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Umi Apr 2018
What I am,
Is not what you are,
Because unlike you, I never was human.
Never was able to really feel emotions, which you all adore,
Been called a demon for that reason, a monster which was deserted,
Emptiness, calm and drenched in the sorrow of never fitting in is what embellishes me, an ornament of true, cruel sadness, undetected.
And yes, I don't understand you, perhaps I don't even want to, knowing what humans are like, I accepted my fate of being alone,
I let my fingernails grow long and sharp to at least fit into the picture of a monster you have put me, because what else do I have left ?
A heart, perhaps which desires to take those under its wing whom suffered the same tragity, orphans with no place or rejected, abused.
And a body, carrying a thousand marks done by a knife, or these nails, in a cold desperate wishing to be normal at least for a day, to not be alone and deserted, with no one left to talk but a silly pen, a pocket watch which is about to stop ticking calmly, gently very soon.
An ember of light, triggers some emotions at rare occasions, which fade into nothingness as the day begins to face it's end, ah, phantoms
So, what I am,
Is not what you are,
Because I am...
A demon.

~ Umi
Living with the asperger syndrome is sure a pain, at least for me.
William Eberlein Feb 2013
Look upon him with ice,
their thoughts must say.
Speak to him with fire,
their thoughts must say.
Run from him with lightning,
their thoughts must say.
Yet the simple boy does not go.
Because he knows
who puts words to their heads.
Who puts ice to their stares.
Who puts fire to their lips.
Who puts lightning to their stride.

Because he knows,
one day they will be gone.

And so will he.
Outside Words Oct 2018
Strolling through the park
With humans, dogs, and birds,
Pink leaves make their mark
As they hover down in thirds.

Drifting along lazy airwaves,
An amplified guitar echoes
As a band soulfully misbehaves
For all nearby bedfellows.

Apartments loom over trees,
From a place of urban gray
As blue air works to appease
Spaces between dusk and day.

Sturdy street lights rusted and old
Accompanying a worn path ignite,
One by one flashing dark to gold
On a normal Wednesday night.
Listen to this while you read:

© Outside Words
Steve Page Jan 26
ordinary is arbitrary
different is normal
fitting in means invisible
so avoid the conformal

distinct gets you noticed
so who wants to be equal
I'd rather be original
than anybody's sequel

you are of more value
when socially unacceptable
blending in is deadly
out of step is pref'rable

so when stuck in a crowd
decide what's more valuable
will you run with the herd
or dance to the eternal
We value conformity and fitting in too highly, yet continue to crave affirmation.
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
They said my hand is a weapon

Because it's covered in dirt

So put it away

Before someone gets hurt

They claimed my head is a bomb

Cuz they hear it tick tock

So you best just stay put

Instead of risking a walk

They said my tounge is a sword

Quite deadly but small

So I finally agreed

And beheaded them all
Iskra Feb 18
I don’t understand
Why my love is something you need to understand.
You want to spend the rest of your life with a woman,
So why can’t I?

I don’t understand
Why I’m supposed to be proud.
It simply happened, it’s not an achievement.
I’m proud of my sisters who overcame oppression, my brothers who accepted themselves,
But not because of how I am.

I don’t understand
Why you’re sad about this.
You weren’t sad when you found out about the disease,
You brushed it off,
“caprice” you called it.
And now you are sad that I might not have biological children.

I’m not an alien, a walking freak, a troubled deviant.
I’m not broken.
I may be, but this is the one sure thing that that’s normal, healthy, BEAUTIFUL about me.
Let me love in peace.

Remember the day I came to school with my hair shorn?
Caterpillar fuzz on the back of my neck, finally feeling a breeze on my scalp.
Fluffy locks on top.

Remember the days I began to dress more comfortable?
Men’s shorts have real pockets,
Plaid shirts keep the scalding sun off my shoulders

That’s when the questions, the stereotypes started.
No ill-meaning intended, but curiosity.
Asking about labels.

So yes,
I love women too.
What is it to you?
Bullet Apr 7
They don't want me too be the same
They want me to color them
But I would draw them in grey
Outline as deep as the shade of black
Light we see in deep color, we're high measured in
With all the paint
Curves filling in tight spaces
Eyes can determine purpose
I don't have to color me
I don't have to color me
I'm in the same
I'm in the same
Plane I was drawing on
Boxes connecting grids
Checks but with what in the ink
Green is looking a lot of funny
Given is a grade of dark yellow
To sit in the shade wallowing in an out
Enjoying bitter and sweetness
I'm in the same kind of mind
I'm in the same kind of mind
Color all on the walls
Vivid even in the void of the blind
Sketches of foot wears bringing buries
Tripping off baby blues takes us back to the distant
Life graduates into darker shades
Into falling from darker beings
Being neutral is normal
I'm insane
I'm insane

Still no Hue
My left pinky toe is a little long,
Right right bicep is too strong.
My nails grow a little short,
My hair grows too long.

My inside voice is a little high,
My outside voice very shy.
I have an uneven brow,
My smile is a little wry.

