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Dark n Beautiful Jul 2018
I want to write a poem that politically minded would read more:
My political allegiance: my contribution to the art:
those Snakes in the grass would adhere too: without obligation;

The hidden agenda of the world leaders
Would suddenly, take the Sephora masks off
just in time to reveal what we thought of them all along;
Those voices of the babbling brooks: some louder than the other:

the poem must expose secret of the ocean mystery /myth
Without apprehending the beauty
of the dolphins and the whales legal rights;
While its uninvited guests are caught up in their lies
we the people must say to them
"you all can’t plead the fifth" because

They are still a lot of trivia question for us to answer.
And it’s still difficult task for some of us to find
where's waldo amongst the leaders:
Dear Dad,
                 I love your daughter very much but marrying and living with her is an eye opener.
                  I never seem to do anything right  and she always wins in all arguments. I have learned silence is most fruitful.
When I come home tired from office she expects me to  do most of the housework while she enjoys her T.V serials.
                  Most of  the time she complains of things I cannot afford to give her.Now she wants a child.Because I am stressed out the doctor says my ***** count is low.
                   So dad,if you could keep your daughter for several months I would  make you a proud grandfather.

                    Your loving,



Dear Son,
                 I read your letter.I too am stressed all these years.
                  I am thinking of sending your mother-in-law to you so she can help you with housework.In that way you can at least have one child like we had.I hope this time it is a boy. And I can have some peace too.

                  Your loving,
              Father-in- law.
EJ Lee Jan 22
One panic attack is an eye opener
Having two mental break downs
Within two days
Is another
It’s crippling
Your whole life
Feels as though it’s crashing down
Questioning your intelligence
Second guessing yourself
Feeling so lost
Unable to understand
What others seem to get
So easily
You are out of control
Of your emotions
Unable to compose
That feeling of being nocked down
Once more
As you climbed so high
It’s humbling
And terrifying
Something needs to change within
Not sure if it is my
Pride or ego
But I need help
I need to not be afraid
To ask for help
For I require so much
Academically and emotionally
I wonder how many individuals
Feel this way
How long it takes to get back
On feet to where I feel
Like myself once more
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
We spread all over the continent
Your underwater girl event
So many times we
spoke curled up in
each other
I heard your getting
married to my
friend's brother huh?

Best friends acting silly
Girly- Goose rhymes
Girls with special

Like the magical tales
All the males get
better wages

And we are stuck
The unfurl girl
On fuel she got
The longer life eyelashes

The Gossamer
Pink Owl it's her
The Consumer Male
Play Bill

The pink lady fussy-Playgirl hat
The dreamer what's new Pussycat
Her body lined all sheer inside
the curtain's play pretend
he calls every time
Her pink slippers are on

Mystical time of men
Lucky Red dragons
* She Opens up pink for him
She's around all He's
Kitchen pink polka dots
In her Galley pink apron
He's in Las Vegas winning
the slots
Pink Mustang Sally
The dark magenta
Pink sugar pop
Mary Kay
Faraway Fay Dunaway
Powder Puff Maina Delray
Jekyll and Hyde
I'm certain I see him, Sir
She's in the Girl furled State

"It's a girl thing always
showing up late"

Girly whirly Artsy celebrate
Like a party pink
Pink pillow talk naps
Spinning bottle
Oh! her brassiere

Girl gone Genie
in her tutu
The Girly gathering
Coffee and brunch Kong Fu

Whats up with her menu
Eye opener Pirates Carribean
Had her Jungle Jane meal
Those feminine smiles
*** appeal
A million stars of
masculinity the rough shave
Pretty in pink ladies
never behave

Girl's of pink pearls of
Let's bury the hatchet

Unfurl Girl Girl

Her Pink/Gold locket shines
Boys and Girls rocket
Spa creamy
The religiously told prophet
Easter Bunny Jack Rabbit
The habitats of the fervor my
Godly savor
The girl goes overboard
Femininity ****** creatures
not Saints we cannot be
what we ain't
We got the girly features

Many people despise the rose crush
We are a naturally sweet  whole bunch

The pink feminine gift
Be careful in your
girly ways look to your left
Let us change our evil days
Unfurl Girl Girl her path to the right
Prayers become artificial
Materialistic Girl talk should be realistic

Animalistic our instinct ******
The girly specimen up to date
The sweet and so modest
She's the divine
A kiss on the hand
Smelling all sweet

