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Commuter Poet Mar 2016
Blue note
Blue note
Help me be free
Free from the struggle
That weigh down on me

Blue Note
Blue Note
Make me belong
To somethin' much greater
Than my simple song

Blue note
Blue note
You bendin' the rhyme
You got me, a prisoner
From bygone ol’ time

Blue note
Oh blue note
I plod out my blues
And under my feet
See my vagabond shoes

Blue note
Blue note
I’ll gather my tears
And pray for redemption
For all the lost years

Blue note
Blue note
Why you so blue?
When love done gon lef' you
Ain't nothin’ to do

Blue note
Blue note
Resting down low
Ain't no one, no never
Don fall down so slow
23rd March 2016
Dani Greaves Aug 2012
I have this note.
A little note
on yellow paper,
with a young man's signature.
I keep this note.

I have this note.
A blank note.
Yes, there are words.
But they are empty.
Nothing from the heart expressed.
Over and over, I read this note.

I have this note.
The only note.
A single lasting artifact
of a romance gone by.
Yet still, the note survives.

I have this note.
A damaged note.
Ripped in two;
like me from you.
I keep the pieces of this note.

I have this note.
A months-old note.
Scribbled, signed & torn; mine.
A cold reminder of harder times.
But I cannot come to trash this note.
Written August 11, 2012. Comments encouraged.
Alexia Côté Jul 2014
September 1st

Note to self: go meet new people

October 1st

Note to self: Give yourself the right to fall in love with him

November 1st

Note to self: Love yourself as much as you love him

December 1st

Note to self: Get him the best Christmas Gift

January 1st

Note to self: Make your New Year's resolution to be good to him this year

February 1st

Note to self: Make it so he spends Valentine's day with you

March 1st

Note to self: Get him to hang it with you again, it's been forever

April 1st

Note to self: It's okay if he's in love with someone else, it's not a joke

May 1st

Note to self: Buy more tissues on the way home

June 1st

Note to self: Don't fall in love again

July 1st

Note to self: Just get over him already

August 1st

Note to self: Find someone to replace him in your life.
Aerial Fabish Jan 2015
Note to lover:
I would jump over stars and through galaxies for you.
Your essence is pure, your heart is gold.
You are worth more than the scars of your past.

Note to past:
You are all-consuming, yet powerless.
Your power lies inn my hands alone.

Note to loneliness:
Though you gnaw at my stomach,
Your sharp teeth piercing my heart,
I refuse to let you win.

Note to winnin:
You're not always worth it.

Note to worth:
You are not defined by the weight that your body possesses.
You are also not defined by lust.

Note to lust:
More people have died at your hands than the hands of love.
You're no better than wealth.
In fact, you warp people,
And we all know there are worse things than greed.

Note to greed:
I am guilty of this sin.
He is mine and mine alone.
I want to keep him all for myself.

Note to self:
Stop trying to squish everything into a box.
Black and white are only spectrums of color.

Note to color:
Brighten this world.
Show me more than black and white and red.
Show me rainbows and miracles.

Note to miracles:
Children believe because they are closest to you.
Too often are you overlooked
Simply because you overpopulate the planet.

Note to the planet:
I'm sorry.

Note to sorrow:
Stop crushing my lungs
And pouring out of my veins.

Note to veins:
Purple, blue, and green have never looked
So lovely, so tempting.
Blood rushes through you with every emotion,
Making you pulse whenever I am with my lover.

Note to lover:
Never open up the boxes in my head,
For all you will see is the past.
And colors.
And lost light that will blind your soul.
I'm hopping on the Oprihory bandwagon. I like the style, and decided to give it a try. I actually had a lot of fun writing this, and I am quite proud of it.
Remmy Oct 2017
I wrote a note
I wrote the note
The note of notes
The final note
Well what was supposed to be the final note
I was in the tub
The last tub
With a blade
The blade
Against my wrist
The right wrist
Because the left is the second wrist
But my note
The note
Wasn't printed out
It was still on my phone
How can you write a note
The last note
And not know that it will be seen
So I wrote the note
The last note
And now I have a chance to write more notes
So what do I do with the last note
I wrote my suicide note 2 weeks ago and almost killed my self, now I'm in treatment and I don't know what to do with it
Lilly frost Oct 2015
A note
A note
All you left me was a note
After all we've been through
All you leave is a note!
No extra tight hug goodbye
No cherished kiss
No last night to talk and laugh?
A note
Just a note
No last I love you
No tender touch?
Just a note
No hint towards your pain
Though people aren't my domain
I could've helped
But no
A note
I got a note
A ******
Crumpled piece of paper
That I will cherish for ever
Your last words scrawled in sloppy blue pen