My arm won’t bend 90°
My legs give out before I sneeze.
Life doesn’t seem perfectly alright,
But that’s all normal, right?
Jenna Mar 4
Reflection of one's self
relies on the person
staring back at themselves
for the mirror only shows,
what it sees in you
not what you want to look like

Why do you think it hangs face first?
nja Jan 8
Stinging morning coffee bliss acompanies the first cig of the day,
It’s all downhill from here.
Does normal things Goes to lecture
Lunchtime sugar low.
Self-destructive tendencies itching,
Beer kick - gets drunk.
Being constructive is crushing.
Goes to lecure
Mind numbing normality
Fearful of loneliness and needy, go waste some hours.
Its late. Restless.
Stoop on the street,
with friends. Anxious, ill.
Wasted night.
Collapse into a shallow sleep of self-loathing.
Repeated offence.
An acurate describition of my daily university life. Evident is my dependency on drugs and my fear of being alone. Both loneliness and 'mind-numbing normality' are perceived as a threat. The title comes from the french word for daily life to accentuate the repetition and spiraling.
The tumbling world is
going by in a blur,
my mechanical parts
act and speak for me,
there are smiles and
gleeful laughter,
dancing in the light
while the shadow
passes on by unnoticed,
every second I am
masterful and achieved,
a superior and stunning
actress, so incredible
I could fool the heavens,
so mind blowing that
I could fool myself,
and in the end I crawl into
bed and dream and dream,
finding no memories in my head
when I wake up heavy and numb,
it's a false light over a heavy darkness,
but if I can't even see it myself,
who could?
c Apr 16
We are bending light
Allowing this
Distorted Reality
To appear somewhat
Normal, almost.
calypso Oct 2018
the scariest adventure
is the one where you step out
behind that darkened door
and reveal your true colors.
s Dec 2017
when you ask me if I'm bored
of listening to your awful stories,
I wonder what boredom means to me
and why I'm grateful for mundanity.

you colour my life in every tone of grey -
in a nourishing, poetic, underrated way.
grey - the soul of every colour in the world;
invisible and aligned - right between extremes -
like all things well designed ought to be.

or maybe because grey
feels like routine,
and you’re the everyday
that's to come and that has been.

you're where I set my bar for normal;
you're my Sunday night pyjama informal.

You’re my common sense, and my reality check,
my perspective lens, my goodnight peck.
and even your grim phone voice
and plotless stories on sleepless nights
are part of the palette  I've come to adore,
painting magic in monochrome.
Matthew Jan 13
I wanted to be Normal
But I was atypical by nature
Genetic predispositions that I couldn't control
Or could I?
Everyone else argued that it was that I was broken
That I could be fixed
I wanted to be normal because they said that I could
They said that I wanted to be normal
It didn't matter that I was comfortable in my skin
It was that they never could accept me
But it didn't work
If I was broken?
Then why does it now feel like I'm falling apart?
I'm just another normal boy
September Roses Jul 2018
Ah the perfect boy

Mushy and gushy, all human like, with normal human skin, and smile

Scratch that

Heavy body armor, brandishing a sword, born in the mid 15th century

Hmmm, no

Aluminim for hair, copper in his head, lack of understanding of any type of human emotions

That's not right, no

How about
Not possible
Smells fishy
A being of pure light energy?
Sigh, beyond my comprehension

I guess I'll just get
A pet rock
Im celebration of international rock day
kB 2 Jan 7
Falling over this
made up line
one way or the other has our truth covered
and smothers
the humans we were meant to be
the intelligent
the artists
the teachers and preachers
all run from the projectors
in our brains showing features
subliminally telling us we need to change
we have to fit in
normally some way
while the universe keeps sending us signals
telling us to stay the exact same way
that your cells made you
they were made to create you
the you that comes through
when you let peace preside
over your abnormal life
Society is an oblivious liar
Normal is simply
a setting on a dryer

I'm brOKen Feb 16
Go away
I'm chemically unstable

There's no way
Now that we ever will be able

To be considered me
Truely alright, fine, good, normal

Medicine ungiven
Diagnosis wishing
Why others wouldn't listen?
Because they're talking flesh
Jade Nov 2018
I never believed in the idea of Normal
When it’s very presence has indicated a
Between people who fit and people who don’t.
Normal is the thing that points at all of you
And calls you different.
I’ve known the phrase ‘that’s not Normal’
And I’ve had the blessing of not
Caring weather I was.
But do not walk up to someone and say they aren’t
The entire concept of not being or being Normal
Only divides.
Everyone is their own.
And we are all our own.
And that puts us here together.
We are not alone in our loneliness.
So don’t make someone think they
Because we aren’t.
We aren’t alone.
And the important thing is that we’re
Together in our difference.
So so what?
So what if no one’s Normal.
A poem about how even if someone's different, it's important to know that everyone is.
Bartholomew Oct 2018
I’m supposed to be strong for everyone including you. But whose supposed to be strong for me?
Guess I don’t need anyone’s help.
I cry but incognito, can’t allow anyone to see these tears.
I’ll wipe them away myself.

Push it to the back of my mind, all the way in the rear.
I’m afraid to share my emotions so I numb it all away, cage my depression, bury my fears.

Can’t trust anyone cuz one day they’ll be gone, they leave as they usually do, I tell myself I can’t be mad.
So sometimes I leave them before they leave me, Every man for himself right? I learned that from my dad.

My biological..... wherever he is in this reality
I’m on my own. A solitary mentality

The abnormal normality
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