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theforest Dec 2018
i dreamt
we made pancakes
you got a little flour
on your nose
and we danced
in the kitchen
and we played
and your laughter
made the pancakes
so much sweeter
than maple syrup
ever could
ethan gaskill Jul 2018
i want to be
your vintage crooner for life
frank sinatra mixed with marvin gaye
with twenty-first century style
i'd greet you at the door with flowers
and be your chauffeur to wherever
you want to go i'll take you
there's no rush; we have forever
our life can feel like a movie
almost too good to be true
sooner or later you'll realize
i've always felt that way about you
galas and night dances and jet airplanes to france
would only be enjoyable if i'm holding your hand
i think that we could see our dreams
with our own awake eyes
so come and ride away with me
and we can have the time of our lives
whether sunday morning pancakes or a tuesday noontime lunch
breakfast in bed or a venice bistro will be equally fun
and if god takes us that far
i'd point to you when our daughter asks what a queen is
we could show our children how dedication
and compassion makes life feel like you're dreaming
and someday many years from now
when we have an empty nest
we'll remember the feature film of our romance
and decide that we did it best
I miss waking up to the smell of your delicious pancakes.
Sweetly covered in maple syrup.
And the sweetest smile you served with it.

Now all I can wake up to
is to the smell of burnt breakfast.
Sugarcoated with cooked up lies.
That I keep feeding myself to stay alive.
“What did I ever do to deserve this?”
Anima Torch Jun 2016
First thing's first
I awaken at six
Only to sleep until seven thirty
I ate breakfast and
brushed my teeth
I went to
swim practice
The fun kind
With relays
That my team won
Lapping the other
Then we got
I put REAL
Clothes on
And took an hour
To install
A half metal mouth
With green bands
As a surprise
It's a surprise for my friend's party
Logan Seamus Nov 2018
late night/early morning diners.
pancakes and talks with friends.
sneaking out and being teenagers.
pounding venoms and sitting in a chilled car.
these are the things I live for
At three or so I would awaken
Out of a fragile sleep
to the clang of pots and bowls
Cabinets, silver spoons and a measuring cup
Pancakes fried in a skillet
Buckwheat from a box
I don’t know how long I lay there
And I wondered whom else in the house can hear
I was closest to the door that led to you
Just one door that separates
Were the others in this darkened house staring at the wall or ceiling? Counting?
Afraid, just a little.
Thinking about the morning
when it comes

After your feeding,  
the kitchen
would be cleaned to its former glory
And into the bathroom
Right next to my ears
You would step softly and close that door behind you
Turning on the sink’s faucet
And then the shower
Taking the laxatives
And wait
I wait

We all wait in this house for you to finish
It goes on and on
And then you turn off the water
Go back to bed
And maybe then I can sleep
Lvice Nov 2017
The house that I grew up in is growing old.
I can barely distinguish between the house and my grandfather, and both have given up. Tired..of people walking inside of them.
I used to fall in the house running around the hallway and through the kitchen and now I'm falling through the floor.
There is no one to say "Get out of my kitchen!"
I've never been in the attic and I've only seen my grandfather open the latch once; I'll never get to see what was stored.  I thought Katherine's ornaments could be up there, but neither knew what had been done with them.
It broke my heart to see what I had seen. I wanted to have those memories again but not all the money in the world could buy them back.
The magic I had grown up with is dying. There is no more children to fall on the cinder under the fur shed and burn her forehead, or see snow for the first time. And after making snow *****, running hands through water and letting Katherine rub them through her bony hands. It doesn't snow in Louisiana but for this house it did.
I loved being old at such a young age. Picking blackberries with him and learning to preserve them. Staining my mouth, cheeks, hair, hands, my shirt with Mulberry. Then rolling dough on the counter and staining it with little girl hands and thin fingers and bear paws.
And still the only jelly I'll eat is blackberry jelly.
Cards at the table with Katherine was the best. She had this laugh. More of a cough and she wouldnt stop coughing until she caught her breath and then I would laugh so hard and try to walk it off and trip over her oxygen tubes.  That machine  used to haunt me. It looks with green eyes at night and stood in the open doorway of the door that I never understood why it was there, it never closed anyway. The doorway I used to hide in that one nightmare  about the dinosaur that would chase me around the same hallways that my grandfather would. I've always loved dinosaurs after that.
And eating at the kitchen table where there was always honey because grandfather was also a beekeeper and loved honeycombs and fresh honey.  The one flaw in that table was the window where I always thought raptors or a bobcat would jump out of while I was eating and eat ME. Tough little five year old me would put up a fight and scream until Paw would save me.
  The dining room table where Granny Velgin always had pancakes. The BEST pancakes. Where I learned to make them years later along with paine perdu, or French toast.  Little Cajun french me with my French name and father who was Czech but I have a  Cajun French grandfather.