"I'll see you in the next life. I'll love you even then. I'll love you until we meet again."
broken poet Jul 2018
I wasn’t gonna leave a note
I was gonna just do it
With no thoughts for my family
I wasn’t thinking about them
I just wanted everything to stop

I wasn’t gonna leave
I know that’s horrible but how would I explain my pain in a note
How would a note help them in any way
If they didn’t have a note then they’d just assume it was bullying
If I left them a note they’d have to come to terms with the fact that
All the signs were right in front of them for years
If I left them a note it wouldn't be to help them feel better it’d be to tell them how they could have stopped it if only they’d paid attention

If I left a note it wouldn't benefit anyone so why should I have left a note
Je te note, Maitreyi,
Comme je te l'ai promis
Non pas que je te compare à d'autres
Ni que j'évalue ta sismicité
Sur une échelle quelconque de Richter
Ou une valence particulière
À laquelle tu serais prédisposée .
Je te note, ma poétesse, ma philosophe,
Ma peintre, mon actrice, ma nourrice,
Non pas pour te donner une côte
Un numéro dans une course handicap
À la jouissance absolue
À la jouissance infinie
À la jouissance inaccessible.
Dans ma note il n'y a ni favori
Ni outsider ni tocard
Il n'y a pas de trente-huit contre un
Et je ne joue pas le champ sur ton nom
Et peu m'importent ton entraîneur, ton soigneur, ton jockey, ton lad
Peu m'importe le guru qui te drive
Je ne te note ni de zéro à vingt
Je ne te note ni de a à z
Et même si je sais fort bien
Que toute note dénote un à priori
Un parti pris
J'essaie d'être le moins partial possible
J'essaie d'être juste.
Et même quand on chante faux
On ne mérite jamais de zéro pointé
Car on a essayé, on a osé
On a performé.
On a perforé l'air de sa voix.
On a existé.
Je te note donc, ma pantheiste,
Tout en relativisant la portée de mon geste
Je te note les lèvres mineures et majeures,
Les jambes, les chevilles au ralenti
Comme par effraction symbolique
Je t'effleure de ma clé d'ut
Et je te parsème de dièses et de bémols
Je soupèse tes noires et tes blanches
Je te caresse indistinctement tes do
Tes la, tes mi, tes sol, tes fa, tes ré
Qui bouillonnant de concert
Dans un indécryptable maelström
Et je décrète de ma toute-puissance Arbitrale et analytique
Que tu es muse atypique
De chocolat et de vanille
En sempiternelle excursion dans le plaisir
Et donc par définition histrionique
Éternellement insatisfaite
Et la note coquette que je te donne en dot
C'est le silence de la divine comédie
Que j'ai plaisir à déchiffrer
Dans la distance pudique de l'absence incurable
Des Ganges couleur avocat qui couinent muets
Entre trente-deuxième de soupir
Et bâton de pause.
As my feelings quote a note. That is inspired to drive the last tear inside you. As my feelings quote a note. That provokes you to stay on that road not yet foretold. As my feelings quote a note. To your dear heart, that is apart from tonight, she took everything inside. As my feelings quote a note. That rose from a fire to be on today's headline. As my feelings quote a note. That will not keep quiet in the loudest equalizer of life. As my feelings quote a note. To those reading this note, open your eyes and float.
PJ Poesy Apr 2016
Note this my cohort,
debunk what junk crusts your eye
Dig up memory of that first trespass
Loyalty sworn to innocence why?
Note this disease given between my thighs
Come by seek now dolor of blistered
Note condemnation, impressive tongue-lashing
Note my enemies' constant rehashing
And how must I rehabilitate rapture?
Like lamb offered in sacrificed slashing

Yet given my pride, note my superb devotees
Partiality given as they come and go with winter's breeze

Note winter's cold and me on my knees
Between two thieves strung and nailed
Note glory of how love tried but failed
As lamb of sacrifice last breath exhaled
ryn Sep 2016
There lived a man, a crooked man
Whose fingers stretched feeble and thin
A note he did write with all of his might
And he hid it on his person before his journey did begin

To whom the note was for, it was never addressed
The man never did disclose
For reasons unclear and secrets untold
This note was the way he chose

"I used to be one with my own darkness
And it fed me fat with lies and fear
It upset people so and everyone left me
Even those I held so close and dear

It seeped into my skin and ate at my bones
It drove my mind insane
I knew I'd rather brave the walk
If I didn't, I'd die in vain

I'd walk for miles for I wish not to die alone
I'd walk in search of anyone
I'm wary of the shadows that lurk behind me
So I choose to walk into the sun

