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Bad Luck Aug 2019
A net sum of years,
            and romanticized numerals,
Built up by birthdays,
            to be torn apart by funerals.

Frayed ends of friendships,
            pulled until they popped.
A holy mess
            in the wake of a difference,
Between what said
            and what was thought.
In A Wakeful Contradiction, Now Available on Amazon in Paperback:
Raymond Cuadrado Sep 2019

The clouds grin so wide,
I swear all I get is clear skies
Showing off a sunny smile,
We ain't had weather like this in awhile.
Forget winter for a moment
And examine the plentiful green of those trees,
Without taking it for granted,
Planning our next seeds
While feeling the beautiful heat
Why do I always deny this scenery?
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
I'm cut
Not too deeply
Perhaps a flesh wound
One drop or two
And then all is well
Closing over
Let the healing begin
And I will think of it no more
Goodbye year of the knife
Hello restorative day
Which of your Favourites you take to Trust
And hoping One of them will fill your Void
So Alone, though in Many you Adjust
Though their trifle pertinence you carry
Those Nerds ahead just consider you Strange
Yet Groupies counteract with their own Praise
Now who is Correct? They sit at the Lounge
Then settle to offer your own Fresh Space
That around your College are Ideals formed
When Some in Prayer may publish their Book
Took you as a Model; And Critics scorned
See their Used Lives in a Better Outlook.
You just have to Smile; And Happy you did
Fan their Frustrations of that Love you hid.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
startle cracks
and curtain calls
my eyelids back

diaphanous dropped
and veils up
dewy bloom spotlit

monkeysuit chauffeur
denigrated daily
scratch behind his ears
you're doing OK
just mistook
vehicle for passenger

relax in seat back
let clear and present ever
steer biospheric lit

allow etheric hum
up the bony ladder
to outlook attic
bindi blinds lift

pretty *******'
46-bit binoculars
these holy puppet
hands have got
Mark Edwards Jr Oct 2018
At wits' end,
he overextends,
as time was running low.
Yet his mind devised,
through blood-shot eyes,
a way to end his woes.

A chance, perhaps,
by happenstance,
to finally take control.
On a sliver of hope,
while dreams eloped,
an endeavor to mend his soul.

As the stars aligned,
the gods divined,
and the man would have his chance.
Through foreign lands,
devoid of plans,
on a razor's edge he danced.

Now settling in,
the outlook; grim,
... but was it all for naught?
As he looked in the mirror,
t'wasn't man, but his fear -
the demon he had sought.

Now face to face,
his heart; it raced,
but he knew what he must do.
He gazed inside,
and began to cry,
for the demon that he slew.

Though beaten and broken,
within him awoken,
a soul now free of strain.
With time to cleanse,
with himself - make amends,
no longer a life in vain.

And over time,
he's clear of mind,
seeing beauty in his days.
The ironic part,
is within his heart,
he still finds comfort in the Grey.

09/30 - 10/01
With no argument I think most people agree
With the adage stating that, "you are what you eat"
But it's possible there's information not known
Having equal importance or maybe more so

All the nutrients eaten; We intake our food
It will travel through digestive tract once consumed
Same can also be said of our actions and thoughts
They're the building blocks making up all that we are

Brains are not like a rigid or fixed type machine
An old dog and new tricks go together it seems
Our plasticity will let us both change and shift
It makes pathways; New neural links over the rifts

These connections might possibly benefit us
But this same mechanism can also do stuff
With a negative scope, the outlook and belief
We might think we're no good; Our lives filled with much grief

If we're constantly saying things inside our heads
Like self-doubting, self-loathing and feelings of dread
Then our brain will re-wire to fit this outlook
Once ensconced in this spectrum; Not easily shook

The same way that a person engages with time
Like activity, also is true with the mind
A small change in the way that we look at ourselves
The new thoughts and beliefs in our mind start to meld

With the make-up within that each one of us holds
Self-beliefs and self-doubts from our birth till we're old
Like a painter with ink; Our brush never is dry
We are always creating what's in our mind's eye

So don't hinder yourself with a picture that's bleak
Just believe in yourself and go get what you seek
You are capable of so much more than you know
All it takes is belief and in time it will show
Written: November 20, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
What kind of life
does the man have
that licks yogurt
from his hands
in the dairy aisle
while I squeeze
packages of cheese
and you shake
a cantaloupe
like a magic 8 ball.

It smells sweet
but the problem
you’re having is that
you can’t hear the seeds.

What kind of life
do we have?
Ask again later.

What kind of life
do we have?
Outlook not so good.

