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幽玄 Jun 2018
To what her words were softly spoken,
Weren’t they heard from the pulling ceiling?
It had no way to carry her softly upon shaken ground
he held onto what she last felt then,
past his hearing the searing heart reveled
In the last whimper of sadness
Gone was her feeling
tears had dripped over her face..
..Fallen from his grasp the black veil blew upward
he witnessed the blinds closing, her eyes watching
Overheard with great loudness she was deaf
Silence hurried the rush toward the floors liberation  
a sunlit evening wilted dry in prosperity..
In a timely fashion she was not heard anymore nor seen
The extraordinary pain I couldn’t understand then
If only..
She no longer knows where to go..
She’s gone unnoticed..
I can’t feel her presence anymore
yes, we’ll see another once again
From a pain stricken moment
Left in vespertine
Along those painless places
Where all that lingers high above the ambience
Will be your very childlike presence
Shown upon in your own exuberant smile
Thenceforth into tomorrow
Farewell till then
I have but one thing to say, please be kind to others as you would like others to be toward you.
And another thing, leap forward out of your comfort zone to help someone from leaping off the marked ledge of ‘enough’. It happens too often and I could say I know the reasons why, for others for their sake if only I could take on their pain. complicated is life huh.

—seeing her fall through hopelessly murmuring what would be her final words to the man striving to hold onto her pleading for her to stay within his grasp, she simply didn’t want to hold on anymore, tired by life’s hard trials. So am I. isn’t everyone
ThatBrokenOne Jan 10
Oops I did it again
That will be another scar
It will bleed
It will hurt
It will be like me

Oops I did it again
Only he can cry
I can't
I try
But I fail

Oops I did it again
I let the river flow out of my arm
I let the bed sheets get stained again
I let my room fill with this dark red fluid
It happened again

Oops I did it again
I let my self go
I just did it
This time is has been more deeper than ever
This will bleed for a while

Oops I did it again
I feel this warm trickle flow down my arm
I am sitting here shirt less
I am getting cold, I have to be
But yet I don't feel it
I don't cry
I don't shiver
I feel nothing
I am nothing
I just need to be gone
I am not human anymore
An episode is playing
On the tv screen
At the end of my bed.
I am looking
But not watching.
I am hearing
But not listening.

Down my arm is a little red stream
It feels warm and soft.
Is this what the inside of a body is suposed to feels like
Mine feels cold and hard
Icey and cracked.

It is red and cracked
But it doesn't hurt.
That crack is crying instead of me
Tears of red colour are running down my arm.
It burns when I touch it
But it doesn't hurt.

Where did my feelings go
Where did my love go
Where did my live go
Where did my life go

I am just an empty casing
Full of blood
Without feelings
Without love
I am just an empty casing
I wonder what're the riches doing
Are the benefited away from the mud
Keeping the poor hands off the clay
As the hard work suggests you can be moulded
By the very substance, you try to command
I suppose as a house you an occupation
Of giving us shelter from the storm
Wasting the worker's man in the toil and work
The workingman's dead and he keeps wanting more
Earning a couple of bucks, to hold a shack full of comforts
Of the simple life that provides
Without salvation
I think you'd dead
Come here before you get better with the days
Come here, she said I'll give you shelter from the storm
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
Have you ever been angry?
So angry you've scared yourself.
Because for a second you saw that face staring back from within.
An immense depth fast approaching.
So absent of light the only reason you caught a glimpse was those eyes.
Beaming back at you with illumination so frightening your core began to shudder and rumble.

Crumbled down and watched this beast claw its way out.
Over rock and mortar. Through coarse cage of steel.
Those cold eyes staring down - helplessly watching.

This beast was once kept sealed.
Who gave it this key to destruction.
This shapeless fluid in motion soulless tragedy.
Black velvet drape dipped in fiery energy.
Pure hate which had been compressed for eternity.
Now concentrated and intent on wreaking havoc.

I sent my armies. I sent them all.
Countless deaths and yet I sent more.
Quick slaughter - not the painless type.
This beast they could not stall.
Thrashes of bodies. Clawed and torn.
Festering flesh flying from fallen.
Axe, Sword and Mace soaked,
dripping in warm fresh blood-pounding hate.
Shatters of armor and unrecognizable corpses.
What do I do?
It seeks me as a vessel - to be worn.
I can feel the hate changing me.
Quickly now or I'll soon deform.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Mellow waves May 2018
The only person who holds me when i’m down,
Rescues me in my nightmares,
Makes me laugh so hard even at times when i can’t fake a smile,

Spoils me until i feel like a princess,
Hugs me so tight until i can’t breathe,
Makes me want to remain in his arms until i feel painless,

Makes me feel safe even without a roof on our heads,
Makes me want to reach for the stars and never look back,
Makes me want to become the strongest version of myself,

The only person who inspires me,
The only person who means the entire world to me,
The only person who makes life worth living,
My astonishing, one in a million Dad.
they told me
my father died quietly
in his sleep
at 2 a.m.

with his pain-ridden last years
I think he was not unhappy
to go farther for once
return to the cosmos he came from
wake up painless
     at peace
floating in the universe
he had admired from mountain peaks
all of his life
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
I never understood the idea of 'voices'
Until I heard it one night
Maybe the drugs had me hallucinating
Except I still hear them.

