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jcl May 12
death is coming, it is a dark point on the horizon
it will be here, sooner than expected, the planet is dying
why are you preparing for a future, the future
why are you denying it is happening, sticking your head in the sand
going about, living carefree, when your children will suffer, millions will die

do you need a quatrain, a burning bush, to see the horror racing towards us
nostradamus didn’t see it, but we did, like a slow train wreck
the air will burn your lungs, the oceans scald your flesh
by the time you react, you will have reached the point of no return
your children are an army of dead men walking
their bodies catching up to their environmental fate
it is too late to cry, it is time to die

what will we do, how will we choose, who lives, who perishes
your cozy lives will disintegrate in social chaos as individual fight for survival
our former rules and norms will vanish, as the strong and ruthless vanquish
you will witness horrors, etched into your mind, re-dreamt every night

scream and cry, it could have been avoid, such is the tragedy of the commons
complacency of the masses, mass graves of the innocent
gods will die, civilizations will fall, as you huddle, shaking in a dark corner
Darkness, by Lord Byron , 1816, year without a summer
Umi Mar 2018
Holding a pen in hand, preparing pitch-black ink for a blank paper,
I begin with gentle, delicate movements, letting it slide over it.
One line follows another, one without any bother, any care to it.
A regular starshaped polygon, surrounded by a simple circle has been made, one which holds meaning to it, hidden underneath ink.
Some might gaze at it as a sign of a greater evil, heresy or worse,
Others might watch it in awe, a sign of protection a symbol of hope.
A maze with two ends has been made, each with its own belief.
However, my tired eyes, which have been worn, gaze at it and see beauty, the connection of each line contains grace, closed by the circle.
Thus a smile has been cast on my face, as I look at it another time,
Noticing how the black ink has taken the papers purity my cheering sight perishes, saddens in an instant, what I had drawn had become unrecognizable, as the paper spread the ink and distorted this image.
The broken in the light, moist and now fragile, drops through, in wonderous, ominous distraction, leaving a great hole in the middle.
Unable to be ever repaired the paper finds its trail into the trash,
A puddle left of what it was, mixed with the pitch black, had to be cleaned up, so that another attempt could be made, another try.
So I pick up my pen once again and connect the lines with a smile.

~ Umi
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2018
"When a person is born it's a blessed time,
Albeit a person is in love it's a splendid era,
When that person perishes it is a bereaved era,
Albeit Love of two people expires it's a cataclysm,

Vestige as we used to sit there on the littoral,
As the dusk of the winds would blow the sand,
The sand pursues into your long black hair,
Visage your dark green eyes and a beauty of a smile,

All times I have enjoyed greatly also suffered greatly,
Times you loved me and alone on the shore,
It is an perpetual power that as my utopia,
Is me ichorous of our love moments together,

Afore us lies the port and a skimming ocean liner,  
As we slowly see an alluvion gloom in the darkness,
Legions of souls drudged here in day and night,
Above gusting drifts the rainy constellation of stars,

As we gambol in our fervor of cognizance of love in our
Utopia Ichorous"
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/03/2018  © Posted HP/
By Andrew Guzaldo 08/03/2018  ©  
Megan Sherman Dec 2018
I'd like to walk beneath the sky
To see the world under time's cloak
Hear the free birds' wandering cry
To see in flesh the hidden folk
I'd like to walk beneath the sky
To hear Earth's song, bespoke
Feel and taste the Lover's sigh
To go wild as we wake

I'd like to fly over the trees
Dissolve the bars behind my eyes
Divide the buildings from the breeze
That conquer, jade time's skies
I'd leap bold at far horizon
Beat wings against the moon
Touch bonny rainbow, on and on
As its fierce fires bloom

I'd like to soar through stratospheres
Chasing the Angels' light
Who nourish souls with love and tears
Through baleful, evil nights
To God, we'd go, see eternal years
That no ****** devil blights
Puts pain to past, perishes fears
Reveals a universe of light

I'd like to see creation
A magic mist imbued with gold
Transcend time's trepidation
A wonderful Universe to behold
Immortal worlds, God's animation
Its Beauty never sold
A goddesses' destination
See her sweet, unfold
Parker Nov 2018
The compass that is my heart has frozen in your direction
It points towards a living room filled with all our books and dog toys covering the ground
I long to become the 2nd voice in your head that only encourages you to bleed your beautiful stories and poetry for all the world and never leave my side
The most extravagant wedding is a mir circus compared to the galaxies you fill my soul with simply by saying "I love you"
I will dance with your mania and cry with stories until we both are insane
My love, the seed you've planted in me has rooted and will grow until it's a million years old
After it perishes, I hope we become rain drops in the next life that land in the same puddle that saved the last lovers on earth from dying of dehydration
Please dear, don't lose me in your mind again
My greatest fear has mounted itself in your eyes
and the thought of losing you again stands behind the last match in a box in which the world depends on to light for warmth even though the winds are high
aster Jan 31
The darkness was closing in.
It has spread its waves infinitely,
devouring everything on its way.
None is spared.
All are lost to the inevitable hands of death.

No mercy is shown.
Men, Women,
Children, Aged,
Fathers, Mothers,
Sisters, Brothers,
Lovers, Haters….
All are lost.

Everything perishes as
Chaos takes its stroll,
riding on the cart pulled
by a man’s ego and hatred.

The world turns dark and gloomy.
Smoke fills the air.
I’m blinded.
Not by the smoke, but by the sight of the destruction,
The violence,
The vengeance,
The hatred.

I have lost hearing.
Not by the war cries, the gunshots or the bombards,
but by the sounds of shrieks of men and women,
Their cries for help,
The wailing babies,
The crying orphans, widows,
and many to whom everything is lost.
But most importantly, by the silence of the dead.

I have heard their shrieks,
I can feel their pain.
Their trauma, their plight, their sorrow.
Yet, I have not felt it.

I can see the destruction. The deaths
and many who live a life only because they can’t die.
I feel the tears in their eyes, the ache in their hearts
And the wounds in the mind, that will forever pain.
Yet, I have not felt it.

Men fight such endless wars.
only to see that no one is really victorious.
The only people who win are-
Chaos And her brother death.

So, when men fight in the name
Of nothing but their ego,
In reality it is they who lose.
But we are HUMANS TOO.
Love all.
love not war.
embrace the differences.

— The End —