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riding warm wind
inside-out outside-in
mouth christenings

lost and found
inventory on skin

remembering who
forgetting where
I am

your eyes unbind
and tie

penetrating unsaids
Alyssa Underwood Dec 2015
Feasting table under a shading tree
Swaddling robe that warmly cleans
Mirror beautifying while it reflects
Sword that pierces yet never rejects
Light penetrating the blackest hole
Water filling and healing the soul

"For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.

"Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin. Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need."

~ Hebrews 4:12-16

Alyssa Underwood Jul 2016
Come after me, O glorious Divine Possessor.
Conquer, shackle, and entomb my straying,
faithless affections in Your love once more.
Sweep me up into Your strong and jealous
embrace till my heart is fully bent toward Yours.
Have Your way with me until it is all I desire,
until You are all I desire, Lord Jesus.
Unveil me, uncover me and unbind me
before Your penetrating eyes, the perfect gaze
of You with Whom alone I have to do.
Awaken me until I am wholly abandoned
to Your pleasure, completely responsive
to Your touch, utterly enraptured,
enthralled and entangled with You.
Break me for Your glory, sovereign Lord.
Pierce my soul to its deepest hidden parts
and pour Yourself into me until You have
totally claimed me as Your own possession,
Your willing captive, until there is no delight
in my heart but You and Your delight.
O Holy One above, set me to burning!
Inspired by John Donne's Holy Sonnet XIV
harlon rivers Jan 2017
...a diary of the falling dominoes chapter

invisibly dying from the inside out
no one is looking into unseen eyes
no one can hear a muted voice fading
no one is close enough to be near

the deafening thrums echo
anxieties’ racing heartbeat
within morphing flesh shell ,
gasping for new breath
in a hovering stale silence

from a distance
the broken mirror ricochets a subdued light ;
much closer the reflection reveals
someone I once knew by heart

now an unrecognizable mask
enshrouds a terminal emptiness
inconspicuous at a fleeting glance ,
impossible to discern what storms rage
from the inside out ,... unnoticed  

an uncontained wildfire
smoldering within,  lies in wait
for the imminent winds of change
to fan the flames into the final
eternal silent ashes

a poet reaches out demurely
offering a candid look
into the window
of the imperfect human soul

there is no poetry
met by indifference
just gathered unread words scribbled,

squandered time
dripped slowly on an empty page ;
moments turn into days
days turned into years

invisibly dying from the inside out
an unfinished life trickles out
like seeping blood evanescing
from a bottomless puncture
wounding ... penetrating the heart,
leaching out the slow death of a poet

for poetry is only words unless they touch someone ...

befallen to indifference is poetic death
by salted paper cuts ...

a muting suffocation
that hiddenly erodes away,
silencing the passion
of a musing soul
one unread word at a time ...

© harlon rivers ... all rights reserved
it is an enigma how poetry evolves in meaning over time
― like a self-fulfilled prophecy, some become transformational, some become new beginnings or some become a finality of a metamorphosis of peaceful endings or deleted attempts at understanding the misunderstood...

... all to be determined and allowed to let be

Paul Hansford Dec 2016
If I could be a super-hero,
I would be your Bee-Man.

I would fly over continents and oceans,
over forests and gardens,
until I found you,
my Rose Queen.
My super-powers would detect
your pink petals
from far off.
Down I would fly,
drawn to the exquisite beauty
silkily emerging from the heart of you,
your blushing petals
unfolding for me.

Gently but firmly
my long, loving tongue would press
between those dew-moistened folds,
unable to resist the perfume
overcoming me.

Tugged in
by your intoxicating scent,
your nectar I would sup
until I could drink no more.

Then, transforming
the sweet nectar
you had so willingly granted me
into my rich, creamy honey,
created especially for you,
I would penetrate
between your soft petals,
find your hidden depths,
and to repay you for the delight
your fragrant nectar had given me,
magically inject my honey into you,
to fertilise you again and again,
penetrating to the essential heart of you,
until my store was empty,
and we would both feel
the most exquisite joy of all.

I can only hope that you dream of it as I do,
that you wish it also,
and that some day our dreams can come together
as we would.
It seemed the space between us became torn and
Profoundly distanced....................

