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No it wasn't not love
No our story was not like a love story
Cause you destroyed me completely
And now I'm working hard for my turn
To do the same with you.
zoie marie lynn May 2018
and i don't even know if i want to kiss your lips or just your skin
because i'm
but i don't want to hit the ground again.
are you sure your arms can hold the weight of my love when it's wrapped in wet clothes?
and are you sure it's the best idea to take this where the wind goes?
i'm not yet sure if love is a real thing
it's just a
and you still kiss me like i'm sane
but i know it's all just another game
so don't be surprised if i refuse to participate.
and you're like a
but your vicious words still gently drag me along.
and i'm not sure if you're really toxic
or it's just all in my head.
i love you
love you
ove you
ve you
e you
or maybe i love when you're in my bed.
there's a difference between someone telling you they love you and them actually loving you
i haven't figured it out yet though
jul Nov 2018
ask me how i am-
no, ask me the size of my bra.
if i think you are attractive.
ask me what turns me on,
or what i fantasize about.
how about the wildest place ive had ***?
or even if i ever had a one night stand.
are you curious about my favorite *** position?
what about what i am wearing right now?

my day was amazing, thanks for asking
noir Oct 2018
J ust as you are
U ‘re perfect
L ove is a thing
I feel it for you
A nd I’d love for you to feel it too

I …

L ove isn’t a word I like at all
O ddly enough
V ery strange I know
E erie of me but true

Y ou however
O ddly make me want to yell it at the top of my lungs all day
U have my heart
    Do with it as you wish
I saw someone do the thing with the sentence starts and was like... I gotta try it too
Didn't plan to use it for this ;-;
KCibot Jul 12
Unfinished Duet*

I am Home
** ome Sick
Without A

Of the things
That I Need
To Feel Your

I am Love
Lo ove Sick
Without a

Of the things
That I Need
To Feel At

We Are
Si ick
But We
Are Stong

And We
Can Wait
A little

Wait A

Wait A
Rosmarie Correa Jun 2018
with     with
         out and in
  de       aga

st       betw
        uck and een
str             s

ro              ro
round              round
nd             nd

                         mu c
It doesn't stop and I st ope
                            lo h

m               ness                
en and ill is ever end
wh          w th                      

     start        h   har                
We ed in ailed mony
end      f  matri        

   peace  d
goodbye ful ove
    awf    l

I am leaving you now.
King Tutankhamun Nov 2018
Yo I got skillz by the millions
With tons of ammunition
Who ******' with the commission my mission
Is to control the rap game blow fish tactics
From ******* who **** quick my **** stick
Slick leave em with one eye patch cookin' up another batch
Can ya catch
The madness of real ***** with multiple figures money surpassin' the aurora
Hardcorer grim explorer non could ignore tha
Deadly pedigrees sheddin so beautifully
Im feelin' like Mango Slade cuts through like a blade
Lyrics colder than the words from Chuckie
Coastin' spells I do it well it ain't hard to tell
While ya souls fail another body destined to hell
It's Yosef ninth gate chillin' over ya crates
Like a demon intervention got ya nerves
Penchin' and itchin' soon to be twitchin' and inchin'
My every move I'm takin' ove the earthly ground
Bow down what's that it's the Southside
Breakin' em down so ya bound to drown

My armed men stack men from the guns
That back bend to the roads ya
No longer boys to men to deaths I comprehend
Takin' on deadly sins seven to chose from
I'm makin' chaos from USA to the New Jerusalem
And who's dumb? Enough to **** with me
While I'm on my Crazy *** leavin' ya stunned
And outdunned and who can
Against my magnificence layin' hellish scents
In the forms of an emodiment
Who could stop it
Since adversaries are culprit let the snakes
Shake and take away these painful memories
Yeah I'm dreadin' ya head missin' the feds
*** I got more bread than Pillsbury dough
So quick with the skills and I
Suckas don't wanna go toe to
**** mics worse than Exodus who can plex with us
The coldest strong as a swingin' boulders
Knockin' ya head off ya shoulders I thought I told ya
Southside stay running with hidden
T Jul 30
Mysteries, riddles and magic
I could close my eyes and find you by the frequency of your soul’s vibrations
Dare me, dead sober
Tie my hands behind my back
Make me senseless
The clarity I have is out of body
What I feel is formless
And you don’t have to stay
But you don’t have to go
If you don’t want to
I won’t try to change you, chain you, rearrange you
I’ve been through the ringer
I know a thing or two about love - with a capital L
And if you are still learning to spell
It’s okay
If you don’t want the - OVE
It’s okay
It’s a gift, not an ultimatum
I’ll set it down at your feet
Walk away, bow out, pray
This is weightlessness
Ego death
Gods1son Nov 2018

Giving rise to
Honesty and
Love is the key
Lilah Feb 16
L |ove
I  |dentity
F |ailure
E |volution
The first thing you do in life is love. No matter what it is, you love. Then, you find out who you are, your identity. Then, you fail. Failure is a part of life, it is unavoidable. Finally, evolution. You evolve to succeed, become a better person. And then obviously you die but there are only 4 letters in life so deal.

— The End —