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September Rose Mar 2018
Little house
Timeless street
Childhood garden

The scent of your preschool playground after a storm on a Wednesday in may

The distinguishable noise of your parents' doorbell

The weepy feeling looking at childhood photos and knowing you'll never get those moments back

The melancholy moment you realize the book you're reading was your favorite bedtime story

The second the atmosphere shifts and you're suddenly thrown back to memories of your mothers embrace on a stormy night

The suffocating feeling of revisiting tales thinning at the ends as your recollection slowly fades

The slipping grip of what once was that will never be again, slowly turning faded and acid washed until its nothing but a feeling you cant put a name to

Push, grab, steady, stand, wobble, wobbly, walk, there! ...and there! Oh and there too!

He goes...
city of flips Jul 2018
wants to be my friend, for I am poet-woman nineteen.

she is sweet but sad. super sad.

a good poet who wants to guide me.

but there/theirs is the odor, not faint, of wants wanting,
the pus of corruption behind the curtains,
the Wizard-ess of Oz's
special blackout curtains.

seen how easy, how her illusions,
my medium rare rejections,
morph into her delusions,

and her delusions devolve into
her conspiracy theories.

"SHE will be my mentor, poetess lover, teacher for no charge!"

my parents thinks it's great, she wants (to be) skin in my game.

my parents will find this poem accidentally, exactly,

how I do not want
to be skinned alive.

for I am poet-woman nineteen and still! now, long past
the point of being fooled, the point of no return.

and see no point,
have no intention,
of returning to either valley

no more con the my mind into letting my body

that ain't me babe.
thelemonpolice Jul 2018
What a pretty holiday
I wish that I had gone
But did you know that all they did
was post it on their phones?

What amazing friends they have
I wish that I had more
but actually these people have just met
and are a bore

What a funny club night
I feel left out again
Well maybe its another way
to drown out all the pain

What a lovely boyfriend
He bought her lovely gifts
but do you know that hes repaying
her for all his sins?

Pretty pretty wedding pictures
for everyone to see
did you know he sometimes
"accidentally" makes her bleed

happy shopping family
filling up a cart
did you know the parents
can't grow love in their hearts?

Happy, smiling faces
I wonder what they've seen
and why they have to force a smile
on pictures on this screen

Lovely posing woman
why do you hold your breath?
How many pictures did it take
to make you look your best?

Is it worth it? Is it needed?
to get approval from your 'friends'?
Are we worthy? Are we needed?
does it matter end?
Wow thank you so much for all the attention of this poem. It really means a lot. If you liked this, check out my YouTube channel too ❤️
Amy Leigh Jul 2013
apricots and cigarette smoke:
your smile is infectious.
heat leaking through the little slit in the
window: melt like cool frosters on
a hot summer day - melt
into me
lets become solvent
in this little
car; (I wouldn't mind.)

combine together, like our parents
and parents before them. molecular;
everything, anything -
we are science.

I am not afraid, it is
who takes the air from
my gasping lungs; - look!
at his beauty; divine.

© A. Leigh
Mars D'Mello Dec 2018
A flight here and a flight there
Let me compensate for not being there
When you needed me
When you need me
I taught you how to deal with pain
While being lonely
I thought you how to fight away the demons
By leaving them to feast on your flesh
To gnaw at your bones
To leave you for dead
And I return to take you on a trip
To take you away from the misery that i am blind toward
That I do not know you have
I taught you how to talk through your fears
Now the only ones you talk to are in your brain

No father, I will not shed a tear
I am the water beneath the desert
the undiscovered landmines in the soil
I am held back tears and the god of war
The war against pain
As I fight in the trenches
In a battlefield facing myself
Battling an enemy that is closer than the end of my nose
Breathing so heavy, until the pain to goes to ****

Don’t let me see the tear stains on your sweater sleeve
You are not the child i birthed
You are but a machine
Do you not feel a thing?
Can you not say you’re glad?
I’ve never seen you smile
Is that a tear in your eye?
Save it for later
Throw away the paper
You cannot be another traitor
To your brain
Do not talk about your heart
you are not a painter

