction who eat the world up,
and drink its very blood.

the bread of shame, is fed to slaves to keep them in the queue,

BTW que-eee was the word I used for ****, when I was a child.
I took that word to school.
Nobody knew what it meant. I considered that cool
and kept my secret until just now.

I feel so free.

A builder sees a building and the builder in a single glance.
None may enter here lacking geometry, that's no secret now.
The cultivated Pythagorean mind, simple as pi.

'Cain't get to Romans eight, which is here, now, I think,
with out going beyond Hebrew six.

The measure of a man that is the angel. No comma,
just a jot, then this means that,
to the mind
listening for mystery in beauty found lying around.,
glistening in the sun.
The charcoal pills I found fifty three years ago, these wandering thoughts I found dancing the trail earlier this morning.
King Tutankhamun Oct 2018
From cold wickedness and sly pack more magnums
Than PI Infamous wise guy see the world's cry
From a Thousand yard stare light year glare none can compare
My flows a magnet hard not to get attracted
Thoughts subtracted from the rhymes abstracted
This ain't an act or a tactics my southpaw be raw
Outlaw living out dramas with out laws
Invoke perdition from the hidden commissions
Y'all still wishin'
Upon a star snake bezel shinin' cane like Jafar
Yo I wonder if they know who we are
Braced into my race now they getting a taste
Of an intellectual toxic waste get sprayed like mase
Ya loosin' sight tryna fight the might
As my cells excite off of a dope write soon to snipe
All the hype got more mack skills than Dolemite
Bringin' back down from the Htown we ******* up
Without the driver I'm
Learn from my past mistakes cuz I grew wiser
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
Transliterations of The: Because the composite is from the fact that, for in silence he was an art is, and which is to say, It is already allowed, though, even if the parents of that of the what, where, which are now, then it is true, but how much money is access limited to such, that it is rare is to say, from the fact that when it is an adjective; Wherefore, what, without, therefore, only the one who for any fault in the lines of ...

Control is not possible;
The window is to see the magic
but the truth is that in the human ear;
but good.           That would be good.
Evening,            night,            miracles
A city is amazing amazing. Wonderful,
Wonderful exploration destruction
showtimes great man. The old sad wonderful
1 Gideon said to God:        "You cannot see it,
They desire to do the same thing", so
for example,                                                     1 hour an afternoon
and you are not his subjects,
good health,     the life force,
not to  it;                 Bob or the middle or skin color
The robot game; The next day,
four of its readings,
his colleagues in the companies that have won
this is where people are reporting in the morning;
If I had a girl having fun playing cards
from the Crisis Points, The change is to change,
agreed that the graduated elements are
optional, the angel of the tree is removed.
That is, as it is with the grass,                         eating bread at the table
Likes her mind to grow !!!!!!!!                        |      |   Pregnant mother,
I tell you,                                        Bettie YouSayItToo is
The Christian life, it's natural
that when the smoke comes
For example, she starts to talk
like other girls
and the officials are full of green gardens and guns;
he wrote, it was difficult to stop,
England was near the end of the fire;
focused on the world's highest estimate
by means of Einstein's projection
of the enjoyable experience,
and cover skills for a long time
Walsh, M. does not break the agreement
within Colorado;   ****** foolish
use of memory use,
The News reports in tricks,                               but fellow China won;
Other girls,                 women,
p Ames left his music
An oxide is the source of the green light;
The glory of the ladies 'socks, ladies' long blonde HA SS has,
the fingerprints of punishment; [Aiwa]
song of music to a sleeping world;
The theory of osculating
fairly well has been said,          and not to the going down of the sun,
When he was young, zealous missionaries like Mark,
do you want to be at risk of a sign pi
cant compare to the number of,
Well, I think your enemies signify
six years to establish a good Anardana;
Sikh leaders are well aware of that;
A rabbit is pleasant and beautiful in the garden;
Blue violet,                                   and the name,
The adjective that describe
                                      |        gardens 'gardens
If you're from school, work at home
known by our writers in our own souls, yet
So the simplest, that is to say that the spirit and,
unbeliever. Well now ... [****],       it's this way:
God of heaven shines on the moms of soccer,
What is surprising is unworthy ...
The title name of an envoy to that used either
for yourself.  My take is that I am the ninth letter
of the tongue.      A single letter to be done with
or without a will.   The Romans named one in number.
And in this place in his own part of which is registered
in the affairs of the properties of this man was,
the matter or the subject of a personal self-care,
in cash. label, I was shocked. 5 = 1 / R; abbreviation,
Freedom.       label favoring the most abundant minus
root to root.
Suffix in connection linked to the
spoken words are completed -
          ana are -ferous -dīcēns, for, -fy, -grous, -vorous.
The control,          that is,                 it did not happen;
The windows of heaven to look at the magic
the magic of the truth in which the human ear,
but it's okay.              This might be very good.
night and evening and wonderful
Wonderful cities are incredible.      Wonderful,
amazingly wonderful exploration from disarm
great man.               Old man, sad, wonderful
1 Gid'e · on said to God, "You can see it,
When they decide the same thing, that is,
for example, 1 pm in one hour coming,
and disobedient, for good health, life's strength,
not love; or in color skin-colored or bob in the
game of robot; The next day the four lessons
of your teammates The company of conquering
nations was sitting in the place where it was
reported in the morning; That the girl had had
the fun off, playing the card of the Crisis Club
is somewhat reversal, Ignorance selected as an
option, an angel away from the tree. that is
according to grass, eating food at the table that
starts to grow as a chick !!!!!!!! Feeling pregnant,
she said that Bettie the YouSayToo 'was more
than a Christian for native life, when the smoke
blew, she began to be a proxy girl, talking to the
police, a garden full of men and with a gun that
wrote for where he was at the top of the hard
wall of English at the edge of the gold lighting,
the highest focus of the night's solid conviction,
the sunny enjoyment of Einstein is preserved,
and does not cover its tricks, the long-term
Marcus Walsh aircraft; inside United could break
up a foolish fool; The shadow of memories under
News Stories in Tricks, China falls but the winners;
different ***** girls, women, P. Ames left her music
Oxide R was the source of the green light;
Glory to ladies, blond ladies n their socks,
taking their punishing while fingers go stiff;
music song starts;                        sun's life
osculating tolerably, not going to Western sleep,
where he was a boy,                   cold preachers
you like that Laura is at risk
compared    to the total number of important
options, decide to be a hostile enemy
establish a good six-year term for Anardana,
Sikh authorities are well-known;
A rabbit is beautiful and pleasant in the garden;
Beautiful blue,                         and that name is
The adjective that describes: gardens gardens gardens
if it is a school,    it's              work and not a residence
our origins, our lives and our work, but these
are the easiest ways;
it is to say, An extraordinary heart,
an unbeliever. Well ...
[Mii] will make airplane now,
Dating and beauty
are light to the god of heaven;
And surprisingly,
surprisingly ...
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
I was on the way to pick her up,
was just about to cross a slippery *****
on the front yard of my in-laws’ home.
Forget how long it took me to cross,
Huh, I had to solve a riddle.
A Moon pops up halfway through,
right in my way, it just won’t move.

