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Chris Neilson Aug 2018
light of a fresh dawn
giving birth to a new day

light of many shades glinting
its spectrum of rainbow delight

light of a brilliant midday sky
casting minimalist shadows

light of an afternoon afterthought
of sun filled days like these

light of an early evening
filling a room of memories

light fading to dusk and black
dying a less ordinary day

light of my life filling my night
with warmth to my soft caress
Thinking about light in all its guises
Shofi Ahmed Apr 2017
I only took the moon veiled in my cube
I took her innate water off but not for good.
Now the sun can’t take its eyes
off the blindfolded black moon!
Off this night the sunup is yet to unleash
the dawn, let alone the tucked away noon!
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2017
A fine mole down
the blue mountain sky
cannot be weighed out!
It's the cosmos's gold dust
the earthy depth triumphs.
Oh earth, our close clay-star
is far ahead of the day at noon.
Ahead of the moon
ahead of the Neptune!

With a million dash of curiosity
every new sunrise paints
upon her black box with the roaring fire.
Yet the ****** is a veiled wonder!

It has the heaps a room for everyone
and time for the timeless times.
Guess, with her longhand
what an inside scoop did it pick out?

You too can be in the know
It's the feminine beauty all in all.
Forget if you have already
seen million and one.
The earth is eyeing on only one.

Her closest admirer is the star
of the very luminary bunch
with open eyes in the hearts.
Her dead man is waking up
sniffing the daylight by her.
Yet to make the discovery
both are still wondering outside!
GulRukh Aug 2018
Do you ever feel the noon breeze?
hot yet relaxing brings you to an ease
it unfold the memories inside my brain's deepest crease
mesmerizing breeze i am standing under a tree
Moringa Oleifra the mighty
on which sits a sparrow chirping in mystique
and another strange little bird with long black beak
chirping tooo-weeee-t
on the other branches two squerrals playing hide and seek
and there sits a crow alone on one peak
i am in whirl of memories of past year 2016
didn't i mention it's about a boy in his thirties
he talked ocean deep
but treated me like i am a feast
like he is a ringmaster and i am his beast
i can still feel the pain of that time when all the good is out of my reach
Why do i think of him now when i am in peace?
would he think of me like i did?
nah or may be
nostalgic or i might weep
my orange colored dress doesn't irritate me in this scorching noon
but thoughts of you did
i have to head back from this muzz
i am going back to my people who loves me
where i am allowed to refuse
where there is no abuse
i am returning to peace
goodbye noon breeze
When brain unfolds some harsh memories of the past
Cné Nov 2017
Rise and shine, first thing in the morning walking past the mirror.
Avoiding its reflection, not wanting to see its reflective picture.
Kneeling in the shower, hands pressed tightly to her ribs.  
Who is this frightened child?  Does she even exist?  
She took a step back from the world, no one knew she was alive.  
Now she’s grasping at her life, just trying to survive.
A tainted childhood in shame now fragile bones from self abuse,
don’t blame her though, she was only a child confused.  
How did this happen?  When did this begin?  
She seemed so happy, or was that all pretend?  
She had started at 130, or so,
but felt as if she had lost control.
What happened to this dear sweet innocent child?  
Her idea of beauty and perfection had driven her wild.
Minus 25 later she was so close.  
Almost 100 without any clothes.  
No one would touch her, they thought she would break.  
She told herself she was content with that trade.
I was 18.
I’m much better now in my adult discipline
eating healthy 3 meals a day purely for consumption.  
Yesterday, I skipped dinner in lieu of drinking wine.
Today at noon, hovering over my breakfast, I resign
Some days I struggle. Some days I am not fine.
But ...
I will eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And paint my pretty pictures.
This was a therapeutic write.
Ashari Ty Jul 2018
It's Sunday five - o' - five
My long nap has ceased
Everything seems so golden
My soul has no shades of blue

It's Sunday five -o' - eight
I forgot about the Mondays
I forgot about the sunset
The afternoon has frozen

It's Sunday five - fifteen
My teacup is warm
I look at the distant greens
I say 'Thank God it's Sunday'
I like Fridays but Sunday is my favorite ;)
Dominique Aug 2018
I'm sorry that I want you mine
To scorch your lilies and your truth
Watch water smoulder in my hands
And dance you through torrential youth
I understand it's not your way
To let me crumple unfilled sheets
Rewrite your song with overdose
In moral grey where concepts meet

Your brown eyes and dimples
Are worth a disaster
The moon's full at noon
And the sunlight won't matter
One little taste and I'll
Keep thought at bay
It's funny, ***** money
And don't run away

