the white deer May 2014

say what's in this drink?
coz I don't really think
that that's such a good plan...

you know how I am
with peer pressure

and the shapes that you make with your lips
are all the most convincing kinds.

Peer pressure, peer pressure

My name is peer pressure,
My father is doubt,
My mother is duress,
My sister is bad choices,
My brother is nervous energy

I was born in a cyclone of negativity
Whipping through an ocean of people
They're the tribe of the unrest
I know im extremely unwanted
But im here anyways at all times

Peer pressure, peer pressure
Is my name
No one is immune from me
Neither the young, the teen nor the old

I'm evil
I wreak havoc and strife
To the human race

I ruin people's lives

I offer illusions of enjoyment
And pleasure to them

Till when
I take their greatest

Till when
I see them departing
From all that is correct

Till when
No more goodness nor kindness
Is detected from them

Till when
Their morals and goodness
Have gone into decay

Till when
I see their senses sedated
And all their energy depleted

Till when
I see them

Till when
I see tears of regrets
Turn into cries of despair

Till when
I see there is nobody
They can turn unto

Peer pressure, peer pressure

Is my name
Those who grant me to their lives,
I make sure i become
A silhouette of lies to their lives

Till when
They're always


Frozen in time
Hopeless forever

Till when
I see them
Completely gone astray

Pile on the agony
For that is pleasing
To my father Satan

Peer pressure, peer pressure
Is my name

"Alas!" Beware when making me your friend
Because i might end up
You to self destruction.

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Natalie R Jun 2014

Pressure from someone else is called peer pressure
Look it up, google it, it's a thing
I apologize for the inaccuracy of my definition but you get the gist 
Peer pressure is a fucking douche bag telling you to suck his dick when you don't want to
It's when "friends" tell you to have your first shot, smoke, sniff of whatever mood altering substance they want you to consume
Just watch a crashcourse, that shit is bad for you okay
It's when you kiss someone you don't want to
When you stay out late after your curfew 
When you sneak out late at night to meet the guy you have a "thing" with but everyone knows your his rebound
But peer pressure
Don't give in 
All your gonna feel
Is absolute regret

Vyscern Nov 2015

Trying to resist
The chains suppressing me
Pulling tight, steel bites
Preventing the instinct to flee

So I fight
Throw a punch, skip right
Not dodging enough hits
Peer pressure, my death?
Well, it fits

Zack Long Aug 2013

We all pay for life with death
So why worry about what's it between
Smile and drink this shit down
You ain't gonna live forever
So what you waiting for
Take the red pill first
Followed by two of these little blues
Snort this line and we'll ride the night
High enough to forget chasing dreams
What are you waiting for

nivek Oct 2014

the hair on heads is to keep the warmth in
so why cut it

Don't be enticed by the attraction of a crowd.  It's more important to walk alone, than to show-off, be rude and loud.
Don't allow your peers, to constantly pressure you, because they say you're not their friend.  Watch the amount of trouble they cause, especially, in the end.
Life is given, to gain much knowledge, in this very large world.  Not to mess around, and be funny, impressing every boy and girl.
Don't get left behind, watching your so called "Friends" get promoted.  They will be the ones to laugh at you, while you are being demoted.

CommonStory Sep 2014

Simple yet delicate findings come to mirror my emotions (m)

I have half a notion to hide from them, like I do my reflection (n)

The coarse expectations from peers leave me drowning (m)

And I know I can't go around allowing them to control me (n)

If I walk the path that isn't made for me then there is no light that dwells in the dim tunnel

and the trouble is ,my tunnel is supposed to end with you, You're supposed to be the light that shines on me and right on through . I'll be the prism of colors you yearn for when depression hovers over you

Just a Vegas city boy

And a Kansas city girl

Sometimes they are never home

And Sometimes it makes me feel like an unopened expired bag of M&N;'s

© copyright Matthew Marvier Donald & Nicole Osborn
å Mar 2013

there are signs on everyone's faces,
they all say it's time to go,
and i just know it is.

Peter Watkins May 2014

I measure strength differently to most.
If you flip out then you have lost.
The people that walk away from war;
they are stronger than those who fight it.
They risk ridicule and insult;
for picking the sensible result.

Refuse to battle the play ground bully;
even if everyone calls you a pussy.
It's not true at all, for you're the most sensible
and strong enough to avoid pointless squabble.

Pick peace over violence because if you don't then you risk ruining lives. Not just the lives of others but your own - Peter
Ben Holders Jul 2013

Forget what you learned in the night  

The youth do not have it right

The wine plays tricks on young mortals

In the late moonlight

When reason was lost  

And caveman instincts run wild

And I think I want to rest awhile

But the youth will not rest

And the youth will scream you awake

And the youth will give you drugs

And the youth will fill you with worth

And the youth will leave you be

Only when the youth has burned you up

My body is on fire

And the youth dance in my light

The youth came last night

Like all nights, and they begged to dance in my light

I begged to dance in their light

TiffanyS Nov 2013

I'm disappointed
You are throwing your life away
I'm disappointed
But I'd try to help you
Only if you
Promised- to meet me half way

You thought that
It would make you look so "cool"
But instead you got busted
And now you look like a fool!

Yeah I know that
You are a "victim" of peer pressure
But you have a brain
And you should have known better

I hope you get the chance
To turn your life around
Because I know that your future
Could be so bright
But first you must know the difference
Between what is wrong and what is right

And promise to change the way you have lived your life,
This very night

Today some one in my family got busted for smoking pot. I wanted to let everyone out there know that smoking/drinking does not make you cool and that there is always a chance to turn your life around and do something better with your life
neko Apr 2014

one time mary lambert told me that i am a goddamn tree stump so i went outside to absorb the earth

always take time out of every day to go out without shoes on
feel the grass beneath your feet and between your toes
go out in public without shoes as well
do not be self-conscious
do not blush and curl in your toes when people stare
always remember that feet are weird anyway
always be proud of your weird parts

one time i did dxm and almost puked
laying in the cool dewy grass made me feel better though
i couldn't fathom how beautiful everything was in that moment
(i do not condone the use of drugs)

one time there was a time when i didn't need nicotine or drugs to feel better about myself
i miss that, that time in my life

i'm getting better though
i hope you are too
i hope you get completely naked before a shower and while the water's heating up i hope you look at yourself and touch all of you and i hope you slide your hands down your ribs and hips and think "goddamn i am one sexy, fuckable motherfucker"
because that's exactly what you are
i don't want this to be a cliche "u r beautiful" thing but i think that's what it's turning into

a cool thing about life is that when you cry your cheeks get stained with black but it always goes back to normal
your skin, that is
a cool thing about you is that you are like your skin
a cool thing about your skin is that it's always changing, always shedding, always growing
what i'm trying to say is that nothing is permanent
that you aren't always gonna be stuck in this shit hole
that you'll always find a way to resurface
that you aren't just a crack in the cement, you're the whole goddamn city
haha, i love you you stupid head
a lot of people do
be kind to others because we're all just dumb beautiful walking flesh things
smile at every stranger and love like plants do
i don't care what you say, you are someone's sun
so shut up with all that "i'm worthless no one will ever love me" crap
be a conceded fuckhead
love yourself
disregard rude remarks
basically be like kanye
u do u booboo

keep all of this in mind the next time you're afraid to go out in a certain outfit or to change your hair or to wear lots of makeup or no makeup or eat or any bullshit nonsense you wanna do. please just do it. dont be a pussy

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