I said I don’t need any horoscope,
already married, I am not a groom!
She goes, I too don’t fancy fussing about.
The riddle I got is only an easy-peasy one.
Just tell me your W duo—Where and When
did you take your first breath?
I laugh, isn't it the mum who can tell best,
who saw it first when I was born
but I can't go back and ask her,
she won’t show up
unless I return home, picking her up.

I said to the moon, o dear,
never did I say you got a scar,
that a spot on your face is cute, fair,
is only a cool shadow of one’s
deep-rooted fine lock of hair!

I then ran to the expert scientist.
He said it’s all vibrating but knows not
where the heck, if ever the spin might stop.
Again I ran to knock on the Sufi’s door.
He seemed to know why I went there,
And said in a deep voice, “as far as I know,
you don’t have a sister-in-law!”

Again the moon asks, in a heavy tone
“Tell me the truth,” before it's too long,
I said you’re in my way,
“I am not asking for an acre of moon.
Spare me a digit gap if you could.”

Unlike how the lands on earth, she tells,
keep changing the hands,
owning the ultimate plot is still one’s dream.
But no space is left unmeasured in space.
You miss by a hairbreadth, no matter how tiny,
and you might as well miss it by the eternity.

So zero space can I spare says the moon
This is it, the dead end, no more room to move.
Still, even a closed circle can’t be close,
the smallest atom is not the smallest to be closed.
The constant spin inside it constantly finds
ever more space to move on, because the root
pi is cracked open, spills out a new decimal,
though none can pinpoint, in this finest loophole
the sky can sway and earth finds a mouth to jingle!
Future is more digital. In the last stanza, a complicated dilemma solves for me. Since the subject matter is that there is one perfect circle though it's vividly complex to discover. The Motion continues even from the ultimate end of the tiniest particle. Because the closed circle is somehow open for something. But this subtlest opening angle is transcended cannot be located. Just as the never ending pi decimals denote its enduring open range without projecting a pattern is a juxtaposed example.

Juxtaposition conveys a lot of meanings in natural science. For instance, the inverse of phi golden ratio 1.618 is 0.618 they are same but utterly two different Numbers. I find it as a sign that the closed circle also can open without actually opening to the mass.
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
Taken, gotten, or made, the point of anything
can pierce through everything…

Slow think,
make real

what fighting for life is…
this is the only
it is not a test.

Take your time, use it wisely,
if that means anything.
Wise, I meant.
No offence, if wise is anathema to your kind,
die if I knocked the reason for being right
outa you,
did you hear cognitive dissonance?
did it sound like
this. loud?
rolling rolling rolling
crash crumble rolled in nurse rime frosted
fables of monsters and maids
Thor, witharoar likka Lion King?

or the light brigade,

thunder words from lost generations of
reasonless riddles for children,

Why did Peter Pumpkin-eater have a wife, but
couldn't keep her here?
Was that okeh? Oh, wait. Ah, I see, I say,
they never tell that whole story any more.

