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DivineDao Jul 2016
Caress weariness away
Sing a happy song
Fold up fresh dry
Sun touched
T - shirts
Young two
Apple trees
Rosemary thyme
Basil Greek and rhyme
Nnaemeka Mokeme Jul 2018
You are not average,
or mediocre placed.
Your fingerprints
are different
from anyone else's
on this earth.
You are a unique
combination of DNA
that has never been,
and will never be seen
again in the world.
While you're here,
i want you to find out
what you love to do most,
and do it.
If you do that,
it will literally shower
you in prosperity.
If you don't know
what that is yet, 
You will never happen again.
Let's make the most of it.
That thing about showering
you in prosperity?
It's true.
But it's also true that
if you don't do what you're
meant to be doing here on earth,
you're going to mysteriously
find it very tough going.
So what are you going to do about it.
You are created to live a glorious life
of abundance.
Arise now today like an eagle,
and fly higher beyond the limits,
beyond the ordinary,
soar with grace in the world of actuality
and your reality will manifest.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
"When faced with,
what seems to be,
an impossible challenge...

...ordinary people have
no choice but
to do the impossible."
AD Mullin Oct 2014
The first time I truly stepped into the mystic
For a suspended period
Those close to me watched with amused

Later on I would find out that this place was called hypo-mania
A lower energy level than mania
Recognized by the p-doc's as a creative place
But also a place of warning

Cause what comes next?
For me it was spiritual; I was playing in the aether
I was living the Tao; I instinctively called it Source

I was studying to be a scientist at the time
So this didn't make a lot of sense
The data didn't support the hypothesis
Had I just eaten one to many mushrooms as a teenager?

I already had a psychiatrist
I was being treated for ADHD
He had prescribed something called Concerta
An amphetamine; a ******-stimulant

At many points along the journey
I cursed the day I ever heard of psychiatry
I'm sure that the neuro-chemical pathways opened up by Concerta
Had something to do with my awakening

Those first days near Source made me realize I needed some guidelines
Mine were informed by my indigenous heritage
Only take what you need (i.e. sip, don't gulp from the River Tao)
Find your foundation: my rock was integrity, eventually leading to authenticity

Even with these guidelines, I couldn't maintain the healthy place they were calling hypo-mania
I had too much toxicity in the relationships around me
I couldn't fully elucidate what I was seeing and feeling
And my 7 kettles were on a full rolling boil

I was draining myself
I drove myself into madness
I was trying to sip from source and live my truth
But I wasn't honouring the nature of the Tao

It was Helter Skelter:
'So you go back to the top of the slide
And you turn and you go for a ride
And I get to the bottom and I see you again'

Over the next 3 years
I would lay down what I now think of as my
4 pillars; four hospitalizations
Well over one hundred days in the Cuckoo's Nest

The first hospitalization I went happily
I was going to teach and inspire the sickies
It's hard to get healthy in a place of illness, though
I came out still a little hypo-manic but went into a deep, dark depression
After finding out what those around me really thought

The second hospitalization, I went against my will
The doctor's were inconsistent, I found flaws in their logic
They looked at me like I was a flaw
They tried to prescribe health at me; I told them to *******

At that point I was not happy with the Canadian health care system
Health, first and foremost, was a public good
This ******* the individual's rights
I wasn't a danger to myself or others but I was a risk so there goes 70 days of my life

I was fortunate to have the support of some important people
They made sure my finances, among other things, were maintained as I tried to make it back to the ordinary
After my second hospitalization I really began to delve into the idea of holistic healthcare

It was after my second hospitalization that I made my first Hero's Journey
I was playing the role of a white blood cell for Gaia
I had my first three sweats within a month of each other
I met many shaman and I'm pretty sure I began my own residency

I put 10,000 km on my trusty steed
Chasing windmills
Sancho Panza by my side
< --- -- - Vancouver, NYC, Los Angeles, 'da bridge - -- --- >

My third hospitalization was the third act of this Hero's Journey
I was pushing it, reckless; I stopped taking my prescribed medicine
I ended up in the City of Angels of all places
Straight outta Compton!

