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Jamie Sep 13
Crackle of light,
Shacking with fright.
Beaming white,
Eliminating the night.
Nothing remains,
My life drains.
Everything fades,
I search for aides.
It's all gone away,
The words I want to say.
The only thing left,
The one thing no one can theft.
My still beating heart,
My last part.
It still belongs to you,
Something I can't undo.
My heart, I can't get it back, I don't want it back..
Sonia Ettyang Feb 16
My apologies if you thought you'd play checkers with my heart. Surely you deserve a round of applause for the biggest fool in town.
© Sonia Ettyang
October 2018
I recognized the game before you even played it.
moyees Nov 2018
They need to realise, that one day,
she will walk away, and they will never see her again.
Diana Sep 2018
You trace my lips
With your fingertips
You softly chuckle
Biting your bottom lip
To stifle your laughter
At the sound of my silent
As my eyes urgently plead
With thoughts
That would cause me to blush
If I were to vocalize them
They are soon replaced
With your lips
Flushed against mine
As your hands slowly
Begin their descent
Deftly grazing
Against the curves of my body
Which you've memorized
Jamie Sep 6
Carring and sweet
Homely and outgoing
Radiant smile
Intriguing and perceptive
Strong and loving
Trustworthy to a fault
Incredible and unbelievable
Natural beauty, inside and out
A magnificent soul, and heart to match.

Mesmerizing eyes
Youthful, playfull stares

One of a kind
Vibrant personality
Everything I could ever want and more.
Words I'm dying to say, to the women I'd do anything to see.
Faith Nov 2018
I wish you could see me behind the screen
Who I really was, who I really am
If I could see you face to face
Know more than just your name
We could be friends in real life
But you're hundreds of miles away
So I'll dream of meeting you one day
There will come a time
You don't have
To answer
Every question
You are asked

And your spark
Will conquer
Their mind

Never give up
Believe that
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Be Patient
Jamie Sep 8
When I'd wake, I'd see your face.
Covered in the suns embrace.
No care in the world in this place.
Getting up was no race.
Your soft skin next mine,
Your smooth black hair so fine,
Your cute stretch as you roll over,
Making me want to pull you in closer.
Giving me every reason to stay in bed,
Your presence swimming in my head.

As you crack a little smile,
My heart races a mile.
That perfect smirk,
As you try to get your eyes to work.
And it's those eyes,
That leave me mesmerized.
As you looked at me,
And seem so happy.
I'd feel my heart soar,
As it fills with the smile of the women I adore.
And when I'd hear your voice,
I'd have no choice.
To lean in for that morning kiss,
And start my day in pure bliss.
Remembering how amazing my mornings used to be when I was lucky enough to wake up next to her.
Indranys Sep 2018
When I look up at the sky..
I see beautiful colours like sparkling gold..
The only other sound's from the wind blows...
And she will appear when the night comes..
We know as the "beautiful evening".
When I see at the sky..
Her colours look beauty like huges the sky..
"I close my eyes to see"..
My heart said to me " you can learn from this beautiful phenomenon".
And I ask her" How I can learn it? "
My heart answered "you can learn from beautiful sunset" that anything which look beauty and charming" ..
They will disappear when the time has passed..
When the sunset has arrived " you can learn that "the time is precious".
So, never look back at your past..
The past is the past..
Look into your future..
Because there are brighter days wait you.
And I ask again..and then..?
My heart answered " it is very important to you and I hope we always remember it".
"When the sunset has arrived"..
Is the way from the God  reminds us that don't you love the world too much because we never life forever and oneday the world will gone forever.
I hope you can read my poem with enjoy and Iam sorry for my followers because I didn't write my work for a long time. I hope the God always bless us.
Ankita Gupta Apr 22
One day, night will come and the sun will shine no more

One day, it would be no day at all and the moon will be alone

That day, the stars will peek from the holes

That day, the sleep will enter our souls
I watch the stars everynight
I love their beautiful sight
They shine so brightly in the sky
As I marvelled their numbers in the sky
So tiny,yet full of might
And an alluring sight
I tried to count them oneday
And thought there is no way
For the sky has no end
And could neither be touched nor bend
They all appear so little and new
For the only stars I knew
Were situated in the sky
They sat nicely up high
I moved from place to place
Looking at them on the face
Desire Aug 18
One day feels like one thousand years,
one thousand years feels like one day,
doesn’t matter -- either way, I’ll spend,
a thousand more with you.

