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Adrian Joseph Dec 2018
Her beauty is its own unique disposition
Marvelous symmetry characterized by oneness
Grace proportional to power

Eyes colored with reckless suggestion
Their light reflecting every combination of sublimity  
Sweet violence intertwined  

Blushed cheeks conceal something fairer
A nakedness felt then realized    
Unhinged perfection

Hers is no mere surface beauty
Only the abstract simplicity
Of purest poetry
Paul Mackenzie Nov 2013

Our love cannot be compared,
To that of mortal existence,
Our passion shall never remit,
For it's heavenly in its brilliance.


Our love is a oneness of being,
With romantic benevolence herewith,
Our blood of mysterious union,
Pumps furiously among loving bliss.


Our love lies deep inside,
Resident in each others heart,
Exploding the flames of desire,
An inferno to banish the dark.


Our love will never be challenged,
Never forgotten, nor passed,
Our bonding of timeless beauty,
As infinite in the joy it has cast.

Ylzm May 5
A photon has no time.
Here and there, instantly.
No distance too, when in the light.
All is one, one is all,
leanin' in to kiss you
feelin' your heart beatin'
squeezin' your thigh
movin' in closer
runnin' my hand along your chest

reachin' for me
pullin' me near
playin' in my hair
caressin' my cheek
nibblin' at my neck

cravin' one another
searchin' to be close
achin' for that moment
joinin' the other in oneness
movin' together
takin' us both higher
achievin' that incredible passion

I awake...
I yawn....
I stretch.....
I moan......

"oh ****! yet another sweet dream of love makin' with you~"


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Earth is the scene of crime for many a death ,
Throttled by insane brains , gasping for breath.

The world is in a triage situation !
Best way to change the future is through productive communication .
Build a pathway that sets forth values , love , Respect and Compassion .

Why let Earth go through the pain ?
For what you give is what you gain !

Splash the seeds of love , sprinkle the manure of kindness , see the Earth prosper with fondness in total oneness!!

Attracting  the beauty of the Earth like a magnet ,
We are the Gardner's of the planet !!
© Mrunalini.D.Nimbalkar
When I was scrolling through the English  text book of my son, I came across a beautiful article  about how the Earth has evolved and it's present position , the result was  an expression and reiteration of the same ...Albiat  in a poetic format .
Also feel that it makes me want the untouched #untampered Earth where only peace and love prevails ,no crimes,no wars #primitive #
Feeling inspired.
It is ridiculous, death cannot or would not take a form of a humanoid. Death is not only human, death is part of the grand trials towards perfection, to reach the constant, utmost peace and oneness with everything in our universe, even the parts we are unable to understand with our limited sense of logic.

- I appear in front of you as you imagine death. Form is irrelevant, the outcome is the same. Your excuses for life are not universal, and being is not a quality than can only be appreciated by humans.

- Cut this hippie crap, we, humans only understand in human terms or less. Death does not need to care about life's incompleteness, as it is already long past the completeness point of view, that only matters for the living and how they use the pastime.

- So much disrespect for death, I wonder what made you live like pretending to be immortal?
In progress, collecting the parts, stay tuned, have patience and enjoy readong the existing episodes!
is starting to do
running leaps
at my uvula

from bile pool below
where it's been stewing
for quite some time

it's going to latch on
real good and tight
with white-knuckle fists
one of these days

and herald in
songs of sorrowful
karmic oneness

(and hopefully
some laughter
at the absurdity
ushering humility
with eyes wide
seeing through
the slits in salted

and lessons
oh my, the lessons...

#1 = we are the creators

of our hells
and our heavens
Jon York Jun 28
She real,
          she's deep, she's
  mystical, and she believes
           in kindness and
     oneness  and  romance
              and magic.

            She's  a  warrior,
                 and a lover.

               She believes in
        road trips to the moon
                     and stars
           and  dancing  with
                the universe.

            She's  fearless and
                      gentle, and
               brave. She lives in
                  sunsets,  an­d

                    She's  the
                     the poet,
                 the poem, and
                    the dream.