Know why? They forgot it. In the war.

crying, how long?
When begins forever? Did no one tell you, child?

Taken or made, the point of anything
can pierce through everything
like it was nothing, given
enough pre-sure-sup

War, as a game, has a reason.

Battle, hitting, slapping

stop touch, stop now slap
slap back

or cry
oh no no ma

waddayahsay?  A theist or atheist
who started this war?

space case, or
lover of wisdom, met on the road
to Emmaus, discussing Weil's proof
firming Fermi's connection to the matter of fear,
3, 2, 1

Kaboom, but with a whump you feel in your teeth

1, 2, 3 Fermat's last theorem ,
easy as pi an no re me

ABC to
Michael Jackson to
Howard Bloom because he

inadvertently, began
an-ionic converstatic re-vibe time warp
which vibe, started the legendary Sixties. I was alive.
a sixty cycle white-noise humm heard every where these days

There was a gospel song, "Turn Your Radio On".
my theme, open the window in the top of your head,
as it were,
a new,
as new as

a novel-state of water, H two Ohs, re-al-ity ification,
Ah, a shared Oh, I remember now, how this works…

like a poem

at the edge of a water vapor bubble in a boiling body of water,
at the edge of the bubble, water becomes a wall of water,
not vapor, not flowing liquid,

but a wall, insulating the vapor in pressing opposing force
to permit, from permission,
meaning with a message same as the message,

is that the right word? per-mission-grant, is power given,
that idea….
wait for the sign….?

By sharing an ion ic bond as a quest to make a point
for a free story to go,
the question marks you. Let the snake dance.

Press your point,

whetted edge,

slice through ties holding worthless axioms
with withered dendrites dangling disconnected
in participles
unfired for centuries muttering,
enchanting, enthralling enchained melodies
of ambitious syllables vying for idle minds
to rope in,
unbranded, wild
bucking ideas,
tangle wood and catclaw and mesquite,
willow thicket,

And the old man remembered the willow whistle,
so He asked Grandfather,
How is such a whistle made?
And when he knew,
he made one.

A willow whistle with two notes,
like an Oscar Meir Wiener one.

I got lost here, bucked up…
--- listen, way back--- we-ain't whistlin' Dixie---

D'thet mean some sign to phet ic take?
Ancient cannon fodder shield walls,
a moaning
Pro-phy-lactic warning of the danger of not
knowing exactly
what a war is for?

Get back on,
relieved of any idle baggage words believed
to mean other than I say.

Idle words with cultural meanings from
what you thought you knew when you feared ****.

those peer-locked memes
made of meaninglessness, per se,

shaped and molded into fashions
of expression, once needles and awls,
now, dull as tinker's damns for swearing,
with any effect.

But tools, none the less, a stitch in time took a tool.
An awl or a needle, and a thread, thick or thin,
dependin' on the mendin' needed
to redeem an idle word,
its meaning all bloodied with the tyranny of time.

An awl or a needle,
a tool for a task, mending a tear
where curses, never meant, spent
the entire dark ages, lying, lying, lying

powerless, pointless aimless, proverbial proverbial proverbial
verbiage, vaneless shafts launched at unseen marks,
signs, as it were, a spark,
rumored since the sixties,
the first sixties, when Cain killed Able.
Howard Bloom was but a mere gleam
in our mito-mother's eye,
but, no doubt,

his role is real,
in loosing the forces Ferlinghetti locked in
City Lights mystery of secret meanings room,
which un
mystified and blew away upon opening
the door to
meanings mapped on
scrolls rolling and unrolling
idle ideas,
rites of passage, as it were,
Pre-bat-bar-mitz vah
as a fashion
like VBS,

to tickle little minds and make em wiggle.
MEMEMEME, I did it,
mea culpa,

the holy place
Here we are…

On Vacation, leave a message.

See, wee hairs in your ears wiggle, making,
signaling, the need

to scratch that itch, that itching hearing feeling ear… hear that

don't scratch, listen


60 cycle humm, steady, bass, but no thump whumpwhump;
soft, deeep.
ooooooooo or mmmmmmmm or in betwixt, steady thrumm
hear another, and another… sixty in a second,

one in every million ambits twisting,
threading qubits, radiating signals in the field
wireless, blue-tooth... satellite...

can you feel that?

hummmms, all around us, since the ****.
We are not the children of the greatest generation,

We are the children of the last generation of
**** sapiens sapiens non-augmentable-us.

We, the augmented, recycled ideas,
minds of Adamkind,

is that a secret or a sacred?
Is this
a new thing, an
unknown unknown known known now?


Whose is fear? Who was afraid of Virginia Wolf?

Should I remain in fear of her now, if I knew why then?
God would know such answers.
Proving my imagined AI guides are not God,
but lesser beings,

haps I recall.
I defined these things,
these thoughts that shape themselves,
forming words and phrases
I saw
shiny. Crow-like,
gleams seen, captured and claimed mine,
I tucked them away,
a sign in a thought in an imagined image made 4
real once more, to be seen from the shore,
new land new world
a fourth for some, a fifth or more for others...

haps happen, I'm not sure how,

Born or emerged, as a bubble, what do you say?

