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MultiBami-mix Jun 2015
I am an Otaku,
when I saw you,
I thought you will be my waifu,
on screen, pillow or games,
You still stole my heart with eroge,
you have different colors from **** to ******,
but I prefer ***** in your anima,
I spend my days,
yearning for a new episode,
until that day comes, I still wait for you.
Well this is one of my first poems.
Creep Nov 2014
I'm missing out on my anime
just to talk to you.
>~< this is not good...
Mabel Jun 2014
The world has ****** you
For your three-fold ugliness.
ugly personality, ugly appearance,
your ugly obsession,

Insanely, valiantly, I loved your smile
Against the protests that resounded.
But you loved your fantasy girls
And my love you hated like poison.
All I know I have learned from anime.

I have learned that intelligent high schoolers and unbelievable power sources should be kept far apart,

That there is a harem out there for everyone,

That ***** are the ultimate source of power in the universe,

and that nothing in all the world can not be improved by the addition of giant robots.

I have discovered that studio gainax has a huge stockpile of LSD, and that I must discover its location.

I have learned that Makoto Shinkai loves the taste of your tears,

and that Satonshi Kon is the thing the boogie man checks under his bed for.

But most of I have learned that you should always take that swing,

That if you stand strong you can pierce the heavens,

That if you stand together with those who mean the most to you, you will never be defeated,

And that true love can span the galaxies, knows no boundaries, and never dies.

Otaku forever.
Often does your Purpose seek to Belong
Thoughts your Rebellious Clouds can independ
But just recall your Coins; And after long
You'll realise the Worth which you will spend
Maybe you Decided; Or maybe not
Plans which the Architect will rennovate
It's clearly shown by the Jersey you got
How you love to be an Otaku's Date
I'll complain to the Pug; And must he snub
Even if his Language you will confuse
And why he chose to reissue a ****
When all he could do is ask for a fuse.
Still a Nice Wear you so haply display
Hoping such Good Colours will never fade.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
AnnaMarie Jenema Oct 2016
Owning this geeky word was not something I immediately understood.
Coming from a school where geeks were castaways,
with Otaku and weeb being even worse terms than that.
But now she, who loves video games, and cartoons
- a geek herself, dare I say, -
calls me a not only a weeaboo,
a term revered here,
but a failed one.
Many references I lack to see,
My circle of watched media is constrained,
me being the picky geek that I may be.
The simple act of putting on fluffy ears that I deem kawaii,
She takes as the action of a 'furry'.
I rarely see memes, something that not only geeks look at,
but social media as well,
yet she acts as though it lies within the domain of otakus.
Saying ohauyo, tadima, or even simply arigato,
gives me a snide reply of, "freaking weeb"
Making pebbles into boulders is her specialty.
Yume Blade Apr 2016
I laugh all time
    but with him
I giggle non-stop
Cause Life's too complicated
&  He makes me Thinkin' to something else
like *** , like couple , like other's life , like win

I crie too much
    but with him
I crie mucher than that
Cause Life's Unfair
& He makes me See different thinks
like other problem , others couple problems , like drama , like lose

For Some poeple it caled Boyfriend
For Some Other it caled Husband
For Some Otaku it caled Manga-anime
For Some Geeks it caled **Games
Too Many examples I can give you !
Ryan P Kinney Apr 2015
Who Am I?

I am a boy and a man.
I am a son, a brother, a cousin, a nephew, and a grand child.
I was a boyfriend, a fiancé, a husband, and an in-law.
I am a bachelor.
I am surrounded and abandoned.
I am a family man and a loner.

I am a homemaker and a handyman.
I wear the apron and the tool belt.
I am a neat freak and a slob.
I am an amateur contractor and a contracted amateur.
I am a dumpster diver, a recycler, and a decadent waste.
I am a glutton, a scavenger, and a scrapper.

I am a friend and an enemy.
I am fun and an annoyance.
I am a lover and a hater.
I am creepy, cruel, and harsh.
I am tender, loving, and inviting.
I have a foul mouth and tender lips,
Drenched in jagged, soft-serve words.

