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Olivia May 2018
I’m not a pessimist.

But I hear the drumbeat of inadequacy
Keeping time to the echoed songs of a forgotten world.

I’m not a pessimist.

But I feel the bass of a billion irregular heartbeats
Ticking to to the sound of a broken clock.

I’m not a pessimist.

But I see the angry smashing of waves on skin
Crashing with the clicks of a slowing metronome.

I’m not a pessimist.

But I smell the metallic scent of a broken machine
Grinding to a halt while the societal dance speeds up its pace.

I’m not a pessimist.

But I taste the bitterness of infinite gray nowheres
Drifting endlessly while the band plays on.
Silence Oct 2016
As much as I would love to say that the world is full of good people and pretty plants that bloom every spring, I can’t. I cannot say that because I know it is not true. The brutally honest facts is that no one is perfectly good and sometimes flowers don’t grow from the stem of the plan they were born from and they remain dormant. The sun doesn’t shine brightly every day and birds don’t always sing. I am not saying that the world is a hell hole and we might as well give up on a life that is going to end in failure anyways. However, I am saying that there will be bad days. I would say that my mind is pessimist but my heart is one hell of an optimist. My brain tells me that life isn’t fair and everyone dies eventually, but my heart tells me to power on another day because I am an incredible human being with so many things to offer the world. If I was an optimist, I would never be honest to myself and would allow myself to lie and say everything is okay when it isn’t. if I was an optimist, I would walk through life being stabbed and never stop to heal the wounds. However, if I was a pessimist I would never be fully happy and eventually the negativity would drag me down to a place not even the biggest optimist could pull me out of. If I was a pessimist I would walk through life being stabbed and stopping to heal my wounds. I think life is easier as a pessimist. It allows you to never get hurt. You’re always thinking of the bad that could happen and you avoid it. So maybe, I’m scared of getting hurt. Therefore, I admit that I am a pessimist.
complexify Apr 2017
they told me that
i am a pessimist
that i should wear
my positive hat
and not think of malice.

i am very sure that
every pessimist
were once an optimist.

they went through
things that made them
lose hope
and lose their courage
to bravely trust and believe

from the tiniest bit of betrayal
to the biggest act of treason.

i believe no one is born a pessimist.
they were all once, optimists.

hope may be a superficial belief
but it's not as fake as you think it is.
from my opinion, pessimists are scared to hope too high again. including me.
Allesha Eman Oct 2014
They called me a pessimist
And I guess I am
I mean it's true
But it's not my fault that the autumn days are dark
Whispering harshly in the night
Ripping leaves off of trees
Leaving them limp and bare to survive winter
The little winds foreshadow the coming brutal storms
That leave us cold in terror
But the breeze is so powerful
It numbs my skin like a drug
Keeps my blood rushing, wanting more
And my eyes are pleased to see the rainfall of the leaves
From branches of clouds
So beautiful
Then comes the holidays and cremed cocoas
The laughter and the dazzling crisp snow
One true pessimist
They call me but I'll go with it and let it go
Agnis Lynota Mar 2013
In the silence of the night,
My thoughts scream nonsense
I can hear my heartbeat increasing
Because it scares me how just one head
can hold so much sorrow, chaos and wonder.
My heart is an optimist,
but my mind is one hell of a pessimist.
Natasha Dec 2013
Oh, how I pity my poor pessimist
Do you not mind what I scribe?
Does curiosity never approach you
When I know you can't sleep at night

If you do, I hope you discover
That I write simply- you & I.
With my being beyond the horizon
In these words you must rely

A carpenters daughter,
(It's true) I was never taught, how to fix the lonely
But I assure you dear
You won't be in the slightest disappointed

My entire life is an intricate patchwork
Of multiple afflictions
Through hotel rooms & glamour
Abuse & drug addiction

"Through bathrooms & ballrooms
On dumpsters & heirlooms"
Baby, we'll be fine
I know in my minds eye
We'll be fine

As for the sea
I feel the vibrato,
A ripple when you're lonely
But the tides will greet you, excited at the pier
To bring you back home to me  
For darling,
I long only to bury my tear-stained face
In the man too far to say he's home
I do not choose the life I live but it's the only one I can call my own.