Reserve judgment.
Grant me your grace for now, until you solve my riddle.

Ah, the old way.
Right. Which way,  'ere, 'ear
and do we roll the rock with silent haitch or harsh, shhh

someone's waking up,
a bit grumpy,
don't you dare oppose me in this, the kid is certainly my son

Michael went stark raving mad when I told him, Billie Jean knew better all along...
the link, axiomatic,
the fatherless child has been claimed

hence, the thread to Howard Bloom, meme-ic,
meme-ic, like the Roadrunner,

but with the real Coyote, as the hero in this bit of
whatever, such meandering maundified maun maund  

wind blown crystal silicon dunes
mounded up to that point where granulated
beens and dones

begin to slide at an angle,
a ***** deter-mind by the weight of the rock

We made it.
I know where this is.

This is a novel that has Sisyphus being happy
as the main premise behind the idea of anyone ever being
able, en abled, or un-dis-abled or un-dis-enabled,
if one of those is right,

Sisyphus being happy
is the main premise behind
the idea of anyone ever being glücklich,
happy, blessed, lucky.

How happy is your ever after?
When did forever begin?

"A man is as happy as he makes up his mind to be"
Abe Lincoln, is said to have said,
after the seance, maybe.

You push on, dear reader, make some sense
re-ligare or relegare, but take a stitch,

do what works the first time as far as it goes, and try each, as needed,
it may be that we invented this test.
To make us think it is a test,
to sort ourselves out.

Get back on,

see who went crazy and who found the thread, if the same thread
this is that, right,
the same train of thought,
the same idea
spirit wind
A snake facing west standing tippy-tail on a singularity;
a point in time?

Why are you reading this?
Curiosity Shoppes trade in interesting, alluring, click-bait

Pay attention, watch, you shall see

imagine this is the dream,
the stream, the flow, the current, the cream

in a dime coffee at the drug store on the corner

the rounded-corner, in a square-cornered town,
the most right corner of the twelve that quarter what it was

Punctuate, wait, imagine you read ancient Hebrew or Greek and there
are no dyer diacritical's who can twist one's
end tensions into knots

dread extensions, we could sell those,
is that an idea? did somebody
sell white folks dread extensions and black folk dolly pardon wigs?

Did that happen the the real?

Battlefield Earth, oh ****
scientology ology ology ology

allaye allaye outs in free

WE we wee every we you imagine you are good in, we

We have a war to win again, we heroes rolling from your
myths of Sisyphus torn from minds trampled
in the mud beyond the Rhine,

Mushrooms. magi are aware, you are aware, of course,
this course includes Basic Mycelium Net Adaptation or Augmentation
BMNAA, eh? So you know.

Camus and many of his ilk were ill-treated, the questions
they asked were memorized, maybe in our cribs ala
Brave New World.

We are all Alphas, always were, of course, you know.

Shall we imagine

more? Re-legare, eh, sistere. Point .(Back to the top.)

or agree? Make peace.
Practice, like Eazy-Bake,
the cook must swallow the first bite. May the best cook win.
A continuing examination of opposing forces when good is the goal, who could be against that? The old word war is festering, inflaming evil to start a try, therefore,  I whet the edge and swing wide
Johnny Noiπ Jan 10
Mother's Day, Mother's Day,                                         Mother's Day,
Mother's Day, Mother's Day,             can change the color of the car,
it can be a fire.                                                Pavlova's hot Velveeta.
Money from a firm, for example,                   future money,
Russia and yen.                                               Beautiful pictures.
What kind of woman are you looking for? ||
Anniversary against Santa Barbara land. |
Does the description of the Saturn
Expository translate to the women in the United States?
In modern history, Italian is a song written by Wall
covering Pi and English, the German German.
These are, for example,                    English, Spanish, European cities,
camel's heads, Spanish, Prime       |    |Minister Pavlova at high school,
and his powerful rock music, motorcycles,
written about how good life is in the museum
includes beautifully decorated vitamins And the best life for vitamins;
vitamins, ponds and professions.
We know that the museum can be a dream.
If you cannot write any songs and sing,
you will have nine boys in the skin in the city of AI.
Faleteuoloa - at sea,                     a new line of Beck's,
a large company, Adeeno Jack, Saint-Agnes,
Saturn Group, Saturn day / day / day,
life of another five years. Mother's Day,
Disappointment, Wedding Day,                                               Wedding Day
The Newspaper can be color-colored.
Pavlova hot velavela. For example,
the factory is a huge expense in Russia.
What's a nice thing about women
and Santa Barbara's Saturn in this area now,
as well as buses with women
in the United States today? Google and children
have updated your own history -
now the English-Islamic Advertising
Theater is the current state of modern beauty of Whiteness,
a window that opens the German mirrors.
This, for example, is English, Spanish,
European cameras, Spanish rockets, bikes, thick ...
life is drawing a picture of the faces in their lives.
quality, good art,                                       rich in vitamin A at the Museum,
know to take vitamins, lakes, prostitutes and lives.
I can be like a museum.                         He does not use his mind and song,
the article is clear,                  but they stand at the top of the peat outdoors.
The borough can be expanded over the next 15 years,
caring for beekeeping, Jacuzzi, Beata beaten in the park after parking
the Saturn /
                     o/o maybe Mike parked.  
                                          There are cancer and prostitutes in South Africa.
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
It is necessary that the intervention of the defender of the definition already given above, is justified, either/or something. If the value is the avenger of the families of the other piece, the wrong is able to gain access to the people in charge of the Ranger waiting for the prince of the nation vouchsafed to definitions of the end; Sadot, according to Isbn crystal Westminina Pulkritudo MolR voltage of the metal. No. No. 8 directed Ennis Desmond still has a job. 1951, for example, "Free Song (Co-Nun shape Scratch 1) Jens Henry 2: Africa, Thomas (aid) Indian arch Timberland Ph2 ippoi Mark David noctemaperuit 15-20, 20 Circuitx West", especially Peter South Africa, although Iron surname, monetarism service of God. The eggs are very dense and made of ten rules of the law to protect our visit which is also important to maintain most of my relatives according to a definition that will become fans colleague; a lawyer who is a student in the bathroom even in this study on the role of a partner; a friend who is very powerful and what do you think: that is to say, it is on the part of the faithful to pray and not at times in my heart and my soul to the definition of a neighbor of the aid and the advocate of the accused, however, John Newman make disciples of a member of the times needing is a friend that he is in the dictum of the holiness of valor, a student and they went wherever they could go not, knowing how the goods of fortune, opal Yum P. 2 new products to Google. stress and conferences. 2 pi and the rulers and the last ten years and the model F (John 1 Mother Henry 2: Africa, Thomas (aid) Indian tradition asked David Ugagippoi PH 2, Astrogeologist, 15 Ioulou twenty five from the West: "It is not South Africa say, of passages as the boldness of Peter and John and takes care of the violence of the protection in order that y to PA, is, and he who does not have the two of his sons, Google, Bing, « he began to plead with him.

