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Jesse stillwater Jul 2018
there are the ones
that feel it climb up
the shadow towards the light,
hesitation on every rung,
each wave of the arising
      overwhelms  unabated ―
and woe betides those
who are on the run
from a storm's deluge

A rousing ocean breeze
stirs inside the memory
of an unframed seashell
lying on the hearth mantel;
heightened sensitivity
lapping soundlessly,
spindrift plashing
the shoreline
of another world's
feigned peace

Perhaps the muted voice
of guilty pleasures,
hushed by their own
hidden truths
Feeling the unfelt textures
of every stifled vibration
left unbreathed

The naked truth befallen
so cold and lonely
Running in circles,
volatile as all those
     unspoken excitations raging ―
and the whispers of those
who hear not
the voices in the wind

An emotionally enslaved  heart
tarries,  marooned high and dry
in a memory on a distant sand bar
     lain fallow for so long ―
stagnant darkness
of an unsated soul
gathered on the back
of a parched tongue
sullied wordless

Rising up through
a dusty hieroglyph corridor
through an unlocked
labyrinth gate;  vestige echoes
from somewhere left behind
in an incomprehensible
abandoned wake

It's getting harder and harder
   for an insatiable soul to breathe ...
   climbing up a tree trunk―
up within the silence
of the listening tree

  Toes dug into
the rough bark furrows ―
fingers reaching upwards
beyond their deepest known grasp

A shadow stranded
out on a hangin' bough
hearkening without ears that hear:
“perhaps they’ll listen now“  
the wingless bird sings
in psalms that fly away
on tattered feathers
over untamed waters roil

Back to nature’s waning youth,
the bough bends unbroken
to taste the freedom
of the wild absolving seas

Jesse Stillwater
June     2018
a friend sent  a link to a deeply thought provoking modern classic 70's song about Vincent Van Gogh and the complexities of imperfection some of us relate .... i'd listened to the words prior but never heard before now.

  Title is last final lyric line from:  "Vincent" (Starry, Starry night) 1971
Amanda Noel Jul 4
How do you do it?
You leave me inspired.
Frozen in my tracks,
Your presence admired.

Lovely little hummingbird,
So fragile and small,
project feelings of comfort,
that stretch, oh so tall.

Confidence overwhelms me,
When graced with your time.
You whisper knowledge,
Everything will be just fine.
My lovelies
When a boy thinks of a girl

his cheeks don't go red,
nor do his pupils dilate
but his heart beats as fast
as a horse's gallop in race

His lips strongly tremble
in the midst of conversation
his legs that won't settle
due to headstrong infatuation

her beauty overwhelms him
her cold hand warms his heart
her gaze,  like Medusa's
a romantic work of art

his thoughts full of appreciation
for whatever form she may have
a wonderful mem'ry,  imagination
a thought that can't be grasped

his thoughts he can't express
his mouth he cannot open
his words he can't confess
but his heart, ť was always broken

but all this is not really
'bout when a boy thinks of a girl
because in these words you can tell
that he always has loved her.
does the girl think of the boy?
Amaya K Lilium Jun 2010
Peace of mind is ephemeral,
drifting in harmony, then abruptly skewed.
The quintessence of humanity lost in the blink of an eye.
A gravitational pull overwhelms
Tugs at the edges of reality
Disseminates thoughts, life
There is no escape as the jarring force draws inward,
voraciously swallowing everything in reach.

Distorting changes,
a myriad of sights, sounds,
besiege a troubled mind.

Heavy and infinite
A suffocating contradiction to everything that was.
Ripping, tearing
Impossible void of compressed nothingness.
Twisting, rearranging
Pretentious "used to be"s into trembling trepidation,
too adrift to find the way back.

This is the point of no return.
Who is that person in the mirror now?
Ashleigh Black Oct 2014
The calm --
it sweeps through my arms
and grazes my hair
as it washes over
my scarred, battered skin.

It speaks --
it tells me of all the sorrows I've suffered
in my ear,
where I cannot help but overhear
the words that should soothe but do not.