Jamming bony knuckles and spread eagled fingers,
Lying their mapped out journey.....direction on point patrol....
Adorned by silver decoration, delighting in their skinned habitat
Shafted, deceit punching the recipient of the poison digits
Prodding and pushing their intent....dare you contradict
The intended carved out dose of punishment, Risk and
Safety......not yours and never would be; stooped
Down under the assailing bony palmed attachements
That delivered penetrating power, cupped around
Your arm til it became discoloured, pressure points
Backed you into a corner, up against the grain of the
Brick wall, cold and damp, the odour reaching
And scolding your nostrils with its stale internal vows
Refuse, stretching and protruding its foul remnents
An earlier life, when you were not under threat fades
Your very existance in jeopardy, your eyes pleaded for
Normality, willing someone to hear your silence, grip you
Tightly, not with malice, but with bravery and valour
Right now you need that shining knight, that white
Horse galloping down the blind alleyway, yet you
Know that won't happen for you're already sinking
To the floor, the blow comes sharp and stings, warmth
Exudes and trickles a path downwards, leaving your
Body, finding the cold concrete beneath you, travelling
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I’d like to be away
In a world far away
But that won’t escape
The world inside my brain

I’d like to stop the time
Live frozen between the lines
But that won’t bring me closer
To a picture perfect moment
That you and I never had

I want to live on your wavelength
Travel with you
At the speed of light
Any barrier
And travel parallel
To your sweet and endless path

I want to tell you that I love you
Have the courage
To make you mine
Too bad I lost the fight
That was going
Inside my mind

I’m endlessly falling
For someone like you
But I’ll gladly fall forever
If the destination leads to you

I think of you every night
And wonder where you are
Do think of me the same way?
Do you have the same thoughts?

I’m sure one day I’ll meet you
The moment won’t be perfect
But perfection is overrated
I’d rather meet you
In any way
As long as it leads me
To your mellow heart

My sweet nebula
Travel to me
As fast as you can
I’d do the same thing
If I wasn’t stuck behind
But I’m moving on
You’re my motivation
Even if met you I have not
Amanda Aug 2019
i lie awake at night
and replay it over and over

the way you slowly undressed
my heart and mind
and stared at me silently
before penetrating my soul

and oh good god it felt amazing

the way it hurt a little at first
letting another person inside of me
like that
but you opened me up
and loosened
my tightest thoughts

the way i couldn’t get enough of it—
giving you more of me
day and night
letting you into places
no one has ever gone before

and then waking up one day
to realize
that no one deserves to know me this way
at least...
not someone who’s in love
with someone else
i would be less broken
if you had just f*cked my body
instead of my mind
Jesse stillwater Mar 2018
Morning falls
from a budding
   cherry tree;

   the colour
of nightsong’s
waning blossom
   comes to be
       an echo
   only heard
   by the wind

Soundless remnants
   of an intimate
twilight odyssey
   tarry thickly,
drifting lightly
through the landscape
      of dawn

   The hushed echo
   wields the silent
      of the night,
   gently rippling
   the rivers that run
   through the heart

The poignant taste
of passionfruit lingers
in the sensory traces
      of a warm
   passing breeze;

   the lonely chill
   of a naked night's
      work of art


     14 March 2018
passionfruit:  any edible fruit of a passionflower
Nnaemeka Mokeme Jun 2018
This is my rising,
it is so glaring.
The longer you hold
me down the better
and brighter I shine.
I am like the firefly,
the remote darkness
with my brightness,
giving it an
illusion of magic.
The tinted glow
mixed up with
the cries of
mammals and birds
of the night makes it
a mysterious moment.
Alone at deepest abyss,
with the flicker
of the moonlight
penetrating through the
leaves in the forest,
i can hear
the wolves calling out
as if beckoning for
me to approach.
The fireflies giving
out their light
freely unperturbed
by my presence.
How can you not see
the love of nature,
working tirelessly
in synergy
with all things.
Even though you ignore it,
never can it go away,
for the beauty
of its flame
can make the fairies
grant your wish.
The heart knows
the unexplainable
mysteries of the
invisible which the
mouth cannot express.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Lora Lee May 2016
I am hungry
and it is reflected
in the contours
of every inch
                  of skin
every cell a-flutter
tiny wings and heartbeats
activated within
right down to
the ribosomes and
right up through epidermis
woven as threads
of softness penetrating
your inner hard, dark parts
causing them
to melt into
                my light
I am craving
to feel your
absolute heart's
raging core
my aching flesh burning,
my heart, wrapped in
a love
              so pure
My need to be
devoured surfaces
in smoothness,
at a glance
You feel it acutely,
no room for doubt
or subtle chance
               I am ravenous
for muscle-worked arms
(arms that could easily
try to break)
to be supremely
gentle as you part
my thighs like the ocean
and sacredly partake
the slickness of your tongue
in my feminine grace
the stains of my love
                your noble face
your eyes on mine
as I sharply breathe
         need to hold your
head stroke your
           hair know that for me              
the king takes off that
garland of gold
breaking free of
all symbols of status
the only real treasure
the queen who
gives to him,
and who he now pleasures
     and I let myself be consumed
with the reverence
of a psalm
my love pouring into you
healing your hurts,
               like a balm
in this private landscape
we are the most
ferocious of tender
in an eternal vista
in this hour of somewhere,
the sea hauls us in
like ancient creatures,
     bringing the fossils
back to life
in lustrous foam
as they
         inch their way
into the spirals
    that we
feel we could
Appropriately attuned with "Alternate World" by Son Luxe...yes in an alternate world, so much could happen
and, for the mood:  "Hazey"by Glass Animals
The peacocks dance and trees sway to the sweet songs of the birds that playfully fly away,
The woods speckled with the golden , summer blooms.
The fresh green carpet takes away the glooms.
Reminiscing in the beauty of the clear water streams ,
Nature is at play creating picturesque dreams.

