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laura Sep 2017
midriff cut from the universe
and diamond rings look good on her
every finger except the i'm-married-one
perky ears and silk smooth skin

adept and endearing accent
even when she's mad at me
and the way her shoulder blades curve
she's good at math and ***;

things i like more than the usual
triple threat, face, ****, breast
personality of an office chair.
JV Beaupre May 2016
The Standard Model is full of sticky, quirky Quarks,
perky little Fermions, and the Boson Higgs,
the reigning King of Mass of towering might;
who, by spontaneously falling off in any old direction,
gives ad hoc Masses to nearly all, and to all a birthright.

And for all normal matter in creation,
the Boson Higgs is the physicist's salvation.
Alas, we could have learned more,
but a Weasel ate through the Collider core.
Commentary on the Standard Model of Particle Physics.
Commemorates the 2015 shutdown due to animal intrusion.
P E Kaplan Apr 2014
First I spied the neck, sagging innocently enough,
one might even say blissfully, reflected in the glass laptop.
The phrase "whodunit" came out of nowhere,
and a low, silky, voice whispered,
"Aw, don't stop before the good part."

The villain left a few clues; the wispy hair strands;
some scattered age spots, skin tags, a few moles,
listless, crinkly, skin pale, lightly pimpled,
and a weird, wrinkly crevasse teased,
"Aw, don't stop before the good part."

Totally hooked, curiosity piqued; southward I spotted
where a once perky treasure "chest" was hidden,
two solemn, half-empty grain sacks, laying sideways,
basically lifeless they lazily muttered,
"Aw, don't stop before the good part."

The final chapter, the mystery solved,
no crime, no villain, nothing stolen, just flesh alchemy.
Where once a taut, flat, plateau of supple skin, resided
now a lumpy, bumpy, flabby belly, murmured sweetly,
"Boston Creme Pie and a cup of tea would hit the spot."
Kevin T Wilson Jul 2013
A whispered warning...
What does it mean?
Was it a faint reality or was it a vivid dream?
She was a beautiful machine with fixed tight lips ,perky breast ,and uncuttable iron wrist.
A piece of peace ******* in by God.
A singing voice that seemed to pass threw my every pore ,but faintly spoke.
A message delivered with excellence.
"Come to me me and taste that the Lord is good!"
A fascinating warning!
What does it mean?
Mary a machine?
How can it be?
Raizel Sep 2018
I had a dream
It was about beauty
It was an angelic beauty
It was you.
Your perky *******
Would show up from time to time
You were whispering
Sweet words in my ear
Your eyes were the
Perfect match of your hair
I had a dream
about love
Your smile was
The perfect end
I had a dream
About you
Xallan Jun 19
I talk about my perky *******
To the forks in the silverware drawer
And they look back at me metallicly
They want me to leave them alone.

A chest that curves out parabolically
Like a cat's cheeks
And some mouse has come along
And nibbled away at me, my leaves
Have been devoured by garden pests,
By nibbling slugs
I throw pennies at them.
But that does not replace what
Should have been, where the holes are,
Leaving me disproportionate.

I hold my tattered figure by its wounds
And we wail in pain
My ribcage, too small, contorts the howl
Into a soft, secret sob, a silent whimper.

The sound an animal when it knows
That nothing can de done
That its suffering will not be alleviated.
The pathetic sound of self-defeat.

A mourning of lost things I never had.
The lonely side of heaven, of freedom,
Of having nothing to lose,
Is seeing nothing worth gaining.

It's been 18 years
And I can finally move my toes
I move them independently,
In spite of the pain from muscle atrophy.
It's been 36 years, and I can finally free
My body, I can bare my chest,
I can move my arms.

I can open my jaw, loosened
From its tight and rusty position,
Locked in place to optimum howl.
All my arthritic hinges and joints swing
With an euphoric exhilaration.
I devour mice and slugs and garden snails
And sometimes me, too.

I count my ribs every morning,
To see if I've grown any more.
Under my limp and slimy skin, they shine
With a metallic luster.
I have found something new to talk about.
Please read the whole entire thing.
Bob B Mar 8
When Nancy smiled, the world smiled.
There is naught that can erase
Her smile that's etched into my heart--
A smile that brightly lit up her face.

Think of a lustrous beam of light
That blissfully penetrates
A pitch-black night or darkest gloom--
That rapturously radiates.

Such a beam was Nancy's charm;
Such a beam was Nancy's smile.
How I envy her effortless laugh,
Her quick wit, her perky style!

Three daughters left behind
Inherited their mother's charming
Traits: her wit, her zest for life,
Her smile so radiant and disarming.

More than once Nancy faced
Close calls but vanquished death.
While paying one more visit, the thief
Absconded with her final breath.

