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Brody Blue Sep 2018
A young man is wanted for ******. A hired hand at his heels, he wanders the earth in search of solace. Finding oasis in a tired old town, he waits for the ties to be bound.
Richard B Shick Aug 2018
Many walking different paths,
But lead us in the same direction

A place filled with much pain,
And lots of empty reflections

Rivers filled with tears of sadness,
From the emptiness deep inside.

Oceans filled with tears of pain,
A pain we try to hide.

A desert without water,
But yet the oasis we do see.

Our minds twisted and turned
Is it real or make believe.

People do not understand
The challenges that we face.

We struggle just to get by,
With a smile upon our face.

I hope they never feel,
What it’s like to be inside our head.

Struggling with our demons,
Some wishing they were dead.

People don’t understand our struggles,
Or the shoes we have to wear.

Feeling all the loneliness,
Just hoping someone would care.

All the pain we must  carry,
As we struggle every day.

We hope to make it through
Our darkest hours,
Just to struggle another day.


Written by
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
An oasis in the eyes
Secrets in the mind
Chaos in the soul

Out of the confined mind
Unveiled the truth
Behind the thousand dreams

Blind folded
Told me once

She wants
To see
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Rule of law
Oh, love is the binding
of two lonely souls
united upon strands of  fiery steel.
Oh, my soul
is so bound in love to you
that should it ever be parted
from your love's embrace
I know I would surely die.
Oh, such a pain so great
within my heart
I dare my think
of such torment.
Oh, I know
that my soul
shall ever be with you.
You in me, and me in you.
Oh, when God created mortal man
to each one he gave
love divine.
Oh, as food is for the body
and the flesh
of my poor heart beating
so love is to the soul.
Oh, to your warm embrace
I return and return ever again
for the love
that can only feed my soul.
Oh, how I am ever at your mercy
and ever my heart shall seek you
the love in me
day and night says to my heart,
" Oh, my love for that angel eyed
shall last forever and forever.
Oh, greater that for love of kinsmen
and my mother dear
and all the men who ever died
beside me in battle
oh God rest their poor souls."
Oh, and your caressing red lips
I desire more
than the life giving water
that would wet
my parched and cracked lips
when through a burning desert
I should ever tread
upon those hot burning sands.
Oh, to my soul
you're are an oasis
of green and a cool breeze
upon my burning brow.
Oh, you are all the meaning of life
I shall ever need
and I shall delight in your love
for as long as time  shall last.
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
A ***** breed of Ostriches we're!
Scared of reality,  
we bury our senses
in the barren sands of illusion,
live in an oasis of fantasy!

The glare of daylight scares us!!

Cosy in the arms of our delusions,
inebriated with our fallacies,
romancing idiocies,
we day-dream all the time,
while silver drizzles of the morning sun
paint the dawn gorgeous!

But we blind our senses
to a magnificent reality!
Nobody Oct 2018
In his eyes, an ocean
     an oasis
     the epitome of my dreams
     my love is devastatingly perfect
     and his absence brings me to my knees
     luckily, his light lives in me
     I may be bested by his charm
     but he brings me along
     I am a piece to his puzzle
     his treasure, his loving endeavor
     he is in the air I breathe
     he is everything to me.
Ben Tol Dec 2018
Straight borders,
Carved by former rulers,
Hidden treasures,
Disparity and deserts,
Majority poor,
Civil war,
Super wealthy,
Mindsets unhealthy,
Transatlantic bombs,
Landing on the wronged,
Once an oasis,
Now no go places,
Oil worth billions,
Starving children,
International villains,
Attacking civilians,
In constant crisis,
Lack of human kindness.
Martial Teacher Aug 2018
I grow this garden
With tender care
Hydrangea, Water Lily, Rose
All fail to meet your presence
For the queen dances in
An oasis of beauty
The humming of an angels choir
Spun around the buds
Sought the smell of petrichor.