I might be shallow and perplexed
I'll still soak up what's in your head
And pull you from the liquid sky
And wrap your eyes in arson red
'Cause I'm more jealous than you know
Drown cobra smiles in pools of fear
And I will catch you twenty stars
We'll hitch a ride and sweeten beer

Your brown eyes and dimples
Are worth a disaster
The moon's full at noon
And the sunlight won't matter
One little taste and I'll
Keep thought at bay
It's funny, grab honey

And promise you'll stay
Just as you Sing to the Pop-Diva's Tune
The Robins will cower and chirp for more
I speak for some News I brought this Noon
Though I believe you have heard this before:
The Pilgrim comes out of the Pool. And begs
Your Seasoned Pucker as you make-decide
His trunks are no-offense. In Truth his legs,
Thick as moss beg your humble dear Confide
I guess you were advised after your Shift
He requested for your charmed Experiment
Second Ghosts appeared; They in turn bereft
And granted his Fantasy's sentiment.
I should go now. Since more time to pursue
Before he stabs me with a Knife-in-Due.
onlylovepoetry Feb 2018
you can’t right the same poem twice

****, yes I can
in pointy fact,
only got one,
which gets re-righted
morning noon and evening-tide

substitute a variant spelling
wright vs write vs right
and the meaning changes thrice

the only thing i can’t not duplicate is those **** love poems
each unique and writ for the woman specific,
each love one, custom jiggered,
each poem, crafted, to her pulse
each drafted, to her scent
none alike, and that’s why I believe
in the god who commanded "create him"
to make love poems in his way,
gave me millions of veins
of inspiration to pray to...
my heart altered, modified, daily

**** poems
**** love poems
**** love
2/2/2018   10:14pm
Kevin J Taylor Nov 2015
Pretend a moment that you’re me
and write a poem I might see.
Pretend a moment that you’re me.

Pretend a moment that I’m you.
Pretend I read your poem through.
Pretend what happens when I do.
Are you pretending? Good. Me too.

Pretend the poem tells a tale
of wooden ships with painted sails.
Pretend the sky, the salty breeze,
the creak of decks, the swelling seas,
the cutlass singing past your ear!
Quick! Pretend us out of here!

Pretend the road. Pretend the trees,
the horse between your grasping knees,
the flashing river at your side—
Ride neck and neck with hounds from ****!
Pretend, at least, we live to tell!

Pretend the West, the dust, the gold.
Pretend the sleeve. The ace it holds.
Pretend the six-guns drawn at noon!
Pretend we’re somewhere else! And soon!

Pretend the sky, the sunset sea.
Pretend the dunes, the grass, a tree.
Pretend you’re walking there with me.
Pretend the gulls that dot the swells.
Pretend the tales tomorrows tell.

Shall we pretend
Shall we pretend
to dream?
Shofi Ahmed Apr 24
Oh, you already had a look?
Not me I am not hooked
but tell me if you could
how did it look?
Please tell us the truth.

Like the sun at noon
shining upon the rose?
Or a veiled beauty
in the dark hewn
like the Moon?
Stephen E Yocum Aug 2014
My many chores in summer's heat,
By this noon all complete.
Sitting neath my shaded porch,
A cooling, gentle breeze
Whispers and envelops me.
A welcome sensation,
Reminiscent of your
Loving hands,
Sensually touching,
And embracing me.
Wonderful how a reminiscent scent,
a bit of music or even merely the feel
of a cooling breeze upon work sweat
skin can conjure a sweet moment of
recall and emotional contentment.
This is one of those occasions just
now felt and said.
If I were a Rainbow
The children would run to me
Turning upside down, I would be an iridescent swing,
The children would mount my rainbow wing

Swaying high up in the starry skies ascending on the moon
The children do bunny jumps, counting stars till noon
Awestruck and desirous they pick a few
The colours pink purple orange magenta and blue

Swaying down to the flower garden
They would pick flowers from the boughs laden
Threading in a star and a flower into  an ornamental  garland
Adorned as neckpieces , running around ,making one happy land

If I were a Rainbow
I would dismember all the semicircles making one hula hoop
The children would gleefully twirl and sway into the  enormous loop

If I were a Rainbow
I would become one big ramp
The children would joyously roller skate  up and down
Lighting up the ramp