Elizabeth violet blue voice
She symbolizes
Grace so sweet the papers
For a real divorce
Wild untamed unfurled
All softly curled and loved
He looks at her the way
she looks now
But here to Eternity, she looks
amazingly well
Shes the girl-girl unfurl
He's handsomely tall she
is the Princess dressed frilly
Pink champagne ball
Their girly wishing well
who wants to tell?
Unfurl so many twists then body curl or the cheese curls but we are "Girls" having fun what we do best  the world turns but we are girls in swirls spinning twirls we do what we are told to learn? We love feminine smells of perfume and masculine smells of men perfect balance how we look at it remarkable gift we all have
JB Feb 11
In an attempt to scratch the itch under my skin
I take a blade and when they ask
Oh this? It's just a scratch

In order to filter the thoughts in my head
I ***** it open with a can opener

In trying to find the answer
And filter this poisoned blood

I poisoned my self with terminal self destruction

In an attempt to filter the blood contaminated with wrongful thoughts
I bleed from my irritated layers
As if the air will give a transfusion to heal this broken heart
Donall Dempsey Jul 2018

I lived my life as if
I had been written
into a Barbara Pym novel

so prim and proper lady I
my soul smoother'd in camphor
yet my life...wot the mot hath got

and here I be
curled upon the Persian rug
in the foetal position

being born
into my dying
as it were

me an elaborate motif
beside an exquisite phoenix
oh the warp and woof of me

so this is death
rather nice
as these things go

not too much( ouch )pain
more easeful and slow and
when ya gotta go...ya...gotta go

rather like that Manx man
was it Brown...or...something
"...if thou couldst empty..." oh what is it?

"...all thy self of self
to be a shell dishabited..."
bit like ha ha that...innit( agghh )

wonder what an anthropologist
would make of me

I'd guess I'd be
so quaintly ever so English
so cue-cumber sandwich

settling down with a Pimms and a Pym
being one of those Excellent Women
**** this dying....haven't even read the book

only got as far as mean
the great unread

the words sticking in my brain
something being "...a welcoming
sort of place...

with a bright entrance..."
as if Mr. Death were saying
"Why...that's what I am!"

"Yeah, yeah...sure sure'"
I answer all Film Noir
another of life's little pleasures

the stuffed bird
stares at me sternly
deigns to speak

"Now that you are going to be
as dead as me...may I
have a word?"

it coughs unaccustomed
as it is
to public speech

"It's not so bad
being dead
it's being stuffed that hurts!"

the cat joins in
with its customary "I'm starving...
ya couldn't open this tin?"

now the cat howls
oh to have opposable thumbs
or a can opener at least

the stuffed bird and the cat and I
singing along to Beverly Kenny
smiling from the record sleeve

"Oh this used to be
my favourite as a girl
'I Never Has Seen Snow."

"Oh the girl I used to be
she ain't me no more!"
I could always carry a tune

the stuffed bird can't
sing for nuts but
the cat's got a good tenor voice

me...I'm letting go
the world is walking out on me
the world don't want to know me no more

I've even forget
can you Adam and Eve it
how to spell... fo'c's'le

my garden looks in
the window at me
well here's a howdy do

I never was '...a lovesome thing..."
even when young
"God wot!"

hee hee hee T.E. Brown
appears to invade the mind
when one is dying

and what would that Borneo
anthropologist make of that
or my love of Jazz

grabbing the music
by the tail as it shape-shifts
improvises world upon world and beyond

oh to be dying
in a smokey jazz club
thoughts climbing a spiral staircase of smoke

"All that not!"
now I wonder where
I got ha ha that

would the man from Borneo know
that is Phil Woods on
the Quincey Jones arrangement

"Oh I love sax me!
never could say the same
for ***

well - enough of that
better get on with
my death

and what better way to go
than with Beverly singing low
always thought I looked a bit like her

she smiles that record sleeve smile
the one I tried to sculpt
upon my own features

"I saw a new horizon
and a road to take me
where I wanted to be...needed to be.... took"

"God! I'm only starving!" yowls the cat
"Ya couldn't feed me before ya
**** those...**** those cans!"

"Oh ****...oh ****!" she purrs
the record's...the record's...the record's

If thou couldst empty all thyself of self,
Like to a shell dishabited,
Then might He find thee on the Ocean shelf,
And say — "This is not dead," —
And fill thee with Himself instead.

But thou art all replete with very thou,
And hast such shrewd activity,
That, when He comes, He says — "This is enow
Unto itself — 'Twere better let it be:
It is so small and full, there is no room for Me."