The magic that was the now 60 year old house is going. It was always "50 years old" every time I asked my grandfather how old it was. It was his childhood house too. He says he still remembers Granny chasing Ayo with a pan for staying out too late..and I still chase the Christmas lights we used to walk to see. I still chase my cousins around the backyard geese and chicken and duck pen. I'm still chasing the magic that sat in the attic of the house I never looked in.
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
The numerals II Sir I to another
ABC* confession
DEF feared_***
My bowl spilled my
heart soup

Have Merci Beau-coup
The S was left alone my survival
Do you love my eyes primal
He points widely- tribal his
marriage finger my editorial
Be kinder strawberry sugar high
Do you want me to bite down
on my wafers
-I for the Ivy League his polo loafers

He's my (Lifesavers)
The bow and arrow I met my
dark sparrow what a rainbow
So intrigued my mystery arrival

Why on earth do you want me down?

To focus staying upright but kinda
Tight-Net gown

I am not a falling we have eyes
The face to face prize to be eyed
The Carribean
That Native American
Johnny Depp
When I make my first movie wish

The pirate birdseye rash
Al Dente ziti  Eggplant Parmigiana
The headless horse Dante always neighs
kills me on
Valentine day hearts lucky horseshoe

Eyes have frozen bird's eye
They thought I was
the sweet pea
He knocked me off
My Twitter tweets
I am the writer don't flood
My words everything is shaking
This is the Godly earth

So confused we feel-tightly squeezed
The earthquake head over heels down to our knees

She is sipping her tears down
In her chamomile tea thumbs up
The world is evaporating
like the dead sea
Bring everything alive I am
counting to 1*2*3*4*5

Down to my last words
I'm staying alive my life is more than
A Saturday Night Fever
But feeling down to my sunrise
Your heart deeply graved
I will betcha life has
more downs downward

Even when you wake -up upward

No way out of expensive
price tags we need to save
The give or take to remake
We need to finish not at
the end of the line

Where we were left off
Whats yours is mine

Sometimes you think
you are down
But life has you
well planted

To say I do
With his mind enchanted
Let me go up---++

The spirit is a complicated thing
I got wits to carry on anything

I need more guts
Now Bill said I do
Oh! No love me to please
me as I do

My Bill is always waiting
at the upside down table
Like the will-hunting
For God sake who is on first
Going up with the bucket list
Feeling down to adore me
You're going down Oh! Christ
Don't push my buttons
the elevator
I saw your Realtor
going to
The Skyline Hilton

I-O-U trillion hearts that were
down and wasted

Falling eyelashes no surprise
That stock exchange stars fault

Money lip up and honey
eyes down
Do you want this in singing
or shall we both go down

I'm going to wash that
man right out
? And sent him on
the way he's gone
The brainwashing Scientology
misery loves religious company
Like Humpty dump me
His "snoop dog so sad eating
like Pig whistle steak
Peeping Tom sales week
Anthony Perkins down to seek

The sprinkler shower
Hitchcock scene French Tickler
At Tiffany's Audrey
breakfast jewels Ruby
Hanky Panky pancakes

Like the Amazon in Prime
With fruit slashed smile
Love to love you baby at
Perkins eggs are dreamy
The shoot of ringlets hair screaming
Niagara fall and action roll fall down

You're a shade too hurtful
The red-brown chair or orange perk me
up the crown the Gala gown me

Life is so unkind why
do people smile
Going in and out the door
The rush the high like you could
mop her curls up but your hand down