Now I've written this note in diminishing hopes
Should soon if I fall to the ground
At least someone would come to know of me
Should this parchment be discovered and found"

Know this man, the crooked man
Whose note bore his message sombre
He never did find the salvation he sought
He'd never known a happily ever after
Part 5 of 6
Marshal Gebbie Mar 2012
It is a slow day in a little Greek Village. The rain is beating down and the streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit. On this particular day a rich German tourist is driving through the village, stops at the local hotel and lays a €100 note on the desk, telling the hotel owner he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one to spend the night. The owner gives him some keys and, as soon as the visitor has walked upstairs, the hotelier grabs the €100 note and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher takes the €100 note and runs down the street to repay his debt to the pig farmer. The pig farmer takes the €100 note and heads off to pay his bill at the supplier of feed and fuel. The guy at the Farmers' Co-op takes the €100 note and runs to pay his drinks bill at the taverna. The publican slips the money along to the local ******* drinking at the bar, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer him "services" on credit. The ****** then rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill to the hotel owner with the €100 note. The hotel proprietor then places the €100 note back on the counter so the rich traveller will not suspect anything. At that moment the traveller comes down the stairs, picks up the €100 note, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, pockets the money, and leaves town. No one produced anything. No one earned anything. However, the whole village is now out of debt and looking to the future with a lot more optimism. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how the bailout package works.

Wonderful article passed on to me by an anonymous author

Victoria Park Tunnel
6 march 2012
Bathsheba Dec 2010
Rob the ***’s an ignorant man
Ill educated
chancer’s dripping pan

The day he fell in lust with a Roman Catholic *****
He entrapped her as his prisoner
So men could not gaze at her no more

Within a month
A life was spawned
Up the aisle they did flee
This is
my friend
Just the start
Of the
???????? dynasty

Deserted by their families
Cast out
To breed alone
Rob was dictatorial
A king upon his throne

No longer would she work for Smedleys up the road
Her life to now be governed by her husband’s crazy code

First came a boy  “1”
Followed by a girl  “2”
Followed by a girl  “3”
Followed by a girl  “4”
Followed by a girl  “5”
Followed by a boy  “6”
Followed by a boy  “7”

Now “I” stand in this pecking order
somewhere at the top
The inheritance of madness
Nobody can stop
The boys were brainwashed daily
Taunted with being gay
Withdrawal kicked in very quick
And with them it did stay
The girls were ****** and *****
Irrespective of attire
Educated so very young to
all natural desires

After the birth of the firstborn
Rob decided to no longer work
His job was in the house now
In shadows he would lurk
Rules and regulations
Beaten with a stick
Quite an achievement really

FOR    A    MAN    SO    *******    THICK

Do you remember No1?
How you practised with your fists
Smashed his ******* head in
Til he was shrouded in a mist
He wore 4 jumpers every day
Because you told him he was puny
Are you proud of your inheritance?
You raving ******* loony

Note: No1’s best friend turned out to be a *******
but that’s a whole new chapter

Do you remember No2?
What happened when she was seven?
I don’t know what’s wrong or right
The truth lies in the vaults of heaven
She cut a blackbird’s head off
And danced with manic glee
You created all of us
One great big ****** up family

Note: No2 ended her marriage after falling in love with
her 15 year old baby sitter

Do you remember No3?
How you decided she was loose
So she crawled inside a bottle
of alcoholic juice
Every day she went out thieving
just to feed her habit
Rob do you remember the day that
you made her eat her rabbit?
Could not put down roots
So roamed from town to town
Keeping her head above the sewer
For fear that she might drown

Note: No3 is happy and leaves the past in the past where
it belongs ... for now

Do you remember No4?
That must have been some job
for her to have been sectioned so many times
When you stand before your maker
Will you admit
to all of your crimes?
Or will you shrivel up?
Try to pass the buck?
Well … listen up here Rob
You’re running out of ******* luck

Note: No4 is now living with another fellow loony and
trying to normalise her existence

Do you remember No5
The girl now thinks that every man is a *******
Can you imagine anything that really is more vile?
You turned the girl into a cunning compulsive liar
Lost forever behind the shield of the constant surface fire
Are you proud of all your children?
Does your heart not swell with pride?
Is this what you envisaged?
On that day you took your bride

Note: No5 is on the lookout for a rich farmer to impregnate
her so that she can live of off his money

Do you remember No6
Oh yes, of course, he lives on the same estate
But he won’t give you the time of day
Is it time yet to contemplate?
He keeps his family separate
Tries to keep them pure
Antidote was easy
Separation from you was this man’s cure
Feeling any guilt yet?
Shame for what you’ve done?
Or do you still think that we are all *******
Each and every one

