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Destiny Fertig Aug 2015
I needed a father Not a friend,
I needed someone to chase the monsters outFrom under my bed.
I needed guidance and praze ,
Not someone I didn't hear from for days.
I needed someone to teach me how to ride a bike ,
Not someone who brought me to drug fights.
I needed someone to dry my tears,
Not someone to get me beer.
I needed someone to right me when I was wrong ,
Not someone who did drugs , to make them feel like they belong.
I needed you there .
The disappointment I can no longer bare.
I've held these words in for so many years ,
I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't even care.
I hoped that one day you'd chose me over drugs,
But I realized that the high was you're only love.
I always tried to be daddy's little girl.
I tried my best to belong in your ****** up world.
I realize now , that I have never known you,
As much as I always wanted to.
You chose your addiction over me,
As I grew up it was clear to see.
I always had hope.
But in the end ,
You chose dope.
I saw the life from your eyes slowly disappear,
Loosing me was no longer a fear.
I tried so hard to help you out,
But you always brushed it off as if you didn't know what I was talking about.
Weight started to shed and I could see your bones,
With a room full of people , I have never felt So alone .
If You taught me anything it is this ,
Not every one should have kids.

— The End —