While raging tempests shake the shore,
While Ælus’ thunders round us roar,
And sweep impetuous o’er the plain
Be still, O tyrant of the main;
Nor let thy brow contracted frowns betray,
While my Susanna skims the wat’ry way.

The Pow’r propitious hears the lay,
The blue-ey’d daughters of the sea
With sweeter cadence glide along,
And Thames responsive joins the song.
Pleas’d with their notes Sol sheds benign his ray,
And double radiance decks the face of day.

To court thee to Britannia’s arms
  Serene the climes and mild the sky,
Her region boasts unnumber’d charms,
  Thy welcome smiles in ev’ry eye.
Thy promise, Neptune keep, record my pray’r,
Not give my wishes to the empty air.

Amelia Glass Apr 2015

I’ve learned that in the morning
light is liquid, flowing golden,
and I’ve learned that in the ocean
every motion turns to fluid,
and fish glide, learn how birds fly,
and their eyes are always open.

I’ve learned that if you stand
in the belfry when the bells ring
you can hear them in your heart
like when she calls you and the phone sings.
And I’ve learned that when you’re hoping,
light is lighter, clearer, brighter
and I’ve heard that you can see it
with eyes open

a space-time continuum
Corey Dec 2014

Even with everyone around you
It felt like you were all alone
You were not the only one
And tried to feel included

But you didn’t fit in quite right
Your heart rate went up
As you pulled away from
Your friends around you

It felt like you were in the middle of it all
It felt good to be surrounded like that
But somehow you still felt alone
Not a part of the group

So you left that night to be alone
Because you’re better at that
But in yourself you found sadness
And so you decided to go back

Leila Valencia Aug 2015

The songs of our head
A fast movie clip
Fast paced

Everyday, slow down, slow down.

All things real. Music makes things real.
And you were the one song I couldn't get out of my head.

Twisting, turning, swerving, dipping.
My car would turn around
Circles was the only direction my car knew.
Around, Around, Around.
Come full circle
Please leave, oh god leave

Then time passes: My head is dunked in ice water.
My pupils dilated and my heart beats to a tick.
Facing reality, then sip into another circle.

I realized:
You were my presence I presented in my mind
You were my presence slowly becoming my past, but my minds future
and Our presence was my undoing, I should've kept quiet

Neptune is the planet of illusion, escapism, fantasy, dreams, and imagination.
Love imagined.
Kayla Manor Dec 2014

I am the cog that hits the cog in a great machine
I'm furthest from the source
Like Neptune


My apologies are like offering medication to a patient
Who's illness has already been deemed untreatable.

.My hands take custody ofher full plump cheeks,almost as rosy as her lips.Her eyes become so blueduring the eclipse of Neptune.Gold flecks in her eyesswirl like the rings around Saturn.Her smile crashes into my heart likethe Jupiter comet bombabardment.And my heart shines like the sunwhen she calls me poppy.She wants me to read her a story...

wehttam Jun 2014

When I was borne
i was borne on the crest of a wave
and rocked by the cradle of the deep.

My mother is the tale
        of seahorses running
chariots to Atlantis!

My eyes!
My eyes are stars
      my teeth are Spars!
My hair is made
      out of seaweed.

And When;
When I spitz,
i spitz tar.  
I is tough,
I am,
I is,
I arggggg!

Evan Robbins Aug 2015

Sick Psalms in my Submarine
Praying to Neptune
At the center of the earth
Submerge and converge
My thoughts from my head
Isolation in a cabin bed
Weeks in solitude
The comfort of radars beep
Check the periscope
Eat Sleep Repeat

Old Neptune marks his boundaries today, leaves sargasso
and thin, bamboo-like reeds on the shore of Dauphin Island. He blows briskly, to urge his white steeds to the seashore.
The water is dark with disturbance, veined with foam like tatted lace. The scent of Neptune swallows the fast-moving air crossing
the island from Gulf to Bay sides. Oil rigs
haunt the horizon like boredom, breaking
the vista, reminding all who see them of human limit. Old Neptune accepts no limit, no boundary. We, who want fixity
as security, we watch as Neptune abuses boundaries, expands us
whether we want him to or not. There is no fixity; yet there is security. There is consolation in flow, in flowing with Great Neptune, rolling in his
tidal urgencies.

c. 2014/2017 Roberta Compton Rainwater

A planet with a layer of blue, is it really blue?
A horrid gas in-immune and unbearable to our soft and fragile lungs.
How fragile we are, us humans.

A planet so toxic to us
May be a virgin paradise to them.
The Elite.

Are they really?
Are They Elite?

Or are they simply not as stupid as the human race. . . ?

We do not foresee what our intelligence can do to those around us. What will the future be?
Will we destroy our paradise before the universe's time to do it on it's own? In it's own time?

Ha. We're a joke!

I think that back then a woman's number one priority was to be a good mother and to be a mother because now more than ever is the age in which the human race is farthest away from it's instinctual mentality. Just like your header " Go back.". Humans have built their own mental instincts . How fragile a race, yet how complex the intellect. In the future, nature won't be able to touch us. What once was the need to breed and populate became the need for knowledge and the expansion of the human brain's potential capacity. Man kind doesn't crave the need to populate. Only to satisfy their intellectual and physical properties. The human race doesn't give a shit about the human race. I just wish things were the way they were before...

But I'd be selfish to wish upon a life of strife, illness and pain. I'd be cruel to wish upon us a life of short living - a life of death dodging.
We have it awfully good, us humans. &we; don't even know it.
I love this life, I really do. I mean, when was the last time you had to fight for your food? We desire power, but also love being victims.
We love the bravado but we always know how to be timid.
Don't we all just love being weak? No masks, no muscle, just guns and white teeth.
Corporate monsters rule the world but the world only wants to be ruled. It's easier that way, it easier to just pretend to be fooled. Man loves power, but is disgusted by responsibility.  
The human race is ruled by blood lust disguised as lust after power. Must it be so?

Maman Screams Dec 2013

I'll try to bring you on a journey
A realm that you have once been
I'll open up those dreams back to you
The reason why we dream when we are living
The reason why we seek refuge from this cruel reality
The reason why our connections build from this refuge
The reason why we are dreamers and can be real
There's no rush to where we're heading
For rushing will lead us nowhere
And I shall end this short to create some room for you
For the rest of this journey
I believe you'll remember
Or maybe neptune estate by king krule
Would just do
For its been on repeat since the beginning

Can’t you bare just one more night?
I wanna be with you
I wanna be used

Lua Masi Jan 2015

I feel so much better,
On another planet, in another universe,
Not on the couch, after too much wine,
Or in the car, too high.
Watching all their faces,
Watching me,
Look at me,
Look at me.
I lack the the understanding of reality.
Chasing after the stars in the trees,
I am the grass, the flowers all smiling.
I am young but I am distant from the thoughts I was born into,
Just looking at them look at me.
Look at me,
Look at me.

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