Note: No6 lives on happily with his family and has
had no contact for 15 years ... for now

Do you remember No7
The 7th child of the 7th child
Now where do I begin?
Fed him sweets and biscuits
Smirking with that evil grin
Kicked him out the house all day
Come the rain or shine
No wonder that he ended up
With a mind that’s much maligned
This man was surely worth a punt?
But not by you
****** up ******* ****

Note: No7 continues trying to slay the dragon and is more
grounded due to the love of his son

So ******* Rob and **** your ways
I will hate you til the end of days
You had no right to **** up the lives
Of your children
Or your ***** of a wife
And when you die
When the time is right
When Beelzebub has you in his sight
That’s the point the cork will blow
Time slows down and you will know
Your wicked ways were not a given
You will never ever be forgiven
Into the bowels of hell you’ll burn
To late for lessons to be learned

This poem has become deeply personal to me because as a consequence of penning this ..... my loving parents decided in their wisdom to divorce me and my brother Jack .... Oh ... how we laughed !!!
Joel A Doetsch Mar 2014
I'm looking deep into her eyes

Looking into her eyes...
is like opening a door that leads...
to another door

Wait..really?  OK...I open the door.

This door leads to a long, winding path,
like the winding path of your love.  
The path leads to a third door

O...K. I open the door.

This door leads to a spiral staircase
descending down, down, down,  deep
into her soul.
At the bottom of the staircase is--

A door?

A door.

I open the door

The door is locked.  The key might be under the mat

Seriously?  I check under the mat

Nope, not there.  Maybe try under the small rock next to the door

Oh for the love of...I check the rock

There is a key

Wonderful...I unlock and open the door

Inside this door is a large atrium
the glass ceiling giving way to a
beautiful summer night, the stars
twinkling in the distance.  At the
far end of the Atrium, there is a curtain

Sigh I pull aside the curtain

There is a door

Come on!  I open the ruddy door.

You find yourself in a long hallway,
with fine art hanging along the walls.
Crimson carpet lines the floor.
At the end of the hall is a door  locked
with a combination biometric
fingerprint scanner/retinal scanner


You have 10 seconds to unlock the door
before the hunter-bots de-atomize you

What!?  Ok! I try my fingerprints and eye!

The door unlocks and the hunter-bots stand down.
In the next room are three vials.  Two of them contain
terrible neuro-toxins that will lead to an excruciatingly
painful death.  The third will allow you to continue on
to the next room.  You have 30 seconds to choose before
you are terminated

What the hell is this!?

This is the path to true love hidden deep in her eyes

No, this is insanity!

15 seconds

OK!  Geez!  Umm..Vial Number 2!

You're totally dead

Oh god!

Just kidding.  None of them had poison...was just messing with you


Really?  There's only one more door.  I swear

...Fine.  What ridiculous thing do I need to do to open it.

It's already open.  You find yourself in a circular room
with a pedestal in the center.  On the pedestal is a hand
written note.  On that note is the key to everlasting happiness

I pick up the note

You smell sweet hints of your beloved's perfume and
notice the care that each word of the note was written.

What does the note say?

My love:

Next Tuesday Only --  Buy One-Get One Free at J.J's Pizza.  Cannot be combined with any other offers/coupons.  Must present coupon upon purchase.  Expires 1/14/14

...An expired coupon for Pizza?

Such a wonderful expression of love!

How do I get out of here...

You see a door
Anjana Rao Aug 2016
There are no rules of how things are supposed to go.

There are norms,
There are laws,
There are risks, but

there are no rules.

What I mean is
every single ex you’ve ever had
has talked to you one more time, one more time, one more …
Their comings and goings doesn’t change anything,
they will always and forever be


What I mean is,
stop asking yourself
what is going on in their brain when you both agree that
you shouldn’t talk, when they tell you that what you had was
not healthy,

and then
send you a selfie weeks later.

Note to self:

not everything has to mean something,
they do not want to be your friend,
you will never be friends

[you never were].

Note to self:

There are no rules of how things are supposed to go.

What I mean is
people come and go,
and reply and don’t,
and listen and don’t
and there is no one thing that you
do in response.

Note to self:

stop trying to drill the word
into your head.

What I mean is,


has never changed a thing -
Not a feeling, not another person, not yourself,
only loaded you with
Guilt, guilt, so much guilt
that you think your back might break,
it’s hard to believe but,
you don’t have to carry that load.