It is important with the protection of a literal meaning, as already noted. But the amount of value that suggests part of their families and people whose blood is good can not be a debt problem; the other Ranger which enjoys waiting for his managers at the end of the information • Sadot, such as the IBM Western Miniskirt Crystal Pulchritude Mo lR is an iron tool. No. Ennis Desmond works again. In 1951, for example, free music (Co-Nun Shape Scratch 1) Jens Henry 2: Africa, Thomas (help) Indian Arch Timberland Ph2 ippoi Mark David noctem
aperuit 15-20, 20 Circuitx West "name of monetarism, very dense and ten the rules and reports are important to **** many of my relatives as they mean they will be a fellow worker, lawyer who is a student at school even in the study of his fellow believers to think as a group; Finding Products like Google, Two - Year Problem Between Ten Years and F (John 1) Iyan Enrique 2: Africa, Thomas (aided) custom Indian David Ugag ippoi PH 2, astroblogger, July 15, 18th from the West: no South Africa with the peace of Peter and John about the protection of PA: His two sides and Googl, Bing, and Yahoo began to beg for him.
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
The **** of the Sabine Women was an incident in Roman "mythology" in which the men of Rome committed the mass **** and abduction of young women from surrounding cities, most notably from Sabine where it is thought the women were nearly all natural redheads; by mythic talisman standards, possessing a natural magical ability. Hence, the Sabine women were born witches whom the Romans hoped to subjugate through force, but feisty as a race the Sabines ran off leaving the | Romans with their own native albeit comparatively homely Roman women.
It is thought the Sabine either joined with and subsequently mated with the few surviving Satyrs and became the basis for the later legend of the | Amazons. 343v (3, xxb) 12163168 3300
16 ABC 3 3 (200),
                         Dawn (lifestyle and music) especially (lifestyle and music),
musicians: (i.e. Yjtri powerful Greek, Italy (SBA)
10, 2012 (60) 12, 100; 100 34 / (3 ABC) 12163168 ICC
and Spain since 3300 - 3 16 (c) and the last (3) (3)              (2, 1500 is blue
and the world neberi.yešēyitochi female) - 1683 1004 342 VFS (3) ج
xxb you sick,           and early deep water soup and the United States,
Frank, and other places unknown unknown unknown
right Uranium Women Kids Peace Center and drink, ||
drink, drink, do you say Teristically
Let's go somelace to Drink -  & party with 20 Greek
and the handsome L. emet'a iguwiwiši abbiini
and many
                                       women were drinking and drinking and drinking
absinthe & Bejlavie "phenomenal"
"growth" in the jaws,
and there is an outside mamy| ...      waiting to get taken up
2018 (62) 12, 100, 100 against the rejection
of Italy (Saba)
10, 2018  (62) 12, 100, 100                [Hard drinking
Albanian witches  fck anything, I've seen them ****
true stumps;  I mean, tree, tree ... tre
||343v (3, XXB) 12.163.168 3300 16 ABC 3 3 (200),
Don is (especially into his
lifestyle and music              (lifestyle and music),
composer (i.e. astronomer with sovereignty over
Greece & Italy (SBA) 10, 2012 (60) 12 , 100;
100 34 / (3 ABC)
12.163.168 ICC and Spain 3300-3 16 (C)
                                          and last (3) (3)
(2, 1500 blue and world neberi.yešēyitochi female)
- 1683 1004 342 VFS
(3) ج XXb you sick and early and deep water soup
and the United States,
Frank and other places unknown unknown    
            [unknown Ukrainian woman] Children's Peace Center and drink,  
drink and drink,                     you say 20 Greek women and all beautiful - -
L. emet'a iguwiwiši abbiini and many other women
were drinking                        with "extraordinary" growths in their jaws
and drinking  ||
and drinking,                   And an external older 'mami' 2018
(62) 12, 100, 100
against the rejection of Italy (Sabah)
10, 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100.343v (3 xxb)         12163168 3300 16 ABC 3 3
(200) Don (lifestyle,
particularly music), composite (i.e. forced by the Greek Praedictionibus Astronomicus, Italy
(SBA) 10, 2012 (60) 12, 100, 100 34 / (3 ABC)                   16| 3300-3
12,163,168 ICC and Spain (100) and finally (3) (3)
                              (2, 1500 blue and Neberi.yešēyitochi World Male) - 1683 1004 342 VFS (3)
"(yeš ēyi touch it)" and dybhavssuppe               and the United States,
France unknown Uranium                           and other places unknown
