Ian Woods Jun 2015

I worked like a berserker
All day and through the night
and took on extra workers
While I tried to make it right

Finances were reduced
And try as hard as I might
It sagged and remained defiantly loose
When I wanted and needed it tight

I did everything that I could do
put  up a hell of a fight
But then I flushed it down the loo
Because that’s what you do with your shite.

General Specifics. Specific standpoints distilled for general use. Apply liberally to the affected area. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor.
Cali Nov 2012

The urge to create, to write
to paint to compose
is only a disillusioned
form of madness.

But great art can come
of madness, and
sorrow can birth
extraordinary genius,
so embrace your
defects and fault lines,
for normality
is a fate
worse than death.

Infinity Leander Jun 2014

I'd like to think
that my art
is different
And I'd like to think
that my life
is different
But they're not
just like
I am not
and I believe
this will not change
anytime soon

Anonymous Freak Jul 2016

I'm having tea with Life,
And his band of Disappointments.
They dine at my expense,
And they're a hungry bunch of guests.

Tea turned into Supper,
Where the Disappointments drank
My finest wine,
And Life wiped his cruel mouth
On my tablecloth.

You can't have supper without dessert,
So they ate up more of my
Food for thought.
And if you stay for dessert,
You may as well spend the night.
So they did
And burgled my pantry of hopes
For a midnight snack.

One night was lovely,
So Life cackled, "Why not stay two?"
And two turned to a week,
And a week turned into
My sickeningly merry guests
Moving into my dreams,
And inviting in Doubt,
To live with them too,
And of course
Pay no rent.

So I watch my chaotic household
Of a skull,
Where Life has made himself at home
And brought all of his friends.
I stare dully at my ruined
Dining room of thought,
Which they have dominated.
And look wearily for a spare idea
In my raided cupboards.

I've never been one
To evict friends,
So I suppose they're here to stay.
But learn a lesson from me,
And don't ever
Have Life over for tea.

paper boats May 2014

Did you know,
Cigarettes taste like instant coffee,
The kind I drink at night,
When the dark keeps me awake.

And poetry feels like salvation,
Specially when it doesn't rhyme.

That headaches are the best thing that can happen to you,
When you're awake.

And sleep is a just a lie life tells you.
But you believe it,

Because it's the best fucking lie you'll ever hear.

I used to believe in only the things which made sense,
but beauty doesn't lie in the eyes of the beholder,
It lies in it's extraction from the bullshit.
Sha Aug 2015

Freed from the spell cast when I fell deep into the wishing well of your cursive letters that formed the ribs that caged my heart and chained it to your expanding lungs that exploded and took all the air that I breathe.
I died, but then I am free again.

Ashley Somebody Apr 2014

The wind blows on the prairie
The wind blows on the moor
The wind blows in the ferry
None compare to your speech before.

jimmy tee Mar 2013

‘…. and now, here’s Rick with the latest Market news…’

‘Val, trading was very brisk today, with a number of influences
that set the market off to some defined trends and statements.
Of course, the Human Virtue Exchange always seems to rely
on the volatility that resides ‘between the ears’ as noted
by the veteran brokers on the floor, but the sharp ranges
of prices offered versus profit taking has set the bar
very high in the relative value of Basic Human Virtue.

Now to the numbers: Courage [WHOME], Patience [PP],
and former market darling Perseverance [GULP],
all varied widely today on news from Washington that
their value was doomed to fall in the light of the expected growth
of Persistence [IAM] which history has shown to be a marked drag
on just about everything. Outside of the self –efficacy bazaar,
old standbys  Ambition [HVY], Curiosity [WDF], Industry [HAHA] and Temperance [BFD],
continued their free fall into uncharted areas of cost and return.
Some analysts feel these virtues could be a real bargain in the future
despite their history of poor performance. Could a comeback not seen
since collapse of the Protestant Hypocrisy Era  be in the works? We’ll see as the lack of movement in the Kindness-Generosity-Forgiveness-Compassion Index [FARAWAY]  
leads many to believe that the end of Politeness [UPYRS],
Un-pretentiousness [ME-ME], Self Control [NWAY] and Sportsmanship [LONGONE], may lead to a complete miss-understanding between casual market players and devotees to the cause. The ratios cannot lie.
But without a doubt, today’s big winner was  Self Respect [YUP]
which jumped and amazing 40 points before active trading ceased at the bell. So people feel real good about themselves for reasons
that cannot be explained by the Ego File Indicator alone; this causes this reporter to predict that Naval Gazing [MOM] remains a ‘Hot to Trot’ stock fund
and the Vanity market is always a good bet.
Now, here’s Carl with
today’s Human Emotion Exchange report……’

scar Jun 2015

If all scars were purple
And all bruises red
And we could pour out
All the pain in our heads

If people were rabbits
And rabbits were dead
And all scars were purple
And all bruises red –

Would people be purple?
Would rabbits be dead?
Is it bruises that kill us,
Or scars to the head?

What is it that tortures us,
Leaves us all writhing?
What makes us stop living
And start just surviving?

What monster pursues us –
What ghastly condition?
The one deep within us;
The sick apparition.

This torturous bubble
From deep in our heart
Wells up, overwhelms us
And tears us apart.

princessninann Jun 2015

I don't feel like doin' anything
I don't feel like writin' a poem
I miss my bed, I want to go home
I don't want to move, I can't lift my bone.

I'm too lazy to think of words
My fingers cannot even write this verse
Not moving an inch would be worse
Oh I want to eat something, where's my purse?

I don't feel like goin' outside
I don't want to eat my meal tonight
I don't want to think and decode this byte
I'll sleep, watch movies, eat popcorn... bye.

I really feel lazy while listening to Bruno Mars' lazy song.
Traumeria Apr 2016

Purple Puppy lost at sea,
All alone wishing for thee.
A little Humming bird arrived instead,
And guided the pup from the maze's dead end.

Purple Puppy barked again,
Looking for his Mom and Dad,
But what he saw up ahead
Made his fur turn to red.

Non-sense Poem

Sat on a sedan
Spiderman took her hand.

Went down on one knee
And said
Will you marry me?

I cannot face
The rest of eternity
With each generation's
Take on modernity.

It's old fashioned values
I look for and see -

Your confidence,
Common sense,
Your honesty,
Your quirkiness
And peacableness.

But most of all
Your peerless take on life
Is what does it for me.

Will you be my wife?

Spiderman, Spiderman,
How you do woo!
And you have such qualities
That draw me to you -

Your patience,
Your considerable intellect,
Your gentleness,
Strength of mind -

I could go on at length and find
You could  be my cobweb?
I could  be your fly?

Could you  be the man for me
Until the day I die?

What more can I say than
You may have concurred
That I do things my own way.

So can you guess?

Little Miss Muffet Said Yes!

And do you know what?

As they lay there
On that Le Corbusier chair
Without a care in the world -

And you know it's not novel
To be graphic -

They were not afraid at all.

The third of a trilogy about Little Miss Muffet and Spiderman. If you read the other two this will make even more sense. Little Miss Muffet Meets Spiderman  is first and then An Omega Male's Graphic And Novel Ode To Little Miss Muffet.
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