Note to self:

**** them all,
you do not have to listen to and believe
every ****** thing everyone has ever told you,
you do not have to plead –
believe me, believe me, believe me
[and change]

to the people who’ve hurt you,
you do not have to prostrate yourself
to the authority figures
because they have more degrees and more success
than you do.

Note to self:

if it doesn’t work for you,
then it doesn’t work for you,


to your ****** up brain,
it is traumatized, produces toxins and noise and too many feelings, has been wrong, wrong, wrong, but

it has gotten you through.

Note to self:

it is okay,
it is not okay,
it just is.
--- Sep 2013
I passed a note
A past note
Passed to you
In the past
What does it say?
Here's a hint
This is the note now
And it says
I passed a note
A past note
Passed to you
In the past
What does it say?
Here's a hint
This is the note now
And it says
I love you.
alexis hill Jul 2015
I keep reminding myself, that mental illness goes along with greatness. Hemingway. Sylvia Plath. Billie Holiday. Dickens. Melville. These are just a few of the great minds that suffered from a fine madness. Should they have been medicated into mediocrity? Or lived in mediocrity because they were not properly medicated or in proper treatment?
All of these individuals: exceptional human beings.
Note: Do you want to be exceptional? Or exceptionally dead.
Marlin Huang Aug 2017
My mom used to tell me when I was a kid
that thank you note is important.
To let people know that you're thankful,
and appreciate their efforts.
As I grow older,
I'm so used on writing thank you notes
with the same template on every note.
But I, or we, tend to forget to write one
for those who cope with our lives.
So I wrote this one is for you.

Thank you for letting me crash in your place
when I was far from sober,
almost on every Friday nights.
You literally picked me up when I'm down.
On the grown.

Thank you for staying up with me until 5
even when you got a big meeting
at 8 in the morning.
Because you know how much I hate sleeping,
but I'll be the bitchiest *****
if you try to wake me up.

Thank you for bringing me a bouquet
of fake flowers
instead of the real one.
You sure know me way too well
to know that I can't keep real flowers alive.
Or cactus, or fishes, or my phone's battery.
Yea, my phone's battery *****.
But you trust me to keep what we have, alive.
And lasts as long as it possibly could.

Thank you for making every queue line
less boring with all your dad jokes,
they made me think that
you're a qualified good father
to your future kids.
Or maybe ours.
But I hate children and you love them,
as much as I hate karaoke
and as much as you love it.
But gosh, you made me think of adopting.

We are nothing but night and day.
A thunderstorm and a rainbow.
A cactus and a peony.
A manageable chaos and
a managed you.
And yet we compliment each other like
peanut butter and pickle on a sandwich.
Sure, it's one of the weirdest combination
but somehow it goes surprisingly fine.

I swear I'm not going to make this cheesy
but if it was, well,
I know this is not what you imagine
to be with me
in the first place
when you slipped into my life.
But I thank you,
for deciding to stay.
Dev Feb 2018

Line by line,
Stroke by stroke,
It is high time I wrote this note.

This arrangement of letters
to words on a page
To explain why from this world I disengage.

To explain how I felt when you held my hand
And how it was from the moment we ran.
But we started too late and now here I am
Writing this note with the very same hand.

Truth be told, I hope no one ever sees
The note on which I have diseased
with my poisonous thoughts.
Perhaps I should leave.

But what kind of friend leaves without a note?
No piece of paper on which they have wrote
A note excusing why this is what they chose?

But what does it matter if I even try,
At any given moment, we all live or die.
And if that makes you sad, go ahead. Go on, cry.
A note with an excuse, is a note with a lie.
Mike Hauser Jun 2013
Lackluster in appearance
Nothing much to gaze upon
If you were drawn to something special
This box would not be the one

Next to the box a note
Placed on the note a beautiful key
Inlaid with the most precious of jewels
A mind could ever dream

Riches beyond  all measure
Cloud your every thought
If the key it holds such treasure
What could be inside the box

As you unfold the note
Taken aback by what they wrote
If this key in the lock you do use
This very same key is the one you'll lose

So you sit and ponder the question
So long and hard you feel you could cry
Is the treasure in the key you hold
Or what is hidden inside

As the key slides in the box
You hold your breath then deeply sigh
An empty box before you sits
All except for the note inside

The note you remove and read
It all now can be plainly seen
The treasure you seek is not born of greed or pride
The true treasure in all is the treasure of life
Raj Arumugam Jun 2014
below are notes from various people (all imagined) to Karma...

Dear Karma
You're doing a great job -
people are in deep **** as they deserve
But what I don't understand is -
why me too?

Dear Karma
I've got a hit list
of people
you've missed

Dear Karma
I can see so many ambitious
becoming downright failures
as they justly deserve to be -
but how come
I'm still at the bottom of the ladder?