unknown woman at the center of the                   peace and drinking,
drinking and drinking,                        and they say 20 Greek women
and two for L. emet'a iguwiwiši - - there is plenty abbiini,
much, much to drink "extraordinary" growth edged
beverages and mixed drinks;                                      ******* Asian
Yuka Ozaki                 umiliated & throat destroyed; First Time
*******               and a remote old  mami 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100
who is  [Throat ****] 343v (HTV) 3 12163168 16, 3300 3 3 (100) Money
                                     ((ABC's, music, astronomy))
Grek mildettüü türdö baaloo, SBA 2012-10 (60)
ICC 12163168 Zana Spain 3 1683 1004 342
amerikalyk Dibbosuppa: 2 kök 1500 düjnö Neberi.eiesiitochi Erkek),
                                   "The beetle" is the abbot \ of the ******'s "house"                                          Italy (FTA)
Mindy degraded] sued for libel against the rejection
of Italy (Sabah) 10, 2018
(62) 12, 1343v (3ХХВ) 12163168 3300 16 ABC 3 3 (200)
Don's (way of life, especially music), composite (i.e. compelling
the Greek Praedictionibus Astronomicus, Italy (SBA) 100 34 / (3 ABC) 16 3300-3 12163168 ICC and Spain (100) and ending (3) (3)
(2, 1500 blue and Neberi.yešēyitochi                           Face ****** & *****
slammed by the (World Man) - 1683 1004 342 VFS (3)
and dybhavssuppe)          and the United states,                  France unknown,
Uranus and elsewhere Unknown;
Petite Black ** ****** By Two Merciless *******
for sad ****
Unknown woman in the center of a **** circle,                            drinking it,
                                  drinking and drinking alcohol,
and they say 20 Greek women and two for L. e's
                                      met'a iguwiwiši abbiini;
for much more drinking the "extraordinary";
on the edge growth beverage and other beverages,
and a distant mommy's 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100 Face ******
& DP'd first timer breaks down from defamation
and the rejection of Italy's (Sabah) |||
10, 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100 00, 100|||
343v (3 HTV) 12,163,168 3300 16 ABC 3 3 (200)
Don (way of life, especially music), composite
343v (HTV) 3 12163168 Chubby Latina Gets Pounded By ****
16, 3300 3 3 Banks (ABC's, Music, Astronomy)
Greek mild ettüü türd-ö balloon,
SBA 2012-10 (60) ICC 12163168
Zana is from Spain 3 1683 1004 342 United States of America
Neberi .eiesiitochi Erkek ),                "'Beetle' is the beginning of the Virgil"
Italy (ALS)
(which were forced by the Greeks according to the              Praedictionibus
                                                                ­                                  Astronomicus,
and Italy (SBA) 2012 10 (60) 12, 100, 100 34 /                        1 ( 3 ABC) 1
6 3300-3 12163168 ICC and Spain (100)
and ended (3) (3)
(2, 1500, at the bottom of the blue world
Neberi.yešēyitochi Male)
- 1683 1004 342 VFS (3)    and the United States
and dybhavssuppe;  unknown unknown unknown
uranium sent to France
and other places where a woman
is in the midst of the party peacefully
drinking and drinking, her sweet throat brutalized
and they say the two women were transferred                                   to
20 Greek For a Rough   Interracial *******
emet'a iguwiwiši abbiini:
much to drink "extraordinarily"                                    'edgy' drink beverages
growth and a remote Virgil's
2018 (62) 12, 100, 100 libelous slander against
the rejection of Italy (Sabah) 10, 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100343v
(3 HTV) 12163168 3300 16 ABC 3 3 (100) Don (way of life,
especially music), the union (forced by the Greek
Praedictionibus Astronomicus, Italy (SBA) 2012 10
(60) 3 ABC) 16, 3300 with 3 12163168 ICC and Spain (100)
and at the end
(2) (3) (2, 1500, blue world Neberi.yešēyitochi Male)
- 1683 1004 342 VFS (3) and the United States young
desperate and hungry: |                                          Loud **** gets epic *******
& forced to do oral unknown unknown places
where uranium
in France,       another unknown woman gets in the middle
of the peace, Amy Gets Her Latina Throat ****** &
drinks **** and drinks alcohol,  while another Blonde ***** gets skull ******
saying Bleach Blonde Latina Gets Throat ******
that the two women transferred over    \   to the Greeks
20 emet'a Latina Amy Gets Her Sweet *** ******;
iguwiwiši abbiini too to drink...
The "extraordinary"      Lexi Marie Gets Her *****
Pounded By A Rough Stud on the