I used to believe
that all my thoughts belonged to me
that all my demons were a direct link to my being
But the words I hear now aren't my own.

The first instance felt like paranoia:
Thoughts racing through my mind
Unnecessarily dramatic with a shred of potential truth.
Except I can't make them stop.

It felt much more like
Someone throwing knives into the paper walls of my consciousness
Quick, unexpected, unsolicited
Each thought slid through so easily
The scraping noise of ripping paper echoed in my mind
His words dripping from the reverberating sound waves
The deafening sound blocking out all oppositional thoughts

I feel powerless.

Today they still speak
There's more than one now
The first questions my relationship
The newest judges all of my decisions
Together they taunt me with these
Intrusive and uncontrollable thoughts
That make me want to die so much more
If that's even possible.

"She's only using you, y'know"
No, she loves me
"Are you sure? Then why is she kissing differently?"
I don't know, but it's fine
"Ha, yeah ok, we'll see"
Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety
"Bet you she's thinking of him now"
"Why do you even try?"
"You're going to die anyway"
"Why not tonight?"
"We'll make it quick, painless"
"I promise"

I feel my energy depleting
My hopes sinking further into the black hole in my mind
I'm grasping for something to hold onto
But all I feel is air between my fingers
I'm slipping further away from sanity
And I'm letting my body die slowly by not eating
I should just give in
Death is my destiny

*Just keep breathing
Emeralda May 2018
Choking off people’s assumptions,
I’m not like the enigma.

I may look complicated;
Yet I’m just a small, arduous spec of the universe.
I may give catechisms;
Bet it’s painless to break, if you feel.
I might have a perplexing persona;
But honey, that’s the shadow of your ego.

I was drowning, in the basin of lies called fairy tales.
And I was drunk, in the virtual reality you made.
I let you choke me, with the wine so called love.

I’m awake;
After weeks of being high of your lies,
After months of being high of your manipulating acts,

Bet that’s why you’re making a great actor.

The masks finally ripped of the performer;
The lies, the bitter truth,
Leaving the ego, caught in the act.

Turns out that I can’t differentiate between reality and stage-play.
I can’t find the difference between when you truly do something,
Or when you’re doing your job on the stage.

I have myself questioning about things,
Do actors have feelings? Do actors always manipulate their acts?

I finally read the script;
The deceptive tears, the dishonest sweet words,
And how I’m just a puppet to your puppetry.

Then I realised a thing.
I was not a conundrum.
I was a slave to your ego,
In your stage-play,

And you did great on your show.
Baylee Kaye Jan 20
I get scared to go to sleep.
it means I’m leaving him.
even though it’s all temporary,
a fleeting darkness soon to pass,
I still seem to struggle with the idea.
when I close my eyes to rest,
anxiety stiffens my bones.
I crave his velvet voice,
rocking me to sleep. it eases me.
without his presence I cannot sleep,
it’s nearly impossible.
my soul has already connected to him,
it needs his reassurance and shelter,
to feel safe enough to fall to sleep.
it takes so much energy for me to on my own,
but with his voice it’s fast and it’s painless.
because I know he’s right there,
there to love and protect me,
soothe my anxious heart.
I need him to fall asleep,
because I’m scared to do it on my own.

it’s too late at night and I desperately need your voice to help me go to sleep
Umi Sep 2018
A life without changes, would be painless,
Carefree one would obtain eternal happiness but also boredom,
The bittersweetness of the changes in our lives, heartfelt emotions,
Pain, regret, sadness are what push us forward, make us who we are,
The change for the better or worse is for us to decide and take,
A world without change, would simply be stuck in the past while the future seems to be out of reach, too far away to ever grasp it,
A heart who doesn't change, is ignorant and cannot see truly anything without shaking in fear of the unknown, a fear to evolve,
So from now on I will not dwell in the past crying for the phantoms long gone, who have taken their chance and vanished into a better future with memories they made which can be held dear, close.
Let go of what chains you into the misery you felt when you lost it.
All suffering comes from being too attached to one thing.
So my old friend, the name you gave me, the warmth you gave me,
The smile you showed me, the emotions you invoke in me,
I will remember them well and hold them dear,
But you will not return, so I must let you go,
And the name you gave me

