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Amy Irby Jun 2015
Mighty arms give a tender cuddle from behind
Eternal heater
Sensation of chest and stomach against spine
"tell me a secret"
soft lips on foreheads and noses
narwhals nudge
"I've got a secret ..."
"What's that?"
"You make life, interesting ..."
" … Good or bad?"
"Good ... you show me things I've never done before."

My name is Barnacle, calcified to you
Your name is Boa constrictor, squeezing till the last breathe
Inadequate sum of memories, so
drifting nowhere any time soon
thank you all for reading and for adding me to the "A Notch Above the Daily Fluff" Collection. Thank you friends
DivineDao Jun 2016
Bottom line

Is before          

Bare skin
Was first

One Foot
Before another One

Walk       Live      Portrude      Walk


Walk toward your goals
Toward your dreams
Within your mind


Congratulate yourself!
Socks off

Lay down

Robert Ronnow Aug 2015
The wood is stacked for winter.
One way out of the mind's limitations
is through other minds' contemplations.
The books are stacked for winter.

Yet even that cannot satisfy.
Failing to hold still for meditation
my teacher smiles, makes this observation:
The purpose of sitting's not to be satisfied

or satiated. Remain hungry,
cold, uncomfortable and counting enemies.
These, and fear, are our commonalities,
and the discipline of not hitting whenever angry.

You'll appreciate dying
quietly at home. Whichever season has been randomly selected will be
      beautiful as ever
as a molecule of water is to all matter.
"In my life there were always too many things."

If there is no time, only change
the linear becomes circular.
Do not say north or south. You're
within the winter range

of chickadee, hawk, owl and heron.
River grapes, rose hips, the cedar waxwings'
repast. Their talk is my reminding
there is change and endurance.
Äŧül Sep 2017
You ask me a query,
You ask, "Where Are You, Honey?"

I have an answer for you,
I say, "I'm inside your heart, honey."

You let it extend, your doubt,
You implore, "But why is it so hazy?"

I fire a ******* in response,
I say, "It's hazy because you're lazy!"

You smile but get perplexed by now,
You ask, "Will you stay if moving on I fail to?"

I am mature and couth,
I say, "I find no reason good enough to not to."

You wonder to yourself,
You ask, "Where from I got you?"

I remind you that I came back,
I say, "I consider it my responsibility to imbue your life with the brightness,
The light lacking in your life,
And to provide you with warmth,
So that you are free from your shivers,
And so that you can be my wife,
I want to fill that void in your day,
Maybe I was sent back only for you,
On your mother's recommendation,
And so wise was her receptivity,
I know that I am a man of my words,
Surely I will make it large for us,
And you are such a hardworking lady,
Our children will have it healthy,
And they will surely have it wealthy,
The wealth won't just be material,
But they will be taught fine civility."

You now ask me your final query,
You ask, "Who will be their tutor?"

I smile and simply end this discussion,
I say, "Obviously, me and you."

Even you are satisfied by now,
You smile & say, "I love you, honey."

I hear what I have been longing to,
I say with a broad smile, "I love you too, honey."
Another response to the poem by Pooja Shah:

My HP Poem #1664
©Atul Kaushal
F White Dec 2015
Sometimes, looking at you in the light of the kitchen  I want
to run a finger
Down the length of your nose but
I know you'd wrinkle it, and shake your head citing a tickle, but kiss behind my shoulder as soon
As I turn away

When my feet make ice pools in the bed
Toes accidentally brushing your ankle and you **** abruptly, but upon hearing
My sigh, trap them back with your ankles til, martyr that you are, I'm engulfed in
Warmth at your

Sometimes the last trickle of milk is mine, for the coffee,
Silent with your eyes smiling fondly, you look on as I sip, resolutely stirring powdered
Dead baby souls into mug as substitute.

Even damp smelly socks
Greasy hair
Neurotic tears and
Intellectual rambling epiphanies

Even childish blunders, fudging the
Budget or burning the toast

You still call me fond Things.

And love Me.
The most.
Copyright fhw, 2015
paige tenielle Sep 2018
why wont you let me move on?
is it because you dont want me to?
you dont want me to find happiness
with someone else?
or are you just plain sadistic,
forcing this pain on me?

every time i think i can breathe,
there you are again
with your hands around my neck
cutting off my oxygen supply
making me lightheaded.

every time i try to move,
i realize my arms and legs have been tied down
and there you stand
taunting me at the end of the bed.

why do you have to be so cruel to me?
its probably because you know i live for the pain.
not just a metaphor.
eva-mae Jul 2018
back and forth the
pendulum swings like those
playground kids
at midnight

me and him
dark moons and orangey
his shirt

my frozen frame
he pushes me
and i swing
back and forth

like his drug habits
back and forth and i am thrown
into time
headfirst then backwards

and i see him, all of him
his childhood, his happiness
his trauma
all coming together to create

one chaotically beautiful human being

and as i swing i mention
my childhood, my happiness
my trauma
and he calls it fascinating

calls me a beautiful tragedy
and back and forth we swing.
i am so so so in love with you.
A pocket of my heart, holds a special charm.