If I were a Rainbow
And all of these came true
I would turn upside down making one radiant smile across the sky
The children would happily smile back at me , waving me good bye
Wrote this for my younger son ,Anshul on his birthday (19/02 ) , this year .
But never posted  . I am glad to post it as my 100th here .
Thank you all ,my HP friends .
Had been a little unwell and did not post anything in the last 2-3 days .
CK Baker Apr 2017
willets cull the seawall
snappers rest on grill
rock ***** swoon
in shallow lagoon
long boats pass
under quiet
palm shade

plovers dance and flutter
handrail frayed and torn
graffiti spots
at lovers rock
frigate-birds fall
from the high
noon sun

thatched roof on a mud wall
fish flags settle score
anchors arch
in front line march
pillar cracks form
the rust brown scars

elegant tern and grebe
watchmen fall in cue
children play
on crested waves
whimbrels and notchers
perch above tentaciones

striped pelícanos
the bandits of the sea!
merchants grow
in steady flow
siblings jostle
in a tide cooled sand

heerman gull and boobie
durango smoke in yurt
boiler shrimp
and puffer blimp
castle buckets and scrapers
under dusk light cheroot

six pulls on a lead line
painted toes in sand
shearwater run
in rainbow sun
the portly mexicano
flaunts his tacos
and wear

rooster house for marlin
bamboo shoots and sails
broken shells
and ocean swells
on the
madera bay
You play the Cool Piper every Concert Noon
Change your Clothes; And the Tempo changes you
Why couldn't have I heard you Guys that soon
So I could strangle the Technocrat blue?
HA! I jest. Rarely do Gum-Humours speak
But when they do they leave a Mark aside
I guess this is no time to act so meek
When Spain's Wild Brother calls us for a Ride
And what a Ride! Many Blokes hitch a tug
Collecting Hot Dames they only knew for yonks
It's a Crazy Menu; But quite a hug
Some choose a Bellow; Others a *****-Tonk.
Long Sonnet Short, your Music is the Boom
Clean your Pipe well and hope to see you soon.
AKIKO Apr 2017
Ako'y mailap
Pag si Ina'y kapiling
Kung ako'y umasta parang
Hindi sya nakikita
Parabang sa isip ko'y ako lang

Anong mali?
Tanong ko sa  sarili
Anong mali at ganito ako
Sa harap ni Inay na nagbigay
Buhay sa kagaya kong walang

Pero bakit ba?
Gusto ko ba na isilang nya ang
Kagaya kong basura na ay wala pang kwenta?

Sukdulan na siguro
Ang hinanakit ni Ina sa akin
Kayat luha nya'y hindi na napigil
Ako'y sinumbatan
Lahat ng kamalian ko'y
Sa unang pagkakataon
Si Ina ay nagalit

Ako'y nagtaka
Sa aking nadarama
Ang puso ko'y bakit tila sasabog na
Sa nakitang luha
Na umagus pababa

Isang gaya ko
Ang nagpaluha sa Kanya
O, anung hirap at
Sakit pala
Ang makitang lumuha
Ang Ginang na nagpalaki't umaruga
Sa gaya kong walang kwenta

Ngayu'y alam kuna
Ang damdamin ni Ina
Ako ay nangakong
Magbabago na, upang damdami'y ni Ina hindi na masaktan pa
At brilyante  nyang mata'y hindi na tumangis pa

Ang mahal kong Ina nasa malayo na
Paano na ang pramis ko
Tila naging abo na

Masakit isiping
Pagmamahal ay di naipadama
Sa nag-iisa kong Reyna
Na nagpahalaga sa kagayakong basura na'y wala pang kwenta

Sumilip ang Araw
Sa mata kong nakapikit
Kahit natakluban na ng luha ang mata
Batid kong si Ina'y nasa tagiliran ko pala
Nakatayo at nakangiti,may alay na pagmamahal ang brilyante nyang mga mata

Hinagkan ko si Nanay
Tudo bigay ang dabest kong yakap
Sabay dampi ng matamis kong halik sakanyang pisngi
Batid ko si Nanay ay nagtaka
Tila nagulat pa nga sa bago kung pag-asta

Labis akong nasaktan
Sa panaginip na handa ng may kapal
Tiyak ako'y kanyang sinubok
Upang malaman ko na ang halaga ni  Nanay ay di lamang sintaas ng bundok
Kundi sinlawak din pala dagat

Ang mahagkan pala si Nanay
Ay Walang kasing sarap
Sa haba nang panahon sanay
Noon kupa nadanas
Ang mayakap si Nanay kahit gaano pa katagal
Ay hindi ako magsasawa
Ohh,kay saya maranasan ang ganito
Ang makapiling si Nanay
Buo na ang araw ko

Ang pramis ko Nay ay isa lang
Mamahalin kita higit pa sa buhay kong taglay
basta ba dito kalang at hindi lilisan
Hindi lahat ng sandali'y kapiling
Ka Nanay
Ruzica Matic Feb 2015
there are no more games to play
no more running around in circles
until our heads spun
and our legs gave out
under the weight of our laughs
no more twirling under
the sun at noon
with nothing
but the sounds of the forest
to be our tune

we left it all in the dust
slowly crawling away
inside our under-lived lives
until we were so far removed
from that swirling stream
of long honeydew days
that we could not even remember
how it felt to run barefoot in the rain
HYA Dec 2017
Tayo'y pinagtagpo lang pala
At hindi itinadhana para sa isa't-isa
Tayong dalawa ay patuloy na umaasa
Ngunit ngayon, kailangan ko ng lumayo. Pasensya.

