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Kemy Sep 2018
Gave of salacious self, your just due
My one and only dream I wanted to come true
Earthbound after a meteorite crash
Healing properties within this castaway shall come to pass
Wings has been tenderly clipped
The aftermath of a silent emotional eclipse

Walking, running, and soaring, keep flapping but slowly slipping
Heartbeat dipping, ripping
Slowly suffocating as I’m contemplating
Feelings keep overruling, dominating
Restless from stagnation
Mental searching for relocation
Suspended, spent, recessed from the relent

In the hunt for a pleasurable escape to soar to the sky
No questions no earthly whys
A Galactic Dream Weaver
Da Vinci Code, I’m picking up my telephone receiver
The Holy Grail secrets for my mind to set sail
The marooned answers found in life’s details

Standing in vain, waiting for a starship from a cosmic believer
No expressive deceivers
My Mazda 5, an Uber, or a Lyft driver can’t get me up there
Without restraints, I need to inhale celestial air
Showered by a beautiful spiritual given rainbow
Sentiments offered from a treasured chest as they stream when they softly flow

A Gordian knot devoid of hope, a beanstalk, for me, too slow
Something one must know
As your presence comes to offer me a sweet riding tow
Spirit is now on the run
Trying to astral plane beyond the sun
I need to glance down from the stars
Up and beyond, emotions, mistakes seem so miniscule and far

The beginning, the ending, where I descended
The integrity of a tattered angel, a cocoon of self, until my cerebral cortex is Heavenly mended
As my earthly presence blends within
Keeping a rein on life’s sins

I do not know if my salsa dance has come to an end
The absence of loss as emotions reflect to bend
Does time ever remain the same
Please don’t forget my name
On the contrary
For the love given from a twinkling star, and a kiss from an earthbound fairy
Dr YumnaKay Mar 12
Assuming conclusions,
overruling consumptions,

dynamite love transformed
the dynamics of relationships,
nullifying every chance we had
of reaching a safe harbor...

in the middle of arguments,
words were washed ashore,
and we found ourselves
gazing at each other

from the opposite ends
of our defined spectrums.
Brando Jan 20
I was forced to leave the place I called my sanctuary
The place in which you constantly reminded me I should feel safe
Filled with positive memories
Happiness and no judgment
But we have two different definitions of safe
To you, because you are my mentor, you have this overruling authority
You will punish both the right and the wrong
There is no use in biting the hand that feeds you
So, unconsciously, your wish is my command
You didn’t even realize I was gone
Until I was
I ran away from you as fast as I could
Expecting an unruly army of beasts to follow behind
I waited
Stopped at the red light
No one came after me
There was no army
Not even a gust of wind
Shame was the only one to follow me into the dark
Freedom, no more orders or demands
The unreality of this moment sank in
All I wanted was to be back in the safety of my own arms
However, I no longer had a safe place to rest
A flightless bird trapped in a nest of lies
Unable to escape
I ran into the night, no direction of where I was headed
Alone, but free
my parents kicked me out of my house once and things have never been the same. now as a college student returning home I feel like a guest in my own house.

— The End —