I Never Has Seen Snow Lyrics

done lost my **** spell
I am cheerful now
Got the warm all overs a-smoothin' my worried brow
Oh, the girl I used to be
She ain't me no more
I closed the door on the girl I was before
Feeling fine and full of bliss
What I really wants to say is this

I never has seen snow
All the same I know
Snow ain't so beautiful
Cain't be so beautiful
Like my love is
Like my love is

Nothing do compare
Nothing anywhere with my love
A hundred things I see
A twilight sky that's free
But none so beautiful
Not one so beautiful
Like my love is
Like my love is
Once you see his face
None can take the place of my love

A stone rolled off my heart
When I laid my eyes on
That near to me boy with that far away look
And right from the start
I saw a new horizon
And a road to take me where I wanted to be took
Needed to be took
And though
I never has seen snow
All the same I know
Nothing will ever be
Nothing can ever be
Beautiful as my love is
Like my love is to me

Harold Arlen/Truman Capote



A GARDEN is a lovesome thing, God wot!
Rose plot,
Fringed pool,
Ferned grot—
The veriest school
Of peace ; and yet the fool
Contends that God is not—
Not God ! in gardens ! when the eve is cool?
Nay, but I have a sign;
‘Tis very sure God walks in mine.


She used to sing along to the Quincey Jones arrangement with Phil Wood featuring....yea he of that famous alto sax solo on Billy Joel's JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

Beverly Kenny is now more remembered for her I Hate Rock 'n' Roll but was a young  up and coming singer who died too early by her own hand.

My lady in the poem did indeed look very much like her and one was often disconcerted by a record sleeve looking back at one with my lady's young face. I never cared for her much except for her version of I Never Has Seen Snow. Curiously the Japanese to this day adore her. I was more of a Julie London man don't ya know.

The rather excellent Barbara Pym was another stand by or go to...EXCELLENT WOMEN was her second book and on p.15 there indeed occurs the line...

"A vicarage ought to be a welcoming sort of place with a bright entrance."

She was Philip Larkin's favourite novelist.

My lady was the very model of a modern curmudgeon and not everyone could stand her but I got on well with her seeing as I knew both Brown and Pym and could sing along to I NEVER HAS SEEN SNOW.

fo'c's'le was necessary to complete a crossword and she was getting very cross at not being able all of a sudden to spell it.