Sabi mo, gusto mo ako
Aking puso't isip ay nagtatalo
Kung maniniwala ba sa sinabi mo
Dahil baka ikaw lamang ay nalilito

Nalilito sapagkat ako lang naman ang kasama mo sa lungkot
Nagbabalewala sa utot **** kay bantot
Nagpapasaya sayo kapag hindi mo kayang tumawa
Sumasagip sayo kapag ika'y naaaberya

Yung totoo, gusto mo ba talaga ako?
Tandaan, ang gusto at kailangan ay hindi magkapareho
Huwag **** pilitin kung hindi naman kaya
Tanggap ko na noon pa,  huwag kang mag-alala

Kaya mahal, ako na ang lalayo
Subalit bago iyan, iiwanan kita ng isang payo
Minsan,  kailangan mo ring sundin ang iyong puso
Dahil kapag utak lang lahat, ito'y maglalaho

Sana maging masaya ka sa kanya
Alam mo kung sino tinutukoy ko,  bwesit ka
Simula't sapul, diba siya naman talaga?
Brad,  matalino ako, hindi tanga

Sige na. Pinapalaya na kita
Kahit anuman ang mangyari, may tagasalba ka
Huwag ka ngang duwag,  ano ba?
Huwag kasing ipagpilitan sakin ang sarili kung gusto mo pa siya.

Lalayo na ako ha?
Lalayo na ako bago kita malayo sa kanya
Paalam, aking sinisinta
Heeey awis
Vicki Kralapp Jul 2013
You're hot, like Death Valley in July,
so hot, one touch could make me cry.
Hot, like the face of the summer sun
and in my heart I know you're the only one.

I try my best to keep my cool,
not wanting to play another man's fool,
But I've been patient for far too long
to tell you what I feel is strong.

You call my name and I grow weak
and struggle just to find my feet.
You make me feel like I was young
like springtime or a song that's sung.

You're hot, sizzling like the sun at noon,
like the sunshine on a desert dune.
Can you feel the love that you've inspired
and give me what my heart desires?
All poems are copy written and soul property of Vicki Kralapp.
I have been in the moon
In search of love all noon
Searched through deserts
Even through garden of Eden.
I have Searched beneath the sea
Travelled wide even to overseas
Still could not find love.
I went to Vatican
Even to Mecca
Driven through the romantic sites of Paris
Bath in the Brazilian beaches
Flown across the Atlantic
Pitched my tenth for few days on the Antarctic
Spend some more on the arctic
Still I saw no love.

All I saw was ****
Angels with broken hearts,
Rotten roses,
Withered lilies,
Death faiths and monsters on beautiful faces.
I saw bullets in church offering boxes
Just wedded on number plates of ambulances.
I saw wars in diversity
Pain and mourning crowding all cities
The devil celebrating the dead of peace.

I saw three wise men
Where went love, I asked them
They said love has been nailed on the cross
Buried with trust
They are heading to Galilee
To await his return.
I followed with dreams
I met many returning with smiles of frustration
From where I was going with pregnancy of expectations.

We arrived to the scene
Like a nightmare, I witnessed higher sins
I saw men taking pleasures with men
Some with animals, some women with women.
Gun everybody walking sticks
People feeding on people flesh
With human blood the thirsting ones quench their thirst.

Is this where love is expected to return?
The wise men retorted,
Yes, the saints have been raptured
And his seven years  reign has just began.
Then in a flash, I remembered that I have been taught
Taught about this dreadful end
I had also taught kids
Under trees at nights
Just to threaten them to live right.
What I thought was a mare threat or a fallacy
Has been awaken against my fate in reality.
Oh! We are among the leftovers
Left to reprove ourselves or be doomed forever.
Pagan Paul Oct 2018
She had walked the path every day
since her love had gone to sea.
To the woods upon the cliffs
to tie a ribbon on their secret tree.

Every noon for a thousand years
since her love had sailed away.
A thousand green ribbons hang
as testament to their lovers play.

At midday on the thousand and first
she broke down and loudly cried.
No need for her ribbons now,
the secret tree had fallen and died.

© Pagan Paul (17/10/18)
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