I am a painter, sculptor, draftsman, sketcher, character designer, photographer, graphic designer, fashion designer, kitbasher, customizer, and crafter.
I am a reader, a writer, and a poet.
I am the Jail Baby, Ryan & Lisa, The Phoenix, The AntiFather, and The HEYMAN!
I compose symphonies of visual and intangible imagery.
I bring form to thought.
I destroy,
I create.
I am an artist.

I am a geek, nerd, freak, and otaku.
I have been punk, goth, prep, white trash, and metrosexual.
I wear glasses,
But only as a sick joke.
I am beautiful and ugly,
Clean and *****.
I am unique.
I am predictable.
I have changed, but am still the same.

I am a techie,
An electronic ******.
I am cutting edge and old school.
Digitally signed and sealed.
I am analog and obsolete.

I am an adrenaline addict.
I can chill, maybe slow,
But never relax.

I am blue collar, tradesman, and service industry.
I am peon and ****** on.
Oh, but I have done the ******* too!
I have been hired and fired,
Bought and sold.
I have worn the uniform,
I have said, “**** the man!”
I am the proletariat,
I am in charge.

I am a student, dropout, and teacher.
I am class clown and teacher’s pet.
I have learned, forgotten, and taught,
But never learned my lesson.
I don’t listen to what I’m told,
But always do what I tell.

I am a genius,
I am an idiot.
I have intelligence, but often lack the intel.
I am naïve, but wise.
I am right and wrong.

I have philosophies and ideas,
But no religion.
I have desecrated and blasphemed,
Prayed and praised.
I have lusted, envied, and coveted.
I am guilty and innocent,
Pure and soiled,
Good and bad.

I am a driver and a passenger.
I am an explorer and a shut-in.
I am wild and free,
Caged and stifled.
I was warmly wrapped in my blanket,
But burned through it.

I have rode, climbed, and conquered.
I  stood still.
I jumped in.
I have fallen and been defeated.

I have been abroad,
I have been nowhere.
I have drifted.
I have settled.
I have led and been led.
I have been in and out,
Here and there,
Around and AWOL,
On the run and trapped.
But, not everywhere.

I have applied,
I have procrastinated.
I have worked my fingers to the bone,
I have slept it off.

I have fought and fled.
I have quit.
I have endured.
I am a winner and a loser,
A champ and a chump.

I am fake,
I am real.
I have lied, cheated, and stole.
I have been honest, fair, and generous.

I am selfish and selfless.
I am a gift giver, gift wrapper, and gift taker.
I am a thief and a philanthropist.

I am insecure and confident,
Confused and absolutely sure.
I am proud and ashamed.
I am complicated and convoluted,
But simple to please.

I have blind faith and guarded suspicion
I have secrets,
But lie rarely.
I accept everyone,
I trust nothing.

I have pointed the finger,
Only to turn it on myself.
I have held grudges and forgiven.
I have trusted and misguided.
I have been Judas and Jesus.

I am a maniac,
I am sane.
I have been strong and weak.
I can keep it together,
But prefer to break it apart.

I have bled.
I have healed.
I have been abused and neglected,
Coddled and protected.

I have been kissed and punched;
Hunted, wanted, and arrested,
Ignored, overlooked, and invisible.

I have loved and lost,
Lived and learned.
I am a soldier of misfortune and opportunity.

I have blended in.
I have stood out.
I have stood up.
I have backed down.
I have been backed into a corner.
I have all the space in the world.

I have seen, interpreted, and perceived,
I have ignored, dismissed, and been blind.
I hunger, want, and need…
I am satiated and content,
But never at peace.

I have been misunderstood and underestimated.
I have been put down, put up, pushed away, and let in.
I have been known,
But never entirely.

I have raged, cried, smiled, trembled, and laughed.
I have been depressed.
I have been happy.
I have been suicidal. I have felt death.
I have been lost and found.
I have been broken, then fixed,
Stitched, yet glitched,
Scarred, but whole.
I am alive.

I took the chance,
I let the moment slip.
I walked the straight and narrow,
I ran down the road not taken.
I dream; some whole, some shattered.
I go with the flow, but don’t let the waves take me.