Feeling inside the apple of the core

The teapot all fenced in pretending
The downspout- you're up-sprout
He's the roundabout -handle
A stranger is routing someone
is always cursing
You're going down

The game sports ball out
And your always looking
down at me when you
talk me out

Like a ring fight
falling black eye
Where is our coffee down
to nothing, she got a pink eye

Her words spilled over
upside down
pineapple printed dress

Having a breakdown
Do you want me down
I am the New York City girl
A clap of party hands

A figure of speech when you get
lonely go downtown
To my number
address 13
what a lowdown
In the Wizard of Oz,
the  cowardly lion
crashed the window
My only lip Solo so low

My computer froze my red
rose wilted
I couldn't bring my smile
back to suit you

They were jumping for joy
Do you really want to
love a tomboy
Almond eyes of candy
Grease me down
My pretty pink illegally
Blonde pill
Google on down with Bill

Joining the falling down crowd
But no one had a clue my face was
falling down all-stars feeling blue
When we're down and about or feeling all over the place the roundabout we cannot get over something that we go more down and down but be pulling our weight going up but who will fill our heart when you just about had enough
kk Jul 2018
imagine a calloused doubt.
cracked, chipped, clicking
like warped wooden floorboards.
soft from overuse
but still overrides willpower
in one palpitating breath.
grimy yet illusive
like your teeth after a day’s work,
collecting gunk that sidles up
to calcium companions,
crunching down on things
that become
so bland in the end.
doubt is offbeat,
monstrous footsteps hidden deep
off beaten paths,
its thudding is clammy and hurried,
aligned to the discordant jazz of
your alarmed body.
it tastes like
coppery heartbeats,
rising bile,
salt and mucus in the back of your throat.
it is a truly uncomfortable thing.
it stacks sweetly like buttercream pancakes
but crumbles you
with such a sour taste on your tongue.
imagine an agony that loves you.
i write about anxiety too much
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I want someone
I could be
Goofy around
Not worry about what to say
No awkward moment
Just shy & clumsy
Someone i could just
Take off my shoes
And slide the whole hallway
To his open arms
Someone i could
Put my ice cold hand
On his neck
Someone i could
Live with
Share a life with
Someone i could
Stay in bed with him
Just cuddle
Have leg fights
Over the blanket
Then end up
Someone i will
Wake up next to
And run make him breakfast
Or doing pancakes together
Dancing our ***** off
In the kitchen
Someone i could
Have a pet with
A cat probably
And wake up next to it
As if it was our baby
Dita Jan 6
What if it’s the sounds
of your fingers meeting the keys
that intensifies your pulse
while you are vulnerably typing
that are familiar to the smell
that are familiar to the sound
of pancakes sizzling in the morning

A collection of moments
that define a space in time
your time
to illustrate home
your home
where your mess is allowed
feelings loud and able

Shades of coffee vary
though steam will always softly linger  
to remind you here is safe
because here is an extension
of the world
the one inside you
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Breaking up is
hard to do
Loosening spiritual stretch
His words are my pacifier
The shooting star sprinkling shot
Look at our stars dot to dot
They connect over tea for two
Soothe me star even if there is nothing to do

The other stuff can knock me
out in the daylight
But in the twilight
Those zillions of stars my
eyes closed I think to glaze
Take another look strike
the pose the next day
the same spot
I saw the soothing words next to
Star pointed rose

Not the starry night
Going through something
What the world brought to me
Too much at one time everything
Breathe in and soothe me
*It was up to me not to blind me
what will I bring so many things
My cool spirit make it meditation table,
The New York sooth your mind menu
Rendezvous all talk but delicious
She is tough walking
the hardest avenue
The **Positive me
even if its the
broken up me
No one can take his place to soothe me
Smell the sweet outrageous scents
French fondue it suits her like a statue
Do you all agree? Another feel good
shopping spree
I cannot even say soothing-word*

Your home is your oasis but the
huff and the puff star is not relaxing
Or to blow you down it needs work
The hard stuff is to better yourself
The feel-good smooth flowing
Even if you missed your star
You're the no star he's is always late
Soothe me star may be my fate

Not always about being
**** and remaining thin

The forever flight hit so hard
  Thrown brick harder
the sin

They say remorse is the poison of life
And divorce could be the best
change in someone's life