And the man?
Ask again later.
Umi Apr 2018
Facing the day with upmost pride,
Praising each ray of warm, caring, wonderful sunlight,
No matter the weather, they shine brilliantly, as children of the earth
Being happy about rain, these flowers only grow thankful, for what it's worth
Because these rain drops may look like tears, the scene may be sad,
No sound, but the gentle tapping of the falling water onto the ground,
but a lone standing Helianthus won't feel bad,
For it felt joy in this weather,such can be difficult for some to be found
A mysterious, yet beautiful lense, once the sky opens up a little for the sunlight to travel through again, inviting a rainbow through the sound of wind,
My pessimistic outlook of this weather, the raindrops looking alike tears, changed, through it's brightness, rather don't they look like jewels of some kind ?
My heart won't be drenched by sorrow,
Alike a helianthus, I shall look softly, gently towards the sky,
Towards the azure, ceiling beyond me.

William Eberlein Feb 2013
I have read,
once upon a time
that I'm supposed to tell you
how I feel about you.

And I begin to think
that he who wrote what I read,
did not have me in mind when he did.

For in my outlook,
you are so far beyond words
that it is almost a sin
to try.

So when I shut off reason
and say what I need to say
before it kills me...

Please know,
that I was once told
to tell you how I feel about you.

Even if it drives you away.
Logan Robertson Jan 2019
Every so often children throwing tantrums
Catch parent faces, bracing fallen sourness
Where outlines wrinkle rosy outlook sadly
Raisins having pits

Logan Robertson

Read CC's blog at Poetry Soup, describing  sapphic stanza with a jux. I found that form interesting, spent hours marveling and researching. I attempted my first one. Not sure if this is correct-11/11/11/5. In this poem I wrote of a parent coping with a child's misbehavior. The effect of such leaving a wrinkled image much like a raisen on the parents face with the juxtaposition at the end of the poem, which is a play on words, too, raisens/raising.
Lash Feb 2015
jaaneman, do you think of me like i think of you?
do you believe in me as i believe in you?
i dont know if its me,
or my pessimistic outlook that is keeping us apart.
but, i need you like the stars need the moon.

sitting here on this day of inamorata,
wishing we could be together..
but dear, i know you've got somewhere else to be.
i know your heart is already full,
with no room left for me.

though, i'm never giving up on us.
i will fight for you.
i will fight until your heart is empty,
empty and shallow.
i will fight for you until the day that you realize,
i am the only one that will ever fight for you..

when your lover betrays you & leaves you out in the cold..
allow my being to be a form of warmth.
all i want is the taste that your lips allow,
i want to be your reasons why
& your reasons how.

this is my promise to you..
to never hurt you, never betray you dear i will never let you go.
here's to the day that i can finally call you mine, the day of *euphoria.
Carter Ginter Apr 2013
No words,
Could express my gratitude for you.
No monetary amount,
Could pay you back for what you've done for me.
I couldn't even imagine what my life would be like right now,
Without having had you there.
I started as a stupid freshman,
With no ambitions or plans for college,
Now I'm a junior and have high hopes and plans for my future.
I still can't believe you're over;
A tragic government cut, above our control.
I guess that's just the way the world works sometimes.
But even now,
When you're no longer able to go on
You continue giving,
To myself and everyone you've touched,
Even though we took you for granted for so long.
I'd always thought that you didn't matter to me,
So much as you truly did, and do.
You gave me so much opportunity,
New friends
A new mindset
And an entirely new outlook on the world.
You've honestly saved my life.
And for that I am eternally grateful.
R.I.P UWP-UpwardBound
I never thought it'd be possible that something could change my life so drastically. This college program was truly the best thing that has ever happened to me. It transformed me into the person I am today and has quite frankly saved my life in the process. I am grateful to all the people who put their time and effort into making this program so special and helpful to all of us students. I know they put up with so much nonsense crap from us, but they still stuck around and believed in us. I've never been good with being able to tell someone how much they mean to me, or even making it visible. And this is the time when i wish the most that i could have. Everyone in this program became family to me. And nothing can change that.
PhiWrit May 2016
Why couldn't I have left you back at that creek,
Instead I have let you linger week after week
Your intoxicating aroma has now begun to reek
To merge with your essence this Alchemist did seek
Though tomorrow's outlook is much too bleak
No sorrow to be felt for I am much too meek
To let a solitary tear drop fall upon my beak
Nor will I let this bleeding heart of mine leak
As my Lord did, so do I turn the other cheek
For you bringing sin into my life just last week
I have to end this with some Bukowski speak
3000 miles away and I still could hear your bed creak
Gianna Apr 2019
I Felt you growing inside me
Changing my outlook on life
I Remember when I first heard
I was so scared yet so happy at the same time
Despite all of the challenges I knew were coming my way I still couldn’t help but to just love you and be happy about creating my own little part of me
You were my child, you are my child
And there won’t ever come a day where I don’t think about you.
I know I have to let go of all of the pain, but the love I feel for you will always remain.
You will always be in my heart.
I love you forever
Mykle Matwaya Jan 2019
Throughout the course of this life, I, just like you, have made my fair share of mistakes. To compensate for that & also out of a fear of letting others down or causing pain or suffering to anyone other than myself, over the years I have tried to hone to almost perfection, the habit of seeing down the line when it comes to the decisions I make and the chances I take. But alas, no one is perfect, especially not I.