*One day
I promise
You will wake in bliss
Between ruffled sheets
And my petite, contented figure
The pessimist will embody nothing
But the purest form of happiness
its me Jun 2014
Loving none and hating all.
The heart of the pessimist belongs to all who have carried the colossal weight of being alone.
Those who've spent there lives reaching for the stars only to realize that the stars they so desperately wanted are far out of reach.
hating all and loving none*

The heart of the pessimist
Lived alone and died alone.
Phil Lindsey Jun 2015
An opportunist takes spilled milk, adds sugar, makes ice cream.

An optimist believes it will all sell before it melts.

A pessimist complains that no one buys plain vanilla anymore.

A lot of us are still crying over spilled milk.
Sinex Oct 2014
A flame burns...

the optimist,
sees the light it makes,
and the heat it creates.

the Pessimist,
sees the oxygen it consumes,
and the wax turn to fumes.

which are you?

Tyler Lovelace Oct 2012
Guitars strum to heartbeats
In time to each tick tock
Dying down into a stray sleep
Will morning be graced by your presence?

There is a flower clawing at a monster
Scratches on the bathroom mirror
With those pessimistic, optimistic words
"Live each day like it's your last"

Light poured out of lock picked veins
Stealing life's treasures, robbing the bank
Look how you have trashed the place
Will morning be graced by your presence?

A half awake moon lazily kisses you to an early grave
Telling you goodnight, sweet dreams pessimist
And don't forget the words we never should say
"Live each day like it's your last for surely it is"
harlee kae May 2014
I haven't yet determined
                                   if optimism
                              Is a trait of the foolish
                          or a trait of the brave          Give me something real to hope for.
                         Show me that I'm wrong.
                  Prove to me there's fairytales
                       That have happy endings.
Mike Hauser May 2016
If it wasn't for the pessimist
What would the optimist do
They'd have no earthly idea
What was needed to pull through

Or the gravity of the situation
And how to handle it best
Without the negative of the pessimist
What would fill the optimists head

Without the doom and gloom of the pessimist
Positive would be a lost cause
My best guess is that the optimist
Needs the pessimist after all
Keith Wilson Oct 2018
If everything is going well
then something must be wrong
have you ever thought about positivity
from a pessimist's perspective?

it's not exactly days filled with blue skies, friendship, and laughter.

not always bright smiles, and the colour yellow.

it's simply being able to stand up and carry on after constantly being knocked down by your own thoughts.

it's knowing that even though you're not feeling great today, happiness is on its way.

- v.m
happy world positive thinking day
M Jun 2016
What would you say if someone were to ask you about me?
Am I one worth talking about?
Am I even one worth remembering?
Would you just keep silent for there is no pleasant adjective to describe me?
Because if I were to leave tonight, I could safely say that I love how selfless I am.
Though I pretty much think that I am usually harsh on myself.
And even though your decision really hurts me a lot,
babe in this life, I will always put you before myself.
Because I see no point in fighting for what I want if it makes you unhappy.
2010 thoughts that were buried deep amongst the unconscious.
Ben Dec 2012
i'm in a dangerous state of mind
with no care for living this life
where human emotions are traded
for less than a pack of rubbers
but you didn't even use those
so how much did i truly mean
when the push came to shove
and grinding hips
with moaning lips
that whispered, screamed,
and cried his name
on the night you ****** my heart away
where loyalty takes a literal backseat
to pleasure
and a long term relationship
is laughing stock material
ha ha standup, ain't i funny
to look for something more than this
but i would choke on my own tongue
before i'd speak bad of you
my backstabbing lover
unfaithful friend
i hope to god it he was worth it
the cost was more than just tears
but blood spray on the bathroom mirror
and an empty place where i once
used to love
permanently empty
i can't find the will to care
more than a few half-hearted,
correct that, heartless
obscenities muttered under my breath
with ****** on my mind
a 3:30am fantasy to help dull
the pain that i should be feeling
maybe i'm just a pessimist,
fatalist, cynical, and negative
but my lack of surprise cuts the most
lied to by my mind for those
two months of my life
that i thought i had it all
better to have loved and lost
but even better to **** it all
and just go out with your name on my lips
and your lies in my heart
i hope you think of me when you're with him
that you choke on your tears
plagued with the worst emotions and loss
a better killer than any gun
i gave you everything and you gave it away
i can't sleep at night because when i close my eyes
all i see is you with him
Yan Jun 2015
Sitting in silence, in a gloomy new year’s eve
Keeping all his burden and everything he conceive
Tears flow through his eyes and he wept there inside
With all the sadness that he’s trying to hide