Sweet Nector on the dew dropped poppies,
Buzz of the bees and the charm of the humming birds nesting in style .
Oh! Nature is at play all the while.

Sunray's penetrating through dark clouds ,
Colourful little birdies , chirpy , synchronised , repetative and aloud .
Crispy mornings under clear blue skies , Nature is at play as the time flies.

Basking in the beauty of God's creations is a life full of positive aspirations ,
Lo ! behold ! Do we notice the nature's beauty , as we go on in life performing our duty ?
Take a pause !
While you remember your purpose and cause.
Breathe in the fresh air ,
Admire the surroundings,
Sit back ,Relax and smile ,
As nature is at play all the while .

© Mrunalini .D. Nimbalkar
Nature #beauty #environment #birds#play .15.1.2019
Tammy M Darby Nov 2017
From a murky corner I emerge briefly
Penetrating and blinding
Shone the light upon my face

To gush a few words of insanity
If I may say so though tongue in cheek
With a touch of eloquence and grace

A rare moment of clarity though quite fleeting
Upon you my irrational thoughts in verse I endow

Among the dark poets
I willingly take my place
And exit normality with delight and an awkward bow

@ copyright Tammy M. Darby Nov. 16, 2017.
John Destalo Feb 2019
last night.  the earth felt weak. the full moon bled.  and I cried.

the darkness around me. separated into pellets.  into pills.  
penetrating life.
spreading into the river.  
blood and water.  the body.  
electricity and light.  the mind.

I was young once.  and halos were real.  worn by the innocent.
everyone is innocent.  or ignorant.  until they aren’t.

we are the same.  one line.  coming or going.  
there is one line.  we are on.
a tight rope.  we all try to walk.  to balance ourselves.
against each other.

but there is no self. without another.  next to us.  comparing us.

I hear sounds down there.  something shattering.
leaving sharp shards.  on the ground.  pointing up.

waiting for us to fall.  one after the other.

I take gentle steps.  slow and easy.  
I don’t want to raise my heart.  beat.
I won’t stop the bleeding.

so I wipe away the same stain.  every day.  the same stain.

last night.  I felt weak.
Jack Aylward Oct 2015
Mind of power
Controls the crippled bodies dying; burnt
By the sun. Hung by a far-reaching cold iron chain;
Ringing with bursting, thrusting pain;
Where the eyes are tissues of penetrating darkness that turns into tortured dreams.
You can still hear the screams,
The muttering, the mumbling, the confessions of the innocence that learnt
The sufferings and sorrow of evil. I lay a flower
Into blood and left it to float upon a river of *****; leaving
A stream of pneumonia, a stream of the plague that
Left the pungent smells of perfume dying.
I watched their estranged faces, their eyes still crying.
Bodies lie still awakened in trench like beds; lying flat
On their backs as they left their loved ones grieving.

©Jack Aylward
Ormond Jul 2017
Body of ocean, milk and sky,
We are tangled in the hope of night.
The lips of the milky way, creaming us,
Stains and is **** with a taste keening;
All is creation.  My meteors crash
Into your ruptured Earth.  I flame
Upon your must and moisted furrows
And my toes are locked, rooted in yours.

Body of ocean, milk and sky,
In the deserts of the day you are true
Oasis.  The curves and waft of your sands
Seethe and sodden my barren plains,
Are erasing all my wandering memories
Of an endless sky and now your eyes
Are the only stars I know, and your skin;
A sheet that holds the heavens shimmering.

