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September Roses Jun 2018
For a while now things have seemed
A very certain way
But recently
There seems to be
Thoughts leading me astray
I'm very used to the worn trail path that I thought was forever true
But of New
All I can do
Is change my mind of you
It's as if I've been awakened to life on the other side of the grass
For so long now I've looked ahead and let the rest just pass
I thought that what's in front of me must be the best it was
But I've seen the other futures
And now it's all I want
I had this picture
In my mind
Of how perfect you would be
But it seems
just an inch to the right
Was what was really right for me
Phiness Guzman Mar 2015
induce my mind with phantasm of realities,
fill my blood with antediluvian fantasies,
stir my soul in with truthful fallacies,
or shoot my heart with your arrow. don’t miss.

H for the humility be it here or there
U for understanding  yet so  unaware
G for the good and also the great
O for opinions we insinuate
French man
AM Aug 31
we realize the truth too late

people move on

there is no end to the hurt

it won’t stop

there is no other option

we just can’t.
Semihten5 Aug 24
when you close your eyes
you let a good dream or a nightmare
when you take a step
you are either going to cross or or there is a traffic accident
MJL Mar 15
We interrupt this poem to bring you-

Please insert one penny in the slot to continue to feel... something
What's that?...
Planejane2 May 19
It took 5 years to realize I failed.
It’s crazy, because five years ago I set out to win.
Yet, I got distracted and I let you in.
Now I have nothing again,
But what I started with.

Now Im back at square one, literally.

Same hair, same folks, same problems.
Except, I’m not into taking five years to fail now. I do not fail that often.
I need to fail more often.
I don’t have time not to solve them.

I’m done not trying.
At the writer's congress at the round table
Discussed the beautiful life over the hill.
At the parent's school meeting
Germany was discussed specifically.

In the office of the director
The Caymans and Burma were discussed.
At bus stops
Discussed port wine and pepper *****.
Like a final catharsis;
 this alternative result resolves chance.
I'm naive; but it's a cure to my heartbreak.
Do you get my pain?
The drastic change, pointlessly grabbing at the air,
as my breaths get thicker and weaker.
I'm voiceless; my options are choiceless.
A final catharsis, warped by the carnage.
I'm seemingly heartless, this wasn't my target.
Now my mind's lethargic, at least it's harmless-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Steven Cole Aug 2018
If I could be a better man
I'd have enough insight
To always come up with a plan
In times of trouble, danger, or distress
I'd keep my emotions under control
And never run out of rational sense
No circumstances would ever drown me
Or rise above my head
Because I'd know how to swim the currents
And land on solid ground instead

If I could be a better man
I'd have the courage to follow through
With every noble goal I set
And every appeal to selflessness
I am tempted to forget
There'd never be a task
I couldn't undertake
Even if it meant
My life was at stake
Money, time and resources
Would never grow on me
But I'd give of these objects endlessly
And at the end of the day
I'd still know how
To be completely and utterly free

If I could be a better man
I'd never fear the entity of change
But embrace this shrewd reality
Unhindered by its pace
I'd keep a face like solid flint
When revolution
Threatened to derange
At will I'd change my emotions
To better fit each phase
Each chapter of life
From page to page
I'd wire my brain to electrically flow
Smoothly and flawlessly
Everywhere I'd go

If I could be a better man
I'd never struggle with uncertainty
But always know what choice to make
No matter the options that lay before me
I'd never have to second guess
Overthink, obsess or stress
The presented realities and decisions of life
A special wisdom I'd possess
A knowing in my gut and heart
Of all that is my destiny
And all the steps I would have to take
To get to where I want to be
How each occurrence
And aspect of life
Fitted this picture
I'd also see

If I could be a better man
I'd always be a man of my word
Letting my actions always
Positively confirm the things you heard
I'd mean every syllable I spoke to you
With fiery convictions I knew to be true
I'd always know how to communicate
And wouldn't let grievous words
Relationships so vital and true
The stuff we're made for
And shouldn't undo

