Bad Jokes Inc Jun 2014

Here's a nigger theres a nigger,
Everywheres a bigger nigger,
Nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger.
don't tase me bro!

This will be famous like Martin Luther Kings balls.
Bad Jokes Inc Jun 2014

I was walking down the street
Had an urge to skeet
Saw a dirty dumpster
this looks nicer than the girl I dumped'r

I unzipped my pants
shat on the plants
got nice and hard
and shot off harder than a pornstar.

I have too much time
because all I do is shoot slime
all over the back
of a president who is black.

I like sluts
I bang sluts
I make them cum
faster than a game of putt putt.

All of you poetry snobs
are more stupid than calvin and hobbes
You will never be as successful as
Steve Jobs.

End of story. Because I am about to write another shitty poem.

I hate poetry.
Bad Jokes Inc Jun 2014

I was packing some snus
when I got up from a snooze
to put a milf
In a boiling vat of hotdog juice.

She was screaming and yelling
as I poured in the salt
and the cops busted my door
as my meal came to a halt.

I said "whats the rush?"
He said "nigga hush"
As he sipped very angrily
at his watermelon slush.

I am black
yes very black
so they put me in the back
of their shitty cop van.

I went to jail again
For trying to cook a milf
in a boiling vat of hotdog juice
as I watched espn.

I got out of jail
Cause my drug money was bail
went back home
to see a fresh cooked milf in my garbage pail.

I was so happy
that I took a break to fappy
on my nice leather couch
while my girlfriend was napping.

Today was a good day.
Ice cube agreed.
I smoked all of my weed
and gave into my greed.

Bitch don't kill my vibe.

Poetry sucks balls.
Tim Knight Nov 2012

You buy your love with bourbon creams,
cans of beans and full cupboard brims;
steal clothes to hide a torso of lies
twist that in with teaspoon brown eyes,
deeper than any holy bible’s spine:
found in hotel drawers,
away from the preachy, needy, cast iron shrine.

Whilst the girl you’re with has nothing to give,
no family member nor money splendour,
you battle on with the train rides
cross country,
cross country train track guides.
Audiobook it; listen to it; learn it and write it,
write the letter she deserves, explaining
the ins and outs of your hidden nerves:
the nerves entitled ‘I don’t love you anymore’

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kat Jan 2013

let me be honest
i can’t help but do my white girl dougie
and my half assed twerk
when i hear i tight beat
because my mind is hooked
on hip-hop and this culture
so stereotyped with hood n-words
from round the corner of a drive by
with daddies long gone and a limp when they walk
screaming F the police with the shot off the glock
growin up thinkin this is their full potential
finding refuge in the streets where they hear the music echo
but people are changing
and music is moving
you shouldnt need to have a broken life
broken promises
or live a life sin
to be able to share your story
and for people to listen

its ironic to talk about being so segregated
when a white boy tries to cypher and gets nothing but hate
rap music categorized,
defined by black rebellion
denying someone
with the exact same dream
to have freedom through the microphone
because they have a whiter skin tone
setting the bar with ice cube and B.I.G
separating themselves from revolution in the 21st century
racism works both ways in a deafening paradox of
whites who hate blacks who hate whites who hate blacks
up and runnin off a track
cuz the producer is white
turnin off the radio cuz that music is from the devil
try to shield your children from the influence of the ghetto
when your kid could learn a thing or two from 2pac or Coolio
never forgetting who or where you come from
remembering to love
everyone that hates you
who segregate you
who don’t appreciate you
like these messages are only worth hearing from
rebels born into white society
racist discretion
with a life of oppression

yeah, they made it through the struggle
they survived the hate
but to spend so much time making sure we don’t integrate
tastes like hypocrisy
relentless mockery
disregarding talent because of ancestry
yeah, rap was founded in the Bronx and the burroughs
street corners and block parties
so naughty and grimey
with dope smokers wife chokers
street life stereotyped on the daily
but it was also about freedom and expressing who you are
music should bring people together not tear them apart
just because our skins are different contrasts
doesn’t mean we both don’t have heart

really, there’s no difference.
hip hop is to poetry
as music is to art
rhythms to the rhymes
to the rhymes to the rhythms
so spit out a verse for me
cuz the point is the poetry
the point is the passion
the passion are the words
that flow into the mic through your heart
through your lips
like you can’t even stop this
from feeling the beat in your toes and your fingertips
black or white
x or y
your chromosomes dont define what you wanna do with your life
your skin should never hold you back
from being comfortable inside of it
so yell it,
scream it,
to anyone who will listen
this is what you were born to do
so go out and live it.

