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Celebration gone,

Wrapped packages jobs finished.

Spending overdone.

Pretty paper wrap,

So quickly removed prepares,

Pretty paper scrap.

UK Boxing day mode,

Present boxes packaging,

Collect and dispose.

Christmas perfected.

Feasts  consumed and gifts exchanged,

Nice times  collected.
(just after Christmas Haiku)
grace Apr 15
milk and honey
petals and thorns
rattled bones and empty nights
nerves sing and sleeping tea doesn't help
but the bass in my bones makes lights dance
in front of my eyes and sometimes i stay awake just to watch the fireworks because the way colors flash
and photographs snap
makes my vision blurry but it's better than dreaming
that I'm just a mess of too much and overdone
alone in the vastness of all this uncertainty.
I feel a burning in my chest
as I inhale the carbon monoxide
Romanticizing smoking
is ******* overdone
But I'm guilty of it
So I'm quitting
I have 4 cigarettes
to get me through tomorrow
and then I'm done
Or, at least I hope I'm done
I'm gonna quit smoking and switch to vaping, but I feel that vaping has no place in poetry lol

— The End —