Dear Karma
Life's not fair  -
I punched the guy next door
straight on his tummy
and he broke my arms and legs

Dear Karma
You're somewhat erratic
I invited the beggars into my house
and they stole everything
Is that how it's supposed to work?
I don't see my reward in this;
I don't even get to be famous like Mother Teresa

Dear Karma
All the baddies
are doing well
but why does a good guy
like me fare so bad?

Dear Karma
You can do no wrong
as you're keeping things exactly
as they should be -
I'm doing superb;
everybody else is ******* up
That's the way I like it
If I wrote a suicide note, what would it say?
Would it be for tomorrow or today?
Would it be full of goodbyes or would I let people know
how I died and why I had to go.
Would people see me as weak or brave?
Will my friends grieve or celebrate?
Would I be the victim or the suspect?
Did I push myself all the way to death?

If I wrote a suicide note it wouldn't be a suicide note after all.
I was looking over the edge when you made me fall.
You pushed me over and you watched me die.
That's not suicide, that's homicide.
A note with no goodbyes, no farewells.
No apologies, not stories to tell.
A straight forward homicide report will do.
With the victim listed as me and the suspect, you.
Test Ting Won To Tree
Charles Fleischer

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Dark wool glowing is to Oldest lost oddity as First genetic engine is to?
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Eve Apr 2015
I must take note,
of how the people lie,
their dastardly twists and turns,
their shifting and conflicting emotions,
spiraling out of C O N T R O L,
their faces grim, as the enigma is made,
they paradoxed their words and actions, and all I,
and all I am for, it a laughter under my mask.

I must take note,
for if I don't, I won't be able to detect a group's actions,
they could cause the destruction of my dynasty,
I had set up in my mind,
I deliberately made a world of hope for those who need it,
I who is king, I who is God,
I, who is the only citizen,
they must not find out, and corrupt it,
for I will go hysterical.

I must take note,
of the weather,
what makes the spherical mass in space,
and the biodiversity in it continue to go forward,
for the blades of grass that cut me like a knife,
or the indifference of the flowers lovers give to us,
or the emotions, the physical strain,
that is made within the weather,
how my bones ache in the sun,
and how my emotions contrast in the rain.

I must take note,
or I shall parish,
or I shall meet my demise,
whether it be at the hands of the blades of grass,
or the conspiracies made from the liars,
or the people,
for I will meet my expiry,
the storybooks have told me so.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 2018
Willie sat by the side of
the river in a philosophical
mood under a weeping willow.

Midway, between the two
banks, was a small island
only paddling distance away.

Debris from a previous flood
had accumulated on the low
foliage of an uprooted tree.

A funnel of cold air from the
ten arch bridge made a wind
sock of a plastic net nitrate bag.

In all his time, Willie had never
ventured on to this little islet,
even wondered if he should flag it.

Off with the shoes, rolled up the
legs of his trousers and slowly he
negotiated his way over the stones.

On exploring the land mass, which
was an isthmus of a mere ten square
meters, he decided to return to land.

Just before his disembarkation, he
noticed a large denominational euro
note caught in the gills of a dead fish.

Eureka Eureka money and food all
in the one catch (was his thought as
he made his way back).

The sodden state of the 100 euro note
was what guided Willie’s wise decision
to take it, as was, to the local Credit Union.

In the queue whilst waiting for a vacant
teller, everyone was admiring Willie’s
dead fish.

Eventually, at the desk, and known to
those working therein, a 100 euro note
was not his norm and created suspicion.

After tendering the note attached to the
Trout, that had apparently been fowl
hooked up the river by Johnny Logan,

The lady behind the desk called for the
manager, who immediately held the note
up to the halogen fraud lamp.

Willie had never encountered anything like
this when he made a 5 euro deposit once a
month to his savings account.

He enquired of the manager as to why he
was holding his fish and 100 euro note up
against the bright light.