How can he feel love, when he feels so alone
Wishing there could be someone who’ll love him so
How can he be strong, when his strength is gone
When the last hope he’s holding disappear in his hand

He’s trying to be happy, he’s trying to be nice
He’s trying to be friendly, and trying to be wise
But still he’s weak and can’t manage to be strong
When he knows he can make it, that’s when he’s strength can’t took long

He love his friends, he really love them so much
With all that love, he can’t win that back
He doesn’t know what’s happening, all he know he is fair
But why do the world, for him, is so unfair

In the mirror, his reflection looks forward to him
He face the emptiness they bring out to him
He tried to be numb with all of the pain
But nothing change, they are all the same

Please my Lord, please do love him
Please do have sympathy, oh please guide him
Make him remember that he’s worthy to live
He is worthy to this life and to all the blessings You will give

Make him realize that he is Your son
Please help him go on, he’s just a human
Please oh God don’t let him down
Please raise him up and keep him calm

I know deep inside – in the heart of a pessimist
Someday he’ll be strong, he can stand on his feet
Someday he’ll be true about his entirety
He will fly away to save his sanity

Don’t look at him like he’s the one to blame
He’s just so unsure, don’t think he doesn’t care
Don’t talk against him as if you know him enough
He is your friend when the times get rough

Inside, his soul is slowly languishing
His mind is fading, his body’s vanishing
But in time I know he will save his self
And in his eyes I see nobody but my self.
AM Feb 2014
I've decided that it pays to be a pessimist
We love deeply, while not ignoring the feeling of our hearts begining to crack
This doesn't mean our hearts end up in any fewer shards
Or are any less impossible to reassemble
But at least we're not surprised when they shatter
I am
A pessimist.
I never hope
For the best.
My goals are low
As are my dreams
All broken
Before they started
Like the nonexistent
You and me.
Aaron Bee Aug 2014
Joy is a
and I
can't buy it.
More glamorous than
any amount
of *******
but more available
than a breath
of fresh air.
Smiles are
easier to break
than an
Anorexics bones.
frowning faces
begin to walk
their steady pace
birth to coffin.
Happynessa May 2016
Within the centre of your being
May you find peace
Every act of unconditional love
Echoes in eternity
Spread your wings and dance
Dreams into reality
If your situation  won't change
Then change yourself
The optimist is often as wrong
As the pessimist
But he is far far happier
Choose happiness
Timothy Nov 2012
A few hours after midnight; the world is fast asleep.
Alone and cold do I wander. Like a nightmare do I creep.
With the intent of nothing I sit and watch the street.
It’s a week after Halloween and my shoes are on my feet.
I near my house, I think I’ll shave, (My chin has an itch.)
But at my feet upon the ground a color doesn’t fit;
Black on black with a spot of white doesn’t sit quite right.
You’d think they’d be more careful, ornery little gits.
Yet here at my feet, some candy lies plainly in my sight.
I stop to stare and wonder, and my brain does a nervous twitch.
So here I am; with a piece of candy that might have mange
Meanwhile my mind is discovering a whole new range
For all the pain we go through, to keep the world nice,
 Nothing anyone does ever seems to pay the price.
I’ve got a new hybrid car, gets 50 to the gallon plus it’s electric.
And when I finish a snack trash is out the window. Are we epileptic?
I mean you’ve got to be kidding me, who can say that they are not
A miserable little hypocrite? World is full of betrayal and lies.
Filling with anger, righteous and hot, I feel a change in my soul.
I’ll be better! I’ll change the world or the two of us will sever ties!
The earth will follow my example and we’ll hold to higher goal.
Give me a few years and then lets see what we’ve got!
I hold onto the fantasy for a while, sad to let it slip.
But the truth does sink in and reality has a tighter grip.
Even if I spoke who would listen? One cry in a thousand’s not so great.
I’m not saying we shouldn’t try, to resign ourselves to our fate.
I’ve never been a pessimist, just a realistic optimist you understand.
If you want change, aim for what you can hold in your hand.
Think you can bring about world peace, think you’ve got the might?
Try to keep peace in your town, or your block, or home without a fight.
I stand and think to myself one more Sucker here and there,
Isn’t going to change a thing. If ten men vowed never to let themselves repeat