OH! Lord The new?? hard/

"The winding rough road see the light"
It may be tough but make it good deed

Athletic Girly curve walk

The pep talk she had the tough birth
The Preppy he's training
the puppy stuff
You don't have to be a star it doesn't matter
who you are
But there is growing good of the world

Miles smiles and giggles
the wild child  loves
all kinds of stuff

She is about to explode
Harder side of logic
*Been Moonstruck
light flick
Both mouths a volcano
Hard star stuff big ham and swiss

Exploring new stuff
Please take it from pointed star
She walks like she is hot stuff
Those color forms of love stuff
Things and stuff
Stuff and things

Holding tightly prayer nightly
Your stuffed animal
The little world of people
The big world Church and Temple
So many things exist

Walking through the end of
the exit
It a hard position of the angle
Tough to be single even more
to deal with being married
Being the first online
Hard call masquerade Ball
I am getting a handle on my stuff
Kiss Rock dress heavy metal stuff
Indie Pop She's the Earth Blondie
Singing Rap

Going mainstream
She's Brook long stream
He's under the influence
She doesn't nearly have
the up to par

Gifts of curiosity
Adjusting to reality
Hard life too much focus
On our happiness
He's coming home
breadwinner of money
Just one loaf of
bread she blossoms
like his honey

Disavows humanity
The harder the words
How it challenges our sanity

Myriad of the creatures of things
Dark crayon hard stuff
Wild Hawaii Say Hi to all our
blissfully but soothing hearts
She is like a hard sandpaper
He is so cool reading his
worldly carefree life
He is inside the newspaper
Like the Big Ben London guard

How mindset like Hallmark card

Too much Holiday Turkey filled up
Time is busting out overstuffed
So powerless word hard ingenious
Be thankful for what you have
But feeling too much
of the dry spell that rain well
Is my gifted secret tell
Like an Elephant, you are
the tough one the smart one
No-one is perfect to be the
brilliant one

The star way of the fantasy
Nothing fancy doesn't make you jump
Prince is not so charming smooth
talker fairytale
Presidential Trump Roger Rabbit
My lucky tower rabbit foot

Between a hard rock meets her sexuality

Having bad luck long shot from your solitude
Hallucinations all dark things hurt
My imagination world is sometimes unstoppable
Like a million thoughts of stars believing
I love the hard candy sweet like a hard metal
Who gets the Metals and honors
The Terminators names of  Arnold and

Someone is whispering sweet
nothing in my ear
PJ-Clarkes Superman Clark Kents
We need more therapy events
Princeton pancakes no remakes
And tons of maple syrup
***** Tonk women at the rodeo
Her horse lucky hoof hit hard
**** stuff
Starlight star bright two timers

Head spinner,  "Gold miners"
Hard times I was left with
A hard rock and critters
And then you wake
back to the hard stuff
Hard life or its way too easy what is truly better I know my moods change in this **** of a gun weather. Let's keep our spirit high and heal our minds to get better don't you want a better life or something in the middle of the road make sure you don't kiss deeply inside of a hard binding book of the fairy tale. You are worth so much more than kissing a toad but we are talking about the hard stuff please go easy on me
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
The sun too strong
We all get burned
Feeling the tightness
In the red sunburn or
Oh! Where I thou
Is the "Greenlight Diner"
It's telling us to Go
Diners never adjourned
    *       *      
The Earth beauty faces get
a direct sunlight how he
  hit her blossom honey
Her face could eat the
Divine flower but got cut

Every love hour he poured
Her potent drink hungry eyes
  Needed to think
The Sun  "Watchtower"
Someone knocks you off
Your "Bill" he races your feet
The Goddess rodeo waitress
She got you roped in
What a drive in
The slim shape vase with her dim
cigarette 1940 case the hostess
loves sunflowers every booth
A smile in place

The stain-glass window sun-face
Waves her smile walk
The earth talk kids rainbow chalk
I love you treetops like a beanstalk

The sun-face smile he's the
Neopleon lights up
Her table like dynamite every week
New Jersey Diner capital
of the world Peking duck creek
European beauty hunter's menu
* he seeks