My fourth hospitalization (and final pillar) was last summer
This time I ended up in Billings, Montana
The American model places the onus of health on the individual
I could have stepped out of that hospital at any point but I now had the wisdom to know what I did and did not need

Even though I speak of four pillars
There is always a fifth element
Her; the one
She woke me up to my soul's purpose

We met shortly before my fourth hospitalization
(You've got to use the fourth, Aaron)
She was a stranger in many ways
Still is but why does she feel so familiar?

She walked me through Dante's Inferno
She had spent time in her own non-ordinary reality
She left behind a map and published it
Through her bravery, I was able to find my way out of the inferno

And through her bravery, I was able to publish my map
Vitruvius Oct 7
The second light of sunrise filters
through the blinds of a broken transom window, gliding the kitchen.
There’s an instant
in which bottomless jars, worn out dishes
and a headless Mickey magnet that has fallen off the fridge
Seem to levitate in a sea of dusty honey.

I haven’t witnessed the scene.

I think about all the other ordinary prodigies
That must be happening somewhere.
A trembling chrysanthemum blossoms in the frosty gardens of Nagoya.
Six grey wolves fail to hunt down a white deerling.
A middle aged man whispers into a hollowed stonebrick, then covers his secret with mud.
Two  giraffes disappear in the middle of a starlit Colosseum, to the astonishment of a roman dilettante.
Twenty years of boredom; then an ex con feels the tact of dewy grass under his feet again.
In a balcony over the Seine, two lovers prepare a padlock.
Some skinny kid from La Matanza scores a last minute free kick to win the neighborhood derby.
A pretentious teenager watches The purple rose of Cairo for the first time, and  discovers his true calling.
Days before dying, an old man stops by a bakery and inhales the same caramel fragrance he would inhale in the afternoons of his childhood summers.
An older brother decides to throw a game of Mario Kart to his sibling.
On a deserted reed bed, a blackbird sings the most beautiful tune in the world. There is no one there to listen.
A single mother finishes cooking breakfast for his son, and decides to let him sleep for another five minutes.
A physics grad student solves the meaningless quantum noise model that’s been torturing him for weeks, and stops wondering why he didn't choose to be a lawyer
Two old friends share the same espresso in a hidden Manhattan coffeehouse, perhaps for the last time.  

None of this everyday miracles are
happening to me.
John Niederbuhl Oct 2016
The flies were buzzing
Like they always do
Out at the dump
In the afternoon

The wind was blowing
Like it always does
When the rain
Will be falling soon

People were shopping
All over the mall
Like they do
Every day of the week

And at the debate
Politicians were lying
Like they usually do
When they speak
He was in the garden
It had been a long time
Pulling against the weeds
His elderly mother in a chair
Reading the newspaper.

The woman watched on
Pallid in the light
They helped each other
It was Spring, bulbs out
The news was about Brexit.

Love Mary
As a little girl she always knew
That she lacked something special
Her own mother reminded her constantly
And the lass is now a grown woman

Adult experiences confirmed what was true
That she was just ordinary and dull
A woman with no it factor
Invisible to all before and around her

She's heard and hears stories of other women
Who use their wiles on hungry men
'If only I had that gift I'd feed a hundred of them'
Instead she's bypassed like she's not even there

Old age is catching up to her now
She may as well be thin air
The only ones who see her are other women
But never the men she dreams of

Ordinary is boring and typical
Nothing exciting about this creature
She might as well be dead and buried
Along with any hopes of truly being seen
Sam Lopez Jul 2018
I never knew what love felt like until I looked at you and I felt nothing new.

I knew I was in love because thinking about you doesn’t keep me up at night.

I knew I was in love because I don’t think about you the moment I wake up in the morning.

I knew I was in love because I kissed you and you pulled away and said food was more important.

I knew I was in love because my heart didn’t jump out of my chest when I kissed the skin usually hidden by your clothes.

I knew I was in love because when you held my hand my knees didn’t go weak.