                    She's LOVE
                                                            ­               Jon York   2019
shamamama Jan 27
After the birth,
this blue I feel,
I wear it like a robe
tied around me.
its edges hang beyond
floor length
Trailing behind and around me,
Laid out for your posterity.
I touch the still moist umbilical cord
spiral it,
leave it to dry.
I want to cry when I touch it
I am becoming me again, just me.
Now there is a you and a me
I look at you little one
your perfection
Delicate fingers and toes
Pink complexion, gentle hair
I know you are a miracle,
and I cry.
Your umbilicus fell off today.
Your belly button is your own now.
I witness you unfolding into this time,
limbs filling out into every new now,
My ****** expanded for you
And now it shrinks down everyday.
My *******, a river of milk flowing
To meet your hunger,
I hold you to my heart
And I love you,
Every breath,
Every finger,
Every toe
Every look and sound you make,
Every second-- I pour forth with love for you
How will our time
Be together
Will I listen well,
Will you show me well?--
You still see
the invisible umbilicuses
tracing back through every birth to
the original Mother
To the Great Oneness
Every you, and every me
Connected to the Source
To the Breath of Life
Now---- I can see this blue I wear
As the ocean around me
And I can feel the waves
washing me, washing me, washing me.
Mother, birth, postpartum, blue, cry, Source
Sobbingsoul Mar 20
No time
No space
No distance
This oneness
This vastness
Can’t see you
Yet can see you
Can’t touch you
Yet can touch you
Can do nothing
With you
Can do everything
Can be everything
With you
I feel you

Chris Saitta Jun 14
Fall to me, all you streets of Rome,
With your embrowned oils from torched walls and breccia of shadows,
The pizzicato of stairways and afternoon slowly closed
Like the thick, leathery-echo from this book of all roads.

Fallen, smoldering empire of storefronts and back-shop heirlooms,
Your lupine hills unbound with milk of cur in the wind and woods,
To your fallow fields rowed deep by a conquest of oars,
To the deepest silence and soot-muted oneness of Pompeii,
And a sky that is an ancient coin, without worth,
But still rubbed smooth at the edges by overfond lovers.
Yes, more Rome.

For a slide video of this and other poems, please check out my Instagram page at chrissaitta or my Tumblr page at Chris-Saitta.
Francesca Nov 2018
I shared a moment with you today;
for once,
I was just
Not plagued with the what ifs,
The constant dialogue,
Bewitched was I
by nature’s percussion,
Dancing a melody outside,
I wrapped us in a blanket,
You calmed -
We both were still,
Our souls connected in a song:
A simple lullaby,
In your eyes sang the Universe,
It echoed back in mine,
An orchestra of consciousness
that I’ll treasure
for a while.
A lovely moment with my baby boy inspired me to write this poem.
Dita Oct 2018
Spines curve as sweetly as drops from a honeysuckle
Notes in a melody fill the void spaces
Gentle rushes stir like the swish of rustling leaves
Flushed as red as the cherry who’s stem is knotted
Time stolen from the hands of a frozen clock-
Still like snow fallen from a winter shower

Senses fully awaken to chase alluring aromas  
Repetitive jolts of candied sin trickle throughout the body
Electric flow in the veins sparks an extended invitation
Contagious appetite will mirror aches of desire

Surges of shock in the body join the mind and soul
Accelerating spikes in heart rate kiss private secrets
Boundless longing branded to one another
Yearning indulged by limitless exchanges of energy-
Transfers immune from harm

Pressure from oneness loosens the tremble in pleading breaths
Hands close around each hip to clench their hollows
Credible fingers drenched in admiration coat mingled skin
One is composed by the gravitation of two
Defying moonlight to surrender at an immeasurable ******

Reaching for the highest point to let go
Sharing traces of untamed wind with soaring wings
Collecting innocence altered by ecstasy
Choosing vulnerability to expose what cannot be said
Fantasies traded through the rhythm of touch
how many millennials have sat on
east village stoops
wearing thick rimmed glasses
reading intelligent books
and smoking fine cigarets
and asked the question
what is love  
only to regurgitate some
half digested vomitus
about oneness and spirituality

what is love other than a feeling,
the feeling of never wanting to be without
By Jennifersoter Ezewi

We are united by lip service
Yet claims we are being serviced
When all we get is agony
in a country that is meant
to be united in love.

