C Alyn Jun 2014

I'm chained to this wall,
A belt round my neck,
Tongue tied, cannot call,
My heart's a ship wreck,

Sunken to the soul,
Where no light enters,
Just like this hell hole,
Where insanity centres,

Encaging patients,
Deemed untreatable,
Losing their patience,
With nurses incapable,

Of treating our minds,
The pain in our veins,
Or pain they can't find,
"Hopeless" they claim,

But in this darkness,
Fear is controlling,
Just like the madness,
Existing in the nursing,

And pain turns to death,
As rain turns to tears,
While they take their last breath,
For screams that last years

Karina Jan 2015

How did you get here?
Perhaps there was a big bang, and so you were.
Maybe you hit the ground running as fast as your legs could take you.
Was it so that you opened you mouth and words poured out perfectly?
Perchance all that was obtainable was already yours.

My journey was not of such ease.
I was birthed after hours of labor.
For every step I walked I fell six times before.
For months my tears and laughs were my only way of expression.
My parents, as many, knew patience.

Our parents, our teachers, our siblings, even ourselves: we had patience.
We are here because of it.

Now we can marinate our meat for flavor, but we pop diet pills for fast results.
Now we can slow cook our meals, but we abuse drugs to erase our sorrows.
Now we can raise a baby, but we let go of precious relationships too easily.
Now we can be a teacher, but we give up on ourselves.

Patience is putting in the effort for results, even when we don’t see the results for weeks, even months.
Patience is choosing the narrow road, even when the wide one is less lonely.
Patience is taking all the loops, kinks, and bumps as they come; and not giving up after the first couple roadblocks.
Patience is to love unconditionally, even if we have to step back for a little while.

Patience is all rage; we all need more of it.

We are all patients for patience, but we get too sick of waiting.
Our doctor was there, our remedy too, but a cheap high walked past and we chased it.

Dutifully watching willows sway
Birds are lounging just beneath the overhang
Rain is gently pouring down the window pane
I sit hear raggedly alternating my vision
From you to it
It to you.

I don't know if you are conscious
I really hope you can hear me.
I stopped using words days ago
I plead to you from my soul.

Countless days and fruitless nights
I spent in chairs, couches and cold floors.
Fluorescent lights beaming down
Numbing every emotion as time slowly passes.

I look and wait
speak to others
hoping you will just chime in
Jealous that my attention was diverted.

No sound just shallow movements of your chest.
Time here is mounting deep within me
patience giving way to rage

I took deep calculations once

before I was 18

1/3 of my life was spent hospitals.

I wish

I would





instead of learning about patience.

Andrew Jun 2015

It takes a lot to be 100% truthful.
Whether you want to or not.
whether it is because a lie you caught yourself up in.
a honest mistake.
or a truth that has yet to be told.
all of which has a equal or separate reaction.
you either have to deal with the realities that come.
or release the caring you have for the person.
or apologize to the person that has been told this truth.
this is called...

The truth shall never stop coming and the lies die today
Olivia Kent Jul 2014

A free bird I am,
I am free,
but I am in no way cheap,
I'll sell my personality,
to my patients daily,
just to earn a living wage,
I smile at you,
you smile at me,
as I rabbit on,
I have patients,
lots of them,
and lots of it,
they seem to like my pitter patter,
somewhat like raindrops,
sometimes I hold their hand,
but only clinically,
I'm not sure why,
they like me,
but they tell me that it's so,
I guess they really must do.
(C) Livvi

