NewAgeOfAnarchy Jan 2015

You are the  yin to my yang.
Your light blends with my dark.
We are opposites united by love

2015 copyright Michael Cross
Veemz Aug 2014

We are polar opposites
We are different
Now think about this
Don't opposites attract?

Sam Felix Jun 2016

Lesbian, Bi.
Love is Love.
Girl, Girl. Boy, Boy.
Not liking the opposite sex.
Like or loving the same sex.
Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Intersex, Asexual Community.
You are not unnatural or weird.
Coming out of the closet.
Being who you are.
Pride within yourself.
Loving Yourself.

Girl, Boy.
Love is Love.
Male, Female. Male, Female.
Not liking the same sex.
Liking or loving the opposite sex.
Being seen as normal in today’s society.
You’re not any different than gays.
Not coming out to anyone.
Being who you are.
Pride within yourself.
Loving yourself.

Hollow Jun 2014

No man
Can plug holes
In this dyke

Parmida Rezai Nov 2015

As time went by and she drew her lines, he turned into an illiterate
He became more intelligent,
and at the same time less intelligent
He became green
She tried to threw him back with so much strength,
so it resulted in the rupture of her veins
As a mother with a child,
she had to take responsibility for him
The stage was nearly over
They reached their opposite ending points
She was purple
He was green
She was south
He was north
She was attracted, but he was spoiled
The fantasy and marvellousness of his small-magnetos was choked
He was not a magneto anymore,
he was iron
If he just learned how to repel,
but green spoiled his ability of independents thought, his identity
They were as two small children playing together
Now she is left back as a playing child,
while he is her doll in her
She forgot to mention the side effects of the riding
He is ignorant about his progress; he is simply just running around in his hamster wheel
The evolution removes individuals as him
Individuals as her
But he never really knew her, besides the superficial horseman riding on a transparent green pony
As they were standing there in front of a ticking clock, she could engrave lines for each second passing with a
As time went by and she draw her lines, he turned into an illiterate
You are not an apricot.

poems about exotic mandarins
Christos Rigakos Oct 2012

the cemetery
echoes over headstones
children's peek-a-boo

(C)2012, Christos Rigakos

Alex Hedly May 2014

I am extraordinarily unextraordinary
but the way he looked at me
made me feel
the complete opposite

ThePoet Sep 2015

I've only been affected 
by anything other 
than affection,
the only plan made
was to never have 
anything planned,
I've only been 
perfect at living as 
an imperfection,
the only thing I
understood was how 
much I didn't understand.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)

SG Holter Aug 2014

A sweet, soft engine.
Oiled with heart's blood,
Running on lover's sweat.

A beautiful machine; an
Organism inhaling pain;
Exhaling hope and clear

Skies: The opposite of pollution.
Girl. Closest friend to my

Matthew Walker Aug 2013

Life is not what I thought,
Nothing is as it seemed,
I thought I knew
Thought I had it figured out.

But now,
It’s like I’ve been kicked to the ground.

The friends I thought I had,
The God I thought I knew,
The answers I once had,
They’ve abandoned me.

They’ve left me,
Bitterly alone.

I’m not sure what to do,
Seek God where I am?
Or run away to find something new?

All I want,
Is to know truth,
I don’t care about anything else,
I just don’t want to be confused.

Where is peace in this world of pain?


Think a thought a happy thought,
Venture down the day,
So you can live in happy love,
In every single way...

Cassidy Vautier Mar 2014

you feel so far away
in a way that
i could not drive 30 minutes to your house
but do a marathon
in the opposite direction
plain, train, bike
a lap around the world
just to arrive at your front door

you and i are a map of all the countries
you are right beside me
but still on the opposite side of the page
millions of miles away
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