Jasmina Jun 2015
Long long time ago,
When this very moment,
is a chain of past,
I will ask you  - my darling,
If tomorrow
will last.
In memory of The Moment.
time is
the space in which we grow
   without awareness
   in our early years
structured by meals
   arrivals and departures
   light and dark
   hot and cold
   school   studies  play  adventures
and by waiting
   anxiously or not
for things to happen

time is
that feeling
that we may not have enough of it
in our later years
busy with jobs and family and travel
covering long distances in order to
achieve and educate and care

time is
what starts to rush by us
with increasing speed
in our final years
making us wonder
what it really means

that space
by which we measure
our lives
   our universes
      our worlds

time is
Love Jan 2014
We wait every day,
For the next insignificant,
And useless event in our life.
Wasting time,
And wasting life,
Never able to get back those "boring" moments.
When at the end of the road,
When your life is over,
You will treasure those "boring" moments,
And want them back.
Don't hurry.
Sit back and relax,
And live life.
Time passing you by.
Mike Essig Apr 2015
Years ago,
I was ambitious;
now it
is clear
nothing will
Homage poem.
Lady Bird Apr 2015
yesterday went in a flash
today with a blink of an eye
yet tomorrow will go just the same
Wow...how quickly life passes us by
Ankush Samant Jul 2014
An old soul,
Curled up on the street.
Marks of burn,
Peeling skin,
Silent cry from the parched throat,
Agony on every turn,
Howl for food,
A sob in between,
Or was it the muscles' twist and turn?
Why did the burn,
Take just the skin,
Why didn't the heat,
Make some food,
Or give some heat,
On this cold street?!
And just then,
A passing gentleman,
In a black suit,
But without a boot,
Dropped me a drop of food,
And said, 'Look at that tree,
Burned in fire, jealousy and heat,
Soaked in rain, vain and pain,
Gnarled beyond the shadow's recognition,
Death has found him no definition,
So, you just rest in peace,
I will drop you daily,
Life in bits and pieces.'
PrttyBrd Jun 2010
Oh, how the new day dawns
In lavender hues of beautiful.
Tired eyes renewed by the splendor.
As it stretches to peer over the horizon,
The sun grins Good Morning.
As I bid Good Night
copyright©PrttyBrd 12/06/2010
Some fleeting moments pass by-
             like golden hues
                     carrying magic
that is only felt
              when all comes to an end.
In our precious early years
we are open-eyed curious
with little understanding
we are blissfully unaware
of passing time

In our toddler years
we are absorbing the world
the concept of time
is still a great mystery

In our teen years
we experience the world
so many roads to choose from
we test our boundaries
and give little credence
to the passing of time

In our parenting years
the world is constantly changing
we realize that the time is passing
and fear
that we will miss an opportunity

When we reach the
grandparent years
taking comfort in our memories
a trace of sadness in the air
time begins rocketing by
and death
a nightly thought for some

People that love
think of time as eternal
For those who have to wait
time drags on
Anyone who carries a fear
time is much too swift
To grieving lovers
time is excruciating
For ones that celebrate life
time is short

Create moments of magic
with the ones you hold dear
Time waits for no one
it just slips away silently
everything seem to be damp, wet and cold
there are many young faces in the crowd
but everybody appears to be old.

the clowns are tumbling and the children play
yet nobody seem to have any kind of clues as
to what the faces of clocks may say.

leaves have fallen covering the ground in gold
even birds have become extra silent listening
for signs of winter and it's bitter cold.

everything disappears by the ends of each day
because darkness changes everything as time
slowly slips away.
Your skin like dawn
Mine like musk

One paints the beginning
of a certain end.

The other, the end of a
sure beginning.
Rano Al-Azem Feb 2012
Time has changed,
The damage has been done,
Look at what I have become.
Now I am game,
And most probably insane,
But I don’t see what’s the big deal.
There’s one thing I want to do,
And that thing is to get close to you,
When the time is right and I’m close enough,
I’ll break your heart and move apart.
I think about it way and through.
You’re not worth it.
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