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Aaron Combs Dec 2018
This, this letter I made you, let it pierce your heart,
like the silver moon earrings, I gave you,

Let me hold you on high.
Let me hold you on high.

Like the Kansas fields that outnumber the stars,
let's walk on the wheat fields of gold, for even
if I can't forgive you, my heart will freely love you.

Over and over,

like red Georgia Peaches,  like Florida Beaches
let me be the one for you.

Everything passes on,  so let not the venom of angels,
whisper us away ,

Now like Chicago, let me sing you into fame
until every knows your name, let me sing, let me sing.

Embrace me, like a California dream, pretend it's just me,
like the ring on your finger, let me be, let me be,
the one and only, like your silver moon earrings.

For if you harden your heart, lets go back to one,
let me be like your silver moon earrings,

let me hold you on high.
let me hold you on high.
For her
"One lie weakens a thousand truths."

"Time heals, steals and reveals."

"Karma finishes what revenge neglects."

"The future is uncertain, but we play a part in its design."

"Help when you can, pray when you can't."

"If your life is out of focus, it's time to change the lens."

"Honesty is in the alcohol."

"The only thing better than a second chance is never needing one."

"Sometimes the most valuable company is yourself."

"Instincts over impulse, always."

"The greatest comeback is the one least expected."

"Fear is a light sleeper."

"You can't change the past, but it can change you."

"Some are born with a silver spoon, others with a pitchfork."

"Even the smallest of pebbles has its place in the sand."

"The humble voice resonates the loudest."

"Write your failures in pencil, your triumphs in ink."

"Scars speak every language."

"Two things you should always trust: your gut and your God."

"Every tear leaves something behind."

"Courage brings you to the fight, wisdom wins it."

"Relationships start and end, but the lucky ones get to begin again."

"The devil doubts. The angel accepts."

"Biggie makes you dance. Tupac makes you think."

"Justice is money green."

"The only thing better than good friends are lifelong ones."

"I'm in a fight with life and I'm losing on points."

"We are remembered for three things: the times we did good, the times we did bad and the times we did nothing."

"Every underdog wants to be top cat."

"Love never travels alone."

"Dreams reveal what thoughts conceal."

"The problem with the world is the wolves outnumber the sheep."

"You can't spell tragedy without rage."

"Focus on the valley and the hills will disappear."

"When you ignore pain, it ignores you."

"The past and future are distant cousins."

"Hope is always listening."

"Moonlight is for lovers and devils."

"Nothing will get you in better shape than a breakup."

"Time is a tattletale."

"Sometimes all that's left is a penny and a wish."

"There's a special place in heaven for those who suffer on earth."

"We are connected by smiles and tears."

"The mirror mimics what the mind imagines."

"If infidelity was a crime they would have to build more prisons."

"What the blind man sees, the sighted man seeks."

"The ego is a phony friend."

"Luck will take you as far as fate allows."

"Two things that never forget: elephants and broken hearts."

"My train of thought has no conductor."
KiraLili Aug 2016
Skin leathered by sun not fluorescents
Extracting resources means a life outside
There's beauty inherent where science takes me
In a footprint so small across a vast land we bring steel to the forest
No roads there till we build them
A camp becomes a village
And you live where you work
Out here you can hear he trees whisper
Machines are outnumber by spirit animals
True living totems of the wild
There's mindfulness in this workplace
In the city everything is mans even the nature was planted
Not here , every bush and tree and critter has never seen you before

You don't have too load up to go to the great outdoors
Nature finds you
The uniVerse Jun 2018
Let me caress your every sinew
I do not care if you've been used
for many men know the temple of God
but few on holy ground have trod
her birthplace that is creation
yet they treat you with predation
a child that sleeps within your womb
soon your bed will be their tomb
the years of men will surely pass
upon your head I count the grass
they outnumber thee ten fold to one
and yet their bud is still but young
our age is like a moth at night
that travels towards the sacred light
and is extinguished by the flame
Will you remember my name?
your favoured son
Will you forgive the things I've done?
or another knot in the tree become
Stephan Jul 2016

