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Carter Ginter Mar 2013
Take me as I am
Or take yourself away.
I'm sick of all your lies
And all your little games.
I'm seeing just how crazy it is,
That I haven't realized this before;
How much you play, and how fake you are.
If I had, I'd have never opened my door.

Trying to justify yourself
By turning things back on me.
But I no longer feel sorry for
The ***** you turned out to be.
Get mad because I 'ignored' you,
When you tried to fake a smile.
Sorry I didn't expect that one,
Haven't seen it in a while.

So now you turn your head away from me
When I tried to catch your eye.
To acknowledge you as you wanted
Intent turned from a sorry to just goodbye.
But if that's really what you wanted,
To walk away alone.
You could've just been honest
And I'd have let you go.

Instead you decided to hurt me more
Pulling me further through this hell.
The burning flames of liking you
Consumed me as I fell.
And you just stood there and watched
Beckoning me farther on that track.
And as soon as I was close enough
You changed your mind and stepped back
Should be used to getting let down so often by her but I'm somehow still not. It's been easier than the first time, but it still hurts.
Adilson Smith Nov 2017
I would say
I love you with all my heart.

But that's not quite right.

For I love you with far much more
Than just that one part.

For instance,
I love you with my lips:
They pucker lovingly like filled balloons
Rising skyward in a knot.

I love you also
With my eyes. Like a ruly clerk,
They sieve your frame with careful affection,
Vitalized by every detail.

My ears, too, are full of love.
I can feel them during the night;
Thumping with blood
As you rise and decline
Asleep in my nook.

There are many others.
My eyebrows, so enlivened,
Agitate my face
And my toes, so excited,
Tense in my shoes
As though afraid of getting wet.

Other parts aren’t so conspicuous.
My arms plot in the dark --
They long to swim around your waist
And link us back to breast.

And my fingers, naughty things,
Scheme to tease your dress
Above your pretty knees
And above your pretty chest.

Would you believe,
Even my ****'s involved!
Though he’s more obvious
With his *****, open smile
And cheeky morning breath.

But chief of all my loving parts
Is my un-run soul
Unkenneled, at last,
Sprinting furiously
Next to yours.
# love #silly

Note -- this is very much a rewrite of Watsky's splendid and original "love poem" (worth checking out on YouTube).
Bob B Sep 2018
Recently, in the "New York Times,"
An op-ed essay has hit the press,
Thus causing the president
To send out vicious tweets in distress.

Claiming to be a senior White House
Official, the writer wants to let
The people know that even though
Trump is unhinged, not to fret.

Because Trump is ill-informed,
Impulsive, and given to constant lying,
He can't be trusted to handle the job,
Which to many is terrifying.

He's impetuous, adversarial,
Reckless, petty, and quick to revile.
Any good has happened DESPITE
And not BECAUSE of his leadership style.

The writer insists that our knowing
One special thing will lessen the gloom:
Even though Trump is a mess,
Luckily, there are "adults in the room."

Thwarting the president's misguided
Impulses is the task
Of these "adults," each of whom
Has to hide behind a mask.

To publish the piece anonymously
Some people feel is wrong.
But, hey, it only confirms something
That we have known all along.

-by Bob B (9-6-18)
Johannah Jeanty Jan 2018
It's obvious
So obviously
That I ain't right
You see the real me

It's obvious
Not that known
Unending mission to reach home
Unending mission, alone...
to be continued?
Matt Sol Jan 20
The obfuscate
I find chagrin,
and here we go
around again.
The obfuscate
I find chagrin,
and here to bring
me down again.


Through the echoes,
left for wayward,
lost and scattered
in hereafter.

Purcy Flaherty Jul 2017
I was just in the closet July 1988
Not a word was said; 'sept a couple of whispers and an obvious desire to ****!
Mop buckets, the heat and the stink of her *****,
Harsh staggered breaths tell the tale;
Petulant hands and harsh fingers.
Nickers and pants half pulled down,
Hard truths pushing through,
I had to **** her from behind,
Very confined, quick, clumsy, ******, release.
We both staggered out;  her mate much older waiting outside, bold as brass, she looks me up and down all tough and barks assertively "i'm next!" and **** I was back in the closet 1988
Two brazen cleaners take the new boy in the closet in 1988 extract from my diary.
"Get a good night of sleep," they say as
if it's just that easy. It's like
telling someone depressed they
should just "think happy thoughts."
Ah, yes. Why didn't
I think of that?
Thank you so


"At least to all the other things living
whom have thought, -like mammals."

Imagine that an alien race has come to Earth....
What would you, "fix," about it?


My Heart and Mind had a discussion one day,
About a man that they both knew quite well.
The heated discussion continued for hours,
Both with arguments meant to compel.

A debate ensued between the two,
With each taking a different perspective.
The Heart believed the man to be true,
And the Mind thought he was deceptive.

Heart started the discussion with an obvious point,
"He is sweet and gentle like no man before."
Mind responded smugly, "That's great in the moment
but how does he act after she's walked out the door?"

Heart countered, already knowing the point being made.
"Sure, he may not be able to write or call;
He is busy with constant demands of his time.
What he feels in his heart matters most of all."

"I disagree," and Mind continued to say,
"Actions mean far more than words alone.
It is when words and actions are considered together
that a man's true feelings are shown."

"He has to compartmentalize to get through the day."
Heart continued to defend his intentions,
When they are together his feelings are real,
but her insecurities span many dimensions."

"It's funny you would mention compartmentalizing.
Apparently your memory isn't as sharp as mine,
He was once quoted as saying this was not his strength,
proof that his statements don't always align."