Aster, Azalea, Angraecum
Entwining vines of amative domain
Secreting morning dew
Reflecting the suns shine
Imitating the beauty of the moon
Presenting an Orange Blossom
May eternity rest in the entwined vines.
Sam Bowden Jan 11
My darling...
Look around, and tell me what you see?
Glittering gold?
A buffet of bodies?
Fake smiles, and money?
Even in the desert oasis of this world,
most things are a mirage,
meant to distract us from what’s most important.
So please,
my darling...
When you find something real,
that gives life depth,
and grabs you by the throat,
hold onto it for dear life.
Andrew Jul 2018
My boat
Your moat
Crossing the line
Into your mind
Only to find
Something unkind

It's a squid
Versus a kid
Crashing waves
Lasting days
In a glassy haze

I'm free flailing
Sea snailing
My wailing
Off the railing
Of the ship I'm sailing

I see an oasis of land
I yearn for the sand
To clutch in my hand
To finally feel grand
Instead of sea sick
And flea bit
In deep ****
Drowning me
Crowning me
The king of nowhere
While I scream no fair
To ears with no care
That we are no pair
elizabeth Feb 4
Lazy dusty days drifting by slowly in an orange haze
Hot red sun burning down
Caressing my soft skin
With its suffocating, heady kiss
Drunk on rays of gold
Blessed with moments of sweet clarity, darling relief
as the air lifts my hair and bestows its blissful touch upon my warm body
Blue desert sky glides above me
A dream of oasis a taunting suggestion
Whispers of water and ocean
The call of the wild
Draws the breath from my lungs
With the night sky, yellow moon, river of stars
Robin Carretti Aug 2018
Breaking up is
hard to do
Loosening spiritual stretch
His words are my pacifier
The shooting star sprinkling shot
Look at our stars dot to dot
They connect over tea for two
Soothe me star even if there is nothing to do

The other stuff can knock me
out in the daylight
But in the twilight
Those zillions of stars my
eyes closed I think to glaze
Take another look strike
the pose the next day
the same spot
I saw the soothing words next to
Star pointed rose

Not the starry night
Going through something
What the world brought to me
Too much at one time everything
Breathe in and soothe me
*It was up to me not to blind me
what will I bring so many things
My cool spirit make it meditation table,
The New York sooth your mind menu
Rendezvous all talk but delicious
She is tough walking
the hardest avenue
The **Positive me
even if its the
broken up me
No one can take his place to soothe me
Smell the sweet outrageous scents
French fondue it suits her like a statue
Do you all agree? Another feel good
shopping spree
I cannot even say soothing-word*

Your home is your oasis but the
huff and the puff star is not relaxing
Or to blow you down it needs work
The hard stuff is to better yourself
The feel-good smooth flowing
Even if you missed your star
You're the no star he's is always late
Soothe me star may be my fate

Not always about being
**** and remaining thin

The forever flight hit so hard
  Thrown brick harder
the sin

They say remorse is the poison of life
And divorce could be the best
change in someone's life

OH! Lord The new?? hard/

"The winding rough road see the light"
It may be tough but make it good deed

Athletic Girly curve walk

The pep talk she had the tough birth
The Preppy he's training
the puppy stuff
You don't have to be a star it doesn't matter
who you are
But there is growing good of the world

Miles smiles and giggles
the wild child  loves
all kinds of stuff

She is about to explode
Harder side of logic
*Been Moonstruck
light flick
Both mouths a volcano
Hard star stuff big ham and swiss

Exploring new stuff
Please take it from pointed star
She walks like she is hot stuff
Those color forms of love stuff
Things and stuff
Stuff and things

Holding tightly prayer nightly
Your stuffed animal
The little world of people
The big world Church and Temple
So many things exist

Walking through the end of
the exit
It a hard position of the angle
Tough to be single even more
to deal with being married
Being the first online
Hard call masquerade Ball
I am getting a handle on my stuff
Kiss Rock dress heavy metal stuff
Indie Pop She's the Earth Blondie
Singing Rap

Going mainstream
She's Brook long stream
He's under the influence
She doesn't nearly have
the up to par

Gifts of curiosity
Adjusting to reality
Hard life too much focus
On our happiness
He's coming home
breadwinner of money
Just one loaf of
bread she blossoms
like his honey