The manager responded,  “ It is the policy of
all banking systems to check high denominational
notes for visible water marks “ !!
This is a true story that happened in Mallow
County Cork Ireland in March of this year
2018. A local journalist Eugene Cosgrove
covered the story for " The Kerryman " news
paper.  A photo of the fish that caught the
100 euro note was controversial, and currently,
there is a legal challenge between Willie Eaton,
Johnny Logan and the Mallow Trout anglers
association, who stock the river. The 100 euro
note is being held at the local Garda Siochana
pending the outcome of the tribunal.
Johnny Logan makes his on Fly's and can prove
without doubt the Dry Fly that spiked the 100
euro note, is actually his and thus claims the money.
Johnny uses Chicken Wishbones and feathers for his hooks.
Meanwhile, The Anglers association also have a strong
case that is currently being discussed, because according to
the fishing charter, only fish that have been taken from the
river by Rod and Reel, are the property of the Angler.
The Fish has been placed in a deep freeze, with the Fly and
100 euro note intact and will be visible to the public at the next hearing.
Willie's solicitors also have a strong case insofar that the fish was on
the Island of The River Blackwater just by the Town Bridge and the Island
has never been charted, thus giving the dead fish a status of what would be akin to refugee. The European Union (EEC) are now involved, as this could
set a precedent for The Fisheries Act, currently topical between France and UK
over the Scollop War's. More on this case will follow, as soon as I have a report from Eugene Cosgrove.
Jessica Crandall Aug 2014
It was after some stupid fight
that I was walking along,
the sun warm on my face,
and I stumbled upon a note.
I paused and looked, just in case
the one who dropped it was still in sight,

but no one was around.
Curious beyond reason, I stared;
frozen by an inner debate.
Caution urged me to leave it there
but caution was never my strongest trait,
so I picked up this note I had found.

I looked it over, it being completely plain
and I wondered if I should open it.
Perhaps it contained something better left unseen;
a deep, dark, forgotten secret
Or something worse, sick and obscene.
Perhaps something evil or utterly profane.

But there was a chance it was something sweet;
a note of passion and honesty.
A beautiful expression of love unending,
a note of caring, belonging, and need.
A lover’s carefully worded longing
meant to meld two souls into one complete.

Or it could be a note of sorrow;
a soul isolated in feelings of solitude
crying out in desperate need.
A final word to the world before
from themselves they allow to bleed
their every promise of tomorrow.

By then the temptation was much too great.
I wanted to know the truth of this note.
I had to see what was inside-
treasure map, words of anger or of promise,
whether truth, lies, of those living or those who have died,
this note was mine now, my secret link to fate.

Slowly I opened it, hardly breathing at all.
There lay the words I’d been dying to see,
each printed with neat deliberation.
Milk, eggs, bread, celery…
Disappointed, I let the note fall.
A Mar 2016
I  am facing yet another war, and I know you are too.
So please know,
This battle is worth fighting for you.
I rather be loved by the outcasted,
Then to be hated by the royalty.
But I will always be a princess suited in metal armor.

I promise to hold your hand and clense you of your wounds,
I promise to always listen,  validate, and accept you no matter what weight, age, color, size, sexuality or diagnosis.
I promise to always fight for your safe haven to become the world you live in.

Even if you do not think you are worth it,

I always will.

Equality for all,
Or equality for none.
Sun at its peak, everything outside is so bright,
but her room is giving a horrific sight.
She stands in front of mirror wearing his favorite dress.
Her reflection looks back at her, asking
"who are you?"
She touches her lips, closes her eyes.
"You're a freak and I love it. Can you be mine?"
She opens her eyes wide,
as woke up from a nightmare,
or maybe it was only a haunted memory.
But something is breaking inside.
She picks up lipstick, paints her lips red.
Looks damaged but but beautiful outside.

"I love you so much. You're the best thing happened to me. Stay with me forever. You're my life."
She walks towards the side table.
A suicide note is waiting there to get read.
Burning it with her lighter, she smiles.

"Why are you so depressed all time? What is bothering you?
Why you get this anxiety? You got me baby. Its all fine."
She turns and makes her calendar marked 6th of July.
Putting all pain behind,
she lefts a sigh of relief as if the beast,
that stalks her is duped forever.

"Why are you so possessive? I hate it.
How can you have a lot of Internet friendships but no friends in real? You gotta change yourself."
She walks through the door.
A new life is ahead her.

"No you don't have to change yourself this way. Don't be childish."
She is going down through stairs.

"There is nothing normal with you. You always exaggerate things. Sometimes I hate even myself to be with you."

Suddenly she hears a phone ring coming out of her room.
Her stomach drops.

"Things are not working out baby I'm sorry..."

She is going back to her room.

"We must get separated."

Her hands trembling, her heart making a one last wish.

"Why did you cut your wrist? I hate you even more now"

Mommy's text was there that she might get late today.

"You're a freak. Get out of my life."