1-Antipasti Penne
2-Consomme Chicken soup
3-Sun-face eatery like no other place
The Newsday another day
4-Chicken pepper the corn stir
fry Sun-face starts to cry
5-Hearts of Artichokes
Her choker necklace got broke
6-Soy ****** salmon
I met my sun worshipper man

Fish tacos hummus
St Thomas too many cooks
Rome was not build
In one day

We need the miracle blessing
How it came every day
Let's pay the piper
The windpipes and
the tablecloths
of stripes and zebras

A lovely dish of red snapper
Couscous salad big star dipper
Egyptian Gods camels have your back
Sun-face diner no time for a snack
Diners from 1920-1940
Sun-face airforce dresses
Medieval times two swords dismiss
Lunch cars drive-ins Sanfrancisco
Rice a Roni
"Cooling off with Icecream Spumoni"

Dinner in the sky
her sun-face words of wisdom
was touched built drive in
Italian artwork Coliseum
Like a spiritual Robin bird fly
Look up in the sky its a
bird the diner shaped
like a plane
"The Sun face" of all
hot dames
Waffle House rock and roll
Whole village hot oven flames
Cowboy steaks American Flags
Cajun chicken legs
At the caboose Ladybird

Westchester King and
the Queen
Valentine Diner chairs
got footloose homemade goose

I Hop Jenny maple pancakes
Bananas and strawberry fields
Met the Forest Gump sunshine yield
Dinner of Baba shrimp love to hold
Bonappetit petit four
Yummy floats of egg cream
Open table Sun-face dream
Eggs she's not over easy
Pristine of carrots with
artful daisies

Thanksgiving turkey
with giblets
Diners goldmine of
Rings of napkins holding
A time well-bred marriage
Well known landmarks of
Heres the Viking Diner

Long ago time she saw the light
Daylight Knight change of food
star rainbow bright

  Old and victorian new lovers
wine and grapes chauffeur drivers

And listen with there hearts
Sun Faces light up a
Trillion times
Diners delight all mine
Sun faces and dinner places the best in the world eat heartily Drive in and Diners all over the world have a medieval touch with the Vikings and melodies from the heart  of the surface  her smile will always be there everywhere she goes the Diners place her with Rose
TuFF GHosT Sep 2018
Once I went to my grandmas house and brought my algebra homework with me. When I arrived my grandma kept hiding my homework, all around the house. For instance, she'd keep my textbook in the basement behind the dryer, and my notebook in a box, in the attic. Once I'd collect everything I needed she would deftly take the stuff and hide it somewhere new. It took some time but I finally gathered what I needed and started my work. It couldnt have been 12 minutes into it, when she smacked me in the back of my head with her house slipper. I ended up putting my stuff into my bag. Then she smiled at me and asked, do you want some pancakes?
G S 2d
Never familiar with pain or heartache until the universe decided it was time that you learn
From the mellow mornings accompanied by the solacing scent of pancakes from the kitchen  
Where a ‘’happy’’ family dynamic used to exist
To hardly being able to make it out of bed in time for lunch
Through your most dreaded midnight breakdowns, you analyzed all misfortune, deep in thought
Restlessness recited its hymns, your demons listened attentively
Vulnerability painted the way you saw the world
Your body, nothing more than a tool owned and used by your affection seeking soul
They feed off of your insecurities and take advantage of your fragility
They’re persuasive with their offer to provide you with the attention he deprived you of
They mislead you on purpose, forcing you to turn a new page in your coping guideline handbook every time
You are left with nothing more than a burning desire for clarity in your own emotional instability
Digging , scouring, attempting to grasp any sense of peace left in you
You are forced to lock away all the pleasant memories
And are simply implemented to accept his choice
There will be no justice, he will never understand  
But you can meet his expectations so you can put your own to rest
Accept the inescapable reality of being abandoned
For you are broken but not destroyed
Your underestimated strength will successfully keep the pieces in place without any glue, or tape, or honey left to crystalize
And soon enough you will realize that the light in those eyes that he has gifted to you, will have never been brighter