Disavows humanity
The harder the words
How it challenges our sanity

Myriad of the creatures of things
Dark crayon hard stuff
Wild Hawaii Say Hi to all our
blissfully but soothing hearts
She is like a hard sandpaper
He is so cool reading his
worldly carefree life
He is inside the newspaper
Like the Big Ben London guard

How mindset like Hallmark card

Too much Holiday Turkey filled up
Time is busting out overstuffed
So powerless word hard ingenious
Be thankful for what you have
But feeling too much
of the dry spell that rain well
Is my gifted secret tell
Like an Elephant, you are
the tough one the smart one
No-one is perfect to be the
brilliant one

The star way of the fantasy
Nothing fancy doesn't make you jump
Prince is not so charming smooth
talker fairytale
Presidential Trump Roger Rabbit
My lucky tower rabbit foot

Between a hard rock meets her sexuality

Having bad luck long shot from your solitude
Hallucinations all dark things hurt
My imagination world is sometimes unstoppable
Like a million thoughts of stars believing
I love the hard candy sweet like a hard metal
Who gets the Metals and honors
The Terminators names of  Arnold and

Someone is whispering sweet
nothing in my ear
PJ-Clarkes Superman Clark Kents
We need more therapy events
Princeton pancakes no remakes
And tons of maple syrup
***** Tonk women at the rodeo
Her horse lucky hoof hit hard
**** stuff
Starlight star bright two timers

Head spinner,  "Gold miners"
Hard times I was left with
A hard rock and critters
And then you wake
back to the hard stuff
Hard life or its way too easy what is truly better I know my moods change in this **** of a gun weather. Let's keep our spirit high and heal our minds to get better don't you want a better life or something in the middle of the road make sure you don't kiss deeply inside of a hard binding book of the fairy tale. You are worth so much more than kissing a toad but we are talking about the hard stuff please go easy on me
Gayatri Beria Jan 29
Lost in the grace of life
I stand still under the silent sky
Wandering through my prosaic sight
Wanna ask,can you heal my sloppy plight?

The hectic hours ignore to halt
I endure for a calm repose
I celebrate 'what I was'
I snap 'who I am now'

Am I lead astray for the magical fame
Or searching for an eternal flame
In the lost hustle and bustle
In the twisted path of stones and hurdles

A sensuous propulsion wades me
Fading my sour secret tears
I close my eyes wearily
In the hope to fight back fear

Yes,my soul is sick,I regret
Still crushing the dark evil thoughts
And rejoicing the singuilarity
In an oasis of serenity.
We should not loose our identity while searching for a place in the world...So,my friends,stay true to yourself
Andrew Jun 2017
The greatest challenge my nature presents:
Love is harder to find
Hate is easier to find
Within myself and others

Is rejection different for me?
Everybody seems to know the pain of being unwanted
And idle threats and empty words are no stranger to rejection
But when you say you'll **** me if you ever see me again
The intention is clear
The existence of my attraction
Is grotesque beyond redemption
I thought I loved you...

When appreciation comes my way
It's superficiality amuses me
Because I know all that needs to happen
Is breaking down the wall to my mind
Or unlocking the door to my heart
And those appreciators will transform into detractors
Especially if the hideous leviathan approaches their vessel

Not finding women gross frustrates me
Because I have no reference point
For why people hate me so much
Which provides a reference point
For why I hate myself so much

It's difficult not to be dominated by this damnation
But there's no way people could understand
The daily subtle nuances
Why should they?
I don't constantly consider their lives either
Even if someone tried to comprehend my life
I'm not sure it's possible
I've been here the whole time and I'm still massively perplexed

I display my emotions
I shroud my emotions
I **** my emotions
Is there no escape?
Even with sanctuaries along the way
Life feels like
Everybody swims in the ocean
While I'm resigned to my lonely oasis
Is it possible to feel more alone than completely alone?
Like a cockroach consigned to living under the refrigerator
It gets so cold and dark down here
I forage for crumbs only at night
Mortally afraid of human contact
For I know that the boot follows the light
And why not?
In a world where our priorities obstruct our compassion
How much consideration should a real human show
to a lowly maggot like me
When they have to worry about paying the exterminator?
Eric Pon Jul 2018
will you, old friend- follow me?
through the great lakes, and the sea?
over the desert and oasis blue-
through boreal forests, and tropic ones too?
will you bathe in natures fountain ?
or live up on the lonely mountain ?