Terry Collett Jul 2015

There's the day kid
whom they drop off
very weekday
to the locked ward

and he stands there
by the window
peering out
or he follows

Yiska about
sometimes standing
right in front of her
now and then

muttering obscenities
I sit on the sofa
in the main lounge
trying to ignore him

listening to the music
from the radio
Maggie May
by Rod Stewart

seems to be on
and Yiska says
get out of my face
you suck face

the kid just stands there
with that stupid grin
and no nurses
seems to notice

or care or whatever
and I get up
and push him
away from her

and he topples back
against the wall
and comes at me
and all of a sudden

nurses are there
in between us
holding him back
and me from

socking him to the jaw
what's going on?
a nurse says
some big overweight

male nurse
the kid keeps on
pestering me
and Benny was just

keeping him away
Yiska says
we cannot have violence
the big nurse says

then keep him
out of my face then
Yiska says
or I'll knee him

some place
and it won't be his face
the nurse takes
the kid off

to a different area
and sits him down
I go stand by Yiska
and we walk to

the brown sofa
well worn
but at least we
have peace and quiet

and not a down town
in house riot.


You are blessed with a mouth to speak,
but it takes patients to be perfect,
patient is the key no need to rush though. 
You are blessed with 2 legs and 2 arms.
So why let fear run your life?
Why don't you just switch that over and run fear and accomplish things in life,
let fear, fear you. just do it!

DieingEmbers Apr 2013

I've a term-inal illness...

I'm sick
of these damn


For Moonlight Blossom and all my friends taking their exams at the moment.

The evening shall lay waste to the day
As it retreats over the horizon
The day shall counter strike its way
Up unto the morning
And i'll be waiting and watching as i do
For the end to the neverending feud
And the beginning of true solitude

Olivia Kent Jan 2015

Mr McCormick whacked her with his stick.
His nurse that was, he didn't want to be bothered.
He was reading the paper.
A political persuasion.
He'd sat on his glasses, so he couldn't see.
Frustration aggression maybe the theory.
Mrs Brady, a lovely old lady.
Elderly, but beautiful as she reported how she cavorted and partied when younger.
She's missing it so much, a passionate hungers.
With stiff old joints she wanted to dance.
A bit of a stumble, potential to tumble.
She lives in a world of being risk assessed.
Mr Jones an old bag of bones.
Poor fellow he gave up on all of his food.
He knew what he wanted.
His family all tried to persuade him.
To eat his meals.
He gave up on living, henceforth; so he'd only sip from a caring cup.
The nurse bade him goodbye, as from this life he slipped.
Stand outside on the pavement.
The window's wide open.
See his spirit fly free.
(C) Livvi

SPT Jul 2015

Though patients
Is to virtue
As is acceptance
To the willingness
To overcome
Each day, each hour
I learn how
To relinquish

SPT Mar 2015

Gifted by the day
Treasured by the night
Serenity offering peace
In patients with time
As does nature
Never rushing pace
Forming like the dew
Dripping from her girth
Seeping in it's knowledge
One with the earth

Katelyn Feb 2014

s h
a     k
i   n
you were
s ha king
your life was planned out
by medical folders
hospital patient
hospital worker
you knew all about the
effects taking place in your body
but you were
r o o t e d
like a tree standing lone in a
the angels were on your side
and you kept your smile
beside your bed in a glass box
as you slept

you wore it every morning

three years wasn't a long time but
it was long enough to travel the world
you were
j i tt
       e r
like a child on christmas morning
but this wasn't a holiday
and you broke the glass that held
the only thing keeping your head high

"i'm going to die anyway"

yet you were rooted
both feet planted on the ground
j o u r
ne y
you were ready to walk
a dirt road followed by angels in white
optimism carried on silver platters

a week to a month wasn't long enough for
travelling to snow covered peaks and screaming
"i am free and you cannot change me"
you cannot change me
you cannot
change me
you stood
a l o n e
among angels covered in grime
silver platters turned to dust and
smiles falling, fading, gone
yet you
both feet firmly to the ground and spoke
the words that tore the dirt off angels covered
in mud, brought snow covered peaks to you
"you cannot change me,
i am s t ro ng wi ll ed"

hospital bed
hospital room
hospital worker
you are brave

Written for my beautiful aunt, diagnosed with colon and liver cancer in June 2013; the struggle has been all too real. I love you, Aunt Annie.
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