Their mistakes, the next day a chance would come, one would stand,
Nine would shudder and forsake him. Alone he’d return to his seat.
I step away and head home. I return my thoughts to the matters at hand.
Like my homework; a poem and some calc. I’ve still got to lose some ****** hair
Kimberly Oct 2013
Nobody understands someone who might have a lot going on; who might be hopelessly depressed.
People that are going through a lot,
Seem to have lost the light in their eyes and love in their hearts.
They see everything for what it truly is, maybe slightly darker and don't believe in sugar-coating.
They seem cold and distant, bitter towards life.
"I hate this, I hate that", when in general you just hate life and the person you've become.
You cannot see the good in anything or anyone and seem to be weighing out options,
Seeking answers to what or whom is worth loving.
It's hard because you know you can't sugarcoat things and make everything better with a simple spell.
You can't change your perspective on life and what's around you; you just can't fix the way your mind works and how you think.
This confuses people; they judge you for it.
"She's just another god ****** pessimist"
No, not pessimistic , just realistic.
Something that can't be helped.
Susan O'Reilly Apr 2013
Is a pessimist
an unhappy chap if his
day has no mishap
haiku?, serynu?
Nylee Aug 2016
I wonder sometimes ,What is the point of living?
  When the only certainty in this life is that I will die .
  People , things ,time , place will change with time
  But in the end , we will all lie in coffin
  I wonder sometimes , What is the point on waking  ?
  When I live more freely in the land of my dreams
  I am bounded by rules and all restrictions to live my life.
  Is it not better , to keep on sleeping ?
  I wonder sometimes,What is the point running behind time?
  All this time, I have been running behind to catch up for all moments lost,
  But it does not wait for me , when I try to get up from falling.
  And I know, I will never have it in my hand ,at least not for this lifetime .
  I wonder sometimes, What is the point of smiling?
  Life will always find a way to ****** it from you.
  So , why should I pretend that I am happy when I am sad .
  Why keep the pretense ,it all hurts to keep on feeling.
  I wonder sometimes , What is the point of working ?
  There is no one who appreciates and notices the hard work ,
  Everyone looks for mistakes , just to criticize ,
  And for money , which keeps all just for the big game playing .
  There is no point in anything that exists ,
  If you see the way I look the world .
  But that does not stop me from living just the same ,
  And being the cynical and pessimist .
I’m Smith of Stoke aged sixty odd
I’ve lived without a dame all my life
And wish to God
My dad had done the same.
Life’s nothing but a rough road
When you care to only see the hateful thorns,
Digging the grave for all joy and peace.
*****, you caress not the beauties the rose adorns,
The smoothened grass, the birds that sing on trees!

Life’s nothing but a weary voyage
When you care to only struggle in sorrow,
Sailing on your tears that seem to forever flow.
Fool, you fail to admire the streaming stars that follow,
The wandering wind, the ocean that with mysteries glow!

Life’s nothing but a blank black sky
When you care to only lose and mourn,
Being devoid of all stars, beauty and bliss.
Idiot, you care not to greet any ecstatic dawn,
The clouds that float, the rays the waves kiss!

Life’s nothing but nothing
When you care to only cry and cry and rot,
Bearing all pessimism and shunning all peace.
Fire your spirits with every smiling thought;
Feel free to flame on in all ecstasies!

Feel free for optimism's the true life!
To go forth in life, go forth with life!
Genevieve Mar 2017
Baby, I'm a pessimist.
There's no situation I can't find disaster in
I'm smooth and quick on the downfall
Ready to give up hope at every stoplight.

Vending food to hungry dollar signs,
I sell my faith in humanity with every transaction
Each meal comes with a slice of my dignity.

I beg for even one person to surprise me,
Shake my prediction from their shoulders,
All to no avail.
Predictable, granted, solidified in their selfishness

At 3 in the morning,
They're all looking for someone to go home with,
Someone to tell them they have worth,
And they'll willingly bare their teeth should you get in the way.

It's not beautiful anymore,
Watching this dance called humanity.
It's ugly and self-gratifying
And only rarely is Care shown to anyone but children.