One day feels like one thousand years,
one thousand years feels like one day,
I meant it when I said, “I do”
I’ll spend, a thousand more with you.

One thousand days, months, years to come,
one thousand tears to wipe when they run,
one thousand rainbow smiles will shine,
through thick and thin, we’ll be just fine.

One thousand sunsets, stars, night skies,
one thousand hugs, high fives, goodbyes,
one thousand phone calls when I fly,
some thousand miles -- keep your head high.

One thousand thoughts clouding your head,
one thousand lonely nights in bed,
I meant it when I said “I do”
I’ll spend, a thousand more with you…

A day will come for our time to end,
one thousand memories will begin,
for every day we got to spend;
it’ll be the longest day in Heaven.

One day feels like one thousand years,
one thousand years feels like one day,
I meant it when I said “I do”
I’ll spend, a thousand more with you.
Today, 8/18/19, makes 1,400 days of dating my wife. We were friends as teens, but our relationship began when I was in the military. After getting married, I was stationed overseas for 13 months. Randomly realizing I’ve been dating my wife for over a thousand days now, and have been married for almost a thousand (828), I was inspired to write this little poem/song.
Jamie Sep 5
Simple and subtle
Warm, bright, soft, and inviting
You captivate me.
Her smile was perfection.
Daniel eason Oct 2018
When there's no one else who cares
The world's astray
Maybe we could change one day
Evil forces
No remorses
Never will I fuel these extortionists
They rip you off make you blind
I'm pretty sure you might find
Another way a better day
Let's lead the way
to a  better place
Universal barriers shut down
There will no longer be people feeling down
Is it one life or is it multiple
our mind reaches out for a release of strain
Most of us just suffer in pain
It's the society we live it's so full of anger
Oneday people might know more about changa
A message to people who know there be more than what meets the eye.
Daniel eason Oct 2018
As the world degrades due to technology
I hope oneday closed minded people will follow me
Us individuals who know the truth
Are the only ones who can save her roots

She needs us so badly why lead her astray
Let's hold our hands and join to pray
For this world we live is our only habitat
We let the rich destroy her, smoking cigars, wearing tall hats.
A poem about how we must join hands for the sake of the earth.
Jonas Sep 2018
Mymum's gota posterdeer nailed to her livingroomwall. She wentout oneday witha saw and cutdown somebranches ofa birch. She put'hem around herstag.
To the last sky ...

hugging you now ...
with my all imagines ...
diving so deep within you ...
crazily and so madly ...
with a one reason ...
it's the reason of longs ...
and of the love ...
that created from so long ...
since i saw your eyes ...
and your smiley smile ...
through your beautiful face ..

always i needed you ..
and i need you always ...
and would love to travel ...
wherever you are ...
even there ...
to the last sky ...
to build with you ...
between all skies ...
our love's nest ...
and from it's clouds ...
to create our bed ...
between all shinny stars ...
there where we could ...
feel love more ...
and make it as we both need ..

come sweet angel mine ...
get close ...
huge me ...
and lay here with me ...
into this nest ...
for a same reason ...
as i love you ...
love you ...

wish you all happiness ...
and wish it will with me ...
together oneday ...

good morning ...

hazem al ..
there was little crocodile he didnt have any teeth
he lived in a swamp in the mud beneath
he uesd to **** his food this it made him sad
didnt have the teeth that he should have had

oneday in the swamp he began to cry
spotted by a fairy who was passing b
crocodile he told her that his teeth had gone
unlike other crocodiles he was born with none.

dont worry said the fairy i know what to do
i will use my magic and cast a spell for you
fairy wave her wand  now crocodile had teeth
just like all the others in the swamp beneath.

he was very happy he began to smile
that he couldnt do in a long long while.
croc he thanked the fairy for giving him his teeth
than he swam away in to the swamp beneath
Daniel eason Oct 2018
She shines like the stars far far above
She has never give nothing
but a whole lot of love
She will always be there for you forever and ever
What ever the weather
I hope that oneday she gets all that she wished for
Because she deserves all that plus more
I have wrote her this as a little present
Just to say thank you for being nothing but pleasant
For that special person in mind, i don't want to embarrass her and tag her but she knows who she is.
little bobby badger he just loved to roam
never settled down never had a home
he roamed every place  travelled here and there
looking for adventure each and every where.

oneday on his travels he heard a funny sound
it was very loud beneath the uderground
badger started digging to find out what was wrong
badger used his claws so very sharp and strong

there benath the soil he found a litte mole
poor chap was stuck poor little soul
dont worry said the badger just hang on to me
i will pull you out.then you will be free

badger he saved mole he had saved the day
mole he thanked the badger and went along his way
badger he was happy a hero now was he
remembers to this day the mole that he set free
Lisa Pospisil May 22
P is for PRAYING for a safe return home, PUTTING on a brave face everyday, and PROTECTING yourself at all costs...