will you see ever- honestly,  
that all that you have come to be
is better than you really know
Lets meet back stage;
after the show.
PurplePanache Oct 2018
Oh the devil hath found
                                          Interpreting perverse anomalies
Oh the devil hath found
                                         May you sphacelate you worthless antiquity
Oh the devil hath found
                                You reek of cigarettes and unfrequented deliriums
Oh the devil hath found
                                          What pandemonium!

Oh the devil hath found
                                           An oasis in a wasteland
Oh the devil hath found
                                           A humanoid dichotomy
Oh the devil hath found
                                        A sought after moral wreck
Oh the devil hath found

....Que le diable et son amant se chargent........
Derrek Faraday Dec 2018
Rattle on
And do so backwards
In the insular hole
Strangle lo’
To and fro, in herds
Build for me a pole

Wail along
And do so sweetly
In my crooked glyphs
Sail strong
To lands discreetly
A flintlock at your hip

Walk across
And do so sideways
In a tiled oasis
Count the cost,
To hands that play
Deal out epistasis

Swim away
And do so upwards
In a veiled monsoon
Drown the day
To Carinae
Seek its vagrant moon
Lexie Nov 2018
The inner workings of my mind have become lazy in their toil against the opposition
I am feeble minded and the legs of my stamina crumble
I am bent out of shape
I wish to hide, but I must seek
Yet I stumble about like a fool in the dessert
My oasis is dried up when my heart cries for a river to pour forth
Swallow me up in the night
I will surrender my self
As an angel of the night
Claim me as you do your own creation
Whisper to me where rest may be found
I seek peace above all else
Even as my heart thrums with the aching of the universe
I am so little to feel so much
Jules Aug 2018
in the vast crumbling timeline of the universe
13-year-old me is wondering
whether i exist.
4 years is a long time,
after all,
maybe enough to choose the exit,
leave the stage,
throw away everything
she is currently trying to hold together.

but here i am,
after all,
so she must have made it;
trekked through the perilous path of the future,
which is just another word for the unknown
which is just another word for nothing,
for empty,
and made it here.
and here is not a field of green,
but maybe an oasis in the desert.

i am proud of her, even if
it is not halfway done,
even if the road stretches dark and endless,
even if she has brought with her nothing
but fistfuls of doubt
all her ****** starving for reassurance—
will i be here in 3 years?
in 5 years?
in 10?

like a haunting hold,
a ghost.

but we have still made it,
after all.
for me,
and my 13-year-old spectre,
the question is not
how do you see yourself in the future
or where do you think you will be by then
or even what do you want to be doing in ten
but merely

will i see myself.
will i see myself.
will i get there.
it's fine, asking just means you still have hope for a positive answer
Midnight Sun Aug 2018
       wore moonlight
        in her hair
           Softly attached shade
       of shimmering silver
        with blue tint
    aroused the night Jasmine
to touch her whole
mind to body _
body to soul
The oasis of poetry
conquered her eyes
  with reality
of love _

imagination to art.
Now she paints love  
on the canvas
of her skin
where she wears
her heart
imperfectly. ...
Can't  you see
the painted pain
in poetry ?_

After walking in a desert
Under the burning sun
With scorching heat
That peels the skin

As if one finds
An oasis in desert

As if one finds coolness
Of a GRAND Banyan TREE

As if one finds peace
Under a Bodh-Gaya Tree

Such is the happiness & bliss
I feel inside my heart & being
The day I realized your
That's the time...
I completely surrendered
Myself in/to your LOVE...


My mind had so many questions
My life was just
An aimless wander-****
I was not getting anywhere...
I was seeking an anchor of LOVE

As if a canoe is fighting
A ravaging battle with
Surging oceanic waves and
Unable to sail to a shore

As if some sparkling-stars
In the dark-sky
Showed the direction
To the floundering boat
Towards a safe seacoast

Such is the happiness & bliss
I feel inside my heart & being
The day I realized your
That's the time...
I completely surrendered
Myself in/to your LOVE...