The forecastle (abbreviated fo'c'sle or fo'c's'le)is the upper deck of a sailing ship forward of the foremast, or the forward part of a ship with the sailors' living quarters. Related to the latter meaning is the phrase "before the mast" which denotes anything related to ordinary sailors, as opposed to a ship's officers
Johnny Noiπ Nov 2018
'They used us!' Ivan railed.
Eli barely glanced at him.
'You got paid, didn't you?'
Is it always about money?
Yeh, whether we like it or
not. so like it. Asia, Australia,
Guam, Saudi Arabia, including
Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom,
Europe, Russia, Scotland,
Avram, United States, Canada,
Saudi Arabia, Australia,
Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom,
Australia, United States.
'They arrested your President,' said
the poet at last. Now, Eli looked
right at him. He's not my president.
Women lamb city of dead mother              'I'll have a drink, he added.
red light musical eyes girl good nights       '**** right you will," Eli said.
Australian death death green African
American youth in Asia's first trio
beautiful image of water,
Italy, Canada and a harlot;
John's black skin and English
hair; Europe, Europe of Europe
and had a good time in the life
of children's white children's stars
instead of blood
South of light star color; Jorge Greece's
son of son of son of the exact date on Po
cold day yellow feet long dress hot dog al
head of gold a homework from the beauty
of a single example of a woman,
a Yorkish woman facing the French food
Who school steals the minerals Rock
poet-police; July finds the heart of the glory
of heaven and earth has trouble with
all the bad money identified with the Roman;
Acid Life of the Latin Sea to the Thomas
Blue semi-***** Christian future minutes
in the morning on the ship, the old life in Kenya,
a woman holding a shadow with northern
yard donkey, flowers, art and painting a real iconic image
of the so limit
of gold goes Saint Jesus of his own story
google google logo top robber dog die daily
sales slogan **** new radio and radio-head
son of a female hand SAD daughter real t
cheating song of the American Frontier. Igor uu
called s hot dancer's fingers a Hebrew dream
dream robot dreams of balloons on Christmas
in the Natural Park of the lyrics of the sky the
color of a mirror Of course many Stella
William Center New Asia Chinese
German Football fun way to master
boys second street Italian real
voice voice rocks WiLD Spain to play the speakers recently
wrote the author's song; soon the Mountains
waiting for European
computer security Science Christian Science
knowledge is difficult to walk the last of vitamin cooling,
food to reduce England to hear crazy brain reason
for better use God, the gate of China-El ruled the earth
Unknown sweet pain, Bob and the announcement
of the tobacco family, poor poets' star Satan
cares for the dream field's ***** museum;
Einstein's Blind Cat, snow and dark
hearings in front of the table, the mother of modern
warm feelings, memory;
operating system already walking a public prophet's
healthy prophesy of a fish ****** at dawn
asking about angel physics and games
full of society's rules; St. France Rosa
Maria catches the new stain glass and
asked to eat a photo of the army; Photo
taken on a *** beach semi-sand list Barbie "Barbie"
hybrid kiss kiss Gypsy house wall Ireland car special
and clear the bed; bed, cat to keep Georgia's
silver waves Voice k indifferent group of deaf;
No ten hours of sleep, writing, walking and
plastic angel; the angel Paul Changing the footage
of EMY magic bed empty of the soul of Revolution,
sniffing and struggling for a hidden gem General
Solomon game drinking invisible invisible
rain cat cat cat mother cat reading external
alcohol, and Alcohol mounted
the light ,something appreciating
write; write Bettie perfect teeth
and perfect skin buried in earth motion
in the form of fat in a run and peaking
***** woman holding a purpose to **** Tito,
however, they begin to bear Birt Lifishoch'si
Desert Photo Photo Floor to **** a cool,
dark part of the Wet Gun,
make sure the Witch Bent
Indirectly Any Con Africa
or Pinda Hole Desperation
**** in All Languages ​​
no Bar to Ivan, a bar and a simple
point dot wedges
for an opener, the girl said
in the ghost meat import room
for him to take her body,
box, boy, Mexican meat,
house, night, drawing, fall's fake short hair,
ladies hair, city fire'[s flame of killers,
food, minutes, sixty, , Russia, Spain,
Canada, Europe, Russia, Spain and Rome,
Italy. Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia,
United States, United Kingdom (7), Canada,
Russia, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia,
South America, we have the United States,
Russia, Italy, Canada, Russia, Italy
and Saudi Arabia, United States, Canada,
United Kingdom, United Kingdom,
United Kingdom, Scandinavia, New York,
Australia, Da Nang; Saudi Arabia Saudi
Arabia Saudi Arabia Saudi
Arabia Arabia Saudi Arabia
Amanda Shelton Nov 2018
I suffer because
I am aware of what
peace feels like.

If I never felt bad
I would never know

You can't learn if
you don't have
something to relate to.

Life is full of it,
sometimes I am knee deep
in pain, other times
I am happier than
sunshine pouring over
the land, you can see
my smile rising
like the sun.

In my darkest times
I have sat through
chaotic heartbeats,
breath stealing pain
but still I keep climbing
higher and higher.

No mountain is too high
for me to climb,
I can walk through thorns
and still I walk
until the end of the road
or when the line is
too thin to climb.

I am always willing to keep
going even when the mud dries
up, I am patient I will wait
for the rain to wash away the dirt
then I will rise again.

This is life,
a climb to the top
where the air is thin
and your back hurts
but it never truly ends.

We endure much pain
but I know we are strong enough
to get to the top.
You just have to imagine
what it would be like
and never give up.

Success is like having
a can of water but no
can opener, you have to
find another way
to open the can or get water.

© 2018 By Amanda Shelton
kromwellfarkus Dec 2018
All my meals come from cans,
Fire produced for heat and light,
Dirt carpet, trees for walls,
My ceiling is painted sky.

We amble through chatter,
One-liners, quick banter,
Once I hear silence and breeze,
It doesn't seem to matter.

My lounge suite is an old chair,
Covered in ash, stinking of beer,
Brought from home, now a part of me,
And part of my home that I brought with me.

With left leg sprawled where my arm should be,
And my back angled in such a way,
Head tilted on the edge of the back rest,
This is exactly where I should be.

As the sun sets and the sky does its thing,
All the wildlife around sings its goodnight hymn,
We cheers and rejoice, me and thoughts,
And the apprentice, across from the fire pit.

An angry, empty belly quivers and roars,
It's time to feed the beast within,
All my meals come from cans,
But, I forgot my can-opener.
I work away a lot, we often camp, swags usually. Disconnecting is the best way to reconnect.

Good times.

— The End —