Megan Grace Mar 2013
I tried to
a poem about you
but instead
I scribbled a
big, orange-ink blob
and I figured
that made
just as much sense.
Bear D Apr 2014
the man
the crazy pen,

why isn’t
Liv Sep 2014
Someone asked me one day why I wrote so much.
I told them to be quiet because I was listening to what the pen said to the paper.
I was trying to hear their love story.
The one unspoken.
I am not so proud to compare
My pen to a mighty sword

The blood it draws from my hand
Poisons all of my words.
Hollow Jul 2014
A pen is the bridge between denial and self acceptance.
blythe Oct 2014
Sometimes I want to shout as loud as I can
But still preferred it with a pen
To release all these emotions I'm hiding
And for me to have something worth doing.
Kale Jul 2015
With the one pen and pencil
I can draw my way to a better life
Or rewrite my whole destiny
I can go on adventures
Or have a steamy romance
I can let go
I can be free.
Even though my
Freedom is short lived
I can create myself
Into a better human
Asha Jun 2015
She barely existed in the world of people;
those faces, masks of lies and deceit,
she concealed her joys and tears,
for her companions - the pen and the paper
el Aug 2014
i am a sheet of white paper
very light and sacred
and you are the pen
full of some untold stories
you know that paper and pen are meant to be together
so i gave you all my body and soul
for you
even we're not meant to be as a lover, we can still be friend, right?
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
He, who controls his pen and his poetry.
Controls the world.
For every poet,  male or female. .control this world.
Mysterious Aries Nov 2015
Drawing images using some words
Telling some stories that are unheard
Stealing the moment, freezing the time
Killing the beast that vultures the mind

Spilling blood, the pen is our knife
Collecting traces from this mysterious life
Connecting dots to create a line
Polishing stones to make it shine

Our words are riddles, a must to decode
Giving multiple key for them to unload
The meaning of some could make readers insane
If wrongly unlock it will conquer their brain

We are a shape-shifter just like the cloud
Painting angels and demons to enlighten the crowd
Hoping they’ll listen to our joy and our pain
Wishing they’ll get the lesson of our every rain

Mysterious Aries
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