T is for TRUSTING that someone will be there to help you, TALKING to someone about your feelings, and TELLING your story to try to help others...

S is for SAYING that you need help, SEEING your life change right in front of your eyes, and SLOWLY coming to grips with seing your friends die all around you...

D is for DOING what you have to do everyday, DREAMING that oneday your fears will go away, and DYING to fix yourself but knowing that you can't...


By Lisa J Little
there was a little hare musical was he
he would play his banjo neath a willow tree
he loved country music sing a country song
people gathered round as they sang along.

he long to be star in memphis teneesee
a famous country star he just long to be
singing with the stars is all he long to do
hoping maybe oneday his dream it would come true

they held a competition hare put down his name
hoping it would be the road to start his fame
hare he took the stage began to sing a song
people they all listened as the sang along.

hare he was the winner he had beat the rest
he had beat them all hare he was the best.
hare became a star and went to teneesee
became a country star just like he longed to be.
Sefofane Apr 5
I orbited this sphere long before mankind evolved,
I was inspired by man's ingenious inventions long
before the machines were created, now I surround
this sphere,

Trying to instill positive thoughts to my comrades,
I was placed here with you by the creator of all,
I created the universal laws in which you chose
to disobey, how wicked you became living the life
of savagery.

Listen, I once extinct the existence who never obeyed
my commandments,
Although I wasn't fond of I could disintegrate this sphere
as long this unadulterate hatred and demolition of this
globe exist.

I'm no purgatory though I capture the long parted souls,
I'm the one who's responsible for resurrection or taking
your precious life, I'm the end and also the
beginning of you'll.

I capture the raptures of this and spread wisdom to the skeptics,
I feed your brains with food for thoughts you call poetry,
I mastered the four elements freedom, peace, perseverance
and love, I hope you could oneday incarnate yourself's with
those elements so you could live inhabitable once again,
Don't allow me to regret I ever allowed the creator to let you'll exist...
I wrote this a while ago, and I would like to get some feed back too,
I'm not good at titling poems yet so hence untitled thanks
love can sometimes hurt break your heart in two
it can rip your heart out tear the soul in you
fill you with despair makes you want to cry
when the love you knew as now walked on by.

it can be so be cruel fill you with distress
tear your world apart leave it in a mess
cry yourself to sleep each and every night
thoughts are running wild. as you turn out the light.

you just never what your love can do
you just never know. when it turns on you
thats the way it is for each and everyone
oneday it is there next day it has gone
Oneday I will have it
I will have everything I have ever dreamt of,
I will be surrounded by the right people,
From that day on my path will no longer be devoid of love, people, happiness or success,
I will no longer feel the heavy breeze that reminds me that I am alone.

Hopes every loner.
They said, Love at first sight is only on the fairytale.
It only lust, not love
It’s only temporary, not permanent
And it doesn’t exist
They were wrong
Till one day I met him,
And he said “Let’s prove it together””
vanessa herrera Nov 2018
one day
your eyes will open
and you'll see
what you lost
by then,
i won't be waiting
Rara Rhaux Jan 7
What is love?
I have no idea, what love is?
But I do feel that it was real
And the pain it wants to heal.

What it takes?
It take none, but same as everything
It is selfish, sometimes unreal
Maybe that's what fake love means.

What I feel?
Like a million broken thing
Everyday,  im struggling
To survive this life I bear.

What dumb means?
To play the fool,  they think you are
Just play it cool,  let them rejoice
In silence spot,  you knew you won.

What its like?
To over think, to be out of sight
To feel empty, while full of life
Thats how i feel,  it makes me fright.

Would you like?
To jump on a rollercoaster ride
Swings of emotions, neither one subside
Pain that kills would makes you feel alive

Would you know?
What heaven or what hell
Or how sweet nightmares can bring
Coz even you heart can decieve you anyway

Is it the end?
Sweet question, I think its not.
Lets leave the mark, in a branched lane
While we drift apart, take each others path.

Good bye maybe?
What it means, our journey says
Maybe we could see each other oneday
How I wish I could bring back those same old days.


— The End —