As the pitch dark nights becomes
Illuminated by your full-moon-shine

As if a thirst of desert
Since a millennium years
Receives dew drop messages of
Upcoming downpour of thunderstorm

Such is the happiness & bliss
I feel inside my heart & being
The day I realized your
And when
I completely surrendered
Myself to your LOVE...


I only walk on the path
That is leading me to YOUR SOUL

At all times....
In seasons of springs,
When flowers blossoms
In walks across thorns
During autumn leaves

In summers or winters
Over fires, over valleys
Without faltering or straying
From your LOVE course-call

To the one who was thirsty
For a single drop of water
As if
Destiny gave Divine nectar
To one's heart's content
To live & survive for Eternity

Such is the happiness & bliss
I feel inside my heart & being
The day I realized your
And when
I completely surrendered
Myself to your LOVE...


As the fire freezes to cold ice
Such is the blessing of your LOVE

As the cold ice melts into raging fire
Such is the blessing of your LOVE
tomorrow’s raindrops
falling on our shoes
our sheds and our attitudes
dead like winter
feathers turn red in spring
grief is a funny thing
how the mind hides from itself
its faults are shed like yesterday's skin
frequent lessons to be earned
and then dealt with
never make a bargain with the devil
rather let yourself listen
and then swiftly walk away
take your space
and face your inner demons
reside in the cave of safety
within your heart
we know that love is an art form
with more music and magic
bursting forth like fungus
the moment after the storm passes
i am drenched in your fabric

within a glass iris
lions dine on sunlight
and a kind walrus
dunks his head in your oasis
drunk on stone fruit
we drift into this music
forensics are freedom
as hungry lovers
lick loquacious diamonds
mined in eternity
dine upon my consciousness
and find the rivers edge
why do we no longer beg to taste
each other's lips anymore

as long ago i wandered
upon the ocean floor
and saw a tiny star
eyeing me curiously
from beneath the sand
but when i bent down to pick it up
i was surprised to find
it was not attached to anything
it was just lying there
shining like a diamond
within it i could see
everything as clear as day
and it had a musical way
of saying hello
and that there was no need to worry
because help was on the way
What is inside me when nothing is
begging to be released
I’m just an observer, a thought stirrer
A solid block of stone
Cold, standing tall when the wind blows
I wonder where it’s been though
My psychotic episodes
They seem so at home when I’m rambling all alone
I feel lost when it’s grip has no hold
My eyes a desert
And the world an oasis
I try to break this pattern
I try to find the way
It doesn’t matter
Dawnstar Feb 2018
I should have smiled
when I entered,
dusted like a corner table
with flakes of Maine ash:
grandiose visions of what
I sought to be.
Passing long marble rows;
walking briskly to comfort;
ushered in by the chill.
Neighbors might see me,
but I am cold,
so I do not smile.

In the longhouse,
they celebrate man's
dominion over time.
They pluck paper crafts
by their roots,
and fashion a little gift for me.
Oh, I am merry inside,
singing of renewal,
but I'm tired,
so I do not smile.

In open theater,
upon the carbonite stage,
I find myself
balancing on a tightrope,
while the audience roars and jeers.
I could play their games,
and surely they'd accommodate,
but I am bare,
so I do not smile.

Then, I'm out in the quarry,
cutting stone into thirds;
sweating from the hot sun.
A family sits across the way --
see how they laugh with one another!
If I were born
under a different sign,
I might join them;
but as this is my duty,
I do not smile.

No, I'll walk in circles
like the rest.
I'll make certain
the boilers are filled,
without time
for green-speckled wishes,
or chatting with friends,
old and new:
It's up and down
the stairs with you!
...To see that crescent
creeping through
the winter sky
would do my heart well....
There it is,
alight on the trail!
Yet still I do not smile.

On the road to destiny,
stuck behind two sisters on horseback....
If I were free,
I would slow
to hear their pleasant conversation,
but as I'm in a hurry,
I spur my horse onward,
my eyes set straight ahead;
my cloak whips as I pass,
and I do not smile.