Its touch --
so cold, so ice cold
that my shivers are uncontrollable
and I cannot hide, or speak, or think
because the silent noise overwhelms every inch of me.
KiraLili Dec 2015
Just stepping back some
Too much of anything overwhelms
Let go and stay me
Rowan Deysel Dec 2016
Caucasian cadaver in the windless woods.
Carelessly hanging from a tree.
Colorless face looking down.
Carrion yet to be seen.
Creation of an evil man.
Displaying his departed art.
Completed, his compelling plan.
Of helping death do its part.
Few colors, fewer sounds.
White skin contrasts the black dress.
Faded yellow floating all around.
Splatters of red fill the rest.
A frightful figure that overwhelms.
Above the confused and thorny trails.
All the shallow know themselves.
At the sight of this female.
Breathless before being dangled.
Dead before being displayed.
Beautiful body, cold and mangled.
Death magnificently portrayed.
Multiple stab wounds in your back.
Added to the smell of war.
Mind immersed in barren black.
Gnawed eyes to watch and adore.
Dripping, dim and dreadful.
The portrait he wanted to smear.
Your future as empty as your words.
Your hollowness shown clear.
You don't know what you're missing. 
Elders still die, the young still grow.
The leaves below are hissing.
At the corpse of a girl I used to know.
Made when I was an angsty, silly teenager who just got dumped by his first girlfriend.
km Jul 2018
The voices in my head, brought me to this place
A gloomy surrounding, everything looking lifeless and sad
I question myself, “Why am I here?”
But as I look ahead, I see a beautiful mountain; covered in fluffy snow,
Almost looking like the clouds.
Now, I am yearning to see the mountain up close,
But how do I get to see the best view?
With no one around, not even animals
Who do I go for, for advice?

I continue to look and walk around,
Still clueless, not sure what has drawn me to go on this journey
“It’s only a mountain,”
I tell myself.
Trying to figure out where the voices in my head came from
My mind is blocked
Can’t think straight or
See clearly
Everything is a blur.

Could this possibly be a dream?
I continue on with this journey
Trying my best to find a way to get to the snowy mountains
Tired and lifeless,
I pass out in the middle of nowhere
Flashbacks start to come
You were the voice in my head
Your harsh words,
Harsh words that brought me into this dark place
Left me feeling helpless and burdened
I get up and try to find a way out

Here I am standing, standing where I began
Looking at the mountain,
From where I’m standing, I question myself:
“Which way do I go?”
There’s the stream
A stream that’s aligned with the mountain
And the mountains with a path cleared out
Directing me to the snowy mountain.

The voices in my head
Preventing me from moving forward,
Drowning me with sadness.
The longer I’m here,
The more it overwhelms me
I’ve got to get out of here.
based off a photo
Lizzy Sep 2016
My heart is embarassing.
It bleeds and cries
And loves too strongly
For it's own good.

It loves as if
It has never been broken,
As if it has forgotten
The countless times
It's been left bruised
And bloodied,
Half alive.

It loves so unconditionally
That I've let myself
Be tossed to the wind
And returned to the ground
At the whims of mere memories.

It loves so pathetically
That I do all I can
To make sure my love
Does not come spilling
Out of my mouth
For onlookers to see.

I keep my passions
And my aches away from the world
So that I don't overwhelm
Everyone else
With the love that overwhelms me.

I can't just say how I feel
I can't just open my gates
Because as much as you would like to believe
That everything inside me is beautiful,
It's as ugly as anything could ever be.

I can't just let you know
How pathetically
In love with you I am.

What if you don't feel the same?
That's a stupid question
I'm sorry
I know no one could ever love me
With the sadness I love them
mc ish Jun 2018
when i'm scared you are my rough place to land,
you boast of critique though i see no wrong.
a simple spot to fall when one can't stand,
you are the home in which i could belong.

a fierce competitor one cannot beat,
she is the fire from which eden was made;
for you, oceans are given a heartbeat,
yet--your doubt overwhelms you im afraid!

but her aggression, formed in vaguest word,
she stomps upon eggshells others ignore.
i can hear the way her love is slurred,
you see her smile-behind the locked door?

in all that i know of heaven, she's there,
arms around the one she loves without care.
idk who let me on this site honestly but heres a mediocre sonnet !!
V C Vaughn Oct 31
Setting alone at a table drink in hand.
Thinking what the Hell.
I just want to dance.
Tired of waiting she downs her drink
walks into the crowd like she owns the place.
As the music takes over.
The rhythm frees her to become the  
Goddess she's meant to be
her moves at first awkward become fluid and fierce
As the beat overwhelms her,
  music invades.
She throws back her head and surrenders .
her movements like silk.
arms in the air she sways and spins
Unaware of her effect on mortal men.
Beauty is fliting
but a woman set free
will dance by herself
for all the world to see.
Deb Jones Sep 2017
Life is rushing by me.
Faster than I can run
Daily affirmations bind me
And I can't complete even one
Everything overwhelms me
I can't get anything done
I look at the colossal effort
And I am exhausted before I have begun
It's a beautiful day outside
The birds all singing out of tune
The cacophony of songs should make me wince
But it's sweet on my nerves
Maybe this is what I should do
Sit on the swing and just listen
Stop thinking...
Stop reacting...
Stop reaching...