Token, an image, the gift,
...of you on my arm.
MJL Mar 11
It’s like you are snoring
While you are awake
You emanate noise
On and on
It grows
Until it stops without warning
Just a peaceful tease
Then “The Return”
A hit performance
Thoughts from your head in puffs of air being traded for oxygen
You breathe words
I pray to black out
Halt the sound
Bring sleep
But you can’t unplug
It’s like you are a noise machine that is unable to shut off
It’s OK
Repeat the mantra:
     I would miss this when gone
     I would long for the soundtrack of your being
     I would long for the music that is my love
     My Dreamgirl...

Dear Lord...
**** me now
Bit of humor between us. :)
Saudia R Aug 2018
Have you eaten yet?
When are you getting home?
Where are you going?
I thought that we...
How long will it take?
Whose with you?
Can I come?
I'm worried.

Says, Love
How so many of the, "annoying" questions we get, are how someone in our life says love.
Joseph Mar 1
if I were given the chance, would I take it?
to start from the beginning, all over again,
before the tears, before the pain,
to when we first met, that night on the train,

to a time filled with excitement and infinite possibility,
would it be too late to rewrite,
what is now, our history?

'it wasn't meant to be', over and over I repeat,
much like the brush strokes of a troubled painter,
attempting to brighten a canvas oh so bleak,

if that questionable line were indeed true,
why do I dream, reminisce,
yearn to be once more, together with you?

why is it so difficult, for me to let go?
just as relief approaches, I stop and listen,  
(our song playing on the radio)

seems no matter how hard I try,
i can never forget,
the moments we shared and I whispered,
'I love you, Juliet'.
Every time I feel myself falling, I try to grab onto you.
Slipping my arm through yours, hand locking around your waist.
Broadcasting your warmth from every pore - I relent, knots unwinding
for that second before you steel up tall, lock your chin, and frown.
Then you shake me loose. I can see on your face that you don’t want to push me away
Which is why you’re not. You’re shaking me over the centre of the earth
But it is my gravity that will claw me down and **** me.

This is your epicentre. The point where all your earthquakes start:
You did not push me down the hole. You merely shook me loose over it. Differentiation.
Hey so lately I've been struggling a lot with my partner. We don't go to bed together anymore. Anyone who reads my poetry (so no one) will realise that perhaps it hasn't been good for a while. Last night he came to bed at 07.30am - we hadn't even been out. This is not the life I look forward to.
Zell Jul 2017
I've always believed in signs.
I've spent way too much time waiting for signs of where to find you.
Give me a sign.
A hint on who you are or where you might be.
A sign on whether you are happy or sharing the kind of loneliness that i'm feeling.
I want to know if you're still out there waiting for me as well.
I need a clue on who my future is.
I need someone i can write about.
I need a name or maybe just a glimpse of what you love, what you hate, or what you look like.
I need to know.
Because i'm sure you're out there somewhere.
I just don't know if it's too late or if i may be chasing after the wrong person all along.
© 2017 D.A. Barreras
Nigdaw Jul 11
We have spoken many times today
We have touched a thousand memories
Without words;
I can be with you anywhere
We have been, or yearn to go;
You fit,
Like the cliched jigsaw piece
I was born without,
Not just my other half
Another part of my life.
Friend, lover, soul mate
No matter where
No matter what,
You are always in my thoughts.
For my wife, who has put up with me for over twenty years.
Steve Page May 10
I need a strong yin
to rein me in
to be by my side
kicking my shin
when I need to restrain
my under their skin
to pull me out of my dive
and control my fast spin

it's then that my watson,
my bucky, my tonto
comes into their own
and suppresses my ego
So don't go when I strut
when I trigger disgust
just stand by my yang
and balance me up
Thank you radio 4 for a short about side kicks
Are we still on the same team
Or did the teams get switched

We kept the same rythym for
So long that I lost all my sense of

Without your weight in opposite
Evening out my constant evolution and

And now I can't tell if you are
Dancing with me or against me
jee Oct 2018
i believe myself to be

crushes are preposterous,
partners are imaginary,
and soulmates are written about in
young adult novels.

i surprise myself,
half the time,
with the absolute commitment
to my own misery.

i am Unlovable.

yet how do you stand there,


you laugh at my jokes,
and eat my food,
and give my self-esteem
a fighting chance.

you praise my painting,
and glow at my singing,
and somehow even
listen to my rambling.

you tolerate my anxiety,
and take my advice,
and even make sure that
i know,
at every second of the day,
that you care.

Love feels


but you make it seem


so thank you,
for Loving me.
even though the

thank you for knowing me.

thank you for understanding me.

thank you for caring    so    much,
that it hurts both you and me.

and maybe,

one day,

i can Love you back just as much.
it's hard to imagine myself being loved.
i don’t know how you do it.
I am getting dragged
behind you
Just like a rope
Lifeless, hopeless.

The diversion you take,
Me too turn behind,
Dumb, subconscious..

Your destination is in your thoughts,
I just walk behind you,
You walk to achieve something,
I walk behind questioneless..


Is not my destination
my determination..YOU?