soft words and their way of making people sing
lull me like a sweet tune in this chimney, in this place
in my head, slurring over and over until lines would draw up triangles of sleepy infant "jeux",
  circles of faded fantasies would come to life and pray,
  plus rectangles and cornucopias filled with fun and livelier days.
clouds of droopy golden light drip over our heads as we lay
in soft blankets made out of my personal Heaven's embrace
lush silk pillows under our overweight, over-bearing, strongly fastened necks
  'cause they hold Atlas' weight and the answers for today.
the cycle ends for another shortened day...
the air seems rich with the smell of freshly-made pancakes.
little troll walking down the stairs with a new spring in her step.
lean into the chocolatey sweetness of a mother's oven-like haze,
close your eyes and wonder
if you'll ever feel the same.
distinct memories like these hold the most childlike tenderness in the world, sometimes your own vulnerability is worth being thought of when revisiting memories like mine.
Johnny Noiπ Jan 8
The new new new new new new new
new new new new new new new new
star fresh new, young American boy,
a young American star American, German;
The dog in the heap and friends the of Thomas,
hot air, as a kid, kid, and it was cool |
to feel the feet wrapped in a cloud,
and the rainbow yellow, O Christian man,
with all my heart, and tomorrow, in the future,
Russian, ammo, and the evil,                                        heaven and earth,
for example, that problem,                                            money and glory,
***** women and the sea,                                                         romantic,
family acid, rising fuel, food, full moon,
a small, free beauty lost in the old Julius police of yore,
Kenya now the age of the animal; shall find the babe french ro,
I shall be, after all, is a school
      of the queen of the garden
in the grounds of ***, age, full of days,
and the number of those to live in a woman of the poet,
from the top, in the shadow of the village;
a place for gold to churches not to die
and him that is from the east came to Jerusalem,
the history of the whole art of the change
in Robert's rays which come from a dog;
that to drink in the hands of the right hand
of the hand on the google brassiana in the human liver,
for his father, and his son,
                 and in the book of Vols directs you dare to them of old time,
counterfeiting an inspired chant of the goddess from the sun,
brown,                        Saudi princesses arrayed in assemblies
the best in the world science-problems;
Arabia easier to say that,           in deep chilly hours of songs
help on the knowledge of the starry
sky museum's smart consumer of Chinese writing,
choosing computer privacy book,
Bob came home sweetly,
English waiting for the unknown field of catfish,
lush rich course carry the memory of the salvation
of the other dreams of vitamins and modem;
French timidly remembers the dark in the morning,
Mary's heart of public natural paintings,
poet Einstein's temple mothers understand
the starry region of *****'s ****** feeling and a madman,
thought of as with the prophetic value of destruction;
at the care of a walk to the price of hot pink
in every school devil guests on foot
cat sleep with silver foils about life;
dung Paul angel group role of the media question;
tower window high over Ireland's bright clean child
says the bird's perverse rebellious woman-*****'s edge
of the roads turned to flying sand pieces
of white pictures from the event's ways of chess,
skating is filled mainly for bouquets of hotpants,
pancakes entire set lanes of *** Barbie's autumn moves,
butterfly, modern butterfly,  is a butterfly of the hearing,
the pirate bird, the soil was drunk;
butterfly neck invisible socks,
grunge reading drunk,              and she
gave birth to a dragon trigger bursting
into the corner waiting with broken senses;
the smell of wet foolish pants pitched
to the strong odor of mammals,
other food encoded. In the top right
and left hidden in the ****
of the woman is not married.
The composition of the **** is not consistent.
A free safe. Blood is released in relation
to the sexually active monkeys.

However, a letter from a piece
of wood in the water, the animals,
first of all, to know the condition
of the species are always changes.
Then the Devil took the woman,
and she gave birth to a son, the *******,
and they brought him up to the king
of Anhausuer, and the virus.                                                          A­t the door
of most other mammals. At the end
of the stomach, increases the flow
of ***** and blood to the human heart.