Watching the rise and the fall of a kingdom
Walls once rebuilt again tumble the ground
Allowing the beasties free reign in the village
Bellowing out o’er the wickedest sound

Pacing the streets, seeking out bits of garbage
Leaving their stains on the innocent few
Leering in windows where children are hiding
Tender young things and so easy to chew

Thieves in the night lurk about come the morning
Stealing the sun at the break of the dawn
Drinking of sewage a’ flow in the gutters
Checking off names as the many are gone

Peering ‘round corners, down alleys, in shadows
Seeking the favor of all who do grieve
Laughing in spite of the torment now growing
Licking their lips in the hope you believe

Roaming in groups so the followed outnumber
Say what you will for the king does not hear
Lost in his throne made of mirrors that flatter
Shivering, cowering, caving to fear

Deaf to the villagers asking for reason
Blind to the pillage befalling this land
Dumb, well I guess that just goes without saying
Nary a care what the people demand

Feasting on turkey, potatoes and gravy
Raising a glass to the enemy proud
Taking a stand against those who support him
Locking the front doors while yelling aloud

“Carry your torches, your pitchforks, your honor
It matters not for this evil shall win
Even when gone there are echoes of anger
Lingering on till they come back again

Give them your all, what you’ve poured your heart into
Down on your knees, bow to them one and all
Step over rock and the piles of rubble
This castle will stand even when the walls fall

Shout all you like as no change is forthcoming
Accept it or flee, you think I give a ****
When you are gone many more will replace you
Now pass those peas and a slice of that ham”

So roam the beasties, their teeth ever sharpened
Fanning the flames as so many are burned
Tearing apart what the people envisioned
Silly to think that they somehow had learned

Nothing so happy with no ever after
Always the same, it will happen again
But unlike some other long winded stories
Sadly in this I can not say “the end”

Watching the rise and the fall of a kingdom
Walls once rebuilt again tumble the ground
Thankfully I can peruse from a distance
Witnessing all without hanging around
Jackson Steel Feb 24
Hastily, suddenly,
plunging oars down in the pale sea.

Glistening, expecting,
his eyes shined anticipating.

Bleached pale clear, shining near,
jewellery sitting heavenly here.

Can’t go back, t’face attack,
waves outnumber the stars in the track.

Bigger ships, faster ships,
displaying greater workmanship

Begin to shrink, as anchors sink,
they look like grains of sand in a blink.

Storms go in, he thinks of his kin,
and anchors the boat, grazing his shin.

Reef, clovehitch, a bowline itch,
clutches his thumb like a tall stitch.

Abruptly, in agony,
he cuts his thumb so aimlessly.

Blood spills out, near the trout,
he jumps in the sea without any doubt.

Deeper down, fetching his crown,
he grabbed the pearl and screamed like a hound.

His heart did ache, in the great lake,
when he found out the orb was a fake.
You lay here neath the sea of lights, you are but one in a species of over 7 billion. You float on a rock in a neighbourhood of 8, orbiting a ball of pure rage and fire. Your neighbourhood is a spec in the wind for the lights you lay under outnumber the grains of sand on all the beaches. You are oh so insignificant.

You lay here neath the sea of infinite possibilities, a universe that has no end. Within a sea of a million billion galaxies there are a quadrillion billion stars. Each of them have their own neighbourhood. But there is only one with life. On a mote of dust you find yourself. On this rock there are over 7 billion souls. Being just one you have been entrusted with unprecedented power, the power to give life or destroy it. You have more power than the stars could ever dream. You are THE most significant thing in the entire universe.

A treasure that transcends time itself. You are so precisely crafted that an angel would envy you. You are blessed with gifts that no one can take. Love has come a long long way to find you, don't run, don't hide. He has waited far longer than you.
stt: Jarod Sagar
nivek Nov 2018
Goodbyes outnumber greetings
in the end,
and goodbye is not afforded
to everyone,
is often left unsaid.

— The End —