At the great meeting of chieftains,
we are all
seated in the hall.
I feel the weight
of approaching weeks,
and the cold desert river
that awaits.
My face rises and falls
like the tide on the Aral Sea.
In soft surprise,
I feel a presence behind me.
Surrounded by circling vultures....
No wonder I hesitate
to expose my flesh.
Sands ******* my eyelids.
I take a quick glimpse,
but I am watched,
so I do not smile.

Soon, I come upon an oasis.
The water soothes
my parched throat,
and I,
a forager,
A hunting party makes camp
on the opposite bank.
I peer out through the shrubs....
Only a simple request
would rescue me,
but I am principled,
so I do not smile.

Watching fish jump by the water,
I long for that fading mornglow,
in tattered pots
and cairns,
by shuttered blinds,
where my emotions were kept.
All my love
is cradled in the shade.
Time moves on with haste,
and I do not smile.

At day's end,
I gather my belongings.
I rush to climb the peaks,
that I might meet her on the path.
Again, my heart lifts!
Her face appears in the distance.
With joy, I walk close to her.
I smile a little,
but does she notice?
How can one day's expression
erase those months of melancholy?
Now, my whole body forces a sigh;
I listen quietly to Otemoyan,
and I do not smile.
Written January 19, 2018.
Edited February 21, 2018.
Salmabanu Hatim Sep 2018
I was a nomad,
Searching for better pastures,
From one tender heart to another,
At last I found the oasis,
In my lover's heart,
I was home.
Larry Potter Oct 2018
I cursed my summer storms
And it poured down the whole sky
On me, heavily.
I keep dragging these horses
Down the raging river but they wouldn't
Drown quietly.
I watched the tides kiss the shore
Washing her tears away only to say  
Goodbye, repeatedly.
I tried deserting this sinking island
Trapped in midnight sunsets
But it wouldn't let me.

I started digging my own grave
But the sands keep receding towards
My inner gravity.
I went deeper until I found a well
Brimming with cold truths and bitter
I began staring at my own reflection
Until I saw my soul skin and
Bones, hungry.
In this lonely oasis I brought myself
Back from the dead into this
Barren reality.

I stopped looking for water
And let my heart bleed a fountain of
Pure clarity.
I embraced the restless winds
To change the course of my own
Fate, tirelessly.
I scattered my broken pieces
And they flourished in the land with
Rare beauty.
I once dreamed of sailing the seas
But now I'm swimming in the ocean
Of endless possibilities.
Ralph Akintan Dec 2018
I see you in the sky ,
Far, afar off.
I watch you from the earth,
Far, afar off.
Brightness enlightens the
      vicinity from the grip of
      elemental forces,
Enveloping the entire arena and
      beyond like the mother hen
      brooding her children out
      of the reach of seducing eyes
      of a roaming hawks in the
Your dome-shaped entity
      distinctively standing aloof
      like a magnificent rotunda
      palatial in the Arabian oasis.

Thirty nights of illumination,
When we spreads our mats
      to narrate tale under your
      watchful eyes.
When elders recounts narrative
      and ancient panorama of
When we clap,
When we sing,
When we dance
In the **** of your greatness.

Thirty nights of total darkness,
When lanterns endlessly
      searches for light to
      extinguish darkness,
When the night-callers
      terrorizes our quietness,
When the guardsmen work
      like wild wolves to fish
      out the sons of Belial,
When the night impels babies
      to retire to their cradles,
When the wiles of darkness
      inculcate an aura of fear into
       our minds.