"You are cynical, suspicious and guarded."
Heart was clearly tired of this dispute,
"Those traits are clouding your judgement.
He is genuine and telling the truth."

"I think you are overlooking the obvious but
I'll relax and stop doubting his intentions
if he makes an effort to send a simple sign."

Heart and Mind both wanting to prove their point
and have the bragging rights of superiority.
Mind sure that the man would disappoint her;
Heart confident in his genuine sincerity.

Both waited patiently for some type of gesture,
Something to demonstrate that he really does care.
Heart began to worry and whispered to herself,
"Stay calm and trust that it's not just another affair."

Patience prevailed and an email arrived,
just as Heart had hoped and prayed.
Mind, although disappointed by being proved wrong,
was relieved and no longer afraid.

Trust and calm filled her spirit when thinking of him,
but it was both that won in the end.
Maybe they were more than temporary lovers
and could also be permanent friends.
Carter Ginter Mar 2015
Cold white layers pile over the grey concrete
I did not expect the storm but I
Needed to face the journey
We knew it could not last forever

And in that moment
An accident in my vision,
Maybe the music screaming into my ear
Distracted me from the obvious truth that lie
Just through the windowpane
Leading to a collision straight into reality

Your words, the concrete divider
That hit hard enough to take deep damage
Yet not hard enough to stop me from moving forward
The unexpected truth that came at the least expected moment
My ignorance overlooked the obvious signs
That i could not stay safe forever
Not at the speed we drove..

My skin hugged my knuckles tightly
Enough to match the descending snow
As I knew from the first swerve
Your first word
That inevitable fate
I surely faced
Death loomed close in my mind

But I drove on
Grabbed the wheel and forced my way through
The place where I felt nearest to the grave
Until I reached a safe enough space to see for myself
Just how much damage I endured

And, like my car,
I am totaled
Broken into pieces that cannot be reframed
Some lost at the point of collision
Others gradually passing over time
And some still holding on

In the eyes of an astonished mechanic
The car shouldn't even start
And according to everyone else
I should be dead
But I'm not

And though neither the car
Or my own life will ever fully
return to their original condition
We still drive on
Moving forward on the unpredictable
Highway of life
I crashed my car on the highway while driving home from my then-girlfriend's town. I realize now that the accident resembles our break up that came a few weeks after. Earth-shattering, unexpected, but noticeable without distractions.
Kee Oct 2018
poking at his rib cage
i thought of all of the wonderful times
ive spent with him
not knowing that this would be my last time poking his rib cage
i smiled and laughed in his face
he loved me the way i loved me
or so i thought
and the betrayal finally set in
when the messages stopped flowing in
and the block on all of social media shocked me as well
until my friend had shown that while you were studying abroad
you were going steady with a beautiful french girl
Carter Ginter May 2013
These memories burn in my heart;
As the song pulls me back into a different time,
Something inside me dies.
Because I don't handle change well;
Subtle or obvious,
It hurts any way.
Whether it be irrelevant,
Or the best moment of my life,
Comparing the past with now destroys my sanity.
Looking where I am today
I never would have guessed it 2 years ago,
And where I am tomorrow,
I can never know.
Seeing someone change is even worse;
Watching the innocence get ****** out of their minds.
Corruption is the sickest of demons,
Society being the host of such a parasite,
With death being the only bearer of freedom.
Everything keeps changing so fast. And right now I'm in the middle of a huge transition and I haven't really acknowledged it, but when I even slightly think about it it hurts. But life doesn't wait for people to be ready.
sir humbug Jul 2018
one more for Joni and the one who accuses me of
"owning the courage to care so blatantly."

accused of writing with blatant courage,
a  4 credit requirement for caring

blatant is a word of merger -
open obvious unsubtle and unashamed

and a dissembling misleading one!

it is all of these  and yet can be a contradictory mask of
opposing, differing faces

my blatant is none of these
but appearance only

**** muses keep me coming back
to a particular lyric,
keeps seeking me out, so successfully, wherever I go,
I hear it
it’s invading my both sides now

the dizzy dancing way you feel

you think I have my own blatant courage, untrue!
so oft you mistook my dizzy dancing,
all fluff all humbug so obvious so ashamed,
a cover up, a most subtle cosmetic pretense of the truth -
no courage at all
and yet (they mock)
you do care...

just another of my peculiar
life’s illusions

  I really don’t have blatant courage at all
Janelle Tanguin Dec 2016
I am one
learning how to
carefully seal
myself shut;

still working on
the art of hiding
in less obvious spaces
that won't give me away,

folding myself
onto myself
like messy origami
forming no figure,

my pale skin
being tinted by sunlight,
my hollow cheeks
being surrounded by sunny faces

that have no idea
how much all I want
is for the rays to
melt these glaciers.

I tie my hair
with bright red ribbons
like I am a present
with no future, no past.

Might want to unwrap me
only to find a box

I do not hold

for you.

I cannot even hold

for me.
Ira Aug 2018
Hellfire rummages everything,
It burns and melts even the toughest of items.

It can pop up from nowhere or be planted like a seed.
No matter the cause, we always have heed.
We can ignore it and walk on,
Or try to expulse from our own.

The problem is it never can be completely put out.
It always has a little sprout.

Yet many can't except it,
And die in their trek to rid the writ.

Some of us even try to nurture it in hopes of making it good.
But few ever could.

Hellfire may rummage everything,
But it burns different with each item.
Somethings are overtaken and burn to ash.
Other tame it and leave it as that.

Hellfire may always burn you,
But it can always be tamed.
You just must do the obvious to calm the flame.
It's quite a interesting poem. BUT THE **** IS IT ABOUT -
Everyone who read this
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