And the rest of the women in mammals,
births, and all things are false. To ensure prbl.
American, American, American, American, American,
American, young, American, American, German,
dog in stack and friends of Thomas, hot air, boy child,
With all my heart and tomorrow, the future,
the Russians, the ammo and the evil,                      the sky and the earth,
for example, the problem, the money and glory,
the ***** women and the sea; Small,
             free the lost old Julius Police of York and now Kenya the beast;
I will find the French factory, I will be, after all,
at a school of the Queen of the Garden
in the compound of ***, aged, full of days,
and the number of lives in the body of the poet's wife,
in the head, in the shadow of the village;                   A place for gold
in the churches does not die,                 and it comes from east of Jerusalem,
the history of all the art of change
in the horns of Robert that originate from the dog that drinks from the right
                                          hand of the grass of Brassiana in the human liver,
on his father, and on his son,
                            Spoofing inspired inspiration that the goddess of the sun,
heat soldering assembling the best world science;
evening issues, easy to say that,
deep chili time of songs helps on the knowledge of sky's
star museums consumer wise consumer Chinese writing;
Choosing a computer privacy book,
English waiting for an unknown field of fish;
Rich, rich cat of course carries the memory
of the salvation of other dreams of vitamins
and And blood;             French remembers shyly the darkness in the morning
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End of roads
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knowing the state of the species are always changes.
Then Satan took the woman,
and she gave birth to the son, the *******,
and they brought him to the king of Anhausuer,
and the virus. Near the door of most other mammals.
At the end of the stomach,
increases the flow of ***** to the human heart.

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cherelyn Oct 2018
A piece of you..IS ENOUGH..

My dearest,it's a privilege for me to have known your heart.
It's been an honor to have heard your past,your thoughts and even the normal to chaotic things that's happening in your life but best of all it's been a blessing to have loved you.

I am not asking much of you my dearest..
Only this moment to make you feel loved by me. I have no expectations..
The fact that you have love me in return is ENOUGH.
Enough to say to myself,****,i am lucky..because i have loved and love a person who had given me more.
Do you know what you gave me dearest?
Not just the gift to be loved back..BUT YOU GAVE ME one thing that i lost so many years ago..MYSELF.
Time and again i have said thank you to you,many times i have shown you my gratitude because i am truly and entirely grateful to you.You gave me back my life and even changed me..

I am like an old house,renovated completely by you.
Everyday,you had fixed me.Every broken window of my soul,every cracks in the walls of my heart and holes in the ceilings of my life,you change it and fixed it.
In return,i am slowly rebuilding myself..and will never stop rebuilding myself till the windows of my soul is completely open to invite fresh air of adventures inside my life.I will never stop cementing the cracks of my heart till its clear enough to let something wonderful inside it forever and i will never stop repairing the ceilings of my life till its good enough to withstand the strongest storms and winds that will come.

You gave my life a GO..and i am pushing forward to be better.I am not asking much my dearest.
A piece of you is enough.A piece of you is enough NOW.
To have you in my life now is whats important to me.I am here,even if you lash out hurtful words or give me the sourest mood because you had given me yourself in the time i am totally ******* up and when everyone in my life had whipped me painfully and wiped me out of their lives.

You have stood by me and taught me well..
Yes you had given me the hardest tasks,i cried several times when you get mad at me for failing your instructions..You pushed me so hard and break me..But in the end,You gave me another thing back and that is my voice..My voice which can now speak bravely what's in my mind and what's in my heart..

A piece of you is enough..a piece of your time is enough..Enough to make me smile the whole day like a fool..a piece of you is enough to make me happy.You make me happy.I hold every little piece of you and your time here in my heart everyday like a rare diamond.

You might say i am thinking only through my heart but whats the use of thinking with your mind?a mind can deceive a thought spoken but a heart does not.So here i am speaking to you,with my heart on my hand with only three words on my lips..I LOVE YOU..I love you and i love you enough to tell you,your past doesn't matter to me..I love you and you and whoever close to you matters to me.YOUR HAPPINESS MATTERS TO ME.

Forgive me my dearest if i tell you my silly dreams.Dreams and wishes that one day,someday,i got to be where you are,make silly plans for me and you.Silly dreams that i can take care of you or make you pancakes in the morning..Hold you close at night to ease your mind,kiss your forehead when things hurt you so much and squeeze your hand just because i want you to feel my strength beside you..Just to say "baby,things are gonna be the meantime can i buy you an ice cream just to take your pain away?"

Those are silly dreams my dearest from someone who loves you dearly.I am not expecting it to happen..those are just dreams,nice and sweet thoughts to let you know that somewhere someone wishes for you..someone cares for you.