I knew I was in love because sometimes when I do hold your hand you say you don’t want to.

I knew I was in love when touching your skin didn’t give me tunnel vision for you.

I knew I was in love because we don’t talk to each other all the time.

I knew I was in love when you said you think it’s weird to text me goodnight.

I knew I was in love when I told you I’d never text you good morning.

I knew I was in love when I looked at you and I saw the same eyes from eight years ago looking back at me.

I knew I was in love because nothing about us changed.

I knew I was in love because you’re my best friend.

I knew I was in love.

I know I am in love.
I came upon a dandelion  
An ordinary, common ****.
Most people don't look twice
Unless it infected their gardens.
Then it is uprooted, stem and head.
Thrown away and then forgotten.

But that **** meant something different to me

It was sunshine and laughter
Bouquets made of thistle and lavender
Bunched together and given to my mother
It was rolled up jeans
That perfect summer breeze
Cuts and bruises on my knees

It was my childhood

Memories that I can't quite grasp
But what I can remember is the bright yellow,
Stark against the grass
helia Dec 2018
Head pounding
Like rainclouds
Filled to burst
With dark thoughts

Chest aching
Like her arms
Weeping red
And throbbing

Tears running
Like her dreams
Ever farther
From her grasp

Heart breaking
So much like
The promises
To herself
It rains. It pours.
It breaks. Once more.

January 1, 2018.
labyrinth Sep 24
I could have been a priest
Or an astronaut maybe
A president or a statesman at least
A poet could’ve easily been me

A professional athlete, or a shipmaster with a crew
What a proficient doctor I would’ve been
A **** good musician or a scientist too
Let alone being a chief archaeologist or something

Ended up being an ordinary man
Thousands of clients and their needs
As ordinary as a real-estate broker and
Been busy rusting with useless deeds.

Couldn’t figure it out to this day. How? Why?
And don’t know how to respond, either
Not much time left. Dad? Ma?
Or anybody else for that matter?
Not copyrighted yet
harlee kae Sep 2014
Today in speech
I learned
that May 4th
to September 2nd
is the season
for breakups.
I can't say
it surprised me
to know
that even my heartbreak
was ordinary.
nawke Jul 2018
once in my sanctuary
it came in a loud gallop
followed by a wallop
my sorrowful lumbar
detaching the fear
of a clumsy blunder

shifted away from
the law of physics  
an emptied vessel unmoved
like a sealed vacuum
certain a final curtain
pin drop in code of silence

light time alliances
whooshing me into
ethereal plains
a sublime hemisphere
of infinitesimal space, time
an indescribable beyond

gentle breezes
feathery light teases
soon a star-gazing eyes
darted through a
zero gravity galaxy of an
endless empyrean expanse

a’turnin spherical sight
orange white stripes
rosely red spot
churning roiling clouds
speckled dusty rings
what beauteous it shrouds

why am I here
a knowing voice appeared
melodically close but I
can only behold afar
of an ethereally existential
interstellar manifold

questioning mind
told of convoluted ways
as seen and heard
the rhymes and seasons but
for one and the only reason
mankind's whisper'd words

entrance to the portal
as did my dawned immortal  
met a peaceful assembly
I lay in days, this rapturous gifts
what divine effulgence of
a truly cosmic lift
July 2016 - the trip to somewhere
I long soon, to come and see you, again and again
Mike Nov 2018
I threw a stone into a lake
to see if it would come back to me.
Truly I knew what the result would be,
but it didn't stop me hoping u see.
For I hoped I was special and a sign would reveal itself indeed.
But as expected the lake swallowed up my stone,
the glistening rock now a glistening memory.
Amy Oct 5
There's this special girl
who's smile is exquisite
who's laugh is music to my ears
who's eyes sparkle with mischief
those moments are rare
and you have to hold onto them
like you do with precious, sacred jewels
she carries the weight of everyone's burdens
always putting them first before herself
she cares too much for this godforsaken world
you can see it in the way she walks that she's defeated.
but no one sees what it does to her.
kind people are more surprising than unkind people.
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