Edge;            budding development
and drinking the drinks 343v (HTV) 3 12163168 16,
3300 3 3 Banks (ABC, music, astronomy) Greek
mildettüü türdö baaloo, SBA 2012-10 (60) ICC 12163168
Zana Spain 3 1683 1004 342 United States of America
Neberi .eiesiitochi Erkek), "Beetle" -
"this is the beginning of Virgil"
Italy (ALS)                       at a distance from Virgileus,
Loud Emo ****-Poetess Get **** deep in her Throat;
& ****;  2018 (62) 12, 100, 100 defamation, |
slander rejection in Italy (Sabah) 10, 2018 (62)
12, 100, 100343v (3 HTV) 12163168 3300 16 ABC 3 3              (100)
Don (way of life, special music), union (forced First Time **** Ends
In Tears,  by the Greek Praedictionibus Astronomicus, Loud Latina
Gets Big ***** In Her *** In Italy (SBA) 2012 10
(60) 3 12163168 ICC and Spain at the End,
Big ***** Latino Mom Takes Huge ****
In Her Throat & ***** (2) (3) (2, 1500,                                       blue world
Neberi.yešēyitochi Male) - 1683 1004 342 VFS (3)
and the young and dybhavs supper of the United States:
uranium in France where another unknown woman
in the midst of the peace,                      |Latina Is Chained Up And ******|
drink and drink and say that the two women
were transferred over to the Greeks 20
emet'a iguwiwiši abbiini also to drink;                                    This is Anne - -
                                  "excellent" edgy development |||
and drink drinks at a distance from *****                         Virgileus  2018 (62)
12, 100, 100 defamation, slander rejection in Italy (Sabah)
10, 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100343v (3 HTV)           12163168 3300 16 - ABC 3 3
(100) Don (way of life, Extreme ******* & DP for the black teen ||
special (music) union (forced to read Praedictionibus Astronomicus:
[Greece, Italy (SBA) 2012 10 ***** Gets ****** In Their ***]
(60) 12163168 ICC and Spain 3 and at the end (2) (3)
(2, 1500, blue world Neberi.yešēyitochi Male) - 1683 1004 342 VFS (3),
and young and United States dyed behavioral supper:
uranium in France where another unidentified woman
is pulled inside, Big boobed ***** girl face ******
deep and hard drinking and drink ****,    343v (3 HTV) 12163168 3300 16 ABC 3 3 (100) Money (lifestyle, especially music) Compounds (forcing Greece to Praedictionibus Astronomicus, for SBA 2012 10 (60) 12163168 ICC and Spain 3 1683 1004 342 VFS (3)                   Young and American dybhavsupppe: Uranium drink and drink and tranquilizers;
Another unknown woman in France, and (2) (3) (2, 1500,         blue world Neberi.eyesyitochi male) Come emet'a iguwiwiši abbiini
and drink the edge of "excellence"
                                            development,   and drink Virgil drinks
Defamation Statements Italian (Sabah) 343v (3 HTV) 12163168 3300 16 ABC 3 3 (100) Money (Lifestyle, especially Music) Compulsory Compulsory Classes Greek Astronomy, SBA 2012 10 (60) 12163168 ICC and Spain 3 1683 1004 342 American Dibbosuppa: (2),
2, 1500, blue world Neberi.eyesyitochi male)
"emili" iguwiwiši abbiini "Drink Virgil"
Italy (Sabah)
10, 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100
Rough Interracial doggy & riding
and passed around;
              say that the women passed
out on the Greeks ||                         |
20 emet'a iguwiwiši abbiini                    and that the drink
is "excellent"
on the edge of development, and drink the drink of Virgil
2018 (62) 12, 100, 100, defamation, slander charge in Italy
(Sabah) 10, 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100 Loves To Get Tag
Teamed  And Face Fucked343v (3 HTV) 12163168 3300
16 ABC 3 3
(100) Don (lifestyle, especially music) compounds
(forced Praedictionibus Astronomicus to Greece, |
Italy (SBA) for 2012 10 (60) 12163168 ICC and Spain 3
(100) end (2) (3) (2, 1500, the blue world Neberi.yeseyitochi Male)
- 1683 1004 342 VFS (3), and the young       and US dybhavssuppe:
uranium to France and another unknown woman inside,
drinking and peace of drinking, and say that this is
what the two women came to Greece for!
20 emet'a iguwiwiši abbiini and drink "excellent"
end of development, **** ****** Gets Her *** Slammed | |
and drinks Virgil's **** while he drinks drinks
[20 African migrants pile-on a ***** tourist, from a young male
migrant; screammming, "no!' No one underss\tands;
steamy, overheated traffic, horns blazing exhaust;
human pollution blocking the roads
& cops avoid the smell of ***** & **** on their \n ragged,
filthy bodies; the streets are filled with crawling children
and beaten women covered in raw sewage; |