I hope that when my end draws near,
I can be as calm, as brave.
I hope that I can take with me
Her beautiful smile to my grave.

-by Bob B (3-8-19)
James Floss Sep 5
Tricky bits, those
I have two of them
Bigger than some of yours

Superfluous on me
But some fun; a
Vestigial giggle

Perky, saggy
Voluptuous or

Tricky bits, those ****
Used to objectify
And advertise


I wish I knew the joy
Of those milky bits
**** for little tots

Every mamma everywhere
Feeds who comes next
Every mamma, every mammal
Truly yours today
Were open
Hearts divide
Each-Door Hide/Decide
Pray you don't slip on
The marble floor
Tomorrow_ the greeting
Heart to heart_ rain  pour

Lady Madonna there's
the door

Let's pray to the
Her pencil skirt
London Bridges tomorrow
Her note Goddess yellow
The narrow streets
The good fellows

"He Kisses" the ground you
pray on to pay the pied piper
Etsy Ms. Betsy wiggly feet

"Forget Me Not"

Today future Estate plot
It pays to have a good
heart to nurture
  Her hourglass
Figure to capture
He's the one shot glass
He prays and passes

Faces so still-life she plays
Blinks those eyelashes
Man and Wife deeds
Those worried beads
Beef Jerky London
pubs perky
those, cute labs,
Rub a dub dub

Money and man in the

We thought love stays
forever what a
comical gig never
Pay for a hug
To love her today
every day truer
Today the past
tomorrow the sky bluer

What will I borrow?

Today we pray at
the Temple
Big one
of_ a_ kind
Two kinds like twins
From yesterday sins
Just pray look at the
stray just another prey

Payday today is gone
Deal is done
On her I phone
he's gone
The wed day today
How time passed
Its own entire way

Let me know
This is Quite comical hilarious pay today just see everyone give a prayer or two life is so unexpected to be sour ball light up like the Christmas ball from light to  the Grand ball than darkness let your words light up in your coffee cup
Ballads R-U the
Like the Bella baby
Tossing your salad like
The artwork deviant
Like the myriad

The musical chairs
Messages unique piece
Playing the brain organs
The new road of legions
Cerebellum moving
Perky pinks the possum
We move into a certain era

Intense Opera breathing, pacing, dreaming

More feeding the balance of love needing
Musical digestion
Heart rate inside
your movement shows
All themes like soap operas
The nervous system musical brain
Gets damaged like the Asylum

So emotional heartbeat got more
Your hums needing tums
The Lifes crises
But not feeling
accountable the brains works
Every function ballads of love
Inside your heart diction
Like the ballad-making
Your best transformation
Orchestrated hands to lead

The musical brain
Love letters arrive on the train
So tranquil love
physical  momentarily
Has a certain quality
like the ballad of love

We find in life its a long sip
The brain wave long neck
          Giraffe hot cafe

We feel everyone's tragedy
Living so high
in the (Castle) the step up
Not giving up the highness the
majesty the brain depressed
But such a parody foods for
the soul no control eating binge

You want to dodge out
But you're the musical genius
Magical brain fast and furious
Is tricky to remember you have
         The talent
         To be Lucky*
Fill it with love and gravity
He's the laughing stock
of the comics

Like the simple life
He's the built-in love
a ballad with such structure
The popular form of poetry
Musical notes a blend
of symmetry
Chariots of fire the key to love

Whats truly above all we need is love
He takes your breath away
Reading into the
Archie comics and Veronica
Historical moments Cleopatra
The ballads of culture
Songs we remember
I love September the day I was born
Ballads and songs

"My Girl"
"Stop Look Listen to your heart"
"Love is all around"
You came to the right place
Peace and love, please
stick around we love you
Ballads of important dates and places to remember like the day you are born the musical brain I would love to go back one time to memory lane
i'm a bleeding-hearts project;
a charity case.
i'm a target you can't hit
in the worst ******* way.

she got me to quit,
(at least for a second,)
but what did i expect?
a manic pixie dream girl
to put it all to rest?
the drinking and drugging
and parties and chugging
that bottle joe came with-
and what's this **** laced with?

the funnels and hot tubs
and ***** to mop up
and mornings in cold sweats
and gatorade regret?

life happens too fast,
and then you're all blast
off that perky you railed,
and your phone chimes-
just once-
and her name is on the screen.