If I could be a better man
I'd be a fountain of virtues flowing
Ever going
Like a rumbling and roaring
and rushing waterfall
Dazzlingly Tall






  And Emotional Intelligence




  Relentless tenacity


      And overall confidence

                                            With surety

If I could be the perfect man
There'd be one thing I'd always know how to do
And that is, my friend, in all sincerity
Faithfully loving you

But since I know
I am far from perfect
I will do the best I can
And though I fail now and then
I will get back up
And stand
I will seek forgiveness
Down on my knees
Ask God for strength,
Grace and Mercy please
My weaknesses I'll count as blessings
And thank God I don't have to be
The Savior of the world
Who for comfort, has no need
fearfulpoet Sep 2018
objects in the distance may be closer than they appear  

how many thousands of times
these words mirrored blankly upon my eyes

only today did I-read them accurate

from the nowhere    from a great void
someone stepped and lifted me from a
rubbled prone
where there were no options
asking for nothing
over and over I beseeching

now I see
in the mirror
those words

I see only them
in the heart human
the object so close
it writ upon my face
w y n n e Sep 2016
It's kinda hard to accept
that I treated you as my only option,
but you on the other hand
treated me as one of your options
Mark Upright Jun 2014
not a religious man
at times, I pray,
times, when the options are severely limited

look, get it, that makes me hypocrite,
instagram-man, shooting photo prayer upwards,
propelling them with all deliberate speed
thinking a passing angel will pluck'em
and hand deliver them to the correct
deity who will be good mood groomed,
thoughts fly, wishes returned bountiful

mark me upright or not,
mark me man with need for solutions,
mark me asking where should my eyes turn,
when there are none who answer,
mark me not,
for I have already been marked
Cained by life
Raise Hell Until Its heaven,
Take a walk In the sky,
The forrest, the desert, the ocean my mind,
Is a space full of money with no sense inside,
Im just killing time   poetry   def  by design,
Rewind  Play  Fast   Forward  and  Pause
Weighing  out  my  options  to scale  the great wall,
Perfect  Imperfections A ceiling  with no flaws
If  Im mis-taking  Then I'll give it my all,
Take it or leave it I guess I'll do both,
As the Roots dig deeper,
you won’t you wouldn’t understand growth.
Dlusionl13 Apr 2018
Maybe it's the space between the future and past
A multiple choice question with options between right and wrong
Or a pendulum swinging between joy and sorrow
I think it's the book we write our lyrics on
Maybe our circumstances decide if it must be a happy or a tragic song

Maybe it's the dimension existing with the duality of reality and imagination
A beautiful muffler woven with intricate threads of truths and lies
Or the transition of night from dusk to dawn colouring the canvas of skies between sunset and sunrise
I think it is the journey of a cloud from vapours to rain
Maybe our fate decides if it must be a shade of black or purely white
TK Jun 2016
Every time I give in, I wrap my strength in a layer of confinement.
Starting to feel restrained again.
Trying to free myself with poison.
Trying to escape but no.
Not only imprisoned.
But stuck, lost and out of options.
I sip to escape.
I do for a while until the next morning and again.
I used to smoke crack.
And not long after, my escape reformed.
Exercise, another escape.
Yet my negative mind captured me back in its grasp.
Writing, one of my strengths.
Yet all I can write about is being...
Piyush Gahlot Dec 2018
We have come too far she said,
too late to get back together,
But is it?

Been 9 months 9 days since we broke-up,
Stupid of me to let you go,
But my love for you has never been low,
Same feelings ,same me
but it's not the same you,
We have come too far she said.
Have we really?

You got a new bf ,
I am still alone ,
Not because I have no options,
But they don't make me feel the way that you do.

I accept my mistake yes i do .
Deep inside I am still waiting for you,
We have divine connection yes it's true,
My heart still groan ,
When I miss your skin and bone.
It's too late she said .
But is it?

YES it is,
I have tried enough,
I have cried enough,
It's time to let you go.
accepting you ain't coming back.
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