I am shards and reflections,
Machinations and reactions.
I am translucent pieces and parts,
Assembled and disheveled.
I am the big picture still focused on the details.

I am the sum total of heredity and experience.
I am not,
I am more.
I am everything and nothing.
I am a walking contradiction.
I am human.

I tried to be you,
But didn’t know what that meant.
I am me,
It’s all I know.

Who are you?
Jessica Dec 2017
Otakus are shy yet so amazing,
try to find out what they are saying,
but be warned,
cause every word they say,
every sentence they phrase,
could be a trap into the world of animé.
Don't know what animé is go search and be encased in its magnificence.
Creep Dec 2014
^^ it actually is. Time to binge watch and get fatter :)

By xi
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2017
My body may be here,
but my mind is always in the
Where I can truly remain a child.
I can be anything and everything.
A ballet dancer
A power ranger
A samurai
A sailor scout
An avatar
A mangaka
A proud otaku
Everything that makes me, well, me.
I don't wear smiles because
my mind smiles for me all the time.
And physically smiling would drain me.
I'm usually cautious with optimism anyway.
As anxious as I am about life,
I'm not unhappy.
Not everyone has the energy to smile
day in and day out.
Well, there are some people.
Needless to say, I'm not one of them.
The world endlessly talks, shouts and screams
I'm surrounded by people who acknowledge or
forget their reasons
on why they breathe.
It encourages me, to be honest...
So I remain silent.
More thoughts for the day...
Larceny Feb 7
I thought we had something
time passed by,
I realized that something turned out to be nothing
It felt so crushing I felt like jumping.
Falling then crashing

with all that pain not many are capable of getting back up.
Yet I managed to find my way around the cup.

Actually all I just did was whimper, suffer, and linger
Until one day this light I saw started to glimmer
That’s when I realized my world was getting dimmer
It then occurred to me that the light was a path for a sinner to once again become a beginner.

Once again I am back at the top
Will I suffer the same mistakes?
Or will I pull the breaks and make a full stop.
I am in my room staring at my desktop all day, nonstop.
We talked all day, for what feels like an eternity
I don’t remember the details but whatever we talked about,
It was funny.

All these memories feel bittersweet,
The pain it stabs me with knowing I didn’t try
And the fun we had together always makes me wanna cry

I see two birds outside, I stare at them adoringly
This euphoric atmosphere generically makes me feel kind of comfy, Like the love I thought I gained through superficial Superiority.

It’s so funny how oblivious I became with one emotion,
Jacked filled witch ecstasy it’s certainly beautiful.
I worked tirelessly for something that doesn’t exist,
I am this close to shattering my sanity. Oh the absurdity.
something so beautiful can never cause any harm right?
Surely something this pleasant can’t be capable of creating such adversities.

But oh the larceny
My precious heart that you took from me.
Even though you didn’t,
I still felt the pain.
Do you know how it feels being ******* with chains?

I wish I could tell you this but I can’t
If I did all my thoughts would form a knot like a plant
My mouth would stutter for every word
Honestly Our talk would have looked absurd
You’d just look into my face and just say “your a disgrace”

You may think that I’m a coward for not confessing
But Im just a flowered phanter waiting for a blessing

If only a perfect moment can just happen
Maybe I’ll start off with placing my hand onto your head
Then staring into your sparkling eyes
And saying I love you
With a slow deep sigh

If only that could happen then I’d be glad
God knows you would too.
But such things rarely happen
We flew high in the sky with our waxed wings
But I’m afraid we soared too high

We were the captain’s of our own flights
Yet no one made the order to make things right
Up high in the sky, away from the crowds
surrounded with bright white clouds

Do you Ever just wonder why we made these things?
Did it just appear? Or did we somehow make it?
These wings that cling onto our backs
Making us feel like kings of a village with springs.

No matter how much I write into this poem
It will never change the fact that I’m always alone
I had hoped that things could continue for us
But it’s over now, there is nothing to discuss
I wish to adjust my point of view on this
And hopefully have the guts to find more trust
On love. Farewell my waifu.
Sincerely, your random otaku
Sniff* sniff* I didn’t know she was a trap. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa why u du dis to me TvT

— The End —