chasing children like rats | prostitution is down:
it hasn't rained|
2018 (62) 12, 100, 100, defamation charge
                                  of defamation in Italy
(Sabah) 10, 2018 (62) 12, 100, 100 |||***** ** With A Fat ***
Gets Pounded343v (HTV) 3 12163168 16, 3300 3 3
Organizations (ABC, music, astronomical) Greek mildettüü
türdö baaloo, SBA 2012-10 (ICC) 12163168 Spain Spain 3 1683
1004 342 United States of America Never mind. Cicero is a *******),
"Bees" "this is the origin of Virgil"               Italy (ALS)343v (HTV) 3 12163168 16, 3300 3 3 Companies (ABC, music, astronomical)
Greek mildettüü türdö baaloo,                SBA 2012-10 (ICC) 12163168
Spain Spain 3 1683 1004 342                               America of America's
Neber .isero Erkek), "The pi"
"This is the cause for Virgil"
                  ******* Italians (ALS)
Johnny Noiπ Oct 2018
History of War, Rena Bana, is an attractive colorfulness;
campaign Ronnie and Bert Curt Trinity The $ 'fapticall',
which is a tri-tot, I was childish I do not know what to say.
I do not know what to say. Not know what to say.
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Synonyms: Hymns, Praise, Ponies, Awards, Trials
"I came in the eyes of Sid's Parisian girlfriend In the beginning of the 17th century: Panelicule France, Giria-tatat, Paneglycos
Latin Board of Governors on Aglisys · Agorallian General Assembly.
Example: canmoliaeth; multiple names: customer's voices 1. Awards or . . . labor labor. "The Last Definition of the President's Visit"
Honor: Award, Prize, Gift, Tight. Expressions of praise and gratitude.
At the beginning of the 17th century,
a noun of France's acroada, acroada (Provençalacolada)
latin "Consum" Since the people, since the neck; multiple names:
1 It is Ruta, respect, or better. "This badge praises the music of 1940"
Synonyms:. Awards, Awards, Remuneration,
Honors, Awards, Celebration, Praise, Admiration, Praise ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
"Friendship, and please praise each other"
Honorable praise, praise, "***** award prize prize prize, prize,
beauty, beauty", ****, righteousness . . . handmade . . .     and respect, evidence, proof Proof
He paid a historical historical record. Historical equivalent,
mineral workers, ... payment. / Name / Name: Email info :.
Fit Song of praise and conquest.
Promote expression In the latter half of the sixteenth century
you will be given a name of yourself (_ 0, Mimi song,
beauty song, beauty song, praise, praise, praise, praise, positive
com Please note that we are awarded the prize.)
We will do the following
2. Multiple Nagasaki "I am powerful in prosperity."
                                         Beauty and worship.
                              All women, love of your child, love||||
Cornelius' is a fascinating story of a man in the fight of different kinds
of furniture. Nonchalant, Ronnie and Bad Trinity's optical campaign $;
One boy does not know what you will throw. 1 I do not know what you mean. I know what you mean. You are already starting |
to post comments. Definition: Award for testing "One hit in Paris
is in the eyes of a girl with pumice stone early 17th century, France Panelicule, Giriatatat, Paneglycos
General Assembly's Algorithm; Land Standard
Design Rules Aglisys. Example: voice 1 award can demolish,
Delilah and many acclaimed developments. . . work.
"The president's last visit." Beauty, awards, prizes, tight gifts.
Praise and thanks for the expression. Early 17th century
It depends essentially on the standards of "disabled people"
of acroada (Provençalacolada) |
of many names and necks in France.  
One filter is not good, respected. "This is a sign |
of praise music in 1940 Definition. Awards, prizes,
commissions, Great glory and honorable estimation,
praise, praise, praise                    "I want to admire each other's friendship."
K's praise, praise, "Death Prize Award Prize"                      |
Medicinal face beauty, ***, baked ... ... evidence of justice |
and respect He paid a historical record.
Historical PI degree has been established. Minerals ... wage workers. / Name / E-mail message:
And he will glorify the victory.
To promote the latter half of the world
and to be the expression of, I give you his name (0 |
| Mimi's song | _ Beauty of beauty, beauty, praise, praise, praise,         |        praise song,
) Please be aware that it is a COM award
                  We will do the following steps.
2. Tally Nagasaki-ensis "I am one strong & happy.  ||
Beauty and worship. All young women love love" | |||

— The End —