~ U̶m̶i̶
From now on I shall be named, Murasame...
though I do not know if I will adapt the change to my hello poetry page, to change all the poems I signed would take a long time after all
MG Dec 2018
I don't think they know..
How much it hurts to be me.
To haul the cross of others sins.
To be weighed down by the strain of others emotions.
I would rather drown just to keep them breathing.
Feeling like I am sacrificing my own self,
for the painlessness of others.
Never expecting recognition or gratitude,
Or anything else in return.
Maybe just some acknowledgement,
that I'm hurting too.
(maybe even more than you)
the first thing I've wrote about me.
zebra May 20
There is a part of us
that isn't quite alive
until hollow-starved lunacy is sated

while showing the bright side
her hidden darkness emerged
when i tricked her into hurting herself

she would say come on trick me, trick me, trick me
and i would tell her
Count Dragool with ****** tube fingers
would take her slow
if she hit her self hard across the mouth
and she would scream to Eden
bash mashley thrash me
i want the men with red tridents
and ding **** tails too
while she watched my eyes
like surveillance drones
as if a great confederation of *****
marched towards her

certainly not painless
but the pain of an addict
who knows all to well the pleasure of the needle
first the little sting and then the great oooow
of becoming  eaten kingo flinks
and potato chips

she is butter on the stove
im the rare drug
a Do Do bird beaking flesh
a cold hard *******
she a yielding intricacy of complications
a bald Rapunzel
feeling under abused till now
with black crow lips and jumbo bangled earings
like a long jangling math problem that ends
with a big O

O popping blood berries
like pink flower hysterical *******
shooting bullets from tattooed
hip belted pistols
on a singing red bed

her limbs a yawing stretch
of insanity sane
her body a torn zipper
being yanked up and down
a frenzy of crying blasphemies and raw kisses
dancing the bend over
on knotted knees
incised a writhing dance cha cha

creel of blood
cha cha cha
Invisible Mar 14
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who will die, out of them all?

Please just pick one
We're running out of time
Make a choice, it's time to decide

One by one they'll die anyway
What's the point of making them wait?

Only one
That's all I'm asking of you
One for the rest, it's time to choose

Quick and painless, they'll be asleep
They won't feel a thing, trust me

Better now than later
Better safe,
Than sorry.
I have no idea what goes on in my brain. Seriously. I've been trying to figure it out for years.
They say it’s painless
But it’s not nameless
No, we’re not nameless, no

They ***** with your head and I’m sorry
You don’t deserve this
It wasn’t your fault, if it wasn’t your folly
You should know it

But you must know you have a Father in heaven
Someone who loves you and accepts you in
He won’t abuse your emotions
He feels your pain, and will heal your bruises, He’s rowing
You can show Him all your scars
What you may have done, and what was done to you
And He still welcomes me with open arms
And our Savior will guide you through

It’s okay to admit you’re in the storm
Don’t ignore it like before
It will always linger
But with God, death loses its stinger
That is not the love the Father wants for you
What He wants for you, is pure and true

They say it’s painless
But it’s not nameless
No, we’re not nameless, no
I want to write a song about this topic, because I think it’s very important, and something we don’t pay attention to. Bellow the age of 18, 1/3 girls and 1/6 boys have been *****. Any more suggestions on what this song should contain?
elizabeth Apr 2018
i've grown up in a world with no breaks. in a world where challenges continue to appear in front of you and where mountains you must climb simply grow bigger and bigger. i've grown up in a world where people are defined by only their accomplishments or their lack thereof.  in a world where futures are based on pasts. in a world where there is no time to breathe and lie in the warm sand and taste the frigid air on your tongue when you first walk out the door on a snowy morning. in a world where making a mistake is synonymous with failure. in a world that has no escape, in a world that doesn't ever give in, in a world that doesn't ever make compromises. i've grown up in a world that is painful.

and i am young, i know. i know i am blind to much of the world and that my version of a painful life is painless to others. but the world should not be painful for anyone, this i also know. there should be time to stay up late with roommates watching and laughing at the t.v. shows that only come on at 2 a.m., time to bake cinnamon scented cookies that fill the house with a warmth like no other, time to run through grass with bare feet and not care that your soles get *****. i believe that life should be taken at a long, leisurely pace, that everyday should be a new start, that your past is the past, that the world should be full of love. i might not know much, but i know that the world certainly lacks love. if there is one thing i am certain of in this strange universe, it's that. there is almost nothing as beautiful as being embraced when everything feels dark and watching the sun come out again and that beautiful experience stems from love. love is soft, love gives up all earthly goods and achievements in order to see you shine, love lets you try again, love lets you breathe.

