Mokomboso Jun 2015

Two earth tones, green and blue
Fall from canopies into pacific seas
Mantarays or mangabeys
Each our neighbours
Both at peace in the mist and pool
My mind a contradiction
We built our shelters in these two worlds
Scales into fur and fur into scales
Changing skins, like a selkie
King triton holds a trident
And the ape sits atop her tree
I put the sea in sea monkey
Who put the monkey in the sea?
Frugiverous pescitarian
Queen of our domain
Whether 50 feet high
Or 50 meters below
The kelp forest as does the rainforest
Calls me to come home.

I have two places that draw me, the sea and rainforests. I feel part mermaid and part simian, as well as human. I have an odd way of identifiying.
Martha Jordan Feb 2010

Even though we’re leagues apart
Measure my heartbeats by ear, sir
Part these waters from my tears
Tell me that you can tell the difference
I know that you’ll leave me as soon as I can
Need someone, anyone, anything, something
Empathizing with me is worthless; I can’t feel
Surely you must see my pain growing
Surely you must hear my heart breaking

Cunning Linguist Apr 2014

Like an explosion;
In slow motion, a tidal wave crashes
This ironclad vessel beginning to thrash

The corroded bolts past their toll
Give way exposing the hull
Capsizing the flood gates,

Negating promise of a safe harbor ashore

Amidst the panic and commotion
Together we sank, into the ocean;

Sailing the high seas of impassion
I was impassive, &
Like an anchor

Love plunged to unimaginable new fathoms

Dragging us down;
Perilously we claw hand over fist
The sorrows we drown

Adrift the turmoil and wreckage
Bubbles ascend toward the surface
(Spluttered echoes of our last choked hopes)

Water fills our lungs expunging the air
Fearing the end I daresay;
take away my breath baby
Death is only the beginning

Dead ahead
Shallow water blackout,
There's no turning back now,
Let's die as we lived

Between the devil and the deep blue sea
There we were, you & me
Dining on lobster
in Davy Jones' locker

Swim in the deepest part of the ocean,
With waves over head,
A life pieced by water,
A nautical life,
Or aquatic wonders,
There is no fear,
Living in fairytales,
Mithical creatures,
Sorrounding the waters,
Travel sea to sea,
Hopes disguised as flounders,
Surfers all above,
And here come the divers,
Ready to explore,
The kind I belong to,
Sing to them now,
They'll jump off from sails,
To follow the voice,
Deep in the waters,
Desperate souls,
Following as I speak,
Gullible minds,
When told to go under,
This siren awaits,
For sailors to wonder,
To bring them in deep,
In dangerous waters.

-Kathia Mariana Landeros

Sierra Oct 2016

My mind is a ship cast to sea with no anchor,
Its movement determined by unpredictable waves
That wish to overtake it.

ryan Jul 2015

I will tie my raft to yours by
Singing out the line for you to
Seize, to Harmonize with me by,
And we'll float together through
The raging ugly sea, all from
Between our cotton sheets.

Jrew Nov 2014

This ship docked in my lonely harbour
It was the prettiest catamaran I'd ever seen
Delighted the captain shouted it's name
"The EDB" his hazel eyes beamed
He was filled with beauty inside and out
And with his withdrawal came pain, no doubt

After him came the figure that was the real mystery
With charm and charisma he came to me
"Hey my name is Jay, okay if I docked at your bay"
Flashing an award winning smile
I couldn't resist
"Ofcourse! ofcourse!" I instantly hissed
However it was the storm that he brought along I wish I had missed

I couldn't bare another heartbreak
No more vessels I'd tell the rest to skate
But then M/V Drew came through and blew me away
With a saddened heart I knew I could not allow him to stay
My dock just suffered two terrible shocks
No more, no more I want off these rocks

Today was it my day to be free
To embrace the ocean, find a ship that loves me
Beyond the horizon floated my chance at more
It was finally my time to leave Heartbreak Shore

- (jrew)

A letter to the boys that affected me emotionally
Keith Ren Aug 2010

Love poems rot,
The sensical knots.
I tie, overflowing, the dread.

The Pickwitkin Heavy,
The Verveberry Wedding.
Such shanks, still stuck in my head.

My memories loosen,
The Stopshift Tallcluesen,
Cut to myself dreaming in red.

Full throttle forward,
I'll sail ever toward,
My untying your knots from my bed.

Virginia Whiddon Nov 2014

Saltwater Poet.
Waves washing over me cleanse my soul.
Salt-soaked sand glues itself
to my skin,
it clears the cobwebs in my cluttered mind.
Anchoring back near the coast
is my ultimate goal.
Reaching others through my words
with the help of my
Nautical Muse.

Max Alvarez Mar 2015

Watch as waves
Overreach their wake
Hold your breath
As they break
Every sentenced line
Replay over
And over
Her fingers slip from your grip
Behind blurry eyes
A disconnect in vision
Her hair goes with each
Ebb and flow
The strings pull at your chest
You tried your best
You wore it like a crest

Prospect gnaws at the marrow
And you plunge like the sparrow
After her
Into the technicolor water
Her ruddy complexion melts
For nights on end
You are floating
As the scenes that began as
An itch behind your eye
Clawed out in fright
Until the ticking stopped,
The ambiguous clicking of the clock,
Tied itself to the mast
In a rotted rope knot
Now you're the anchor
And your tendons swell
From the moment she fell
Until your present hell
Watching as each klick slinks
Your beloved sinks
Never within reach

Sebastian Mar 2014

She calmly unlocks the front door
as the wind flings the screen
through wild tantrums. She droops down
into her dusted rocker, pushing
with her lavender heels to start the sway.

Her sole taps softly,
as the chair creaks onto fallen lacquer
and the porch plays in discord
through dancing lace.

Interwoven hands lie atop her lap
in a sea of navy with floral ships
at its surface. Silver strands
fall from her clouded bun
and a few locks float past her sunken shoulders.

With jaded eyes she looks at the corner
to a poor table, where a cold candle
peaks among a grassy field of melted wax
riddled with burnt fuses.

And near the candle, a dusted white hat
remains anchored to the wooden surface.
She can still smell the stale cigar smoke
lingering in the room. “He’ll be here soon,”
she thinks as her daze slowly sets in.

The world seems quiet
as she fills her eyes with sleep
and the chair continues its march.
Her hands unlock from their grasp
and the screen door gently knocks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
©Sebastian @
Anthony Arnieri May 2016

The dead captain quietly fights the reef.
Ooh, desolation!
Endurance, death, and endurance.
Never love a seashell
More than the glinting sunshine

Blythe Cassidy Jun 2014

In quiet, you sneak in.
The hairline fractures in my skull
let you in to your second home
and you graffiti your name
on the gray matter inside.

Your laugh ripples through the air
when I stand in the grocery store
because you know I counted the 16 items
the short lady in front of me carries
when the sign asks for a limit of 12.

States away, I pass you on streets,
eyes down and shoulders slumped,
your shaggy hair lifted by the breeze.
You vanish when I turn around,
but I always turn around.

If I am a raft, you are a gale.
Tremendous and gray
you engulf me and dash me on the rocks.
I can't escape because I crave
being lifted high by your waves
even though I know I will fall down again.

I am trapped in you.
I don't want any more nights of wanting you
or checking my phone for missed messages.
I want to breathe without your permission
and live without the bulk of seeing you again.
I want to wake up with the sun above me
and the stars below me
while not missing what I never had.

I want to give you up,
but I don't know if I can.

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