No woman, i am not your child
I am nobody’s daughter
Just a trapped little boy
Screaming through the windows
Cause you won’t let me out
Of this house made of hate
With these cracks in the walls
That lets in little rays of love
That I am too afraid to touch
Because i barely know love

But the walls of my house are my skin and my bones
And the prison called *** that is set on the roof
No I’m not complaining I’m just being honest
Didn’t you teach me that when you said I was going to be nothing
When you called me a pig and I learnt to cry silently
Now I almost always cry silently
For these are the scars that I bear on my soul
That I wear on my sleeve
For i have been told that there is beauty in acceptance
In accepting what you’ve faced
And learning how to be loved
And how to be alone
I think that you
could careless
about me.
I might be your kid,
and you could be might my parent,
but sometimes
I think that you treat me more like a carrot.
I grow by myself,
I get my own nutrition.
I get my own life,
I get my own attention.
You do not care about me,
at least that's what I think.
But even carrots
cannot be on their own.
You do not care if I come home ****** red or sick orange.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
In the beginning, there was
me, then I became you and
I, then you and I became
and Johnny then Helen and
Johnny became Man and wife
then man and wife became
parents to our son and now
there's only my son our kitten
and I
Me became I became you and I you and I became man and wife
Taliesin Dec 2018
The night is still and the house is bathed in silence
Warm orange glow glides from lamp to lamp
She has set there on the couch, hugging her knees
For days now
The sun, as it passed, saw her there
At least twice now
Immobile, she breathes
And the house breathes with her
A letter sits, envelope jaggedly ripped open
A letter she knows so well
She could trace every one of the paper’s fibres
Plot each one of them to their end,
and read from the ridges of ink that dart its tundra
And yet
she could not tell you every word
“We regret to inform you”
“In his sleep”
And the rest is sand on a desert wind.
The words, though few, leave their mark
Purple bruises that blush each cheek
And a churning sickness in her gut.
Soon the flies will descend,
He will rot on the paper in front of her
Turn into an idle thought
Castrated by the healing wounds
But now she weeps for her defeat.
He knew you see,
It was nothing but one last last word
One last fight
One last calculated tear
All before she had the chance
To finally see him die
Dear mother
And father
Now I know how cold this world
After you released me in the airport

My responsibility is not that much
But the pressure I hold
Sometimes It’s too much
For me to hold it by my own

You helped me
By financially
Screaming at me
Feed me
And raised me

I was too proud to say that
I Cried In My Sleep
You may think I have a strong heart
But my eyes cannot hold the tears
To my parents
Lost Soul Nov 2018
I guess you want me to say I'm sorry
But I cant...
You hurt me, put a bullet in my heart
Like I was an animal in a safari
I needed left..said it was cause of something i lacked
I'm fixing myself, no thanks to you
And now you want me back?
I'm not the same as before
You were fine knowing that I was hurting
I had to pick myself up  
Harden my heart
now I'm  as cold as a stone floor
I loved you but I guess you didn't love me
I'm no longer sorry I did the things i did
I'm not sorry i gave up
Just like you did with me....
N Oct 2018
i just want it all to be over-
the fights, the crying, the endless cycle of explosion
i just want you to love me
to make me not feel broken anymore

i need you to hear me
hear my pain and longing to reach out to you
i need you to understand me
understand my feelings and my desires

i yearn for your attention
i yearn for your praise
i yearn for your affection

i want to move on
to be free of this life

free me from these chains
let me move on and make my own life.
Danny Nov 2018
Sometimes I see a deep concern in you