If we claim to be one,
We are supposed to be duly
serviced by the share of our

We can't be warmly expectant
when all we get is negligence;
We can't be claiming oneness
when our supposed lovers
throws our love to the retch.

Let this oneness be redefined
for us to know our stand;
Let the best we can be satiate
our amiable positions to
prove our oneness.

We have soared above
this mess and needs a prove
of our oneness:
Let it be recorded that we are
in love by the way we treat
Let our love be seen and not told.

How amiable we ought
to have grown instead of hate
and bigotry;
How prominent we look
yet plays around like kids
without direction.

We are endowed to be emulated;
We have gone too far to miss
our ways:
Let the love we claim be resurrected
And let our oneness be practiced.
Written as a result of the marginalization of the Igbos in their country.
Published on social media on 5th December, 2015 by me and sent to Hello Poetry on 3rd March, 2017 for invite.
Harmony Aug 14
Love transforms
What is love?
That which is led to the pool of love
Has a frequency that drowns
All other frequencies
So that there is only one accord
A realm of no division
That is love
So when I experience anything
It has to be at a different frequency
So I left the pool of love
To feel myself all over again
I could step into my oneness frequency
Anytime I chose
But when I want to feel unique
I step out of it and into a vibration
And energy so that it/I stands out
Standing out is painful
Yet pleasurable
When known that I can
Get back home to the oneness
Anytime I chose
So let it be in meditation
So let it be in contemplation
So let it be in supplication
So let it be in an embrace
So let it be in observation
So let it be in the flow of breath
I am not separate from the pool of love
It is the shift in perception
That puts me here or there
So I accept that I am unborn
And Borne at the same time
Emeka Mokeme Oct 2018
Deep within the
depths of our hearts
we are all not strangers
to each other.
Only in this bizarre world
we found out we are
strangers to one another,
yet eternally one.
Draw us to the father
spirit divine to realize
our oneness with each other.
Unite us together
for the glory of God.
Bless and increase your
word in us that we can
find succour in our lives.
Enlighten our mind
and renew us to truly and
completely yield to your spirit.
Cause our heart to respond
and fulfill each others need.
Fill up our loneliness
with your love.
Open the eyes of our
understanding to see better
beyond this realm.
Help us through this
stormy waters of life.
Be the guide to a blissful
lifestyle that we seek
in this down world.
Encourage us spirit divine
to be true to you.
Hold us together as a family.
May this love we share be
a true one that cannot be broken.
Let your kingdom come so your
will be done in us.
So shall it be.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Nathalie Jul 9
The shooting star
winks from across the
midnight sky
Its brilliance destined
in delivering faithful
wishes to all
who believe in
the power of a dream

Their hearts dance
with purpose;
a bridge of
of sacred honour
vibrating colours of
love and oneness;
a soulful pledge
born to life

If there be two who do not love
They are not alone only lonely.
The great Poet who Made the
Universe who said He made us
In His likeness knowing He is
One comprehended that all His
Children would be little ones
We  all have that in common
We are all one like our Father
And like God our essence is
Love.  To Love is our being
So doing we magnify His being
The knowledge of His goodness
When we love one another we
Experience His goodness. Two
Are one -three are one; All are
One.  If we experience loneliness
As each does it is a knowing that
Our love is still incomplete calling
Us to love more for our peace is not
Complete-to experience the greater
Oneness we are capable of....