Do you realize
I walk behind you?
Can you hear my footsteps..
Dragging with a hush??

Why am I
Asking you all this?
Was walking behind you not my own decision?

You are moving for your own resting place,
I was anyways never the whole final destination for you...
Then why should my ubiety in your 'moving life' should have any mention??

I have made you my destiny by choice,
Should my life have any other diversion than yours..??


Life partner - 2 (Reply)

I could feel you getting dragged behind me,
Your presence completes my existence,
You are walking behind with held breaths,
I move ahead counting your breaths..

I am moving with a great speed,
To wait and rest for few seconds is impossible..
I could hear your heavy weezing,
But to slow down is impossible..

You speak the truth,
You walk behind making me your destiny,
And so I walk on the good road till today,
Thorns will come surely in my path in future,
But I am trying to take bit longer but smooth roads..

Neither animosity nor complains you have for me,
Neither questions nor answers I have for you,
Our life will pass harmoniously this way..
Me ahead and you behind tagging along.

Hold me well with power of your determination,
Give me courage by your silent smiles,
Keep your faith on me always,
You will be given credit for my journey of success,
Hold me strongly on the ground after the success..!!

Sparkle In Wisdom
#Saw today a loaded truck at traffic light secured with a rope,a portion of the rope has gotten loose and was dragging behind it...

It can be hypothetical talk between truck and rope
A situation where a wife follows a husband,
Or a devoted girl friend Madly in love will tag along her love...

English translation of my Hindi poem.
Jeevansathi hindi - 1 and 2
Harri Jul 2018
I don't want an easy love.
Sure, I want a napping in the sun,
Doing everything and nothing
All at once
Staring into each other's eyes
And giggling at an in-joke
Kind of love.
But not a simple one.
Not one that settles into my bones
With the inevitability of old age.
Not one that grows so comfortable
It becomes ordinary.
I want fire.
I want passion.
I want a love that makes me fight for it.
Over and over again.
I want a love that keeps me on my toes.
That never settles into routine.
Sure, I want a coffee in bed
Cuddles with a film
Soft pillows and warm skin
Kind of love.
But I also want to look at it
And see that it is ephemeral
And changeable
And all the more precious for it.

Sure, I want a lifetime kind of love.
But a lifetime's a long time.
And I want it to be a wild tango,
Not a slow and stately waltz.
agrios Jul 8
when i tell them i love them, i hope they know
that i mean more than just a romantic thing, i hope
they know i mean something deeper than their very
soul, a love so beautiful that the sky weeps it's tears
with cloudy eyes and brings forth a greener place. i
hope they know i love them beyond and above
everything else.
MJL Feb 9
I’ll meet you in the place where pink and purple meet
Where the glow from life’s fire touches the cold
Where the wind pauses to share a moment with still
In between a heart and nothing else that matters
And all that matters is holding you
In between is everything
I’ll meet you in the place where pink and purple meet
Where our skin blushes to become one
Where words have just been spoken and meaning lingers
Where strange becomes special and all is unwritten
Where life transcends and “away” and “to” find a home
And all that matters is holding you
In between everything
I’ll meet you in the place where pink and purple meet
Where tears run dry and silence opens

© 2019 MJL
For Dreamgirl.
Baylee Kaye Jan 20
you and you only
be first in my heart
I promise to love thee
‘till death do us part
Em MacKenzie May 15
I only wish to be by your side
I wish for it every single night,
but you didn’t bring me along for the ride,
infact you didn’t take notice until I was out of sight.

Bury me alive,
don’t leave me at the door.
I’ve been stretching this drive
down to the corner store.
I’ve been chain smoking,
and breathing the cold air skies,
I’ll tell you that I’m joking,
and if you cover my ears, I’ll cover your eyes.

I’ve been trying to catch the ocean,
but ended up drowning in her eyes.
I’m stashing away every emotion,
and she accuses my sentiment for lies.
I want to go on a joyride,
I want to drive away but not to hide.
I want to go on a joyride,
but I’m feeling alone and you’re not by my side.
So I’ll turn up the music,
and ignore my pride.

Travelling the dark street
of that old quiet ghost town,
the ferret was very discreet,
but warned of us of the bear and to slow down.
Losing track of time and missing our exit,
with conversations holding a life of their own.
I’ll remind you so you won’t forget it,
now I’ll drive that highway completely alone.

Bury me alive,
oh wait, you made the shallow grave.
I’ve been stretching this drive,
it’s pitch black but I remind you to be brave.
I’ve been listening to our favourite song,
the lyrics I easily memorize.
Eliza Dushku’s turn was wrong,
but if you be my ears, I’ll be your eyes.

I know your measurements; head to toes,
and you’re perfect just the way you are.
You know I love how you look in my clothes
when you sit beside me in my dark car.
And all the streetlights went out
as we silently took a joyride,
it’s not unusual for me but I have my doubt,
that it wasn’t amplified by her by my side.
Found an older one, not the greatest
Deovrat Sep 2018
life partner
arranged soulmate
is nothing


for a part of


the emotional needs
and physical


as  binding force
which makes
to keep them together


of each other

©deovrat 15.09.2018
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