i want this world, this world full of love, not pain. i will love and love and love, forgive when i shouldn't, eat cupcakes and paint friends' nails with glittery pink nail polish. i will practice a life full of sunny days and dog walks in the park in hopes that the world will echo me. in hopes that, one day, love will touch all the surfaces in the universe and shine from everyone's glowing face to their painted toes.
Lizzy Aug 2016
That first night
You didn't touch me
You didn't kiss me
I thought you couldn't care less

Then you touched my waist
And kissed my lips
And I couldn't help
But come back for more

To be yours
Wasn't what I intended
To feel so alone without you
Was never the plan

You were supposed to be
A passing thought
A stitch for my broken heart
The kind that disolve
When no longer needed

How did you catch me
Like a mouse in a trap
I am small and weak
And you are all too enticing

Now I'm terrified
Losing my mind
Because I'm too familiar
With what happens
When my heart shows its passions

Baby please
Don't hurt me
I don't think I could take
Another fall
Not from a height so tall

Don't prove me
And my tragic mind right
I want nothing more
Than to see that famous light

The one that people are drawn to
The one that I thought I saw
But ended up being another
Deep dark black hole after all

I don't want to be so stupid
As to be hopeful again
But i can't help praying
This dream doesn't end

So baby
Don't hurt me
I'm much more fragile
Than I seem

Prone to bruising
And scarring
I might as well
Start tying my own noose

Because I know the truth
Of what is to come
But knowing won't make it
Hurt any less than I expect

Im begging you
Don't drop me from
Your precious mind

Don't make me
Take my hands
And lose them in
My hair

Just keep me close
Pretend to care
When I cry
At least tell me
Things will be alright

I'm in over my head
But that's nothing new
And I should have known
Not to get too close to you

But here we are
And I need you to see
That I've accidentally
Given you the power
To **** me

Be mindful of your strength
And the way which words
Roll off your tongue
Because I'll take every one
As a sign of what is to come

Be gentle with me
Handle with care
Because I have a habit
Of caring too much
And I'm trying not to
I swear

I'm trying not to let you
And your beautiful face
Affect me so deeply
To strike me so true

But I'll pick up
On the tiny ways
Your voice will change
When you decide
I'm too much
And you've had enough

Don't hurt me
The way I imagine you will
I know you can see
The terror in me

So do your best
To **** me with ease
Make it fast
Make it painless
Make me want it

Do something so despicable
That I **** you instead
**** us

I know you won't
But I can only dream
It's the only way
To lessen the inevitable pain

Just hold me
Tight so I feel safe
Close so I can hear your heart
Hopefully it wants me
Just as mine wants to stay alive
kate Aug 2018
I am not testifying my emotion with the poetry, I am
atoning to it.
I write about God like a friend but we
Haven't been speaking.  
I confess my sins to
Whoever will play the part.
When I write about how quiet the moon has been,
I am saying I'm sorry.

My lack of honesty is writers-block.
I crave all of the hurt. I
Torture myself into unhappiness.
I have this habit of starting things I don't
Finish and they're usually letters
Bursting with nameless blame.
I shut down in the middle of
My emotions because they are too loud, I substitute
all of my connections for a painless quiet.
I am cold because it is easier than being warm,
Than getting burned, than being honest. I am cold
because it is easier than saying that
I am selfish in love. I drain, consume
devour everything that touches me and I
Don't know how to stop taking.

When I write about how I am scared that
Love and violence sound the same from an empty bed, I am saying I'm sorry.
I am not presenting my pain with the poetry,
I am conceding to it.
I can't take a pen to paper without punishing myself with the ink.

When I write about a fence with vines encasing the wood,
About neglect, about a garden full of overgrown weeds and
A cold house, I am saying
Forgive me.
i wrote this for my boyfriend and i hope he understands what i am trying to say.
Samuel H May 24
It’s been long since I last have some to drink
The goddess of liquid muse no longer recognizes me
Silently taking my inspirations away as punishment
Words no longer flow like rivers after rain

Oh melancholy how I miss you
Or is this just pure sadness and emptiness that’s speaking?
Can you still label it as melancholy if you don’t find delight in it?
Oh how I miss the good old days of painless melancholy

I’m trying desperately to vent, to rant ,to find someone who can depend
Maybe you can but it's likely not going to make sense
My troubles are a thousand layers of Baklava that I didn’t bake
Everything is a phase I know but time don’t exist when you are on a trip

I’m playing this game of life like I’m in junior varsity again
Thought I had it all together, what a fool’s paradise did I live in?
Short fused, restless anxiety; agitation running like a ticking time bomb
I say “Hi, how’s it going?” with a smile but the inside is ******
I rambled under influence.
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