Like you wonder if your ever gonna make it through

Events seem big, and at times they may weigh a lot

Often feels like too much but you know its not

So much in life is only temporary

What hurts us one day isn't always something we will carry

So Son if you can hold on through the darker times

Know they don't last. Your on the wake of what will be sublime

Sometimes its hard to see the love that's all around you

Reach out your hand and you will feel it grab and pull you through

See sometimes in life we need to have blind faith

Till desperation fades and shows we have a better fate

Always know I love you more than words could ever say

I see your struggle but just know I think your doing great

And you know we may not always see eye to eye

I'm not perfect but you know that I would never lie

So when that anger rises up inside you

Please believe me when I say that feeling isn't true

Its a response to how your seeing things at the time

Take a breath, step back you'll see that things are fine  

You know your Mom and I will always have your back

Through thick and thin were at your side when you feel attacked

So rest assured when there's something that's concerning you

You're not alone, were always there to help you make it through

No matter what gets thrown at you all throughout the day

Take rest in knowing you are ours and we are here to stay.
To my middle child in Jr High
JDL Nov 2018
With a crown made of perfect pearls of achievement

Tears made of perfection’s unmet attainment

Wrapped in golden robes woven with high expectations, their trophy

Placed on a throne pedestal, an example of myself feeling like a phony

Sat inside the trophy case of high potential to collect dust

To whom shall I look up to and trust,

If I am held so high I can’t even see the ground?

I must climb back down if I am to be found
Amaris Nov 2018
I used to view my life like a bird in a cage
That you had the key, so I'd fly in a rage
Scream at you when things got rough
Bite when I never thought you did enough

When the bars broke and I was finally free
Distance and time gave me the chance to see
The vivid silks that served as your bonds
So pretty you missed the chains beyond

Mother and I used to discuss the fabric and style
Father and I would talk about patterns for a while
All you had was this and you gave it all to me
I wish you'd realize this wasn't who I wanted to be

A year underwater and I've been torn clear
Now an invisible wall lies between us, I fear

So I light a candle for the two of you instead
Hold the thought of you close when I go to bed
Press a hand to the window and feel the cold
Remember warmer days and then feel old

Before I go home, there are a few things I have to do
Like run a waterfall to a page instead of to you
Polish the mask I must wear without shame
Else without it, you'd never know my name
Glenn Currier Oct 2018
Solomon tells God not to forget his promises he made to his father, David, of successors and protection.

     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

I wonder what his promises are to me
if he has made any at all.

But if he has not
he has in a million small and large matters
protected me
except when I didn’t allow him to
which is probably most of the time.  

Dare I expend the energy
to mentally list these matters?  

I seem so lazy  
when I think of my parents and how they sacrificed
their pleasure and comfort for me,
when I think of the pain I caused Mom
from the first weeks of conception on.
Oh how I have taken that love for granted.  
How much more so with my Creator.  

But truth is, I cannot separate the love
of Mamma and Daddy
friends who bore my boorishness
kin who’ve overlooked me overlooking them
I cannot separate these
from the fingers of the great sculptor.    

(See I Kings 8:25-30)
I revisited this poem 1-22-19 and the first part made me go to Wikipedia and the Bible for further understanding of these promises.  This then, led me to do more research on what was the ark of the covenant and what was that covenant.  Very interesting.  What I read summarizes a bunch of what the Bible and traditional Christians teach.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Times when young
so full of myself
thought to know It
all In truth I knew
of nothing tried to
tell my mum and dad
how full of knowledge
I was who was I tell
my parents who had
lived through a War
for I was protected
from all the harsh
the reality of life dangers
being a vulnerable child
so who was I to tell my
parents when I knew
nothing at all
Who was  thought to tell my parents I knew It All I knew nothing
Audrey Oct 2018
I hate myself I wanna die
I hate myself I wanna cry
I find my friends to feel okay
cause I don't wanna be this way

the pressure you give is way to much
and I just want to chill no rush

see if I die won't need to live
my families life can finally begin

they’ll work on the second daughter, she
And shape her into what they need her to be
And once she soars with her success
They’ll claim our broken family is blessed

I told you what I loved to do, and you just didn't care
so why the **** would I share my life and speak to you and bear
out all my feelings on the floor so you can look and stare
and scream the words " I'm disappointed in you" and make it sound real rare.

P.S. I hate science and I'm probably going to fail biology
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