"I just want to know that you're okay.
I miss you.
I hope you know that I had to do this,
and I wasn't ashamed to kiss you.
Call me if you want.
If not that's fine.
Just read this message
so I know you're alive.
Love you."

your heartbeat slows down,
and ****.

it's cold down here.
sorry that i rhymed "with" to "with"
i was in the zone man
Jamie Lee Oct 2018
Is hell
Because I do not enjoy
And well
I enjoy all of you-
With your smooth moves
Perky and peachy attitudes
Teach me
To be as sweet
As you-

Can be cruel
Not like it is on tv,
Or beside me
Everyone shining,
While my smile feels
Like hiding
Under this wax mask
A painted canvus
Of pale and black
Don't look at me
I'm a heartattack
A bad act-
Broken glass
Of a painted doll

I am a leo lioness
Your hieness
Sparkles on my eyelids
But you see
I have enough pride
To hide it-
Its priceless,
Really hillarious
Sometimes I feel
Like a bad *****
But I'm none of this
I am the pray,
The gazelle in the grass
But I am also the lion
Waiting to attack myself

Because you see,

Is hell,
I am the lion
I am the gazelle
I am heaven and hell
In a vessle of myself
See what you will,
Your critiques are nothing
My only enemy is me
My only savior is me
I am a lion
But I am also
A sheep

Don't look at me

Sometimes I cry in the mirror
Blink my mascara tears,
Blurry mess-
Can't fit in my old dresses
Tearing apart at the seams,
Crawled out of my skin
And made some bad habits
Declining wealth
Declining health
Laughing as the scales tip-
After all I am a person,
Not permanent
Why should I care

But I do

I do when I look at you
You with your talented hands
With your spider lashes
And good moods
Teach me to feel
As good
As you
My lipstick smears and screams
As the paintings on my face mock me
So will my body,
My body thats bruised
And missused
Perfume to cover the *****
They'll see my cherry lips move
But they won't hear me talking
Its perfect,
The mask of confidence
My incompetence
Is a perfect fit

No, really

Its lovely
When I wear it,
People love me!
Because people think
I love myself
Is hell,
Beacuse I do not
Love myself
I love everybody else,
Even the ones who
Say I am full of it,
Selfish leo,
Selfish lion
Exaggerated ego-
Winking eyelids
Wings to my forehead-
I flaunt
What I don't want,
Because you want me to
You want me
To love me
Like you do

All of you

I remember the words
From my mother,
Is not a pretty color-
Its crimson red,
Like blood,
I've had to sew it up
Don't look here
Not at my guts,
Look at my eyelids
Are these not enough?!?!
These cherry lips
Tell you to sush
Less of a lioness,
More of a cub
I know
I am my own predator
My own pray

I am

All of the above
Kimberly Rose Nov 2018
My eyelids become heavy with desire. Craving an unknown, improbable future. Color swipes behind closed eyes, painting the image my mind continues to reminisce.
My fingertips ignite with warmth. They wander to where they crave to reside. Charting its surface, memorizing the curvature with a texture ever smooth.
My ears perky of familiarity. Pleasured by the sheer sensual vibration of my name having traveled vocal chords, tongue, teeth, lips.
Surround, engulf, indulge me.
Your venturesome soul sails through dimensional dynamics. Could this be you inhabiting in my senses?
anymore. My *******
aren't perky. They fall down
to the floor. My spirit's flopped over
and bored. My hunny's ******* has failed

inspection from the doctor. Even my chin
sags in disgrace. Why it's grown a twin! And my
tomato plants need to be tied because they droop
like my ***. It makes me asks

does anything stay up -
certainly not I.
I'm in bed before the sun goes down.
Even my smile has turned into

a frown. I can't get up after I've been
sitting to long. My knees don't cooperate. They knock
together like a couple a pair of boxers in the ring. Ah,
it's hell when you get to my age!
danna22081 Feb 10
It might be said:

Walking through the desolate trees,
Past the vibrant, entangled vines,
Away, from the busy, flamboyant hives
Of busy, buzzing bees,
I wonder to myself,
What if I was blind?

Blind… blind as a bat,
A challenge considered a breeze
For me,
An examination I sat
Long before my thoughts had ceased,
From the withering eyes,
The large, interested mouths,
And hissing voices,
I have realised.

Perky, rushing bees,
Working, mending,
Crafting their home,
Had they been blind,
Would they have been able to roam?
In the sheer light of ecstasy,
Shaping their future
Hive of life,
As though
None other was influential enough
To change it?

For I, living, well and all
Could never work to the strength of such
Miniature creatures,
Considered no more than dust
To the rest of a conjectured society.
A society, inclusive of I,
For long ago, I knew I was blind.
Blinded by the bees,
And so I was silenced,
Just as the desolate trees
Before me.
They asked me: "How is blindness conceived through society? Does every body know they have been blinded?"
Lash Nov 2018
i am a perky little,
quirky little,
misjudged little wild flame.
i am a fairytale believing,
pain relieving flower from the earth.
i am from a planet where we,
we do not even see
just how blessed we can be.
we don’t see the values,
we misuse our energy.
& we are crying out,
when we should be crying in...

there is a light way up above,
way up above
the universe, it shows me love.
yeah, i am love.

— The End —