I can't offer you much,just this dreams and my heart.Yes,those are dreams my dearest,dreams and plans are two different things..I do want to make plans with you but we definitely don't know where life,our lives are heading too..

Sorry my dearest,if i scared you with my plan to go to where you are..But like i said..With or without you..Please be glad that i am moving forward.I don't expect much,i don't expect anything at all..To love you now and have this moment with you now is ENOUGH..

You need not to worry if you're going to hurt me,because you're not going to hurt me.And if you may hurt me,that's okay my dearest..Only words bleeds..nothing more..People come and go in our lives..But what matters is..they came.What matters to me is that YOU CAME..

A piece of you is enough..I don't know what happens in the future,you don't know that too..A piece of you now is enough..a piece of you that i love.Love enough to say my future is bright..i don't know what the future will bring but i am pretty sure now that its going to be wonderful.I will be better..I will fulfill my dreams.I sure want you to be by my side and hold your hand..And say "baby,look at me,i did well" but if not..Like you said awhile ago,if i bumped into you and you have someone new,I'll just smile and say "hi.i did well and guess what,i tasted the best fries here in Amsterdam because of you."

You need not to worry if you will hurt me I LOVE YOU.I AM NOT LIKE THE OTHERS IN YOUR PAST.always remember one thing..You and i are FRIENDS..we started that way.REAL FRIENDS DON'T HURT ONE ANOTHER.If one changes..the other UNDERSTANDS.i will always understand..Even when you said a while ago that you will cut me off entirely,i will still understand..because loving is understanding and loving is wishing only happiness for one another..The wind may blow in different direction but i want you to know A PIECE OF YOU IS ENOUGH AND A WHOLE OF ME WILL ALWAYS BE HERE,HERE TO WISH YOU NOTHING MORE THAN TO BE HAPPY..ALWAYS..

I love you,a piece of you is enough..knowing you is are enough.
saige Nov 2018
First it was pancakes
Then strawberry milk
Then frozen mini pizzas
Didn't taste the way
They always had

But I sure kept trying
With apple juice from a glass
Then a box and swirly straw
But the crust
Still wasn't soft enough

So I gave microwaving a shot
Years and years of beeps
But the cheese was crunchy
The centers, icy

So I tried thawing, soaking
Kids Cuisine and Lean Cuisine
And even Lunchables
Just in case the companies
Had fooled me, ruined the recipe
But none of them were bad
Just not great
Like they used to be

So I blamed my taste buds
For maturing
Copying my imaginiation
Christmas used to be funner
Summer used to be longer
Mini pizzas used to be delicious

Today I cracked the code
I was in a rush
Like Mama used to be
Didn't let the oven preheat
Just slid in a tray of
Frozen mini pizzas
Kicking myself for procrastinating grocery shopping yet again and -

The timer blared, the smoke alarm
I burned my finger, then my tongue
But didn't care because
My taste buds
Hadn't forsaken me
After all

The crust was chewy
The cheese was gooey
I'd done it
I was six years old again

Now if only
I can find a trick
That works for Christmas
sondering Jan 9
making pancakes tonight.
i know it’s not morning
but it kind of feels right.

i’m making pancakes tonight
do you want some
i know you want some
maybe if i smile i could
get some
you win some
and you lose some
as he always used to say
but the smell of pancakes
eyes melting like butter
you win some
and you lose some
but you can’t help but want some

i’m making pancakes tonight.
come over, it’s like old times
dry eyes
and syrups no way to start a fight.
i’ll cook
you clean
let’s enjoy some pancakes
no kitchen brights just butter

cause they’re fluffy
they’re sweet
make you weak in the knees
they hit the spot just right
so come on.

my treat
like i said
i’ll cook
you clean
the griddle, the ladle,
like your eyes shine and gleam

just put it in the sink
time flies by
stomachs filled and riding a high
let it soak
cause we’re eating pancakes tonight

feast your eyes
cause it’s not so attractive to have eyes bigger than your stomach
the memory of breakfast
wanton, happy , an image redacted

you win some
and you lose some
and you can’t help but get some
pancakes? pancakes ?
i know you want some
i was very very not sober writing this but enjoy !

— The End —