Stop letting my sick body dictate my mood.
I can bear anything if only there is an end in sight.
It's hard to be cheerful for more than minutes at a time.
There is no light for me.
There is no dignity.
It's my gloaming time.
The twilight of my life
I have Type 1 Diabetes. I wrote this during one of many many times I have felt down
Jack Aug 2018
I'm sorry I moved away, I'm sorry I left. Im sorry I dont see you anymore, I'm sorry we dont talk.
But I think about you all.
Not from time to time, but all the time.
I still care about you, even if you dont feel the same.
I would shoot you a text, but my fear of rejection overwhelms the urge.
And then I wonder, why couldn't you just stay?
Some of you mere miles away, some of you bound across the country.
Again and again,
Why couldn't you just stay?

Mr Shankley Dec 2018
The stars don’t define my life,
But the specs of mould on the ceiling,
I study them carefully at night,
Reading them in true light,
A sickly soul they’re revealing.

A wondering eye sees all,
And repulsion overwhelms it so
Much that one gives out a hopeless sigh.
The ceiling is too high,
To wipe Aries and Leo.
ryn Jul 2014
It pulls me deep with a grip so relentless
It swirls me senseless with tendrils so sensuous
It overwhelms me so with determined fervour
I can't breathe, I can't fight, I get pulled under.

It renders me helpless but every bit I'm enjoying
These currents they push and carry, entranced I'm dancing
Try to swim and navigate but almost seem futile
Defy all logic, in this magical enchantment I smile.

I squeeze in an occasional breath that's deep
Reality streams in like water running in steep
But in a heartbeat I exhale to expel it all out
For I am addicted to the current and its strong-armed clout.

It's a whole new realm that has been so long hidden
Mystical and whimsical, this overgrown path that's hardly ridden
Fortunate it feels to have discovered such a find
So consumed, that it fills my body and my mind.

This tidal wave in my heart, with strength so unbelievable
Wearing away the uncertainty and everything else sensible
As it beats upon the shore of my guardedness
Revealed the tender core filled with love that's limitless.

Forever I wish to be submerged in this dream-like state
Floating and drifting, clumsily in a child-like gait
I have found myself in this love I'm drowning
Swim up and awaken is a thought I'm not longing.

Engulfed in a blanket of love's sweet loving
Feeble attempt to embrace back is all I'm trying
"Enjoy it, and receive what you can" said the voice in my head
My heart replies, "I think I'll love her forever instead".
Amy Leigh Sep 2018
It's   the    worst    in   the    morning
when   the  air   is   thick   and   cold
and   the    warm     beneath   covers
makes  it   difficult  to   get   up  and
start the day.

It's    the    worst   in   the    morning
when   sheets   are   cold  where   he
used to sleep and tears feel cold too,
as  sadness  and  anger  overwhelms
me all at once.

© A. Leigh
Brian Oarr Aug 2018
"Boy were we wrong!  We're the oddball.  We're the freaks." --- Dr. Michio Kaku

We looked at trillions of those stars and knew,
that somewhere out there was another Planet Blue.
Those were not canals we saw on Mars;
optical illusions, lensed figment memoirs.

Stare into trillions, space mind overwhelms.
Rimbaud entrapped in countless ethereal realms.
Not the goal of evolution, merely happenstance,
the search for elsewhere leads a merry dance.

Planets a dime a dozen, yet no Goldilocks Zone
produces signals bearing SETI transient tones.
Birds more subtly impact our lives,
than do the aliens our universe provides.
Faizel Farzee Oct 21
Some times I steal a glance at you sitting
Lost in a spaceless haze

Thoughts of wonder I hope, running through your mind
I smile slowly creeping over your captivating
Unknowingly it instantly lights up the sky

Your beauty at this moment overwhelms me
I promptly forget who I am, I too get lost in a timeless daze
The love we share I can never truly capture
Your beauty these words can give justice to
Just know I'll keep trying my love
Until my last breath
This words from my soul is true.
zebra Oct 2018
i bend towards you ...hold your sweet head and bring my mouth slowly to yours searchingly.... your eyes brighten my heart ...its that perfect rare moment when two souls fuse...when time stops...when the world fades and that inexplicable undertow of feeling overwhelms.... lifts high... and then pulls down hard into waters of voluptuous pangs and smoldering ruins …. my brain in flames...I WANT EVERY MOLECULE...your flesh.... your blood.... your eyes burning naked....
******* DROWN ME ....
**** ME...
and i slip my swollen aching **** into your beautiful mouth....looking at you as you **** me falling falling falling through your soul like glitter
Apparently my intelligence is exceeded by my sensuality ;)
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