Obama jetted
back to Africa
soaring aloft on
gulf stream swank

a posse of
oil company execs
in tow, intent on liberating
Dark Continent
fossil fuels from unjust
underground prisons

angling to get the
upper hand in the
high stakes global
resource poker game
pulled a big time race card
to trump China’s
full house

On Goree Island,
political paparazzi
popped and clicked
a perfect image
of the neocolonial
white clad President
framed in a doorway filled
with dark shadows and
heinous memory of the
unspeakable horrors
of global trade

leering from
the portal at the
Gate of No Return
Obama welled with
meditative epiphanies
of personal seachange,
and the vicissitudes of life,
pondering his meteoric rise
from a Land of Lincoln
State Senator to
American President
in the span of
one golden
9/11 decade

At a
South African University
Town Hall Summit,
the fist bumpin,
mike droppin  Prez
telepromted the
star struck folks with
solemn universal civil rights
wrapped in the riddle of
the pursuit of peace,
hidden in the enigma of  
the reverence for
human dignity

Later in the day
Mr. Obama sat at the
feet of a comatose Mandela;
whispering into his ear
why an Afghan peace
eludes him, why his
drone strikes rain
death upon innocents
and why his democratic
republic defiles
the civil liberties of its
citizens to ransom
a daily diet of fear

But Madiba does not hear
Mr. Obama’s feverish
confessions; his
ears are closed,
he dreams only
of the paradise of
liberation he earned
for his life's hard wages

Music Selection:
Gil Scott Heron
Western Sunrise


Morrissey Smith Mar 2014

The earth is slowly dying
To save it we have to try,
We need a solution to
Deal with polution
But it's too big a problem
We sigh,
So if we all join together
Everyone woman,  child and man
Recycle our tins
In green wheelie bins
And we'll save the world
Yes we can.

jeffrey robin Feb 2014

To say that


Is a JOKE!

(He is not even a

The imagination)



It should really be called

INSURANCE-COMPANYfuck you! fuck you!
fuck you!!

Till your dead!


Homeland Security

"Secures" the Homeland

In the same manner


"Secures" a prison


The AMERICAN DUMMY sat on the wall
The AMERICAN DUMMY had a great fall


Gathered around to enslave all his kids

Kate Lion Jan 2015

i miss you
the way Obama misses his intelligence briefings

i finally cleaned out my bedroom
threw out
all the legos i always accidentally stepped on
all of the crusty pieces of Argentine food i wasn't ready to let go of

you are a jedi
or perhaps just my best friend

some people hurt your eyes like neon when you see them

but you don't

you are nutella
and i am a butterknife

r Jul 2016

"...a black woman
in a white house
built by slaves..."

MO: 7/25/16.
The revolution already began.
Evan Ponter Sep 2014

Their lies are prompted
from teleprompters
and executed flaw-fully
from taxpayer's helicopters.

They say we're protecting
foreign daughters
while filtering profits
to desert clad marauders.

Blank faced public
fear conversing religion and politics
while passively electing
lunatics with trigger switches.

Arm the rebels
they bite the hand that feeds
the middle east burns
while America fucking bleeds.

The white, blue and red
camo helmets on their heads
farm fed frat boys
equipped with jackets of lead.

We watched Saddam crumble
his statue beaten with shoes
but the same war we already fought
the puppets now will choose.

Fight the good fight
support the troops.

Drone strikes by twilight
fuck the troops.

An Army of one
Sempter Fi
Do or Die
I won't shed a single tear when you come back in a casket
covered in a flag you valued more than your life.

Our heroes are our welfare
stop blaming single mothers
plastic bags tied around throats
water boarding dissent, it smothers.

Fuck the Medal of Honor
I'm tearing up your portrait Obama.
How many can benefit from free tuition?
But we give it to those trained to slaughter.

Our priority is the police state
Nazis pretending to tote freedom.
We sip our Americanos
And retain nothing from the newspaper we are reading.

By Evan Ponter

Today, the US government voted on arming rebels in Syria to fight the threat of ISIS. We made this mistake before. The Taliban was originally an American puppet that we used as a tool to fight in Afghanistan. Now we're going down the same dangerous route. The war on terror is never ending. Fuck the troops and stand up against the fascist foreign policy of this country.
Jose Remillan Sep 2013

Your eyes are stuck on the
Afterglow invading the
Horizon. You wipe your
Tears with a rugged piece

Of cloth dotted with stars
And stripes, in remembrance
Of a nation's power, and
Prowess of sons and daughters

Flirting with  anarchy and democracy.  
Until then the world stood still, devouring
Your flesh and fantasies of happiness
And freedom. Now, let these words

Rebuke your vices and folly:
You are all too human to be holy.

In memory of young American soldiers who died in several wars
staged by the U.S.A. on its quest toward  global hegemony.

Quezon City, Philippines
September 16, 2013
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