Eric W Jun 23
Let me do this shit in poetry
Just let me know where you're going
Where you're running

She's been runnin
I been runnin
I been runnin all day
You put your face on
I put my face on
We been gunnin
on the go
We been goin on the run
We been sittin on the sly
like we rollin with a gun

I found her by the sea
I didn't know what it meant at the time
We quickly swam together and ran together

We runnin with the shit
We don't fuck with this
We don't sip the shit
We just flip this shit

We just keep it poppin
We just keep it rockin all day
We just keep it motherfuckin rockin
like we OJ

We been taken taken taken taken
so much lately
We been fakin all this shit
like we do it daily

The sea takes everything in the end

We been workin all night
We been on the shit right
We just clock these fuckin hours
like we gonna miss a flight
We just fuckin work it flip it
We just fuckin flip it daily
That's all we know how to do
So shut your fuckin trap and pay me

It's 2 a.m.
I'm still thinking about you
Fuck it

Yeah fuck that fuck that
and fuck you too
You say you got problems
and we all fuckin do
so stand the fuck up
and speak your point of view
Won't nobody hold your hand
and least of all you - yeah

She slipped into the sea before
before I even knew what had happened

You keep runnin
and I keep runnin
and we both keep frontin
like we 'i'nt see it comin
We go down with the ship
like it is monotonous
Like we are on top o this
Like we never seen this shit

Like we never seen it comin
Like we never saw it comin
Like we never saw it goin
Like I never saw you runnin

I know I saw it comin

You can slide into the sea
You can drift away into the night
You can pretend like it didn't exist
like we didn't exist

But we did

We did


This is what I've been working on. This is an XXXTenacion inspired free beat from Youtube. HP is being a little odd about have a 2nd link in the notes, so just look up XXXTentacion free beat better days on YouTube and you'll find it.

This is the first time I've done something like this. Definitely still lots to learn, but it was a fun process!
loveless Sep 2017
Thoughts of yours which once used to make me smile
Memories of you became the cause of my sorrow
My heart breaks every time I think of you for a while
Because I know you won't be there in my life tomorrow

I tried to lock up these feelings inside my own heart
In a desperate attempt to stop endless stream of my tears
You say the vastness of oceans enough to keep us apart
But I guess your love ceased to exist after all these years

Even the feel of summers fail to heat up my heart
Despair and sorrow waged war upon my innocence
Little by little, my abandoned soul tore itself apart
I guess all my heart wanted to feel was your presence
If self-love was an ocean
Would you be willing to drown in it

Others die loving their lovers
but live hating themselves
so tell me is it worth it to give your love while you don’t even value its worth  

Because I see empty oceans
And many broken hearts
Beautiful pieces of art
that have been torn apart
By lovers that are millions of oceans apart
AS 2d
Eruptions lay within us all, especially for who do not let their mind stretch or sprawl.

The diamonds within us, sharp and cutting.

Magma burning through our sense,
Creating a destructive mess.

Unleashing chaos,
To the other elements we know.

While we struggle to let go,
To go minor not large.

To not hold back the mounting beast,
To allow it daily moments of release.

As these actions,
The reactions must cease.

To give warnings with our smoke,
Giving others around you the warning not to poke.

Not to the extent where the land will choke.

Expand your horizons with oceans and skies,
To calm the overwhelming flow.

To dote on the elements that surround,
Not to get locked in your inner drown.

Open up the caverns that only the feelings know,
To lighten the load,
Ensuring that you do not explode.

Not Destroying everything known,
Show the earthly elements how you've grown.

Moving your plates,
For better change.

Spurting out to create new lands,
With life moving plans.

Command a show,
With the fertilising soil your ashes create.

Remember only you urge change,
A volcano to incite waves.

© 2018
Abigail Sheard
The force of an ocean wave you can hear, 

but not the cries of a single tear?

The heart’s own expression... the tear.

A wet mark, a streak, a stain, the only witness here.

A drop of water running from pain,  

But does the pain of a heart’s many tears link together

to drive the oceans waves we hear?  

If so, then voice my pain, single tear... 

force the waves against the shore 
in not a tender way give voice 
the heart’s small, single tear.
BH 3d
Awoken by
the Oceans
uproarious laughter,
I wait, restless
for the changing tide.

She’s calm
in the morning,
before the unforgiving Sun
turns the cold
into Wind.

He peeks
over the horizon,
sending the signal
that it’s
nearly time.

Pouring myself
into shapes
of myself;
Lucy and me,

The 150 steps
between sleep
and waking dreams.
Feet pounding
with heart.

She’s only cold
until my body
warms her;
held against
my skin.

Chanting mantras
lure me out,
beyond where
the Ocean laughs
at the Shore.

3 Shadows form each
with silver linings.
Lucy rears up.
We turn together.
It begins.

Carried by
organised chaos,
no longer tied to Earth,
we are
flying free.

Dancing in
the netherworlds:
this place between
Earthly delights
and savagery.

All I see
now are remnants
of shapes, like
kaleidoscopes spinning
under water.

Too late to
turn back
and too soon
to care.
We stay.

Meanwhile, the Sun,
he’s just warming up;
and the Sea
goes mad
with his touch.

As for Lucy and me,
we just ride,
pushing away diamonds
and reaching for
the sky.
we are not safe
all the markets could come crashing down
it could happen any day now

a blue origin rocket ship
never making it to its final destination

no man knows the hour or the day
no man knoweth that

bridget jones had her cigarettes
with wine and mr darcy
but i only have weed and a plastic
one liter bottle of coke zero
and no mr darcy to know the hour or the day

helen fielding, enabler of the delusional,
recycled happy endings

but the plastic coke bottle
isn't a jane austen novel
and the chinese don't want our garbage anymore

there is enough garbage in china already

"there are 8.3 billion tons of plastic in the world"
8.8 million metric tons are chinese trash
for the yangtze river to carry to the sea

sometimes i feel just like garbage previously shipped to china

trash and blue origin debris
comeuppance for the yangtze river to carry to the sea

endless oceans end
same place plastic rocketship garbage begins

"Garbage previously shipped to China is now piling up in places like the processing plant in Elkridge, Maryland, where tons of trash arrive every day from the US capital."
Rory 18h
open space compels you
walking into lakes and oceans
trigger pulling aim true
from the shallow end to the buoys
keep going, the sea whispers
find the deepest end
jump from the bridge
they won't notice you're gone
buried in ice water, frozen
chasing the moving horizon
push and pull of waves against body
you're in too deep now
thunder in the distance
black clouds shoot lightning
you close your eyes
wait for it to end
wait for it
a voice says
you won't drown
you feel fingers, pulling you up
helping your body float
their lips touch yours
oxygen transferred resuscitate
together, you see a still surface
you have never been happier
to be corporeal
to have arms and legs
than at that very moment
you realize that you can touch
the person who rescued you
you realize their waves
will carry you back
to shore
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