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Heidi Shavill Jan 2013
Small and insignificant...
Insecure and shameful...
Weak and sad...
Unremarkable and transparent...
Unlovable and ****...
Remedial and simple...
Angry and jealous...
Lovesick and lonely...
Sick and Tired...
Unstable and self-destructive...
Vulnerable and trusting...
Hopes and dreams...
Smiling and Laughter...

Heidi Shavill
Heavy Hearted Jul 2018
sad boy;
what a pathetic
this is for my attention.
all you contrive
always lacks concession.

every word,
and image you fake
I reject, from my
for all you are
's worth less than this
effortless expression.

you see, my natural
surmounts your ****
of the beauty of my work
and my powerful
leave me alone
frances Feb 2014
don't you get it?

I exist now only
as a name in a sentence.
"remember me"
like all your bad decisions
the regret that haunts you
as you are sleeping

I am the nagging
in the basement
of your cluttered mind
rolling about inside your skull
a coin about to fall
let it

I am the knives
in the wind.
that you cower from
but cannot resist
some kind of fascination
take shelter

I am no good for you
Ashleigh Black Apr 2014
You know, I know you miss me
and the nights we had
and the times I told you I loved you
and the nights we rambled about nothing.
Yeah, you ******* miss me.

But I can't skate by knowing
I just let you walk away,
right on by.
And I hate myself for that.
But still, things could be like old times.
I don't know what's wrong with me. But this, this is me being angsty and ******* and immature and you know what, I don't care anymore because everything came rushing in and I wasn't ready. I've cried every night since that first message because I'm still so heart broken and pathetic. But I can't be mad at you. It's just impossible.
Nicole Alyssia May 2016
I sit here
Like a love sick puppy
Waiting by the door
Patiently waiting
For my owner,
My lover,
My heart
To come home

I can only wonder
When I'll begin to accept,
that this will never happen
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018

With faith, You said,
You could help to
Address the problem

On getting colder
You have to write
Note on sudden death

Who is to blame?
Sins of ancient rites?
The last breath?

Behind the Bars
All shouting at you
All pointing at you
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: Pathetic
Pathetic soul Jan 2018
I’m loveless,
With every holes on my sleeve,
That begging me to rip the shirt off.
Indicating me,
That they are just as loveless as i am.
Might as useless as well.
So, i’m loveless.
With every breath that i take,
That getting heavier and ragged each second.
Telling me to stop running,
And trying.
The night and the day,
They keep telling me to leave,
They forbid me to sleep,
As every time i woke up,
I’d be the loveless person i will always be.
So they said i must leave.
Last, i’m loveless.
With every step that i take,
With every pressure on my shoulder,
With every blood on my nose,
Will someone ever turn their head,
And simply ask,
“Are you okay?”
Just to stop me from leaving.
So, are you okay?
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Drinks below the summer skies
Love and loss hidden in your eyes
There's a future in there, I know
Send me a sigh of at least a sign
Whatever it is, honey, I'll make it mine
I just wish you didn't have to go

Came along before the storm fell
Wherever you are, I wish you well
If it's a million miles or down the road
Letters, gifts, and flower lace
Picture frames with your smiling face
I just wish you didn't have to go

Speak to me, don't make me guess
I did something wrong and I'll confess
I'd like to say I'm sorry so you know
Tired winds blow away my tired cries
Of whispered hellos and goodbyes
I just wish you didn't have to go

Long ago, before I knew your name
I was stuck and lost in a foreign place
There was still a whole world left to show
Stars would fall with a wish to say
Now they're all wished away
I'm left to wish you didn't have to go
Nicole Alyssia Aug 2016
Do not romance me with words
I've written better
Daniel Mar 6
And for one second I thought
that maybe you could feel the same
and now,
my heart is shattered
into so many tiny pieces
that I simply don't know
how to pick them up.

Everything I can give to you
are the shattered pieces of my heart.
Pathetic, isn't it?

kinda basic but how I feel soooo ._.
Blake 6d
I'm nothing but a drawing,
ready to be erased with a single scrub.
ryn Oct 2014
Escape pods*
Ferried fears
  Gaping heart
   Falling tears
    Dishevelled mind
     Emotional unrest
    Watered ground
    Familiar guest
   Questioned answers
  Unanswered questions
  Glassy eyes
   Increased tension
    Dissipating hope
     Chewed confidence
    Broken spirit
   Unwelcomed sentence
  Failing health
Unstable mind
Choked fingers
Flying blind
 Pathetic plea
  Stretched thin
    Battered insides
     Uncomfortable skin
      Eventual stop
       Frightful frights
        Perceived freedom
         Within sight
        Bruised being
     Absent gods
    Relying upon
Escape pods
Don't ask...I don't even know...
Bee Dec 2017
Pathetic parasite
of a woman
love indefinitely,
a plague
upon hopelessly
romantic people.
A performance.
Smiling, always.
good news and
sleeps around,
in black light.
Wearing sunglasses.
Her day is
She breathes
instagram posts
to survive.
But thrives, only.
The numb gummed
princess cries
every day and
yes. She said it,
a hundred times
proves flexible.
Same words mean
different things
and we
obviously don’t
speak the same
I meant mine.
I didn’t know
she’d sell hers
for snow.
Attention from strangers.

Welcome home.

Winter came and stayed,
love never lived here.
ns Nov 2014
I wish to spit on your grave
To make you feel disgusted and ashamed
You, who look down on me shall suffer from eternal rue
Thou shall writhe seven times over the pain I went through

Go feed everyone with your pathetic lies
Oh, what a pity to have such a miserable life
You live in a world of your pretense
Just to please yourself, such nonsense!

I curse you to perish from the earth!
To leave your bones to decay in the dirt
To watch the life drain out of your eyes
'Tis I long to see before I die

No one shall be there at your funeral
No man will mourn for your demise
You will not be remembered nor be recognized
For this curse, you shall grieve all your life

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