We lie, manipulate, and steal from one another
Killing the very earth beneath our feet
And somehow I am still supposed to hope for something better?
I lost that hope when I was still a child,
And the stump left in its place shows no signs of growth.

Baby, I'm a pessimist.
Which is to say,
I'm an *******.
Sam Oliver May 2010
These days,
I find myself reaching out.

Reaching out for love,
Reaching out for 'like'.

Reaching out for anything
That can make me feel whole.

Reaching out for
the feel of hands that caress;
creating hope,
dispelling hopelessness.

...If only for a while.

Excuse me,
Mister Optimist.
I prefer not to be called
A pessimist.
Because a realist
His situation.
And mine is always
Very grim.

So how am I a pessimist,
For learning from the past
Of this..?
js Aug 2015
She said,
“Be a fountain, not a drain.”

I said,
“Fountains make good wishing wells.”
elizabeth Mar 2017
Like many things in life,
Problems occur.
Problems which we are
Meant to learn from.

Like many things in life,
Difficulties arise.
Difficulties that we can
All overcome together.

For better or for worse
the latter is more common,
for worse happens way too often,
the problems we face don't fade.

We live in this prison called life
difficulties arise as we slowly walk
to our demise,we fill our minds
that there are ways we can escape.

The hardships of life
Are only a small part of the
Vivid painting that is life.
We are the complete image.

Though we may have tears,
Rips, piercings, and smudges,
We are still full of wonder and
Our minds are full of light.

**We embrace the order
we border on uniformity
awfully we are digging ourselves
in shelves of debt and depression.

Life is a vivid painting,
staining the realisation that death,
that the last breath taken
and the needless pain is imminent.
March 5, 2017.
This is a collab I did with Gregory Dun Aer. The regular font is the optimist, the bolded is the pessimist. Gregory wrote the pessimistic side, I wrote the other.
Brent Aug 2016
a fair warning for you
if you are planning to
to fall in love with me
you fall in love with P's

if you fall in love with me
you fall in love with a pessimist
who believes that every single thing will fall apart
every bad thing is bound to happen
so please i ask
help me find the positives
in a world
where negatives are all i see

if you fall in love with me
you fall in love with a paranoid
who breaks almost every night
thinking about how wrong i could be
every choice
every decision
will be the worst one
so please i ask
to accept me
and convince me
that the world is not yet over.

if you fall in love with me
you fall in love with a p-ssy.
a coward
who's afraid to make the first move
who's ashamed to fail.
so please i ask
to wait for me
to be able to overcome my fears.

and lastly,
if you fall in love with me
you fall in love with a poet.
a writer
who's prepared to write everything
and anything
because sadly, that's all i'm good at.
so please i ask
to accept my love
in the form of words
and i will change myself.
i love you so ******* much yet i think you don't feel the same. at least, anymore.
Jo Baez Feb 2016
Every now and then I lay awake at night.
Staring out my window as the moonlight covers me in bedsheets made of allusions piercing through my half-shut curtains.
Reminding me to pray, even though there's no gods to pray too.
Faith escapes through my finger tips and I've learned so graciously to live being lost.
I've learned to unconditionally love the angst in my veins and embrace the pessimist that I am.
nivek Sep 2014
unappreciated only happens in company
live on your own and you will never be disappointed
peace resides in the hearts of the single
spend time in married company, you will count your blessings more often
tread Nov 2012
open pathways to a glaring pathos
the bright light of idealism is why the optimist is stronger than the pessimist
retreating into the no-eye-strain of a dark, frightening cave;
what was beyond the light?

the pessimist says the fear of the known is safer
while the optimist treads a sidewalk-highway-backstreet of light
ouuuuch, his eyes!


pushing through the grand theological cosmological philosophy zen
the optimist marches past the foot of the rancid infection
what self-inflicted pain for the sake of surrendering all responsibility;
the reason there are governments
is because of a grand laziness which clasps the wrists of the weary
fearful of their freedom as it is an unknown
grand cosmic
"stare any longer and I'll go blind;
march towards it and I will disintegrate."

"Are you sure?" asks the optimist
"No, but I won't take such a naive risk. I have been around long enough to cease trusting anything,
especially myself."

"Then you are eternally ******;
I seek my own grace."

there is a silence as the pessimist rounds to sigh
and the optimist wheels himself towards the stars.

— The End —