This is not work but for His children
Their burden is lite-it is called Play
Play on children.  Play is the Way to
The perfect.  The God of Love will
Forgive your mistakes as we are all
Still learning, practicing to know. He
Will be with you to the end of the world
Claim you at the gates Heaven as His
Own forever and the fullness of Your
Love for all the children will be like
His.  A play where our better dreams  
Are realized and We are the Dreamer-
All the One because we love  one
Another in a time that never ends.
Except at night when we sleep the
Sleep that is the Peace  of Innocense
He looked and sawt His Creationc Saw
That it was good and said I Love you.
Samm Smith Nov 2018
"When rest and unrest cease to be,
then even oneness disappears.
From small mind comes rest and unrest
but mind awakened transcends both."

This is NOT my work, but something said by Seng-ts'an (noted in the title and at the end), a Chinese author and Lankavatara Sutra devotee. I found this poem cited in a series of lectures from Francisco J. Varela and I liked it a lot so I figured I would share it.
Harmony Aug 12
We are waves of energy streaming
Ceaselessly through eternity
Shape we take today is short-lived

We are clever in discovering this place
To enter we take a form
And hold it long enough
To experience a realm of mankind

We are forever creating realms
In which we experience
All that God can BE
And playing helpless
In the realms of our choice.

So Clever is the plan
To Suffer is part of this plan
Once realized, one is freed into
Realm-less vastness and lost
In the pool of Oneness

Always in an entrapment
Humans are not fully evolved

Whatever humans do
Always caged in a cocoon
Unfulfilled and distressed

No matter how many births...
Drudgery remains

It isn't easy
To let go grudges
No 'conditioning' budges

How much / many times we struggle
How much we pretend to be happy
No door opens up to break-free

Like a butterfly
Lying dormant within cocoon
Awaiting illumination to seep in

Like dead corpses
Scratching the inner skin
Peering though translucent shells
Breathless and restless
Decaying within -
With a hope of a "crack"

That's the time when
The cocoon tightens

Colors teases the rues
Heart beats the air of freedom

The fairies of courages
Spreads its wings
To soar higher as "dreamZ"
To battle and baffle
To ciphers and blunder
By taking a clue from within

Breaking the shackles
To embrace the sparkled dust
Digesting and leaving behind...
A transitional state to ONENESS

One need not cry for quiescence
Now one awaits the cosmos -
Sky, rainbow, stars.... infinite

Bidding farewell...
The LOVE's butterfly
Desires to flutter and fly

LOVE is the only #chrysalis
On darkening  red sky languish low clouds as if, smeared into existence by artists knife,
golden edged against clear red sky that transitions, upward to darker cover, void of light.
Horizon formed by railway bank black, sprout twig and bough silhouettes of bush and tree
still in winters mode, bud form begins, reach, mingling with  power lines gentle bow
in the the distance assemble birds seemingly in  motion slow, fly seeking places known,
their favorite safest roosts, whilst crying silently, seagulls solicit the close estuarys call.
Serenely and unusually silently a train glides into view, slowing, prepares  to halt
at the nearby serving station, clouds, now red edged emanate in windows of carriages long,
through moving frames the scene so pictured then - with the last carriage, gone.
The backdrops reds darken as the unseen sun sinks lower to adorn skies new
and so draws in the waiting night, escorting pinpoint stars, finally kissing the day adieu,
Laughably today, so called ‘happiness day,’  today, where tiny annoyances
grew into frustrated rage, conversation nettlesome, tension nerves to stressful result,
Mentally I accept the guilt for letting me, yes me - down, yes - it is my fault.
Still, a scene like this.... calms my reality within, even so, the self incriminating roundabout
slowly, restarts again the anger of - my - self created weaknesses and futility.
Thankfully this darkening sky creates a serene oneness in which retire I,
the placid evening, now early night, calmness returns connecting me with this aspect .
regardless of this view a day indifferent, tomorrow maybe be a better prospect.

Spring Equinox Evening                Michael C Crowder 21st March 2019
I watched a fantastic sunset through the kitchen window, I felt I would like to say something about it, so.....
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