Prolong your circles and
      brighten our hope.
You produces light,
You illuminates season.
Your neighbor reigns over
While you control the affairs
      of darkness.
NRIKO Aug 2018
How wonderful it is, I say, to the retreating
yellow form of your feelings I mistook
For Infatuation, you’re a romance heckler
far and far away from
Accepting fruition within classrooms and
being labelled as an angel.
And it was within forbidden **** of
euphoria, I found
You nestled in the society’s psyche
neither content or calling
For help. Neither did you neglect the
pink spectacles of the society,
Even found yourself moulding and moulding
into a fungi green
That I could not recognize, within that
half-sanctum, half-oasis I found you
Bathing in, you were already out of
its waters.
And I was no longer seeing you within
the dry desert or the sibilance
of my desires, but instead
in cement woodlands and
Within artificial communication and
Intimacy I gave willingly.
Now how does it feel, to have your
heart in one piece,
How does it feel to not use
whipped cream to fill in the
Cracked, salty sections of your
own ***** that,
Out of confusion, continues to
play its favorite song but
in all the wrong beats.
Somehow within cacophony I found
you, nestled, comfortable in
Bogus, fraudulent wings of a former
angel- who now weeps under our
Feet in theory- Somehow, somewhere,
I lost you within an epiphany
That reeked of bliss and pleasure-
Somehow, we end up losing
Twins of the heavens when all is well.
How wonderful.
How wonderful it is, I say, to your
lost, secretly-weeping figure
That I can’t tell whether transparent or
yellow your figure is.
But I keep speaking-
“Oh, how (falsely) wonderful it is-
To love the first angel I’ve set
my eyes upon-
“Oh, how (falsely) wonderful it is-
To lose an angel, no matter how
phoney, to a social heaven.”

- enriko. aug 5. 11:45pm
LylexRose Aug 2018

I think it's about time we go back to the basics, ever since I joined this I've risen and I'll take it, met people who called me out on ******* what you think that I fake this, everything everytime and everywhere, I want this bad and I really wanna make it, been a few years since I've been at this, but been through **** since age of age six, eyes looking to the light looking for the oasis, but I guess I'm the let down, seeds of our past are long since sown, the king of me never owned a throne, just turned twenty but it feeling like millennia I've been around, some days I still feel like I'm drowning, mostly just feels like I'm surrounded, by my family looking up from the ground...dead is where I'll end up, don't try to interrupt, glass half empty , half full cup, I'm still taking baby steps, been 4 weeks since I've slept, love what I'm doing but I'm still just an adept, but it's the ones closest to you you should protect...

Lines and lies...
I've watched as time goes by...
Where came from and where I hide...
Lines and lies...
Lines and lies...

Now let's rewind 13 years, back when I had no clue why I'm here, don't try say that this isn't real, really you have no clue how I feel, how I'm dealing with this fear, a kid whose life was torture for years, fond memories of being beaten by the stairs, only escape I could see was rope, letting my head hang loose, from the end of a noose, but the reason I didn't choose it, it's because I'm not ******* ******, what I did instead, was jot all of my thoughts in my notepad, making my life feel a little less sad, a little less mad, a little less lost, a little more like home, yo, choosing to lose my myself in the lyrics, you hear what I said, feeling the music through my veins, trying to feel no pain, now from listening, bless this, hip hop mended all the wrong what I did, do not try to fight this, fall into the abyss, just a kid with the ability to resist, now sing a prayer for this, yeah...

Lines and lies...
I've watched as time goes by...
Where came from and where I hide...
Lines and lies...
Lines and lies...

Addicted to these drugs, addicted to this love, through this war I'm the white dove, I'm never giving in, never giving up, sometimes wondering if I go to sleep will I ever wake up, nah, made a lot of mistakes but I let God do the judging, lying under oath, trying to do both, never try to swim when you can float, set sail on this boat, out to sea, out to see if my life is mine, state of mind, make my worth writing these lines, never need to chase lines, it's my life I've gotta find, limited edition, one of a kind, yeah, addicted to a life I don't really understand, grinding through life ain't never making plans, but how you gonna say, I'll just make it on my way yeah.

Lines and lies...
I've watched as time goes by...
Where came from and where I hide...

It's a little bit twisted, if you learn this, teach this, hold this, keep this. Quieter's quiet won't this, don't try to predict my actions, this is what I'm left with, lost my in own feelings, Closed curtains , doors with railings, jailing me in the current of condition of my state of mind, I can't find, let the light of God shine, clear a path through time, where I'll end up will be redefined, a path walked but always blind...
In short it's the story of my life and also a message to not give up on your dream...
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