She smashes her phone into mirror.
She is done with being all fine.
She is not going outside now to show the world that she is strong.
Her screams filling the room.
"I love you please come back."
But only echoes are there laughing back at her.
And here she goes
writing again a suicide note.
Lately I wasn't feeling fine and I wrote this. Maybe there are some mistakes but this is what all I have to write
Miss X Apr 2014
Suicide note:
"My life left me
I leave life."
Nesma Aug 2018
She leaves a note that she signed with her name although nobody else was there because he whispered the name of another woman while he was inside her.
She left a note that she’s written in her bright red lipstick because he said it made her lips look like cherries, and her mother had taught her that the fastest road to a man’s heart is a good meal.
She leaves the note in her bright red lipstick because he didn’t compliment the dress she wore on her fragile body, the shoes she wore on her dainty feet, or the heart she wore on her sleeves;
he complimented the lipstick she wore as a note written on his bedroom mirror;
a mirror that extends from the coarse land of Persia to the frozen seas of the north pole.
What she likes the most about the note she left is that she covers a part of the mirror, and a mirror is never a friend.

He takes a leap of faith and jumps headstrong into a relationship that he knows will drown him.
He was named a champion in the 2015 Olympiad for swimming;
he lost his golden medal but the whiplash on his heart when he delved firsthand into the waters will always remind him how salty it tasted.
He sinks into an abyss of intensity that he cannot dry out no matter how long he sits near the lonely candle next to Madonna’s portrait.
He soaks in the glistening sunlight; water was never his friend.

She brushes her hair every evening and every evening she reminds herself that she needs to brush off her family’s rejection.
He trains everyday and every day he reminds himself that his heart is also a muscle.
They do it in the dark because it’s easy to love another and scary to see yourself.
Q Oct 2014
I'll write a letter
To those who matter
Because, though I won't be there to see
I want to imagine the faces of those
Who I'm not writing to.

I'll write a note to him because he still intrigues me
It'll be a cowardly note that says everything I couldn't
And I'll cross my fingers when I open my veins,
I'll pray he didn't care for me
I'll pray it doesn't hurt him
Because he doesn't deserve it.

I'll write a note to her because she's his
And he's hers and that still hurts me somedays
And because I love her like I love him:
In a million, million ways.
And I'll cross my fingers when I open my veins
I'll pray she's enough to get him to stay
I'll pray she doesn't care so she'll be okay.

I'll write a note to her because she birthed me
And I'll explain the importance of contraception
And I'll tell her I don't blame her and give absolution
And then take it back in the next sentence.
And I'll cross my fingers when I open my veins
I'll pray she hurts until she can barely breath
In the same breath, I'll pray she forgets me
And uses the rest of her life to be as free as she wanted to be.

I'll write a note to him because he's my sister
And I'll explain the way I hate him and do hate him
And I'll explain the way I never stopped feeling the rage
Of every single wrong he did me over the years
And then I'll forgive him because he doesn't need me to
And I'll cross my fingers when I open my veins
That he'll understand the simplicity and importance of tact
I'll pray that he gets everything he wants in life
I'll pray he understands why I couldn't wish that
While there was still air in my lungs.

I'll write a note to him because I hate him and I love him
And it'll explain the way child abuse lingers for years
And it'll say how much I wanted to see his grave before my own
And it'll say how I never wanted to see anyone live forever besides him
And it'll explain how he hurt me by withholding unconditional love
It will explain how little I cared after the first decade crept by
And I'll cross my fingers when I open my veins
And I'll turn over to pray
I'll pray he gets what he's due
I'll pray he finally dies
I'll pray he gets some happiness
And I'll do it all in one word: Why?

Those are the notes I'd write.
No one else I'd explain to.
Those are the people who've impacted my life.
If I keep death bare and simple.
I'm not crying this time.
I'm not just on the brink, about to go
I'll think, just as I always do
But there's no indecision anymore.
This is not a place I want to be
Not a life I want to live
But I still have a single ambition
I've still got one last wish.

So I'll do it.
I can be my own shooting star.
I'll get that last dream done
And open a vein? Or step in front of a car?
When I'm done with that I'll write a will
Containing three items:
Burn all my stories and poetry, delete my existence
Cremate my body, funerals are too expensive.
Be honest in my death, express your abhorrence.
YoungSymba Jun 2015
These shadows shelter you tonight.
Right here you'll feel the tunes of the keys speak.
These melodic keys convey words I've conserved so open up your heart's ears and hear what I've been meaning to tell you.

Traces of your scents remain even if you exit into the warmth of light.
These keys continuously play in the dark.
Words I've never said conveyed in a pulse about my chest are now transmitted into these keys.

Pretty much,I don't know about the C-4 note but I'll continue to play with these keys just so you see meaning in what I wrote. Perhaps this isn't a poem,call it a "see-for-note"
Some random **** I wrote when I had the thought of Christian Grey's room with Ana in it,then I thought of this female in the dark and me playing a piano without really knowing how to play it,I play this beautiful song that conveys what I feel for this girl I barely know

— The End —