Although I was compelled to grow up long ago, I feel as though I am still a young man, a young man with old values. Values like honor, loyalty, dignity and a wonderful sense of shame, which compliments the first three aforementioned values quite well. Traits far removed from the gooey 'Quick’mix’d Battered' personalities we find ourselves standing shoulder to shoulder with in the oven of today’s irreversible societal meltdown. Everyone seems to have forgotten to teach their off-spring of that which makes life worth living & keeps the world turning. Which is of course, living for others just as much as we live for ourselves. Unfortunately, due to the selfish pace of today, rarely is anyone noticed for their gestures towards humanity. The reason for this phenomenon, being of course; Man Kinds evolution into the Narcissistic Vampire he is today. And as a result of this, not only do our efforts towards one another merely go unnoticed & unappreciated, but far worse than that, courtesy is no longer even recognized for what it is and so therefore is rarely reciprocated and thus, phased out. And as a result; Man Kinds new triumphant mutation, 'The All-consuming Ego', is free to simply **** the meaning out of all that was once so valuable to the fabric of human society, while arrogantly presuming to be deserving of it all anyways, regardless of it's contribution to anyone or any thing. Now the ego acts as a new type of biological O rgan, an invisible 'Iron Lung'. Processing the very niceties that once separated us from the beasts, as if they were just like any other natural resource. But there is a difference & that difference is that these are human resources and in my opinion are just as valuable as the air we breathe, and just as  sweet as the water we drink. Manners are things to be noticed, cherished and savored. They are decency's, gifts, that when given & returned, should impart on us the feeling of being recognized for our own decency and our own efforts towards our fellow man.

However, since Man has placed his Ego at the forefront, where once stood the Human Heart, 'It' now sits at the receiving window, absorbing and indifferent, and instead it all goes unnoticed, unrecognized and unappreciated just like a gulp of air and is simply exhaled without a second thought as to how precious it really was.

If you were able to ask a fish, to name one thing which It considered to be, both the most obvious aspect of his environment and also the thing most essential to the survival of its species, the last thing it will mention is the water...

Ask a man today the same question, but replace the words “his environment” with “humanity” and the last thing He will mention is another human being.

But I digress…

You'll have to excuse me. I am after-all a true romantic in every sense of the word and I have always been quite partial to dramatic effect. I consider myself a realist, a term too often confused with having a negative outlook. I beg to differ. In a world gone mad, I just prefer to keep my eyes wide open and my head in the game, as opposed to having it shoved all the way up my own a$$ like most. And although the world may not be so pretty out here, at least it’s real, as am I.
Please allow me to make something abundantly clear; I never have been, nor will I ever be, anyone special. And being aware of these facts is still far better than pretending that both of them are anything other than just that, facts! I find no comfort in self-congratulation, self-delusion, or deliberate oblivious ignorance.
I am what I am.

What more can I say?
Another year come and gone and just like the rest of the world, it seems things for me too have only grown worse.
I am void of regret, none old, and none new. And for the exceptions of my Daughter and the Almighty Himself, I apologize for nothing and to no one else. After a lifetime of experiences and lessons learned,
all that I am truly certain of, is that I am still here. And unfortunately, so are most of you.
And I also know this, I am still standing. Upright, with both feet planted firmly in reality and God willing, that is exactly how I intend to remain.There is not one ****** thing in this world which I have any control over and everything I have ever wanted, I have never gotten, and everything I have ever had, has been taken from me.
And yet here I remain. Standing, till the day I die. And when that day comes, the depth of the grave will be twice as deep,
to bury me upright & on my feet.
Keerti Jan 2018
Although I didn’t jump in the end
I hope you saw where your actions led
I did not turn out like the boy in that story
Because I believed that life had more glory
That is not to say I did not think about it
If not for my fear of heights, I would have done it
Most nights I slept with guilt, but you don’t know it
If I commit a crime, I perfect it
You can keep blaming me like a broken record for it
But think back on what you did and tell me I was wrong for it
Expectation can ****, and I hope you finally understand it
That maybe I wanted a life, without books in my hand
And maybe I didn’t want you disappointed in me
So maybe I’m a piece of trash for saying all this
But this my outlook on life
Don’t **** over this
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