Body of ocean, milk and sky,
Your ******* are the heaving of grasses
And wind, loft and laden in the rounded
Hills, a hoard of ****** bread, bountiful,
Ripe and strange.  Your hair is an endless
Savannah, your valleys are gold and honeyed
With milk, seared, filled by my penetrating sun.
In passion we play; low on earth and deep in sky.
Lea Loveit May 2018
Warm air swarm
Expecting less than nothing
Except whatever the term
Is for the birth of a cling

The bass of the wind
Sing a song so unnoticed
As the world spins
Such goes unfocused

The pure curiosity
Stopped me from logic
Pausing from the worlds atoricty
A chance- joyous or tragic

I listen close
As the air sings about my beauty
You are the choice I chose
Who responded with vehement duty

Kissing so slow yet perfect
The wind, the song, the feeling in slow motion
For once everything clicked
Flowing like an ambivalent ocean

How this unfolds?
Possibilities are many
For now it’s unknown
But I expect something funny

During this pause in life
I let the wind’s ardor in
Penetrating deep like a knife
Careless to realize it’s a sin

Two beings acting as one
Forever in a still moment
Ending the timeless fun
Although words were barely spoken

Wind handled with care
Yet I crave more
Let’s do it again, I dare
Aiming slowly not in a tore.
This poem is about a man named Salvatore. I was day dreaming about a ****** encounter with him during a warm spring night. While people were walking, talking, and living, I focused on the light wind blowing as I thought of him. I named it Tore because I wanted to be subliminal to him.

Stanza 1- I feel the air around. I think of the night and the amount of time before the act. I didn’t expect a thing but I was interested, noticing the start of the attraction or “clinging” on to him

Stanza 2- i vision this while I hear the wind blow. As the wind is unnoticed so is the he. As things happen around me and him, the world starts to dim and he starts to be my focus

Stanza 3- I was curious in him. I stopped thinking and imagined the possibilities, regardless of what’s going on around me. The last line enhances the chance regardless if it goes well or not.

Stanza 4- I focus harder on this wind as I reminisce on us being alone. He notes my beauty. The third line “ you are the choice I chose” has the word choice means great. The sentence means I fully decided this is what I want. It’s meaningful because this is something I wanted & it was mutual.  He responded with such passion and romance.

Stanza 5- he took things slow— which was great. I got to take in every moment. Everything came together.  Although this was all great I began to have feelings making me second guess my choice.

Stanza 6- because of my mixed emotions I start to question the result of this. He makes me laugh, I know I can count on him making me smile.

Stanza 7- during this drift away from my current reality I let the “wind’s,” which is now Salvatore,  passion in. As deep as a knife can get, he was in me. I didn’t care if it was a sin because it was extremely passionate

Stanza 8- we are as one. The oxymoron “forever in a still moment” & “ending the timeless fun” represents how this felt so lasting but at some point it had to end. It also represents the moment I took away from my reality to remember this moment. We barely spoke to each other but actions spoke louder.

Stanza 9-He was sensitive and made sure not to hurt. I wanted more. Now that it’s over I dare us to do it again. Tore in the last sentence means to hurry or speed up. But Tore also represents him. Contrary to the word being in his name, he aimed solely.

I never explain my poems but I wanted to paint what was in my head. This took place in the city while the encounter took place in a house. Both happened in a busy area. People around talking loud and interacting with each other. Yet we found our “wind” in each other to take a moment out of reality and focus on each other. Something I want again.
lifeonLSD Sep 2018
“The temperture wasn’t even rising,
but I could feel a drop of sweat fall down
my neck.“

“The crazy thing was

I didn’t even moved a millimeter the
second his skin came in contact with mine,
my heart had already stopped beating for
a moment.“

“It was almost earie, maybe devine,
it drove an immediate shiver down my
spine, but not in a creapy way or

“It was rather like it pushed my back
upwarts and my head was held high
like someone had pulled a string and pulled
me up showing off in some sorts,
I found myself somehow showing
full in pride.“

“And ofcourse it didn’t stop him from
coming nearer”

“Not at all.”

“Instead, I saw him inhaling deeply, his chest
was grewing bigger and he closed his eyes
with his penetrating stare
fixed on me.”

“He was never stopped in his tracks.”

“Eventually he got close enough
to send his nose along my neck, slowely moving up
to my ear while his hands were holding
and grabbing my arms, pushing and pulling,
now moving towards my neck,
but not without softly
caressing my ******* first.”

“As he leaned in closer, inhaling more of my scent
I heard his lips part, the sweetest whisper
escaped his tongue that made me feel the heat in depth
of his desire pulsing against my skin,
setting every fibre of my being aflame,
I am his this instant
and he doesn’t even know it yet.”
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